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  1. You know the basic rules. No godmodding/powerplay. No flaming others. Don't kill characters without permission. All of the don'ts that you guys should know.
  2. There is going to be a minimum post length requirement. Five (5) complete sentences per post. Anything less will earn you a strike. You've got three before being removed. I do understand writer's block but I will not accept it as your excuse every other post. If you don't have the time to post, don't post until you do.
  3. Everyday activity is not required. Though favored, even I have a busy schedule. So, if you at least post once every few days, you're okay. Please, let me know if you will be unable to make a post for any extended period of time.
  4. You'll be allowed up to 2 characters max but they cannot be related in any shape or form. This includes romantic partners.
  5. Your characters will be adults between the ages of 25 and 45.
  6. Do not think about touching the strange kitty cats. I've plans for them but you won't be left hanging for long.
  7. Everyone will be starting off in their new home: a mansion that can accommodate everyone.
  8. No mentally unstable, overly dark, all around tragic, or anything-else-of-the-sort types. Please. Those tropes are just so old. I want people, not cliches.
  9. Animals are to be unique. If someone already has it, you cannot claim it. Additionally, try to be original. There are far more creatures ruling this planet than just wolves, ravens/crows, and lions.
  10. Weapons will not be allowed for your characters when you apply.
  11. Anything I say goes. You are free to explain things you had in mind but if I say "no", that is that. This means you will need to PM me first if you have any big ideas.
  12. Please post character sheets in the OOC or send them to me via PM.
  13. I will likely add or remove things as this thread develops.


[b]Birth Name:[/b] Last, First (M.I.)
[b]Nickname/Preferred Name?:[/b]
[b]Gender Identity:[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] If you use a photo, no anime, and a written description must accompany it. Full sentences.
[b]Personality:[/b] At least 5 full sentences. Include how they handle stress and entirely new situations.
[b]History:[/b] At least 5 full sentences. Please include how/when they discovered their shifting ability.
[b]Fun Tidbits?:[/b]
[b]Birthmark Shape:[/b]


Taken/Reserved Animals (Subject to changes. Do ask if you are curious.)


African Wild Dog

European Fire-Bellied Toad


Secretary Bird

King Cobra

Pacific Salmon

Alaskan Moose

Myna Bird

Golden Eagle

Siberian White Tiger

Chinese Grey Shrike (bird)

Blanc de Hotot (rabbit)

White-fronted capuchin (monkey)


NPC Animals



Aardwolf Hyena

Yellow-Throated Marten

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:05 || :10 || :15 || :30 || :45 || :00




Sunny || Cloudy || Rain || Storm || Windy || Breezy || Snow || Hail || Fog

Snow on the ground [~ 2 inches]

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Mansion Layout


This is your home for an indefinite amount of time so you may as well get cozy and know the place.


There are three floors and a basement. The top two floors are mostly moderately-sized bedrooms with wide closets, simple beds somewhere between Twin- and Double-sized, an oak dresser, and full-body mirror that rests against the wall beside the double-paned window. Simple curtains drape in front of the glass that looks out either over the garden or over the driveway (depending on what side you have). Of course, bedrooms can be decorated and rearranged based on each inhabitant's preference, giving a bit of life and flair to occupied rooms.


There are five bathrooms in total, two on each floor (except the first floor), with a shower and tub built in. Next to each bathroom is a hall closet and each pair is located at either end of the hallway. End tables dot the halls between every other set of bedroom doors, holding a vase of flowers or a basic statue.


The first floor sees the entrance walking into a large living space with couches, cushioned chairs, a recliner or two, a wide screen TV, and a wireless telephone handset. Two end tables nestle against the sides of the largest couch with a long, oak coffee table resting in front.


Further in, the living space leads to the kitchen and the hallway. The kitchen is separated from the rest of the floor by plaster walls and two open doorways, leaving it rectangular and wide. A dining table rests to the right of the kitchen beyond the doorway and on the opposite side of the living space. Countertops and cooking appliances are spread across the left wall. The cabinets are filled with dishes and drawers are littered with cookware or dining ware. A set of glass doors make up a section of the back wall, allowing access to the backyard and its thriving garden. Across from it is a narrow pantry and, tucked away within it, the stairwell into the basement.


Exiting to the hallway, your path passes the laundry room, equipped with three sets of washers and dryers. Further beyond that resides another open space with more couches and cushioned chairs. However, an electric fireplace rests against the far wall instead of another TV. There's another closet in the hallway that branches off the left with a bathroom next to it (though with no shower/tub). This hallway leads into the garage, large enough to accommodate five or six cars. However, the driveway is big enough to hold another ten comfortably.


To reach each floor above the first, there is a set of stairs that don't spiral but, instead, turn 90* a few steps at the bottom and hug the wall. A single, simple wood railing closes off the open side to prevent people from falling. The railing continues up and to the side to barricade the second-floor "balcony". This open-hallway space allows you to see the front doors and a little into the living space.

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