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VOTING OVER: DC Photography Contest #109

Which is your favourite?  

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tjsweepers asked me to post this here as she wasn't sure how to make the poll.

Since we never heard back on whether our photos qualified, I have assumed they all did (especially as there are so few).


Please vote for your favourite! biggrin.gif




sh20000sh - HDD bay


blackdragon71 - Antique Tractor


Lagie - Foucault Pendulum


Anak - needle on my record player.


Voting closes Saturday, July 11, 2015.

Edited by Lagie

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Thank you for doing this Lagie. I had surgery and have been out of it for awhile and tech is not my thing. sad.gif

But all the pictures are lovely! Thank you all for submitting!

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You're welcome, tjsweepers! smile.gif


Last day to vote! Thank you to those who have already voted. biggrin.gif

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With 14 votes, we have a definite winner!

Congratulations, blackdragon71! smile.gif

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Wow, thank you! I will have the next contest up tomorrow evening, after I get home from work.


Edit: Make that Tuesday, barring another nasty lightning storm like the one we had earlier. It's too late right now, but I didn't want anyone to worry that I had forgotten. Posting from my phone is the pits.

Edited by blackdragon71

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