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Art Commission for DC Eggs!

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Hi, I'm Kivkeaw


English is not my native language, so apologies in advance.



I would like to draw ANYTHING in trade for these DC eggs (or hatchlings) I'm trying to collect


- ANY holiday dragons (I'm new so missed all of those)

- ANY rare dragons

- Gemshard CB or PB

- Soulpeace

- Hellhorse

- Bluesang Lindwurm

- Alt Undine

- Alt Black


Price List



Line work B/W Shaded (1 Egg/Hatchling)



Line work w/ Rough Color (1 Egg/Hatchling)



Color work (2 Eggs/Hatchlings)



Full CG with Background (3 Eggs/Hatchlings)






- [open]

- [open]

- Lady_Lunevis









user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image



Or My Devientart

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New artist! biggrin.gif

Could you do Artemis in full? Surprise me with her, she's quite vain and loves to preen.


I offer anything ('cept that CB Silver, I finally caught one instead of trading for them) on my scroll, any amount. smile.gif My scroll is the egg image in the signature. CB wise, I currently have a CB Ice and CB Red Gemshard. Lineages I have Shimmers and Tinsels from 3G onwards, as well as 3G Spriter alts which can be scrolled here. You can give me a PM if you'd prefer your privacy.


Holiday dragons are only available during the respective holiday periods. The closest would be Halloween smile.gif

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ohh my goodness your art is lovely!! <33 i would love to commission something, if that's okay? possibly two, if that's all right as well?

i really like your third picture of the human--your art is so pretty!! <33 would you be willing to draw one or two of my ocs (ahh im sorry i dont have picture refs but i can give you long and detailed word refs, if that's all right)? i'd really just love the linework b/w shaded--it just looks so elegant!! ; v ;

in return, i can offer a lot of blusangs [ points to sig, no regrets ]

and i have a couple of shimmers/tinsels you can choose from as well ; v ; and if you want any more eggs just tell me bc your art is just lovely and i don't mind breeding extra!! <33

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