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Lukos posts up things that she's been working on and maybe does requests, but probably not


Deviantart: here


Request Sheets:


Art Size: (500x500 bust) (100x100 avatar) (freestyle)



Payment: (optional, but appreciated: eggs, DA points, etc)


Things to Work on:

-Drawing more School of Mayhem art so I can have the most arbitrary points

-Compiling a list of pranks for School of Mayhem

-Dean Collab: Edward and Baxter

-MissAndytheitalian Trade: Contrapposto


Things You Might Say/Ask:

Q.) Didn't you have another art thread?

A.) Yes. Right here, but I don't feel like taking care of it anymore. Besides, the stuff there is really old.


Q.) Hey Lukos! I want to Trade/Collaborate on some art :3

A.) That's really cool. Go over to my Deviantart and shoot me a note


Q.) Your stuff is really pretty. Can I request something?

A.) You can but it'll be on my back burner. OCs must have a reference!


Q.) Is it alright if I critique your art?

A.) Sure! Some of the stuff I post is really old, but if you're not being rude, then go for it.

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user posted image


Name: Clockdare

Genre: Steampunk

Species: Clockpony (Merian)


user posted image


Name: Righteous Blade (Sukor)

Genre: Sci Fi Fantasy

Species: Angel


user posted image

Name: Ship Shape (Captain Elliot Brassheart)

Genre: Steampunk

Species: Clockpony (Merian)


I'm doing Ask Me's for some of my characters. More updates to come.

If you would like to be a part of the asking, you can send questions either to my

Tumblr or Deviantart

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if you want to do an art trade i would definitely be up to doing so uvu <33

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I get so busy trying to wrench out more SoM art |D

Just tell me what you want me to draw, bab <3


Propaganda Posters:

user posted imageuser posted image

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Warning for Gore and Dark Themes!!!


The start of an alternate timeline fanfiction for an RP that a friend and I are in. We started discussing the possibility if this timeline and I started writing from the second paragraph just to mess with her a bit. Most of this narrative is told following the PoV of her character Tinker. I may add more later.

Captain Elliot retires. Alistaire is left the ship. Years later the Captain meets Spy again on the streets and, blinded by rage, he jumps on him. The coward ran away the night he killed Clock. He jumped ship and left her bleeding out in a maintenance shaft. Her blood soaked through the floor on to the next deck and they were only able to find her after the body began to smell. She looked down at the recovery crew with blank glazed-over eyes. Insects crawled freely from her mouth and swarmed around her eyes and in places vermin had chewed away at her face. The body had been hastily stuffed between two pieces of machinery and the pieces clung to the metal, parts of her skin burned on to the pipe. Eventually they had to cut her down, piece by piece. The captain is understandably outraged and he rushes the other man with a dagger in hand, intent on avenging poor Clock’s untimely death. Spy is with other men, his friends perhaps, and Elliot only manages to leave one gash over the Spy’s heart before he is beaten to death.


That was in Aureus’ childhood. She was killed before she made a really lasting impact on him and he went on to be a doctor living in the city and making a reasonable wage with a wife and children. After the event he initially stays on the ship for a while before he runs off and Tinker is, of course, welcomed to follow. With everyone else gone he has little choice. He could stay on the ship, but nobody other than Aureus ever speaks to him anyway. Maybe they were friends for a while. Good friends even. However, times went on without Tinker and Aureus grew up and went on to live his life, leaving Tinker unsatisfied and by himself as he watches his friend move on and find love in places other than Clock’s memory, something Tinker will never be able to do. He’s overtaken by the urge to travel and leave behind these feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction. He could have saved her, he supposed. If he had known. But it’s far too late and now that the only person who ever truly loved him is gone, he has no future prospects. No home. No job. No hope.


So he takes to travelling, just as Clock did so long ago; and like clock he finds someone. After so many years of constant sorrow and bitter emptiness he manages to find someone just crazy enough to follow where he leads. A stray cat of all things. He decides to name it soot for it’s pitch black fur and together they travel the world. He, for the first time, experiences happiness again. With renewed vigor he wanders around, eventually working up the courage to go back to the coasts of Meria. Things have changed. Something called the Industrial Revolution has hit and machines more wondrous than he could have ever imagined have taken over the most dangerous and tedious jobs of men. However, there is still corruption to be found. Still the same old villains that he and Clock used to fight as children. What did they do back then? He realizes now that their adventures were mere child’s play. With a sort of arrogant determination he decides to take the corruption on. One last time. Just Him, Soot, and Clock. All together again.


When he strikes, it’s like wildfire. None of his enemies even see him coming. He finds out that Clock’s archenemy Tiberius is the one who hired that wretched Spy to sneak aboard their ship and murder Clock. Eventually he looks for the Captain who would now be getting on in years, only to find out that he was brutally beaten to death in the streets by a group of young men. He swears vengeance for both Clock and the Captain. It takes some doing, but eventually he manages to track down Tiberius. He finds him, living in extravagance. The manor is empty. The night is dark. He passes the door to find an old man sitting in front of the hearth and for a moment, he almost passes him by. Then it hits him. This IS Tiberius. His face is wrinkled and old, his dark hair now silver. He doesn’t even hear Tinker as he comes in, knife in hand, a somewhat twisted mockery of the way Clock herself died.


He’s right behind the censorkip.gif*** when something catches his eye. On the mantle are pictures lining the entire length of the shelf. The walls are hung with portraits, one of which is of Tiberius and a young brunette woman. She is beautiful, and they look strangely happy. Tinker has never seen the villain smile before. The other frames contain more pictures of them and more people he doesn’t recognize. The faces remain the same though. Two boys who look just like Tiberius. He watches the pictures grow up, and then one of them has a wife and a little girl. Her hair is brown and short. Her eyes are blue. She is beautiful. So… Extraordinarily… Beautiful… It is then that he hesitates. For one bone-chilling moment he hesitates. He doesn’t feel like himself. All of these years. All these many years. Did he ever truly know who he was? He’s just been shambling around, bracing for impact, staring blankly into the face of the void and watching as it stared back at him.


He doesn’t want to be a murderer. Is this really what he’s going to spend the rest of his life doing? Just… making a list of people to kill and following it? Clock, so naive she couldn’t even see her own death. She wouldn’t recognize him now. He looks the same, just old parts recycled into new. An automaton who would never hurt anyone, who was loyal, who did nothing but try to protect her and make her happy just as she made him so unbearably happy. He lowers the knife. Tiberius raises his cane. For an old man he is spry and surprisingly good at combat. He acts like assassination attempts have happened before. Tinker hits the ground. Their eyes meet. Tiberius goes for the kill. He doesn’t hesitate.


Tinker runs, bewildered. He should feel angry, but only one thing runs through his mind. The brown-haired child with blue eyes. Her face haunts him. Why does it look like her? How could such an ABOMINABLE piece of FILTH have a relative who is such a picture of innocence? He staggers through the streets, trying not to vomit and wishing over and over to himself that he never has to meet that girl. He hopes that she’s dead. That she died young from a swift and lethal illness. That her grandfather didn’t recognize him. That he never tells her of Clock or her silly stuttering sidekick who always acted cowardly while his leader was brave. Never tell her how the boy came back without the girl and tried to kill him. How he failed. How he didn’t even try. Tinker spends the next few weeks curled up in various alleyways, reliving Clock’s death over and over and trying not to vomit.

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Omg tinker. Omg this fanfiction. Omg tiberius and his family. Im just. Omg.

poor clocks body in the beginning oh man

This fanfiction is so dark and Tinker is so diferent. Probably if Clock died he'd feel lost and confused, and he might even be angry. He might seek revege but if the oppertunity arose where he could exact it he'd hesitate, as he did in the fanfiction. He probably would travel the world and maybe find someone else or pick up a cat (or perhaps the "stray cat" was a person.....?). He may go to Spy's country and find out if what he had told Clock in the past was true. He'd often wonder about how his life would be now, if Clock had lived. He'd hate Spy and be confused as to why be had to kill an innocent girl. If he ever ran into Spy, he'd probably question him or try to kill him (but then hesitate because he doesn't want to be a murderer).

And talking about Spy, my dear dark haired foreigner would have forgotten about the incident entirely. He may remember the captain, because of his interactions with him, but he would only think of Tinker as someone from a time he didn't care enough about to remember. Or perhaps he's purposefully forgotten about it, as he purposefully forgets things that hurt too much to remember. He wouldn't have parttaked in the murdering of the captain, and he may have tried to stop his "friends" from killing him.


But wow this alternate timeline sucks we aren't going to do it in the roleplay. I don't want to have Spy kill the girl and tbh I dont want him to kill the captain either but-- Only time will tell what will happen between them all : ^ ) (even if he doesnt kill anyone Spy still probably won't get a happy ending).

(Tinker is a wild card though. If he and Clock get in a fight (whichmustneverhappen) then he may run away and become a vagabound of sorts. He may find love or a cat or love from a cat and live happily ever after making his machines, but oftentimes wondering if Clock is okay and how she's doing. If he stays on the ship then he can be Brother Bear Tinker and slowly fall for someone probablyaureusbecauseican but then never say anything to anyone and hide it really well. He may get restless staying on the ship and start to wonder what he can do with his life, and as a result he may leave the ship for a year or so to explore his options. He may be happy off the ship and become someones friend, and then he may face the tough decision of chosing to go back on board where his best friend and love of his life love interest is or staying on land and getting to know himself and his new friend better.)

Either way Tinker goes, he will still probably end up with unreciprocated feelings towards a certain someone. Tinker may also wonder about who he was when he was a child (because, you know, he was experimented on and had an accidental memory wipe) and he may go on a search for his past (bringing along his trusted companion and possible love interest, mayhaps?).


long story for my characters might not probably wont end up happy. Tinker has a possibility but Spy is just. No. He doesn't get happy. At least not in Meria.

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lukos i love this monster omg it's the perfect mix between creepy and interesting

and its holding a little red bird which obviously means its friendly

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Gemsonas for my friend Tanner and I: Bornite and Pyrite first drafts

user posted imageuser posted image

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omg lukos i dont think pyrite is a gem bUT ITS OKAY ITS STILL CUTE


is tanner the grump


also yo you should write more fanfiction oh man it was great i loved it

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So, recently I was a participant in a 24 Hour Play Festival. What is a 24 Hour Play Festival, you ask? It's where a collection of actors, writers, and directors come together and over the course of a little under 24 hours, write, direct, practice, learn lines, create blocking, and perform a completely randomly generated story before a live audience. Each actor brings one handheld prop and they are chosen randomly so they only know what they'll be performing once they come back in the morning and are told who their directors are. This year a little over 50 people attended, giving us 7 plays to rehearse all in the same building. You can see the outcome of the play I was picked for in the link up above. (Caution: the word vagina is used often and there is swearing)

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Pirates Log 8/29/15

Tahiro Kenshi - Female - Human - 27 - Mekka

Ebekenezer - Mechanus Soriortum

"I am an angel of the stars! Fear me!"


It has been five years since you crashed upon this planet called earth. It is not as uninhabited as you once thought it to be. Strikingly human creatures roam the island which you crashed upon and they saw you as a goddess who fell from the stars in your fiery ship, which they call your throne. The tribe that found you used you to claim their dominance over the rest of the island and it is now united under your name. The goddess of the stars.


Thus far you have seen no other members of your crew. The atmosphere of this planet is charged with some sort of crystals which make your communications array useless.


Yours is an artificial planet, but your people have never been able to figure this out, as it is such a miraculous facimilie. To your people, it is perfection. No tectonic plates means no earthquakes, no volcanoes, a temprate climate, and next to no severe storms to rock your people. All other planets seem like hellholes. Inhospitable death planets. The last five years have been nothing but struggle because of it.


You were born into the lap of luxary, the 98th percentile of the population. You have never been sick or injured a day in your life, and if you ever were you had your nanobots to fix it. Your muscles are specially hyperthreaded. Even if they hadn't built you into an athletic powerhouse you could easily push and pull a tonne of material.


Your ship's heat shielding failed, causing you to crash into the planet you had originally intended to settle on as one whole crew. There were only 5,000 escape pods and your crew of refugees had more than 25,000. Even less made it to the surface alive. You were both a lucky and skilled case.


-Tahiro crashes on planet Earth

-The tribal population takes her in as a goddess and helps fortify her pod

-She attempts to build and use a communications array. It fails.

-She builds a kinetic rifle that fires like a railgun

-She constructs a small generator to power additional constructs

-Earthquake, 3 years in

-Captain Aaron (Ay-ron) arrives and commandiers her ship after a brief skirmish

-Tahiro's leg is shattered and she goes into a healing coma under the guidance of her ship

-She wakes up in the belly of the Captain's ship after two weeks, having a cast around her leg by her ship.

-She discovers the sniper that shattered her leg is some sort of mutant with wings and the captain comes down to invite her to dinner under his wife's suggestion. They have apparently been coming every day for the two weeks that she has been unconscious to apologize, even though there was no guarantee that she wasn't deceased.


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