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What is your current bad luck.

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Mine is trying to breed a Hell-horse but always getting rejects, as well as Jester all Females! And the one male doesn't like any of them Q-Q I also have a really weird chance with my AP pickups, I pick up one and get told someone else has it lol I have to be speedy next time :-____-:

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I grabbed not one, but two S5, CB eggs from the AP last night....  a Split and a Pseudo-wyvern.... figured I’d just force-hatch them so I could grab a couple more eggs right away, since I usually have crazy luck with force-hatch odds, right?


Nope..... they both died. Now I’m locked until 12 AM and have two more dead eggs on my scroll ;_;

I’m honestly mostly disappointed because they were both CB-


Also, that one time I saw a Thunder egg in the cave but was egglocked.... and the fact that I am always too slow to grab it whenever a hatchie or rare egg appears on the AP no matter how fast I click... AND the fact that, while I was lucky enough to get both Scourgekeepers on the first try with only two dragons in each party, my first breeding attempt with my Scourgekeepers resulted in no egg-

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