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Alts and Altkin Trading!

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Welcome to the Alt Dragon Trading!


Any dragons that are alts, such as Alt Black Dragons, Dark Green Dragons, Sweetlings, and Undine Dragons, along with descendants of spriter's alts, are welcome here to be traded!



Any dragons must be alts or descendants of spriter's alts.

You may only bump posts once every 24 hours.

No one-way teleports - those belong in the departures thread.

Again, this is for alts only - please do not include non-alts in your trade. You may, however, ask for non-alt dragons.

Only "/lineage" links and of course, teleport links.

No IOU's.

No chatting, spamming, haggling in the thread. That's what PMs are for smile.gif

- If you break the rules, you will receive a warning. If you have three warnings, you will be put on a gray list.


Example of descendant of spriter's alt: https://dragcave.net/lineage/I3YtY (Look carefully at the lower dragons)


Gray List

None so far happy.gif



Enjoy, and please tell me if I need to make adjustments! This is my first time making a topic like this. I saw no other topics that specialized in alts, so here goes!

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Though I understand this thread might be a bit slow due to there not being very many alt-dragons, it looks like I might have to get the ball rolling! smile.gif


Have: Altkin Pyralsprite Hatchie, ungendered smile.gif

(This was my example dragon as well heh)

Trade: https://dragcave.net/teleport/fbbcd9e4e2635...d0c747ce92f1a51


Want: Offers? I can't take eggs as of now, although if you really have a nice egg offer you can PM me about it and I'll wait until I'm not egglocked.


Fire away wink.gif

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Closing. The thread is a duplicate of many existing trading threads - those eggs/hatchlings allowed to be traded here can already be traded in the existing threads. I'd left this open for a while to see if there was enough interest in such a thread but there has been no interest by forum members so thread will now be closed.


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