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> How high can you count before a mod posts?

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1 hour ago, trystan said:



27 minutes ago, InfiniteGalaxiezz05 said:



23 minutes ago, trystan said:


I think we are at twenty-six. ;)

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Fiddlesticks!  (You know what's funny?  I independently came up with an exclamation of annoyance, which lost syllables and mutated, eventually ending up at "fff...".  And what else is funny, is that I'm pretty sure "fiddlesticks" is older than, say, "freaking," but it has quite a few similarities.)


So, what did the thread get up to while I was typing?  Five?  Edit: Nope!  I somehow thought the "new post on this thread" popup said Lagie, and then Trystan later, but it's just my bad memory and the fact they both have brownish avatars.


So, four.

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My favourite f variation is flarn. I should probably have used that one at work yesterday.



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