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> How high can you count before a mod posts?

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On 5/27/2019 at 4:27 AM, Pilauli said:

Thanks for the compliment, PDC, but not thanks for interrupting the count.  Annnd you probably won't see this, but whatever.  I'm definitely not going to try to draw your attention.


13 (Happy B-day again, DragCave!)


I totally read the thread, but am gracious enough to wait until you all reach double-digits before responding. Star stole my thunder yesterday. :P 


Back to zero.

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Four (with four part)

("Letters" has too many letters, you see.)

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Yes, you do see. :)




s i x

s e i s

s e c h s

c h w e c h


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Page number is 1407

1+7 = 8, also 4 is half of 8.

Yes, my logic is stretchy like elastic; can you say the same?

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