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The Mysteries of Laura

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I looked for another topic on this show but didn't find anything, so apologies if it's a double. happy.gif;



I've been watching this show since it's first episode and next week is the First Season finale. Now, I won't spoil the 'HOLY CRAP!' cliff hanger that this week's episode ended with, but I will say that my sole attention will be on that TV for an hour next week.


The show follows a fiery red-headed woman. She's headstrong, extremely smart and spots tiny clues that most others miss. She has an awesome attitude, doesn't listen to her boss/ex-husband and has two twin boys that are very....well....boys.


She and her ex-husband work/run a section of the NYPD that deals with murder cases. Most of the time their section is the first on the scene.


This show makes you think and keeps you guessing who the real killer is until the very end. The investigators in their department are all full of character and all awesome in their own way.


So, does anyone else here follow this series? What were your favorite moments? Or episodes?


For those of you who haven't seen it and don't want anything spoiled, they're probably might be some in the thread, however if anyone who gives away who committed the murders in the episodes, could you please type that in the same color as the background of the post? That way no one will accidentally read something they don't want to. wink.gif


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