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DC Photography Contest #106 VOTING

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The theme this time is 'unappreciated'. This can mean objects which are rarely photographed, animals which most people find unappealing, or even people doing jobs that no one really appreciates (hello waitressing!). An example photo for the theme: Macro of the inside of bark.


TRIGGER WARNING: It is quite possible this thread may contain images of insects, spiders, and other animals people might have a fear of! Please read the link captions before clicking on an photo link!


I would ask that people please vote for photos that both represent the theme well AND are of good quality rather than choosing something only because you like the object being photographed. (e.g. just because you love rocks, and it is a photo of a rock, it does not mean it is necessarily a good quality photo of a rock).


When voting, please don't select your own image. This will ensure fairness.


If you need to see the context of the original posts, here is the entry thread


1. sara4cows - Happy bee

2. Little-Star - Snake

3. Chiaki - Tiny parasitic wasp

4. MonstrHugger - Spider

5. Anak - Dirt marks

6. Lagie - Fallen fruit

7. Pinch of StarDust - Tree topper working

8. sh20000sh - Cobweb

9. SickThing - Dung beetle

10. JolteonTails - Trigonometry

11. Gracefulsarah - Toothbrushes




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I didn't expect such a hectic week when I set the deadline. xd.png If I haven't posted the winner by 9pm DC time, can someone please PM me? Then it'll go to my email and remind me. blink.gif I'm trying to get some data ready for publication. Yay for my third publication! biggrin.gif

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Thank you!


Congratulations to sh20000sh on your win! Very lovely photo! biggrin.gif

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