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Demigods and demons [accepting!]

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Takaki was half-listening half-examining the hallway as Froy was talking about the rooms. He looked at the ceiling, then the door that lead to the kitchen, then the floor, then back to the ceiling, and realised he was getting quite hungry-


He found himself getting yanked and turned back to reality when he saw Miteki at his arm.


"Come on, dreamy boy, let's grab a room. Maybe a four-people one in case someone wants to join us." Miteki said, continuing to yank his best friend before chucking him into a room. He instantly set himself up, taking a bed and taking out some of his belongings, before opening a laptop, plugging in a mouse and set about clicking rapidly.


"What are you doing now..." Takaki muttered as he got up from the best-friend-throwing-into-room and set about unpacking on his own bed.


"What do you think I'm doing?" Miteki asked without even looking up from the screen.


"You're playing a match right? Isn't it lunch?"


"If you're hungry, go ahead, I'll join you later. Say... Fifteen minutes. I'll play just one match, because my dad wanted to play and now I'm playing with a bunch of guys who go two mid. I don't want to play with a bunch of guys who go two mid, so I need to start playing to get back where people don't go two mid." Miteki sighed softly.


"Ok. See ya." Takaki stepped out of the room and walked straight to the kitchen door.

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(I shall be pushing this RP forwards now)


As the students returned from their chosen dorms to the living room, some coming earlier than the others, Froy led them to the kitchens. The room had a high ceiling, which gave the room a more airy feeling to it. A score of Exorcists were already dining, some in groups, some alone. A steady buzz of chatter echoed from the walls, broken by a merry laugh every now and then. The clamor was silenced somewhat as Froy entered with the students, but soon it returned, although even louder now as the Exorcists analyzed the newcomers with a steady voice.


"Do not be bothered what they are saying," Froy assured the students as he took them to the counter, where a tiny demon was bustling around, giving plates of food for those who had none, and refilling those who came for more. When not occupied by this, the demon ran across the kitchen, tending to its cooking with an inhumane speed, its arms just a blur.


"This is Ukobach. They may be a demon, but rest assured, his loyality is with us. Not to even mention, that his cooking is excellent," Froy introduced the busy demon, who had time for a quick wave of an arm and a friendly yap, before they continued the frenzy of feeding all of the demigods. Froy smiled slightly at the sight.


"Say only what you need, and he shall cook it for you. I will not be joining, but after you all are done with your meal, return to the common hall. We shall proceed from there to meet your teachers," he informed, gave a nod to Ukobach, and then walked out from the kitchen, taking out his phone as he did so. Dialing a number, Froy lifted the phone up to his ear, and after making sure nobody was in earshot, started to speak to it.


"Greetings, Father. No, all is well. Yes, I have a reason to contact you. About the students, yes. Inform the other gods, will you, that they better keep their children in check, or we are going to be in trouble. Why? Father, I could see their auras. Rarely have I seen ones so strong. Should they clash... I do not want to think of it. Probably the strongest lot in a good ten years. Yes, I will do so. Yes. Understood. No, I don't think so. Agreed. Thank you for your time, Father."


Closing his phone, Froy took a deep breath and sighed, his whole body feeling cold. It had taken an enormous amount of energy for him to even contact his father's mortal form. He shivered at the thought how much it would take to contact him at his godly form. Slumping down at the nearest couch, Froy pulled his jacket closer to himself and shivered, hoping that the students would come quickly.




Marching down the candle-lit hallway, continuing her merry tune older than time itself, Icabal swished her tail from one side to the other. Finally, they reached the main hall, the ceiling arching high above them and the roots of Yggdrasil dominating the windows on one side. Some demons flitted about, their appearances of many and varying, but it was ghastly quiet, the little noises echoing and decreasing after time. It was as if the keep was but abandoned, the voices soft and sad.


"If none of you are tired, I think we could go and meet your teachers," Icabal said with a flashing smile and led them towards a heavy door on the opposite side of the main hall. From there, another hallway spread before them, although this one had archways on both sides, leading to other rooms or dorms of the keep. The Screaming Terror walked calmly past most of them, then turned abruptly right and led the group out into the yard, where a group of demons were gathered. Power thrummed in the air as Icabal walked closer to the five demons who were instructing a tiny group of demons - obviously a more experienced class.


"Why hast thou approached, Icabal?" a teenager with raven black hair asked, her voice raw and rough, alike to grinding stone. Icabal gave a slight nod of her head in response, twisted herself so that she could point at the newcomers, and replied.

"Why? To show you the new students you must teach, O mighty Befafes." The teenager lifted a sharp eyebrow, yet said nothing, simply inclined her head towards the newcomers.

"You mean new students?" a cackle echoed across the yard as an old lady expressed her merriment and flitted closer to the newcomers, her eyes wandering wildly and her fingers twitching. "Ohohooo, yes, yeesss! What a lovely bunch of demons we have here, yes indeed!" Icabal rolled her eyes and motioned for the lady to back off.

"You shall have your fun later, Sabnac," she simply said and the demon laughed with delight.


Before Icabal had the chance to utter anything to the students, another demon approached, this one with a pleasing appearance of a male in his 30's. He studied the newcomers for a moment, his eyes glowing yellow, revealing his true nature.

"Welcome, I am Lahad, the Devil Voice. I shall teach you the skills of an Aria," he introduced himself, being the first. Lahad's voice was smooth and silk, not unpleasant to the ear, yet each syllable held the power to crush a mountain. Beside Lahad appeared a beautiful lady with platinum hair, her eyes unnaturally blue and slitted like cat's.

"And I, I am Meeod, the Life Restorer. You will know me as the teacher of the art of Taming," she smiled, her voice as pleasant as Lahad's, but had a different type of authority, alike to the firm voice of a mother.


The last demon, a male with electric blue eyes and sandy hair, walked slowly towards them and other demons unconsciously shunned away from the aura of death and despair that clung to him. He gave a sharp look to the newcomers before speaking.

"Stygal, the Bringer of Death. May your enemies cower before you," he said solemnly and Icabal had to stifle a chuckle. The demon gave a sigh and turned away from Icabal, who regained her composure and turned back to the students.

"So, lets review: Stygal here, he will teach you about how to be a Dragon. You know, use guns and stuff. Meeod teaches how you can summon neutral monsters and all about those dwellers within Midgard. From Lahad, you will learn how to use damning texts and repel the prayers those demigods try to use against you. Then there's Sacbal, the mad one, and she'll teach about poisons and healing if she feels like it. And last, there's Befafes. She's dry as a stone and as hard, but she's a good one with swords and the like," Icabal listed, pointing at the teachers as she named them.


"'Dry as a stone and as hard?' Hast thou lost thine mind completely, Screaming Terror, to insult me? Should thine memory betray thee, I am none but the First Demon of War, and I dost command the forces of Satan should battle come forth," Befafes growled, her teenage form colliding with the rough voice. Icabal lifted her eyebrow in turn, and all the other demons, including the teachers, stepped aside, allowing the two demons to glare at each other without interfering.

"Oh please, do not tell me this over-dramatic teenager was insulted?" Icabal sighed and Befafes hissed in turn, a shadowy sword appearing into her hand and her gray eyes glowing dangerously.

"I dare thee to repeat thine insult."

"Over-dramatic teenager? Or the fact you were dry as stone?" Icabal sneered and made a rude gesture.

"Thou art trying my patience," Befafes' growling deepened. The teachers didn't look worried, more like bored, as if they were used to the fact that Befafes would challenge all and everything that dared to insult her.

"Put your sword down." Befafes' hand quivered, and with a yowl, the sword disappeared. Looking bewildered, the demon turned her gaze towards Icabal and sighed, more annoyed than angry anymore.

"Ah, how ungraceful it is for thee to use thine witch-voice. This insult I shan't forget, but we must cross our swords later in time. Is this agreed upon, Screaming Terror?"

"It is agreed," Icabal smiled and turned back to the students. "Sorry for that. There's a slight rivalry between us two."

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((Conclusion: Not making sense today))


He stood around, waiting for his friend Miteki to finish his game. When was the last time Miteki had lost? Being the son of Athena really fit him, come to think about it. In fact, when had Miteki last lost at any of his games? That was a pretty interesting question, and Takaki realised he hadn't lost in a long time at anything, even considering how many games he played- Ow.


"Sorry Taki, I'm finished. What's for lunch?"


"Oh, I dunno. You have to order something from that guy I think." Takaki replied, rubbing the back of his head. That was when he noticed the Froy guy take out his phone and leave the kitchen.


"Hmm, what's up?"


"Nothing." Takaki looked at the direction of the entrance to the kitchen. Why did he get a kind of bad feeling...


"Oh, someone's looking at us." Miteki was looking at the opposite direction, where a bunch of dudes were looking at them. He waved. They stopped looking at them. "Shall we take a seat then?"



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