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Demigods and demons [accepting!]

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What if I told you all the mythologies of this world were true? The Egyptian gods, the Greek gods, the Chinese gods, the Norse gods... all of them, and more, all real and co-existing. Now, these gods sometimes have children with mortals - resulting in demigods, beings that are half-human, half-god. They have some powers of their godly parent and are gifted with excellent battle skills. But to battle against what?


Now, since all the gods and goddesses are real, so are the darkest creatures that taint the mythologies. They exist outside our world, in the void beyond, trickling through the fabric between them every now and then. Humans cannot comprehend what they see - the gods protect them using a Screen, a magical barrier set between the demons and humans, twisting the images mortals receive. When demons come into our world, the demigods are sent to battle against them using their powers and specialized weapons.


The demigods attract demons with their godly blood. Therefore, all demigods at the age of thirteen are sent to demigod schools, where they will be taught about their parent, their power, hone their battle skill, and overall, become prepared to face the demons and protect humanity.

Demons, on the other hand, may possess a human body and use it as a vessel. The demons have city-like bubbles of reality in the empty void beyond the fabric of our world, where they train to face the demigods.

This is a battle that has raged on ever since mankind came to be.


Which side are you on?


In this RP, your character is either a demon or a demigod. If you have something else in mind, do not be afraid to contact me c:





You will start as a demon/demigod entering their school. There, the class guardian (RPd by me) will start leading the class and giving advice. You will live in the school in your own room. Studying will be harsh, with some field-work every now and then. Demons will learn how to move between the worlds and demigods will learn how to identify demons and their level of danger. As your skill increases, the encounters between demons and demigods become more likely and more often - field jobs become harder. Every now and then, a demon succeeds in possessing/inflicting a new human, bringing them back to the void. The demigods are always on the defensive; they can never follow the demons into the void.

The demons are stronger than ever and their masses grow. Will the defense of the demigods fail, or will they prevail?



Demigods and demons and gods



Demigods have one godly parent. Their powers are completely restricted to what kind of a god their parent is. Demigods can be harmed by both mortal weapons and godly weapons. They can travel into any of the nine realms, if they have the power and the courage.



In purely demon form, they are merely a corrupted shade with burning red eyes, sharp claws and fangs. Demons attract humans to them by showing pictures of their wishes and dreams, and then using these to possess the body. A demon that possesses a body acquires the likeness of the body. However, they still have long, black claws and a tail - although they usually hide the tail. Demigods are taught to find the demons amongst the crowd. The Screen prevents humans from seeing this, allowing demons to roam freely in the human world, infecting other people until a demigod comes and destroys it, or it escapes back to the void. Demons have a dark aura around them. If a human is in the presence of a demon for too long, they become infected and slowly turn into a demon themselves - like a virus infection.

Demons have either one named demon parent or two. In the case of both parents being demons, you will gain more variety in skills, but not more power. (Note: demons are genderless in their truest form, so even if someone identifies one of them as their mother/father, it can be the other one for you; they are quite productive anyways.)

Also note that demons include those from other mythologies/religions, not only Christian ones.



Gods cannot interfere with the on-goings of the world directly, save for the Screen. They can only give commands to the demigods, who fulfill their wishes. Gods are very tricky by their nature, with strong personalities. They often fight amongst themselves and refuse to hear advice from the demigods. They are very proud, and some do not even want to help the demigods.



Most gods are seen as good and demons are seen as evil. However, some gods do not wish to interfere with the world and only want to be left alone, and some demons are not full of malice - they only seek for a place back in Yggdrasil. Therefore, there are neutral demons, gods, and demigods, who do not wish to be part of this eternal battle, for their own reasons. Gaia, Loki and a good number of others are not necessarily good or evil, but work for their own purposes - against the gods and demons alike.




The world


The world is shaped like Norse mythology: the great ash tree Yggdrasil carries nine realms, three on its branches, three on its trunk, and three on its roots. The demons live beyond Yggdrasil, and come to the human world by first entering the root worlds.

The nine realms are as such:


Branch realms:

Asgard - realm of the greatest gods and angels.

Vanaheim - realm of the minor gods and angels.

Alfheim - realm of the elves, faeries, unicorns, and all other pure creatures that take no part in the war.


Demons cannot enter the branch realms.


Trunk realms:

Jotunheim - realm of giants, ice and stone. Here also reside trolls and cyclopes. All creatures of great height, mass, and little brain power. Neither evil nor good, but often side with those who first ask for their help, be it demons or gods. They have little love for the gods, though.

Midgard - realm of humans. The world where the battles take place and where the demigods train. A rainbow bridge, Bifrost, connects Midgard to Asgard. Most of our RP is focused on Midgard.

Nidavellir - realm of dwarves. Create the weapons demigods and gods use. Fight rarely, but when they do, demand gold and other precious metals in return.


Jormungand, the world serpent, is coiled around the trunk realms.


Root realms:

Nifelheim - realm of ice. The dragon Nidhögg is trapped there and eats the roots of Yggdrasil, trying to escape. Weaker demons enter Yggdrasil from here, then travel to Midgard.

Helheim - realm of the dead. Demons cannot enter this realm, for all the gods of the dead live here, protecting it from evil.

Muspelheim - the realm of fire. Surt, the fire demon, resides here and waits for a chance to burn down the nine realms. Greatest demons enter Midgard from here, alongside the blue flames of Surt or Satan.




Training and classes

Both demons and demigods follow this line of training - like mirror images. Each class has a 'protector', or a successful demigod/demon who looks after the class and helps them.

Demons have only one big school. The school is located on an enormous island in the void floating around Yggdrasil.


There are five categories in which you can specialize.

Dragon focuses on firearms, shooting silver or blessed bullets. Demons use regular bullets against demigods.

Aria recites words from holy text, exorcizing demons to leave Midgard. Aria needs only a praying necklace to be able to fight. Demon Arias recite words given by Satan or other great evil, turning their opponents into demons or sending them to the void beyond Yggdrasil.

Doctor not only heals his comrades, but also creates potions and poisons to be used against demons or demigods.

Knight uses a sword to fight - demigods use celestial steel and name their sword after an angel, giving them more power. Demons use shadow steel and name their sword after a greater demon.

Tamer summons creatures to help him/her. Both demigods and demons summon neutral monsters to help them. They can summon up to five monsters each stronger than the other, but begin with one weak monster.

You may, after studying your main category, study a sub-category, which will not be as strong as your main category.


Ranking goes as such. All will be in the beginning of the RP at Page.


In the school, students are taught in the same class until they are ready to choose their specialty. When they have chosen, they will be sent forward on missions - demons to possess, demigods to defend.





Skole av Halvguder might seem nothing but an old wooden church - and a small one, with a simple fence around it. However, the school itself is located deep underground, where it spreads out into training halls, girls' and boys' barracks, classrooms, dining area and a large living room filled with sofas and tables, with accessible computers.

You enter the school from the church, where there is a secret entry behind the altar. From there, stone stairs lead you underground where a large hallway starts. Even though the school is underground, there is no absence of light, with fancy crystal chandeliers hanging from the roof. The barracks have been divided into shared rooms which each house from two to four students. Although not fancy, the rooms are comfy with soft beds, large wardrobes, good working space, and the Wi-Fi is fast. The food is cooked by a friendly monster Ukobach, who gets pissed off if someone disregards his cooking. He is almost always in the kitchens, so if you feel hungry you can just go ask him for food, as long as it's not past midnight. (Ukobach doesn't speak, but makes some growls and yaps to tell if he's happy or not.)

The training hall is a large room about twice the size of a regular gym hall. There are machines that shoot tennis balls to be shot at (for Gun Arts) and moving mannequins to be practiced on (Sword Arts). Also, Sakke might bring the students to the training hall and release monsters from cages located underneath the hall for practice.




The demon school, Abach, is located on a floating piece of land that circles the giant world tree Yggdrasil. It is like a bubble of reality in the void. Inside this bubble, the school is like straight from a Goth's dream - an enormous jagged black church with violet glass windows. The school is divided similarly as the demigod school, the only difference is that the training hall is outside in the yard and instead of electric lights, they have flames that illuminate the inside. Even though it has a grand appearance from the outside, the interior is surprisingly normal, only with stony walls and enormous windows - at any point, if you're facing the right direction, you can see the roots of Yggdrasil before you, extending into the depths of the void.

The training yard looks like it is a large high school football arena. Monsters that are used for training are kept in large cages on the edges of the arena, mannequins and tennis ball-shooting machines in the other end. There is a cliff that leads straight into the void, but the school's protective wards prevent anyone from falling.

While moving between Abach and any of the Nine Realms, demons turn into their shade form momentarily.





For the sake of simplicity, the schedules will be the same for both demons and demigods:


Breakfast: 6:00-7:45

Period 1 - 8:00-9:10

Period 2 - 9:15-10:25

Period 3- 10:30-11.40

Lunch - 11:45-12:55

Period 4 - 12:00-13:10

Period 5 - 13:15-14:30

Dinner: 16:30-18:30

Evening activities, usually led by the class guardian / students (only on weekends): 19:00-20:00

Silence begins at 22:00



Holy/Unholy Texts

Gun Art (note: Gun & Sword arts are held after each other in the training hall)

Sword Art


Potions and poisons

Monsters and mythology



Gun Art

Sword Art

Monsters and mythology


Holy/Unholy texts

Potions and poisons



Monsters and mythology

Holy/Unholy texts

Potions and poisons


Gun Art

Sword Art



Potions and poisons

Monsters and mythology

Holy/Unholy texts


Gun Art

Sword Art



Gun Art

Sword Art

Potions and Poisons


Monsters and mythology

Holy/Unholy texts



12:00-18:00 Practical training (AKA simple missions)

19:00-20:00 Evening activities (if time)



12:00-17:00 Practical training

19:00-20:00 Evening activities



Teachers are NPC - you may control them for the sake of the RP, but do not use them to harass another RPer without his/her permission. (And preferably contact me before that, too.)


Demigod school:

-Lukas Hjersted.

Knight, Upper 1st. Teaches sword art. Grisly old man in his late 50's with a scar across his cheek. Strict, but with a great sense of humor and a loud laugh.

-Elva Newell.

Aria, Upper 2nd. Teaches holy texts that can be used against demons. A fair lady in her 30's, with auburn hair and eyeglasses. As long as you remember to memorize her homework, she's a nice person.

-Jonathan Bager.

Doctor, Middle 1st. Teaches about potions and poisons. Very young, around his early 20's, with long, blond hair. Has his iPod with him at all times and listens to heavy metal and is really cool with the students.

-Isabella Leifsson.

Dragon, Upper 1st. Teaches how to use guns. Grey, short hair and looks like she could kick anyone's @ss, even though she's around her 50's. Has no sense of humor and Lukas likes to tease her all the time - he gets a black eye every now and then.

-Sakke Årud.

Tamer, Middle 1st. Teaches about monsters and demons. He's about 40, has brown, wavy hair and a bright smile. Loves his monsters like they were his children.


Demon school:

-Befafes, the First Demon of War.

Knight, Upper 1st. Teaches sword art. Has possessed the body of a female teenager with raven black hair. When in battle, she is bloodlust-y and unforgiving, but during the lessons she's patient and helpful.

-Lahad, the Devil Voice.

Aria, Upper 1st. Teaches damning texts that either turn demigods into demons or send them to the void. Has possessed the body of a male in his late 30's with red hair. Thinks his subject is the most important and demands his students to study the texts and sharpen their minds.

-Sabnac, the Demon of Poisons.

Doctor, Middle 1st. Teaches about potions and poisons, especially how to make deadly fumes that kill demigods but let demons live. Has possessed the body of an old lady, who reminds the students of an evil witch - crooked nose and all. Is somewhat insane, but enjoys teaching and is ready to help all students.

-Stygal, the Bringer of Death.

Dragon, Middle 1st. Teaches how to use guns. Has possessed the body of a male in his 20's with sand colored hair and electric blue eyes. His presence makes some feel uneasy, but he is a patient teacher who expects no less than the best from his students. Like Befafes, turns into a total monster while in battle.

-Meeod, the Life Restorer.

Tamer, Upper 1st. Teaches about monsters and demigods. Has possessed the body of a female in her early 30's with platinum hair. Works well with Stygal, although they have strong disagreements every now and then. She fears no monster and almost all bow before her rather than give a fight.



Demon rankings


Demigods use a system to identify the strength of a demon - and then send a group of people strong enough to face it. The monsters given are only as examples of their power level. There are many kinds of monsters and demons for every level, save for Level 1.


Level 1: Small creatures that come to existence from a demon's aura as the dark energy starts clustering together. They go forward and slowly infect a human, turning it into a demon. Easy to defeat.

Level 2: Ghouls and reanimated bodies. Holy water melts them.

Level 3: Shades - weak demons with no possessed body.

Level 4: Possessed human that hosts a regular demon. The stronger the demon inside, the higher the level. Over time the level grows.

Level 5: Hellhounds - if in a large pack, almost impossible to defeat. Breathe fire.

Level 6: Summoned demons; become stronger over time, if not destroyed immediately.

Level 7: Evil dragons, children of Nidhögg.

Level 8: Minor flame and ice demons.

Level 9: Major flame and ice demons - tall as skyscrapers.

Level 10: Satan's personal demons - his children and brothers and angels who fell with him.

Over level 10: Only a god can defeat - Surt, Satan, Kronos...


Demons use the ranking table in identifying a demigod's strength.





-This is close to a cinematic roleplay, meaning that replies must be at east four sentences long and preferably as descriptive as possible.

-Do not overpower you character! You will be very weak in the beginning, but you will improve. Unless you want to be a Paladin or something above the Upper Class, in that case, PM me.

-If ever in doubt/have questions/have a problem, PM me! :>

-Try to keep the balance between demons and demigods equal. Also, the balance between categories should be equal, if possible.

-No character limit. Just make sure you will make it clear while switching between the characters.

-All demigods in this RP will be sent to Skole av Halvguder - School of Demigods, located near Oslo, Norway.

-Whatever you do, be polite, have fun, and always inform me if you will be gone for more than, say, seven [7] days as most RPs tend to die as people just vanish...



Character Sheet

-PM this to me


[B]Player[/B]: (You)
[B]Character name[/B]: (Your character's name)
[B]Age[/B]: (13-> You will all be in the same class, though.)
[B]Demon/Demigod[/b]: (You know this one)
[B]Godly/Demonic parent(s)[/B]: (Demigods: Give us the name, major/minor, what mythology, what powers, and how those powers appear in your character? You will have only one parent. / Demons, give us the name(s), power(s) and how do those powers appear in your character.)
[B]Category[/B]: (Knight, Tamer, Aria, Dragon, Doctor. Tamer, describe your summoning creatures, max 5, starting from one weak. You will first specialize in one category and then study a sub-category.)
[B]Appearance[/B]: (Basically, how your character looks? Height, hair, eyes, style of dressing, etc.)
[B]Personality[/B]: (Tell us how your character thinks/analyzes/feels/remembers and so forth. Describe what goes inside your character's head!)
[B]Background[/B]: (What has happened to your character before? Demigods: where are they from, how did they discover being a demigod, what about their mortal parent, relationships with their demigod sisters and brothers... Demons: how have you seen the human world, how have your trips to Midgard and other realm been, etc.)
[B]Misc[/B]: (Here goes anything I missed to ask you guys to tell or you want to add something of your own here. c:)

Edited by Gildraug

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Accepted Characters - Demigods


[Accepted characters will appear here]


Character count:

x Demigods: 8




Player: Gildraug

Character name: Froy Bratvold

Age: 21

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Höðr is Froy's father. Höðr is a blind god in Norse mythology. He is associated as the god of winter. He was often misled and manipulated by Loki, and accidentally kills his brother Baldr by throwing a shaft of mistletoe, whose death is believed to be the beginning of Ragnarök.

Froy's right eye is blind and completely icy blue. He hides this eye behind a white eyepatch and removes it only when using his winter powers. Froy can control the temperature of the air around him and create ice and snow out of thin air. Doing this makes his body temperature drop gradually until it becomes lethally dangerous - the more he uses it, the more dangerous it gets.

Category: Froy is a knight with a rapier he calls Tjäle, or ground frost. Froy can channel ice energy through Tjäle. He relies on speed and agility.

Froy is also the class guardian of Skole av Halvguder.

Appearance: Standing 191cm (6'3") Froy easily intimidates other people. His skin is almost always cold to touch and pale like snow. His left eye is stormy gray and his right eye is completely icy blue. He has dyed his hair green, although the dye is slightly fading away now, revealing platinum blond hair. His hair is short and slightly curly. Froy wears tight black jeans and a dark blue vest shirt, which he usually keeps open, with a white t-shirt underneath it. He always has Tjäle with him and also a small dagger with him. If he knows he's going to a battle, Froy dresses up very warmly in thick clothes and in layers.

Personality: Quiet, serious, earns success by thoroughness and dependability. Practical, matter-of-fact, realistic, and responsible. Decides logically what should be done and works toward it steadily, regardless of distractions. Takes pleasure in making everything orderly and organized - work, home, life. Values traditions and loyalty. Higher-ups know him to be an excellent leader and hope he will inspire the new students to reach for their limits.

Background: Froy had lived with his mother and step-dad his whole life with three younger sisters and a twin brother, Frei. Money was always tight in his family, but they lived decently, even traveling across Europe during their summer vacations. Froy and Frei shared a close bond in school and always ended up in the same class. They learned to rely on each other and this trust has lasted to this day. A few weeks before their 13th birthday, a snowstorm brew up in the town they were living when the boys were returning home. Ice shards flew in the air and seemed to aim for the boys' eyes - and eventually, they reached them. The second the shards touched Froy's right eye and Frei's left eye, the boys felt how their whole body froze. But the moment was gone and when the twins looked at each other they knew something had happened. From the snowstorm descended a man with a dark blue blindfold over his eyes and he started talking to them, revealing himself to be Höðr. This was, of course, a shock for the boys as they had always thought their biological father had died in an accident. Höðr explained what he was and who they were and advised the boys to go and talk to their mother. When they did so, she started crying and apologized for hiding this, saying she had hoped that the blind winter god had forgotten. But alas, the boys' godly blood had been awoken and there was no going back. Froy became a Knight and Frei became a Tamer. Together they achieved many victories for mankind and hailed their victories in their father's name.

Misc: [Frei will be appearing in the RP from time to time c:]



Player: Esko_the_Wolf

Character name: Esko Arkus

Age: 16

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Hades, a major God, the God of the Underworld. This shows by the dark clothing he wears and his blacker then black hair, plus the aura he radiates. This makes him avoided by a lot of people, because even if people don't know him at all, they get a vibe that he is unfriendly. Even humans, though they just feel that he is unfriendly. His powers include opening cracks in the ground leading to the Underworld and Shadow Travel. He can also blend into the shadows. He can also play around and animate dead organisms, but not bring them to life. He can also manipulate shadows as if they were solid. That power comes later and even then, will take a lot of practice to master. Oh, he has weaknesses. He can get sunburns easier then most. He can also freak out if in a large crowd of people. That is, if the focus is on him. His beasts are a bit hard to control at first summoning. The stronger it is, the more defiant it is at first.

Category: Head category: Tamer, Sub category: Dragon. His first and weakest is a strange two headed Hellhound named Skaol. Skaol gets stronger as Esko gets stronger. His other four are a Pheonix named Lundith, a Giant Serpent named Relpor, and two dragons. One is a blue/silver dragon named Tulvir, and another is a 'DAW' named Dargos. He has marks of his beasts on his back, probably their dormant state. The other four come later, one at a time. Esko discovers Lundith when trying to summon Skaol. The others are discovered one at a time, like that. Esko tries to summon the ones he knows of and ends up summoning the new ones. Dargos is last, and he comes waaaay later.

Appearance: HueHueHue

Personality: he is rather quiet, not talking much unless he has to. He is open to chat anytime, though, and ABSOLUTLEY hates who is father is. Not because of the reputation, but because most people are scared or uncomfortable around him. He often takes atvantage of shadows because of this. He feels his only true friends are his beasts.

Background: he never really had a good life. His mom died soon after his birth, and he was taken in by his aunt and uncle. Sadly, his aunt was very sick, and his uncle was a drunkard. Once his aunt bit the dust, Esko was 'on his own', since his uncle practically never was there. He never had contact with his demigod siblings, but sometimes he thinks that if he did, he would have actually had a techical 'family'. He found out who he was when he got angry at his uncle. It finally got him to crack, and he stomped on the ground. He accidentally opened a crack juuust large enough to swallow up his uncle. That was when he was 13. Oh, I never told you his uncle bit the dust? Well, now you know.

Misc: He will eventually grow Hellhound ears and tail. Just not now.



Player: Lady_Lunevis

Character name: Quebelle Leona Petrakis { pronounced key-bell leona }

Age: 17

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Eris, Greek godess of chaos, strife, and discord. Eris is a war goddess best known for destroying happiness and as the wielder of the Golden Apple of Discord. She is Ares' companion in battle and has been rumored to have caused the Trojan War. From her mother, Quebelle Leona inherits a perchance for being merciless in battle.

Category: Knight. Quebelle Leona wields a long, thin sword named after Chamuel, the deity angel of relationships, friendships, and love. In battle, Quebelle is accurate and fast.

Appearance: Quebelle Leona stands at 5'8", with platinum blonde hair cropped to a little below her shoulders. She has dark brown eyes and dresses in crisp clothing, often wearing white riding pants, black kneel high boots, and a dark red, elegant overcoat with a fancy, frilly cavat. If in serious battle, she'll untie the cavat and take off the overcoat, revealing a simple white shirt with golden side buttons.

Personality: Harsh and unforgiving, Quebelle Leona builds up shields to avoid trouble. She is especially tough on herself, afraid of becoming her mother and living out such a life. She remembers her childhood with vivid anger, and thus has a sympathy for children and younger teenagers. Although she should be angry at her mother and all the grief Eris has caused, she has accepted her fate with quiet acceptance and wants to simply live out life as a wisp in the air, fading away eventually.

Background: Upon birth, Eris killed Quebelle Leona's father in a fit of anger and rose into the heavens, abandoning the infant Quebelle Leona. Since then, she has floated between a number of dysfunctional homes and grown up forming her own morals in a harsh world. She rejects both her birth parents and wants nothing to do with her bloodline. Thus, she finds it hard to admit that she is Eris' daughter. In return, Eris has often messed up things with her daughter as a way to toy with Quebelle Leona, going as far as to murder the kitty a kinder foster family had bought for a ten year old Quebelle. She has promised that should Quebelle find love, she will tear them apart just as she destroyed the love of Polytekhnos and Aedon.

Misc: : ^ ) @ angst



Player: Lady_Lunevis

Character name: Eerikki Nyström { would prefer to be called pastel }

Age: 14

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Loki, the Norse trickster god. Loki has numerous shapeshifting powers and has transformed into different animals and genders on occasion, as well as being a talented sorcerer. Pastel has yet to awaken any possible shapeshifting powers, but can summon small bursts of flame that don't rival anything close to the intensity of his father's.

Category: Dragon. Pastel wields dual guns with efficiency.

Appearance: Pastel is rather short, standing at 5'2" in height, and with a slender, petite frame. He has light purple hair with a tint of blue that he proudly dyes himself, and sharp green eyes. Though his hair is short, it's often fluffed up to appear larger than normal. Fond of baggy clothes, Pastel hides numerous interesting trinkets in his pockets and often may look as if he's drowning in his clothes.

Personality: A young teen that is angry at the world, Pastel has never found friends or comfort in his family, though it may be his own fault. He pushes everyone away and is never serious, even in conditions that may require such a thing. He's intent on tricking people and finds it amusing when they scream or cry at him, and although appearing careless on the outside is especially sensitive at heart. He holds grudges for a long time and will attack anyone that dares to talk ill of his father, and is always looking for anything to keep him entertained. To Pastel, the world is a joke, and he's at the epicentre of it all. It's better to mock others than be mocked, after all.

Background: Despite being adopted at birth into a wonderful, loving Norwegian  family, Pastel was a natural rebel at birth and often caused his adoptive parents grief. Despite the fact they loved him to no ends, Pastel felt that they were suffocating him and rejected them, often screaming and destroying things to bring them trouble. On his 12th birthday, Pastel was visited by a strange man that claimed to be his real father. This man soon revealed himself as a god of Norse mythology, known as Loki, and from that day on Pastel has sworn loyalty to his father and no one else. Loki has filled Pastel's head with thoughts of power and his bitter anger at being betrayed by his family and overshadowed by his brother, leaving out his faults. He has now abandoned his birth name given to him by his adoptive parents. Since then, Pastel has raised Loki to, for lack of a better word, godlike status, and will listen only to him and no one else. Under the manipulation of a trickster, Pastel has only one thing that drives him to train harder and harder--to destroy the demons as his father wishes, and serve him like no other. 

Misc: destroy him


Player: makenziec123

Character name: Daniel Rodriguez

Age: 17

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Nemesis is the Greek Goddess of balance. She is the daughter of Oceanus, the primeval ocean-river that surrounded what humans have now named "Pangea". She is a minor goddess who is almost always depicted as having large, angel-like wings and carrying a sword in one hand with a set of scales, a handful of divine flames, or an hourglass in the other. In one of her more famous depictions, she is chasing down a criminal with the hour glass in one hand and her sword in the other, ready to exact her balance upon the greedy man.

Category: Knight

Appearance: Daniel is a six foot tall scrawny teenaged boy with long, dark, shaggy hair that hangs slightly into his mismatched sky blue and deep brown eyes. He prefers to wear t shirts and jeans, but is not opposed to dressing up every now and then. When in battle, he prefers to wear armor that doesn't cover his whole back so that his wings have somewhere to escape from if he needs them.


Daniel thinks everything in the same way that a soldier does- His mother, Nemesis, was one of the minor patron-deities worshipped during drills and battle practice in ancient Greece. He analyzes the people he meets, quickly checking them over to see if they look dangerous or if they have any weapons, then acting accordingly. He keeps his emotions bottled up as much as he can, and will only complain about something if he has no other options. He likes to talk and considers himself to have many friends, but he automatically considers an acquaintance a friend, so it's a bit hard to tell. Inside his head, gears are constantly turning and twisting and shifting into place. His mind is like a puzzle that Nemesis can manipulate in order to maintain balance, with Daniel as her key pawn in keeping Light where it needs to be.


Daniel has only one "brother" at the moment, a demon created also for the sake of balance by his mother. Daniel was no intended to exist originally, but his mother couldn't bear the idea of destroying him or the careful balance of the world, so she created his sort of "evil twin" Gibraltr. Daniel's father sent him to military school as per Nemesis' orders as soon as he possibly could so that Daniel would be the good soldier his mother needed him to be. Most of his memories consist of loud drills, running through the mud on rainy days, homework, and a few close friends here and there.

Misc: Daniel hides the powers that manifest in him from his mother in the form of a large tattoo-like birthmark in the shape of a pair of angel wings on his back(one dark wing and one lighter one) and hides his dual-wielded lances Praeradio and Obrumbro, another set of gifts from his mother, in the form of two rings- a thicker white-gold ring with a white stone embedded in it that transforms into the longer of the two spears, the light of the Solar Eclipse itself, Praeradio, and a thin ring made of black titanium with an almost black ruby that becomes the shorter of the two spears, the darkness of the Lunar Eclipse, Obrumbro. The tattoos on his back are a sort of "urban camo" that Nemesis created to keep Daniel safe. His wings are always there, he can feel them and move them if he wants, but the tattoos allow him to control when they manifest themselves into a corporeal form. When they are not in a corporeal form, the most they can do is create a light breeze, but when they are manifested, they are so large that they trail on the ground when Daniel walks and can easily lift vast amounts of weight into the air. In this form, their only limit is Daniel's own strength


Player: SULDhasno

Character name: Miteki Kurasuma

Age: 13

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Son of Athena, goddess of wisdom, courage, military victor, among a few others. Major. Probably why Miteki is a academic and gaming genius.

Category: Dragon. He's going to have a sniper rifle. Still undecided on the sub-category.

Appearance: He has spiky black hair and dark brown eyes. He's of average height and build. He also has a variety of grins he uses for different purposes (sheepish grin, Takaki-you're-being-awkward grin etc.)

Personality: He has a very laid back attitude. He doesn't often do his homework (for some strange reason his teachers don't mind) and whatever else he can't be bothered to do, especially if he feels like it's useless and not productive. Besides playing video games. He's a pro at them. Despite this, he's a very friendly guy who enjoys conversing with people. He often helps Takaki out of awkward conversation situations. Sometimes by grinning. He likes to tease Takaki (who doesn't really mind) and to people may be seen as annoying, but he is very, very, protective over him. Takaki is like his younger brother. Same with anyone else who he deems worthy enough.

Background: He was born as an only child and was told that his mother died in a car crash soon after he was born. He believed that and just went on with- well, life. He befriended Takaki when he was 10 when Takaki arrived at that school, being the only person who had gotten one-hundred percent besides Miteki in a test. So they ended up being best friends. So life continued for another 3 years until when he got home from school one day, there was his father who was on the table with the whole son-I've-got-to-tell-you-something-that-I've-been-hiding-from-you-for-all-your-life face. So he told him. After hearing what his father had said, he sat there for several minutes taking in the message until finally saying, "No wonder I'm in diamond in League" and stood up to go to his room. Next day, he asked Takaki whether he would believe him if he told him that he was the son of Athena. Takaki replied asking whether Miteki would believe him if he told him he was the son of the greek god of shadows and darkness. Miteki replied saying this was a very weird day. Takaki replied with a yes it is. Two days later, they both packed up and left. For Skole av Halvguder.

Misc: He is a straight A-student. There has yet to be a test in which he has scored less then 100 percent.



Player: SULDhasno

Character name: Takaki Kiyonaga

Age: 13

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Son of Erebus, greek god of darkness and shadow. Minor. Takaki is capable of nullifying his presence, walking silently and whilst not becoming exactly invisible he becomes hard to detect. This comes later.

Category: Dragon, still undecided on the next one. Probably going to use a pistol or something of the sort.

Appearance: He has short neatly-cropped brown hair that partly covers his forehead, and brown eyes. He is of average height for a 13 year old, and has this scrawny look.

Personality: He's generally a withdrawn person, though if you attempt conversation with him he will (try) to give you the impression that he's a friendly and approachable person. Most of the time though, it falls into awkwardness and then the conversation dies. As of now, there's only one person who he feels he can comfortably converse with. Also, into video games. He's pretty good at them.

Background: When he started school he was often bullied due to his quiet nature and his test results (just to clarify, they were all 100 percent-ish). This happened almost everyday, causing him to get even more quiet and lowered his test results. He tried to keep the bullying from his mother for several years, until someone when he was 9 intentionally injured him badly enough that he had to be hospitalised for several months. His mother moved him to a new school, where he befriended Miteki, causing him to be a bit less quiet and finally get those 100 percents he had gone many years without. And then life. For three years. Then as he dropped his bag from school his mother had a I-need-to-tell-you-something face on. And told him he was the son of the god of darkness and shadow. This obviously surprised Takaki a lot, and he sat there before finally getting up to do his homework. And then he and Miteki had a small line of conversation about it, and two days later they packed up to go.

Misc: Straight A student, though doesn't get as many 100 percents as Miteki does.


Player: Forsaken Rider of Dreams

Character name: Leonard von Wolfstein (Leo for short)

Age: 18

Demon/Demigod: Demigod

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Mars - Major - Roman - Mars down to the very fundamental beliefs, was an agricultural god and a war god. Much has been debated over exactly what it was that he was, though the truth is uncertain to humans. For the sake of the RP I will choose the simplest option. Mars was once considered the god, not of agriculture, but of the wild. The twisted belief of who Mars is stems from this. Mars, being the god of the wild, has the ability to fight off that which harms what he protects, which includes plants and farm land (agriculture). He was also thought of to possess a feral personality fighting and protecting even humans on a battle field in a way only a savage would fight.


This transfers to my character by causing him to have a short temper. Leo was always able to fundamentally understand the wildlife. He can't truly talk to them, though he can understand what it is that they feel. When Leo gets close to someone, and that person is hurt, he snaps. It is almost like a second personality that come out of him, and he blindly attacks, letting only his muscle memory control his body. This means he fights like a fool in this state, until he can build the muscle memory.

Category: Knight.

Appearance: Leo is not a very small male. He hit his total height of about 6'0 6'1 when he was sixteen. His hair almost seems ragged with it thrown in all sorts of directions. It was a dark brown, almost black with faintly noticeable red strands. This almost gives his hair a tacky looking outline of red, which is why he has considered coloring it all one color. Leo's eyes can be considered cold. They are a deep ocean blue with gold slivers lining his pupils, yet they are almost dulled and lifeless. He has a semi-angular face, one that would be expected on a male running athlete. His body, because of his old job in the fields, is toned, yet not quite trained. Leo dresses pretty casually. He has a pair of running Puma's on at all times that are black with white outlines, a pair of snug jeans whom's leg opens to fall over the tennis shoes. Leo also wears a with V-neck T-shirt as an undershirt, and a random button up over it. When it comes to the uniform, Leo has a bad habit of wearing the wrong belt, normally wearing a black one, and not wearing a tie or sweater-vest. He usually unbuttons the top two buttons on the uniform shirt, and if he does wear the tie, it normally just hangs on his neck loosely.

Personality: (The personality section is going to be kind of wimpy because all of my characters are a part of me, and its hard to describe me.) Leo enjoys to just let things play their course. He doesn't bother getting close to people, and when something unexpected happens, he doesn't seem to care. This is because he has come to live by one single phrase: It is what it is. However when Leo does get passionate about something, he will quickly let his anger take over to protect what it is he is attached to.

Background: Leo doesn't have to crazy of a background. He was raised by a single mother, his father, now known to be Mars, was never around. Leo always thought that his mother was lying to him when she would tell him that his dad was 'ruling the world'. It was on his thirteenth birthday that he found out he was a Demigod. His powers started to expand, and when around certain animals, he would sometimes sense a rush of emotion, similar to an empath. It wasn't long before Mars came to Leo during the night. The two sat and talked for most of the night, and that was when Mars gave Leo the charm. As for where he grew up, it was in a small town. The house was large enough, though he worked the fields out to the side and the back contributing to his muscle tone.

Misc: Leo is always carrying a charm with him, one side with the image of a wolf etched in it and the other a woodpecker. He did not know this now, but the charm was given to him by his father. And when he has the ability to, it will morph using Leo's power, into a sword.

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Accepted Characters - Demons


[Accepted characters will appear here]


Character count:

x Demons: 4




Player: Gildraug

Character name: Icabal, the Howling Horror

Age: The body she has possessed is ten years old. (Real age is around 1300.)

Demon/Demigod: Demon

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Father was Camael, the Destroyer; gives her immense physical and psychic powers but her physical powers are severely limited by her body. Mother was Och, the Sun Speaker; Icabal's voice holds great power and can act similarly like a dragon's breath or as a psychic shock wave.

Icabal might endanger her own teammates if she uses her shouts carelessly. She also has to preserve either psychic or physic strength; she will become physically weaker if she uses her shouts more but becomes psychically weaker if uses her physical powers. If she tries to be psychically and physically top-notch, her energy level will fall down double speed.

Category: Aria, sub-class Knight. Weilds a blade she calls Soul Screech - if she imbeds some psychic power into it, it will screech in battle (drains energy).

Also, the class guardian of Abach.

Appearance: At first might look like a sweet African-American girl with naturally curly hair which is tied on two ponytails on her head. However, her eyes are deep red and her nails are pitch-black. Icabal's tail splits into two, the whole tail being dark brown. Icabal's clothes are those you'd expect from a 10-year-old - pastel colors and cute pictures - but during battle she will don her shade armor. Her ears are slightly pointed and her canine teeth visible if she smiles.

Personality: Quick, ingenious, stimulating, alert, and outspoken. Resourceful in solving new and challenging problems. Adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them strategically. Good at reading other people. Bored by routine, will seldom do the same thing the same way, apt to turn to one new interest after another. She is quite friendly although her powers make her one of the most feared demons - and her appearance doesn't help the situation.

Background: For Icabal, Midgard is a playground. She often travels there to play around, using her psychic powers to create sounds into peoples' heads and slowly drive them insane. However, Icabal doesn't see anything bad about this; for she, like all demons, have been taught the story that Yggdrasil was rightfully theirs. Icabal also likes to travel to some metal concerts although she has a hard time doing so with the body she has possessed. Icabal also travels a lot in the root realms, which gave her some fame. This gave the higher demons the idea they could send Icabal to watch over the newcomers, since she was already a veteran with the schooling program, having done it about fifty-sixty years ago. She still likes to travel, but takes her business seriously.

Misc: Gained her name on the day she was born in the void; some demons joke their ears are still ringing from the sound.



Player: Coryn02

Character name: Azazel

Age: 13

Demon/Demigod: Demon

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Azazel's demonic parent is a Native American wendigo, a near-unstoppable cannibal demon. Both strong and swift, very few survive their hunts. They also travel in packs and can possess humans, compelling them to eat one another to make more of themselves.

As such, Azazel has very fast reflexes and can strike much harder than his size suggests. He is also able to take a lot of punishment in a fight, and has a slight edge in the control of human minds (it's largely an untrained skill).

Category: Tamer (will decide on the second later, edging towards Doctor or Knight)

Azazel's first summon monster is a rather large raven, named Nyx. It has somewhat weathered feathers edging on discolouration and glowing red eyes. It is a bit bigger than a housecat. In spite of its ragged appearance, Nyx flies silently. Nyx has no magical powers. Since it has no body, it is not entirely solid and thus easily defeated.

Appearance: Azazel has white hair and hazel eyes. His features suggest some aboriginal ancestry, but not enough to pin down how much. He also has a scar on the back of his left hand, from a clawmark. He is about 152 centimetres tall and weighs ~97 pounds, so he is a bit on the small side. He generally wears a plain long-sleeved shirt and brown pants. He has a few sets of fancier clothing for special occasions as well.

Personality: Azazel is a rather quiet individual, preferring not to speak if he doesn't have to. He tries to get his point across with as few words as possible; he doesn't like discussing a subject if it cannot be brief on his part. Azazel does prefer being around other people than alone though, since being alone creeps him out. He actively avoids discussing his family and history, mostly because he finds nobody would understand. Azazel only sees humans as tools to be used, whereas demigods are dangerous and need to be destroyed or avoided. While Azazel is highly mindful of the education his father arranged for him, he is not particularly brilliant. He also places value on his free time, which may or may not go towards his education.

Background: Azazel was spawned when his father possessed and corrupted an infant's body on a routine hunt (its family had been driven mad and the father had fed the child flesh before he was killed). But instead of eating it and releasing the newborn wendigo spirit inside, he allowed the wendigo to grow within the human body.


The other wendigo laughed at him, saying he had grown soft after his many years. But he hoped that his son would grow up greater than any of them by learning about the invading demigods and drive them back, and that could only happen if he had a human form. Ever since they arrived from across the seas, the demigods made hunting much more difficult. Since he was the pack leader at the time, the other wendigo tolerated this during Azazel's early childhood.


A few years later, when Azazel's father stepped down willingly to devote more effort to raising his son, he took Azazel to Jotunheim to find out where he could be educated (wendigo tend to learn everything on their own). They lived off the harsh environment as his father tried to find out where his son could learn about the demigods that plagued them.  Eventually, he did get word of a school, and had his son enrolled. He told him that he was free to make his own choices from there, but to never forget his own kind and everything he'd given up for him. Azazel promised his father that he would come back and help kill all the demigods in North America to free the wendigo from their constant attacks.

Misc: Azazel usually spends his time outdoors if he can help it. He likes to hike, eats his meat medium-rare if he can get it that way, and prefers the cold to any other temperature (he is not really resistant to it, his human body will still freeze). He actually has lower blood circulation than normal humans, so his skin is cold to the touch (he is perfectly healthy otherwise). He is also a night person, and will stay up late even without a particular reason. While Azazel is primarily a Tamer, he is a  good swordsman. He also has some experience in hand-to-hand combat from his time spent in Jotunheim with his father. Azazel has tasted human flesh, but doesn't like it that much (too stringy).



Player: makenziec123

Character name: Gibraltr

Age: 17

Demon/Demigod: Demon

Godly/Demonic parent(s):  Gibraltr has no parents. He is the product of several weaker demons that were forced into a single being by Nemesis, the goddess of balance. He was created to counter-balance the birth of Daniel, a boy that Gibraltr has never even heard of but is technically his "twin". Nemesis was forced to give up a small portion of her power in order to make Gibraltr, who is able to wield Nemesis' Divine Flames along with a two-handed sword called Bekisnhlekil, which is deadly to Demigods and some Gods themselves, but cannot hurt mortals. However, his Flames can absolutely hurt any human he comes across, and in this way is also given the ability to maintain Nemesis' precious balance- he can kill, but he cannot kill in vast quantities with a single weapon. His flames will quickly run out if he tries to use them for extended periods of time. Mostly he uses them as a last resort to get out of a pinch.

Category: Knight

Appearance: Gibraltr is a black shade in the demon world, but when he wishes to posses a more "human" form he looks almost like a carbon copy of Daniel, but opposite. He is tall and has long, shaggy white hair that hangs in his mismatched bright red and dark brown eyes, near ghostly white skin, and a pair of leathery, dragon-like wings the same color as his skin rising up from his back regally, always held up high along with his head as he walks around like he owns the place.

Personality:  Gibraltr is pompous, sarcastic, cruel, and thinks himself the next king of the world. He likes the way humans look, and seems to take a lot of joy in giving them their perfect dreams, then shattering away the dream with a twisted nightmare. Especially teenaged boys and girls. Ah, how easy puberty makes it to create a broken glass dream.

Background:Gibraltr has no idea who his parent(s) were, all he remembers is a light that burned his eyes like the sun itself, and then he was handed over to sentinel-like creatures who did not speak, did not think for themselves, simply followed the orders of whoever it was controlling them and honing Gibraltr into the good soldier that Nemesis required to counter balance her other son. On the few chances when he was given breaks, Gibraltr would sneak as close to Midgard as he possibly could. At first he simply watched the humans on the other side, but then he began to grow jealous of them, and attacked them whenever he was given the chance. It was on one of these excursions that he not only discovered the curse of his sword, but also the gift of his Divine Flames when he burned down the house of some family called the "Winchesters" (;D)

Misc: Gibraltr's sword is half white gold and half black titanium, with different colored gems on each side of the hilt. One side is decorated with a white stone that Gibraltr has obviously tried his best to defile and make darker, and on the other side is a jet-black onyx.



Player: Lumikkja

Character name: Mardero

Age: 20

Demon/Demigod: Demon

Godly/Demonic parent(s): Mardero's sire was Tephros, the Ashmaker, and because of this Mardero suffers from pyromaniac tendencies. He has an affinity for fire and can manipulate it to an extent, and often connects with fire-related monsters. He does not know who his 'mother' was, only that they were some kind of silence demon, and this is reflected in his dislike for talking and loud noises.

Category: Tamer, sub-class Dragon. Mardero's first summoned monster was a Fire Salamander that he named Kai, and he often keep Kai summoned as a companion creautre. His two primary combat monsters are a Phoenix he calls Sindr and a Hellhound named Hati. Eventually he hopes to successfully summon a dragon or a major flame demon.

Appearance: Mardero has possessed a tall, thin, perhaps handsome looking male. He dresses himself primarily in red and reddish-brown colors that symbolize his love of fire. His skin has a fiery tint to it, along with light brown hair and a short beard. He prefers to keep his bangs long, covering his eyes, and usually wears a hat of some sort in order to draw less attention to himself. He has a large tattoo burned into his back that he often keeps hidden, thought he keeps his claws and tail fully visible.

Personality: Mardero abhors long, drawn-out conversations and often gives his own opinions in short, choppy sentences. He feels that if anything is worth saying it should be said quickly, and without any distracting side chatter. As for other demons, he tolerates them so long as they respect his privacy. He does not get along well with arrogance, which he sees as more annoying talk. He does not respect others based on reputation and prefers to make his judgements as he watches and interacts with other demons. As far as friendship goes, he prefers to keep to his own, but is starting to understand that demons need to work together, and as such is trying to make the effort to accept potential friendships. He does not cope well with spontaneity or curveballs and likes it when life is calm.

Background: Mardero spent much of his early life in Muspelheim, the realm of fire, in the company of his sire Tephros. The Ashmaker provided Mardero with a home, but not with attention, and Mardero grew up learning an appreciation for silence and for being alone. His closest companion during that time was an older she-demon named Onoskelis, who taught him about demigods and humans and the realms beyond Muspelheim. She also taught him to exercise caution and restraint when dealing with both allies and enemies, advice that has influenced his life ever since he left Muspelheim to enter the Abach school.

Misc: Mardero's primary weapon is a staff - named Hyrr - with a small lantern hanging from the end. The lantern emits a reddish light whenever Mardero is summoning his monsters, and they are attracted to the light and remain docile in his presence until commanded to attack his target. He can summon without it, but with the staff his control over his thralls is more fluid and efficient. The staff also has the ability to roughly translate the thoughts of Mardero's monsters, only to the extent of expressing their raw emotion in very basic terms. His secondary weapon is a single pistol which he only uses as a last resort.

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[i knew it was a good idea to reserve one more...]


[[i will be posting the timeline here to make it easier for newcomers to jump in as they know a little bit of background :>]]

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Thank you so much, Narvix! biggrin.gif


Nitpicks and hiccups are smoothed out ^^

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In SAH (Skole av Halvguder) the time is around 6 p.m. on a Sunday evening. It's the 24th of May, 2015. Students will be arriving to the school to be greeted by Froy on the gates.

For Abach the same, except it will be Icabal greeting the students.


Froy Bratvold


A gentle breeze shook the branches of the trees around the church, the smell of spring and nature strong and lively. The sun was shining, warm and bright, and Froy could not get enough of the warmth.

His cold skin seemed to absorb it like a sponge, making him feel alive again. He could never appreciate spring enough.

Even though being the son of a winter god, he loved summer the most.


Glancing around, Froy checked if anyone was coming down the road.

Nothing, except for a few seagulls.

The tall boy leaned against the wall of the church and turned his head towards the general direction of the sun. The students would probably be late. They always were.

Just like he and Frei had been.

A small smile danced on his lips as the memory of two young boys running from the bus stop to the church came into his mind. Those were the times.


But the students better not be too late. Seven of them were coming so far - a lucky number. Hopefully that would bring at least some luck. They were in a dire need for some.


Icabal, the Screaming Terror


Icabal was staring at the massive roots of Yggdrasil, the red eyes glaring at the great ash tree. It was rightfully theirs. Stupid gods and annoying demigods. And those good-for-nothing angels. So stupid. Narrowing her eyes and looking towards the heavens, Icabal tried to see the trunk. No luck. But the humongous leaves of the ash tree about the size of a continent were falling down, slowly. The reality bubbles the demons had gracefully avoided these leaves, floating to safer positions.


Still staring upwards, Icabal wondered how massive the ash tree actually was, if the leaves were so huge you couldn't even wrap your mind around it, and the roots stretched so far you couldn't even see the trunk. Looking down, the roots continued until the void became so dark even they disappeared. But they continued. Down, down, until the very void itself became too cold and dense for demons to go there.


"Icabal! The students will be arriving soon!" a low, rough voice erupted as a lanky female with raven black hair jumped from one of the windows and climbed up to the roof where Icabal had been.

"Oh, greetings, Befafes," Icabal said, her own voice sweet like sugar compared to the war demon's.

"Why are you here? Go to the front gate, they'll be arriving in their shade form," the angry glare from the demon piercing Icabal, filling her mind with images of war. She knew Befafes didn't do it on purpose, but she slashed back with her mental powers.

"Don't mess with my head, thank youuuu~," Icabal said cheerily as she saw Befafes cringe a little.


Whistling a merry tune, Icabal leaped from the rooftop to the lower levels, jumping with grace and care. This young body had little strength, but at least it was lithe. Finally reaching the ground, Icabal swung her two-split tail impatiently. Those kids better be here soon.

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"Hmm... Takaki, when are we meant to get there?" Miteki asked rather absentmindedly.


"Oh. Six... Ten?"


"Heh. Then I guess we're nine minutes early." They stopped to take in the church. "Yep. It's underground."




"Well, of this was a school for people tasked with protecting the world from demonic creatures they would at least have better facilities wouldn't they?"


"Being a show off as usual."


"It's called common sense."


"More like bragging your intellect. It still looks kinda old though, underground or not." Takaki then noticed someone leaning on the church wall. "Oh, uh, hi."

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Daniel stood, looking up at the church from across the street to get a better look at the whole of it. He took note of the other people that were arriving, deciding that it would be better to be a little early than a little late, given what they were supposed to be doing here.


Standing up fully, Daniel let his long legs carry him to the front courtyard-looking area of the church in just a handful of long, deliberate strides.


He wasn't sure what else to do now, not seeing anyone who was obviously in charge yet, so he simply waited, stirring up a slight breeze with his invisible wings.




Gibraltr snarled and drew his head up, forcing his smoky form through the huge crowd of them, away from the small tear into the human world's reality.


"Ugh. How dare these lesser... things stand in my way. They have no right to be here. I found this place, I am the only one among them with any actual purpose!" He spat to himself, forcing his way up so that he could take his rightful place above all of them and fly towards the school.


He was fairly certain that those knight-like creatures had already taught him everything he needed to know. They were easy to beat once you had memorized their attack patterns and weak spots. He had often wondered if he were being trained using former suits of armor using by demigods, but he knew his mother, whoever she was, would never make it easy.


Finally, he arrived outside the gate of the school. He took one small, scathing glance up and down the tall spires, gave a small hiss of semi-approval, and then moved through until he could take on his human form. His mis-matched eye glaring down his nose at everyone as he took in the courtyard-like area. He allowed his leathery wings to stir up a slight breeze, becoming absent minded in the boredom caused by his impatience.


"Well? Who's in charge here? I've come to.... "learn". Now teach me! I command it!" He roared at the nearest demon, who was hanging upside down by her split-tails.

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Froy Bratvold

Deep in thought, Froy suddenly realized he heard some footsteps and two voices belonging to young males coming down the road. Ah, finally the students were arriving! Better early than on time, he'd say. He remained where he was, his left hand placed upon Tjäle in a relaxed manner, the rapier's cool metal firm and secure under his touch. He had seen many horrors in his life, but nothing matched the horror you felt if you didn't have your weapon with you. Regular humans didn't have to worry of such things, but as a demigod Froy knew the demons would take any chance they could to attack him.


"Oh, uh, hi," one of the two boys, the one with short, brown hair, stuttered as he noticed the demigod leaning on the wall. Froy merely nodded in response, feeling like there were no need for words yet. They could all introduce themselves when more people arrived. And anyways, there was going to be years ahead of them when they could talk. All on time.

Speaking of which, another person arrived, but said nothing. That was to be expected - some demigods were quite fearful of the school and what it stood for. Nevertheless, Froy stopped leaning on the church wall and took a few steps forwards to be seen better.

The newest arrival was quite tall, with black hair and mismatching eyes, which stroke Froy amusing. Sub-consciously he touched the white eyepatch which covered his ice-eye, the one with his godly powers. Sometimes he wondered what would've happened had he been the only godly child. Surely, he would've gone blind alike his father, but what about his powers? No, no use in thinking such things.


"Greetings and welcome to Skole av Halvguder, or SAH for short. No need for introductions yet, we shall wait until more of us have gathered here," he said shortly, but not in an unfriendly manner. He was a man of short words, unlike Frei, and he didn't want to scare the students or make himself seem nasty. Frei would've been a better class guardian with his more friendly nature and enthusiastic personality. A small sigh escaped from the demigod's mouth. He had no idea where his twin brother was right now and was slightly worried. Frei had a tendency of getting himself into trouble. It was always Froy who had to remind his twin to be cautious and careful, to remind the limits of their powers. Frei rarely listened, he never learned and he was always reckless. Maybe it was better, in the end, that Froy was the class guardian and not Frei. His twin brother would just get everyone killed while trying to show how to catch a drake with only your socks or something of that nature.



Icabal, the Screaming Terror


Those kids were certainly taking their time. Out of boredom, Icabal climbed up the nearest tree started hanging from it, wondering when the kids would have the nerve to arrive. It wasn't like she was going to have the whole day.. year... decade... Man, time was just a human concept. She had no need for it. Humans always worried about the future and never truly lived in the present, which was the only thing that mattered. Past is something they all have, future comes anyways, but you can never have the present the same way again. When she traveled to Midgard she'd notice the passage of time. Sometimes it had been only a few hours, sometimes a few months, or like once, a few centuries. You never know.


Her philosophical thinking was interrupted when she sensed an approaching demon. He was arriving in his shade form, of course, as human bodies could not exist in the void, so she could feel the energy pulsing. The shade stepped into the reality bubble, taking a moment before it took it's human form. Icabal found it hard to read shades' expressions, but she was quite sure this one was... bored? No, that was not the word. Cold? No, no, no. Icabal gave up. She'd remember the perfect word for that expression, or she'd make one of her own. Wouldn't that be fun?

"Well? Who's in charge here? I've come to.... "learn". Now teach me! I command it!" the boy demanded - he had turned into his human form with mismatching eyes, white hair, and leather wings. Icabal snickered at the command and lithely jumped down from the tree. As she landed she curled her tail and started swinging it around, mocking.

"Oh, I had no idea some royalty was coming here to be taught! My, I would've brought the red carpet and the fanfares had I known! Dear me, please do not kill me for this!" Icabal exclaimed, all serious, until she grinned and showed her fangs.

"As if. Kiddo, your parent has sent you here for a reason, and that is because you need to be taught the skills you need when you are sent to Midgard. Hopefully to do something useful. As to who is in charge here, that would be me," she replied, pointing herself with her long-nailed thumb and stared the boy into his eyes, un-baffled by the different colors, knowing her own blood-red eyes would do their job. She had no interest in messing around with the new-comer's head, since the teachers had swore they'd rip her into shreds and send those shreds to Nidhögg if she made the students insane. How boring.

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"Tch. You presume things you have no knowledge of at all. I have been in training my entire existence. I sincerely doubt you can teach me more than I have already learned." Gibraltr turned his scathing eyes upon the two-tailed demon.


"I am here to serve a purpose. But that purpose is not to cram my head full of the books you intend to shove in it." He crossed his arms with a sneer. "Now then, where is everyone? I can feel my brain rotting inside my skull already. At least with some company I can try and find someone to have a decent conversation with." He tapped his foot impatiently and flared out his wings so that they were about half spread before letting them relax again.




Back on the much less bigoted realm of Midgard, Daniel walked closer so that he could see the other people around him, and so that he could listen to the person who was apparently their instructor. He seemed to be a man of few words, which was something Daniel could definitely appreciate.


Still, he decided to remain quiet. His mismatched eyes roamed across the area, and briefly ghosted across the other people- most likely other students- but he didn't want to creep them out, so he quickly let his gaze drift back towards the open blue of the sky, and let his mind wander about through the clouds. His wings stirred up a slightly stronger breeze, but he kept them out of the physical plane. now was not the time. Especially when mortals might see his mother's gift.

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oh whoa this has started!!! i'm so sorry for being late to the party oops

also if it's all right i'd like to have pastel arrive either last or somewhere along the lines of last, so i'll just have him pick daisies or smth for now ; 77 ; ))



Heels clicked on the sidewalk in perfect rhythm as Quebelle Leona marched down the cement, taking off her pearly white gloves as she did so. As she walked, perfectly straightened blonde hair whisked in the approaching breeze, stirring up her coattails. The female tsked, her face sliding into an expression of annoyance for exactly three seconds as the wind made her gloves dance in her palm, as if wanting to escape.

However, as soon as she caught sight of the group gathered at the gates, the female's face once again became coldly neutral, her inner clock ticking as the seconds passed.

She was not late. Such an event on her first day . . . shameful. Worthless.

She was not late. Her pace quickened ever-so-quickly that if one was not paying closer attention, they would not even catch her movements, yet the blonde knew exactly where she was going and when to get there.

She arrived with grace, stepping across the threshold to where everyone was gathered, she dipped her head by a fraction--three centimeters? That seemed to be about the limit of length allowed to show respect without humiliating oneself--to the instructor, ignoring all the other students gathered around.

She was here to learn, not make friends. She was here to battle, not become comrades.

"Good morning," she introduced, taking in the man before her--no, don't look him in the eyes, you must make sure that he knows you will not be a challenge (or are you?). "My condolences for my untimely arrival."




Pastel yawned as he stretched his arms wide into the air, the young boy giving off a devil-may-care attitude as he flopped down on the sidewalk.

"I'm too tired to continue," he sighed dramatically, talking to no one. He rolled onto his back on the cement, caring little for his clothes, as he stared into the sky.

"Dad," he said--even if he knew there would be no reply, as always--rolling his eyes, "I don't wanna."

He sat there for however longer, in really no rush to get anywhere. He could care less for school--in his opinion, why even go?

Pale fingers fiddled with a daisy nearby, and the boy carelessly plucked the flower (Selfish?) as he held it up, taking a whiff.

There's no smell.

Wide green eyes widened as he stared at the flower, then--

He tossed the thing carelessly beside him, scoffing. What use does a flower even have, if it doesn't smell?

He hates useless things.

Mood destroyed, the boy rolled back onto his back and raised a hand into the air, staring at his open palm in the backdrop of light blue sky.

He'll get there. Or even better--he'll have them come looking for him. A mischievous smile spread its way across the boy's narrow features as the other hand came down and slammed onto the flower, effectively destroying the plant.

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Takaki's head whipped round at the new arrival. He was contemplating whether muttering a small 'Hi' would be awkward or not but his friend beat him to it. Of course a lot louder.


"HI!" Miteki gave The Grin. He stopped when the person at the church started talking. He said to wait until more people had gathered. That was when he and Takaki noticed yet another person walk down the street. Again, Takaki was contemplating saying 'Hi', noting that saying 'Hi' to the person arriving and not other person arrived would be awkward, so he figured if he said 'Hi' to both of them it would be okay, but then the other dude who had arrived would think him awkward for only saying hi when the other person came down the street, and-


"HI!" Of course Miteki beat him to it, and gave The Grin.

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Froy Bretvald


It seemed like more people were coming. That was very good, he was slowly starting to wonder would they all come late. The newcomer, a fair-looking lady in high heels walked up to him, whilst ignoring the others. She dipped her head ever so slightly, but it didn't escape from Froy's notice.

"Good morning. My condolences for my untimely arrival," she greeted, although averted her eyes from direct eye contact. How polite! Frei could learn a lesson or two from this lady.

"Good morning. Worry not, dear lady, for you are not late. Just on time, if I may say," Froy mused as the church bells started ringing, the tiny wooden building vibrating from the force of them. The stroke six times, meaning it was six o'clock. Froy gave a small smile to the group. Four out of seven so far. The rest would come when they will.


"Now then, we shall enter the school. Latecomers will be greeted by others," Froy announced as some priest's assistants opened the door, the other walking to the gate and started looking around, obviously the one given the watchman's job. The other smiled at the group and greeted them heartily in Norse as he kept the door open for the group. Walking through the old church, they came to the altar. Froy pulled a crystal key from his pocket and did the cross sign with it. The altar creaked and opened, revealing a stony staircase with protective wards painted on both sides and on the roof of it.


"We can never be too cautious," Froy said cheerily. "If one of you were a demon and somehow could've escaped my senses, you would die here," he continued, tapping the walls as he walked down the stairs. Unlike what could've been expected, the stairway was cool but not cold, dry but not acrid.

At the bottom of the stairs was a crystal door, the light refracting and reflecting into countless of tiny rainbows. Froy inserted the key and turned it. With a soft click the door opened and the group stepped in.


A long and wide hallway spread before them, with mahogany doors on both sides. The chandeliers cast a soft, gentle light and the dark blue carpet muffled the footsteps. Froy motioned the students to follow as he took them to the main hall, or the living room, and then turned around to face them. The living room was circular in shape, so all the hallways led there.

"On your left hand side, my right hand, are the boys' barracks down that hallway closest to the entrance hall. Each door has a room for four students. Girls' barracks are on the right hand side, my left hand, and same thing for them. The hallway right behind me leads to the training hall, the one next to the boys' barracks leads to the kitchen and the one next to the girls' barracks leads to the Norway's Demigods Headquarters, or NDHQ for short."


The room, in other words, had six hallways spreading into their own directions, the entrance hallway being the biggest and grandest. Froy motioned the kids to seat themselves on one of the numerous sofas and armchairs which were sprinkled around the living room.

"Now, how about a short intro before we go and have some food?" Froy asked even as a heavenly smell wafted from the kitchens. "I can start."


"My name is Froy Bretvald and I am your class guardian. Turn to me if you have anything on your mind. My father is the blind winter Norse god, Höðr. Luckily I share this blindness," Froy paused and pointed at his right eye. "With my twin brother, Frei. I am a Middle 2nd class Knight. Um... I don't like winter." Wow, what a smooth end for his introduction.


Icabal, the Screaming Terror


"Tch. You presume things you have no knowledge of at all. I have been in training my entire existence. I sincerely doubt you can teach me more than I have already learned," the boy said with confidence and Icabal shrugged.

"That is for the teachers to be decided. I am quite sure you don't know that much about being a Tamer or a Doctor," she said and ruffled her curly, dark brown hair.

"I am here to serve a purpose. But that purpose is not to cram my head full of the books you intend to shove in it," he continued and crossed his arms, sneering.

"Yo, I am not a teacher here. I'm just looking after your butts and helping you guys out," Icabal corrected with a elegant move of a hand.

"Now then, where is everyone? I can feel my brain rotting inside my skull already. At least with some company I can try and find someone to have a decent conversation with," he finished and started tapping his foot. Geez wheezy, what an impatient kid!

"Well, according to what information I have received... Only two have informed they'll arrive. You and another demon. Of his or hers whereabouts I do not know - but I do not at least sense them anywhere close. They'll come when they come, we must wait until then."

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Daniel smiled lightly and nodded his head in response to the others in the group, forgoing a verbal greeting as the massive bells at the top of the church tolled. Funny how the sound of marriage and death was also the sound track to the start of their new lives.


As he entered the church, Daniel couldn't help but be slightly underwhelmed when he walked inside. Of course, not even five minutes later his jaw had dropped to the floor and his eyes were blown wide by the incredible display of rainbows, the extensive anti-demon markings, and of course, the six massive hallways with their elegant furnishings decorating the entire area.


He was just catching the scent of something delicious (no he wasn't drooling a little bit. not at all.) When their Class Guardian, Froy, introduced himself and his... power? It seemed like being blind would be more of a disability. And why would the son of a winter god not like winter? Ah well. Questions for later. Anyways, might as well get his own introduction over with.


He stepped forward and automatically took up a parade rest position, invisible wings twitching with slight nervousness on his back.


"Hi. Uh... My name is Daniel Rodriguez, I've been training at a mortal military academy for the last few years, and my mother is the Greek Goddess Nemesis. Her gifts to me are a pair of rings He started, gesturing to the black ring and then the white ring that decorated the middle fingers of each hand as he continued; "that I apparently will "discover the power of when the balance allows it"- which hopefully means at some point during my time here, and the gift of flight that I also share with my mother. Um... I like drawing, especially drawing birds, and playing guitar." He finished and stepped back, putting his hands back in his front pockets again.


He gave another glance across the faces of his classmates, wondering who else would be coming and what he would find out about the people already here.

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"Told you it's underground."


"Shut up." They proceeded down the stairs. As they reached the foot, they looked around, noting the mahogany doors and the overall grandness. "Woah." They continued walking, with Miteki muttering something about the WiFi. They could smell something from the kitchen. They continued along, woah-ing at the rooms and the barracks, until the guy turned around and introduced himself. Then the other dude stepped forward and introduced himself as well. Now Takaki was considering a small tiny 'Hi' but, thinking it awkward decided to stay silent-


"Hi, name's Miteki Kurasuma, this guy is Takaki Kiyonaga, my mother is Athena, his father is, uh, Erebus. No training or anything of the sort with this whole demigod thing, yeah. I like gaming, so does he, I also play the piano. Don't mind Takaki he can be awkward sometimes."

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I'm going to be late on my first day!


Sneakers slammed against the sidewalk as he ran, panting loud. This is what traffic does. He growled at the thought. He had been driven earlier by some man alligned with the school, since he had just about nobody in his family to do it.


He looked up when a church top reached his view. Skole av Halvguder! Despite being in a different language, it was SIMILAR. So he could translate the words with ease. Looks like i'm....late.


He charged up to the front door.


((Lol crap post

I also read the above posts over and over and searched them, but did not find evidence to whether the door was closed or not tongue.gif))

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"Shush. We can't fall."


Falling silent, the salamander curled around the young man's neck. As the flames lining its neck and limbs dulled down as a sign of fear, the demon turned his host's head to the side and glanced out over the edge. The demon's summoned thrall only knew that there was a cold, unfriendly void close by and was afraid. Thralls were like that.


Mardero didn't fear the emptiness that lay between the school's island and the roots of Yggdrasil. He didn't like it - too cold for his tastes - but he didn't fear it, not like an animal did. The fire salamander was especially unused to the cooler climate. Creatures of fire should stay where there was fire. The young demon knew he ought to release his thrall, but keeping the salamander nearby brought a feeling of familiarity to an otherwise alien environment.




"Yes. Black stone." What else would a demon school be made of? It was the lights that took Mardero by surprise. He thought most demons liked darkness and broody atmospheres. The lights emanating from the school in the distance reminded him of fire. That brought him some comfort. Perhaps he could learn to enjoy this place.




Mardero snorted softly. For a summoned creature, Kai could be strangely insistent at times. Tugging the brim of his hat over his eyes, the demon trudged towards the school entrance, taking in the surrounding field. Yard? Arena? Arena sounded correct. Mardero could distantly sense the presence of animals, antsy and aggressive and likely caged up somewhere. As he neared the school, he began to pick up on the presence of other demons. Only a few. This school felt curiously empty.


The young demon was content with that. After all, he was here to learn, and to hone his talents. Social interaction would be a reluctant bonus. But then again, it might be pleasant. He had no idea what to expect from this place.


As he approached the school's front steps, fire flared around Mardero's hands and flickered around his eyes. A subtle display of his powers... yes, that would work. If he wanted to be accepted here, he might as well try to make a good first impression.

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Froy Bretvald


Froy listened with intense care as the present students introduced themselves. Daniel Rodriguez, child of Nemesis... Miteki Kurasuma, child of Athena... Takaki Kiyonaga, child of Erebus... No minor gods to be brushed aside, that was for sure. It was always thus that the majority of the godly parents were Greek - the reason why for it was thus was concealed from Froy, but he assumed it had something to do with the very mortal-like nature of them. He nodded after every presentation and gave a small smile. This was a squad the demons would learn to fear - if the children learn to control their powers soon enough. And well enough. Too many times someone exceeded their limits and was reduced to ashes as their godly powers consumed the mortal body.


"Quite the powerful lot we have here this year. However, your godly parent doesn't solely define the limits of your powers, only you-" Froy was cut off as two Exorcists appeared from the entrance hall, a young boy clad in blacks between them, seemingly in panic.

"Apparently he's one of the latecomers," one of the Exorcists said with a sly grin and winked to Froy. "Ran right into the church with such a panicked face the priest had to make sure he wasn't chased down by some demons." Froy simply nodded in response and motioned in a friendly manner the newcomer to come closer. The two Exorcists nodded, satisfied their job was done, and left the hall to return to their guard posts hidden in the church.

"Don't worry, many come late. I am Froy, your class guardian. And you are...?" he asked, lifting the eyebrow of his left eye. There was something about the boy that hinted of a major god. An aura, if one may say.


Icabal, the Screaming Terror



Icabal lifted her head and looked towards the gates of Abach, sensing a presence of another demon approaching.

"Ah, looks like we have another student arriving," she grinned to the kid and stood up, her tail swinging relaxed from side to side as she awaited for the newcomer to step in.


With a few flickers of flame around the newcomers hands and eyes betrayed of great control over his powers. Icabal couldn't hide a small smile - what a dandy entrance. The newcomer had possessed an body of a young male, with light brown hair and dressed in reddish colors. A certain mark of a fire demon - their love for their element always shone through their host body.


"Hello, hello, an welcome to Abach. I am Icabal, also known as the Screaming Terror for reasons you absolutely do not want to know, and I will be your class guardian. Which basically means I'll try to prevent you from killing yourself during missions or otherwise," she introduced herself with a relaxed manner and a grin, revealing her fangs ever so slightly. She then turned her head between the two students and shrugged.

"You two might as well introduce yourselves - there might be a latecomer still arriving sooner or later, but time is quite a fleeting thing for us," Icabal said. Two students, possibly a third arriving later. Sure, they were more powerful than the demigods, but the class sizes had started to shrink gradually, as the war became more intense.


A thought of worry crossed her mind. The demons could easily outnumber the demigods anytime, yet how did they have less students? The causalities were to their favor, if you adjusted the numbers, so that couldn't be the reason. Or did most demons feel that they could trust their raw power without any need of training? That must've been it. More and more demons saw the school as something unnecessary, a bonus at best. Such was not the case. The powers which demons wielded relied on emotions and spiritual powers. Should a demon lose control of their emotions, the power would start to feed on those, until there was nothing left of the demon save for a savage nature and bursting powers - so strong they couldn't possess a body anymore. These savages were as dangerous to regular demons as to demigods, so often the savages were destroyed before they could create troubles.


Icabal shook her head, clearing her mind of the dark thoughts. No matter if the demigods would have a larger class - the demons were more numerous and stronger anyways.

Yggdrasil would be theirs for certainty.

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Quebelle Leona gave a small cough, the perfect image of calm as she listened to the others introduce themselves. Nemesis, Athena, Erebus . . . all powerful gods in their own right, and the female suddenly felt quite slighted by the people who surrounded her.

They are all so . . . powerful. (And does absolute power not corrupt absolutely?)

"Quebelle Leona Petrakis," she introduced, voice crisp. "Eris is . . . I am related to Eris."

I will not admit to my . . . (mother.)

She was thankful when three newcomers broke the silence, and all attention turned to the incoming boy. And . . . oh?

She watched as Froy asked the male his name with courteous distance.




Well, now was a good time as ever.

Pastel watched as the flower between his hand disappeared in a burst of small, sharp flame. Though his powers were weak compared to what he had seen his father do--burn down that house, burn down that house--Pastel was practising. If one day, he could match up to the prowess of his father, then he would be . . . honoured.

He approached the church at a casual pace, idly wiping the ashes from his palm onto the pavement. Upon reaching the front door, Pastel smiled at the guards stationed outside.

"Sorry about the flowers," he commented, before tapping the front door with two fingers.

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"Sorry about the flowers," a voice could be heard as a young boy appeared at the doorway. The priest stood up hurriedly as he inspected the newcomer with a wary eye. The wards which had been placed all around the church and its yard had not been triggered, although there was something about the boy that worried the priest.


"No worries about those... I'm a child of Tapio, a forest god you may not know, so growing them back won't be a problem. Mika, Joonas!" the priest turned his head and two Exorcists appeared, one of them grinning and the other holding a polite face, yet revealing he was quite bored of the whole situation of dragging late kids into the school.

"We have another latecomer. Please show him the way down, would you?"


"Yessir. Come on, kiddo," the grinning Exorcist said cheerfully and pulled out his key, opening the hidden stairway with a quick cross sign. "Joonas, you can stay by the gate. Try not to stab any latecomers!" the smiling Exorcist, Mika, said to his partner. Giving a half-hearted shrug which promised nothing, Joonas slumped outside without a single word.


Leading the newcomer down, Mika blabbered with ease.

"Ahh, don't worry about coming late, kiddo. We already had one coming in, a peculiar aura about him. Most kids have one, if their parent is strong enough or their powers are of that nature. Speaking of which, you seem to have a quite strong aura yourself, but don't trust me on this, Froy, he being your class guardian, is a lot better with reading people. I say it's due to him being half blind with his powers, ask him for more information about that, freakishly good at seeing strange things I say. Not to even mention when his twin brother is around, may demons shun away from them." Not even pausing to take a breath, Mika opened the door and led the newcomer down the corridors and up to Froy, who still was talking to the latest newcomer.


"Ayy, Froy! One more bundle coming up!" Mika said and patted Pastel gently on the back, urging him to step forwards. "Don't mind if he says little. He's always been a grumpy perfectionist," he said, winking.

"Most certainly not," Froy replied in kind and lifted the eyebrow of his left, good eye. "Only a little."

"Good joke, mate," Mika laughed heartily and, giving a flashing smile to the students, left the room and made his way back to the church.


Froy took a deep breath - this would be a long day, indeed. Looking at the newcomer, slightly amused by his curiously colored hair, he smiled and waved a little.

"You obviously know my name, Mika being a blabbermouth as he always is, but won't you two introduce yourselves?" Froy encouraged, scanning the two with his right eye. Of course, he couldn't see anything with the right eye - but only sense. He could feel the auras of the students next to him, but he ignored those and gave a good look at those two in front of him. Strong auras, although the one with pastel hair seemed to have quite the fickle one, giving Froy a hard time to even try to grasp it.



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Under his breath, Mardero acknowledged his thrall. "Yes, wings." That was all he felt like saying at the moment, and instead he focused on the two demons in front of him.


"Hello, hello, and welcome to Abach. I am Icabal, also known as the Screaming Terror for reasons you absolutely do not want to know, and I will be your class guardian. Which basically means I'll try to prevent you from killing yourself during missions or otherwise. You two might as well introduce yourselves - there might be a latecomer still arriving sooner or later, but time is quite a fleeting thing for us."


Icabal. She was small, a dark-skinned human child by all appearances with the exception of her two-pronged tail. So, she was guardian of the students, which now included Mardero. To be honest, Mardero wasn't sure what to make of her yet, but there was an intimidating aura surrounding her. She was very calm and collected as she introduced herself, and Mardero had noticed a slight smile when he'd walked up to the steps. Maybe she'd been impressed by his display? He couldn't tell, but he hoped she was. She felt like the kind of person whose respect - or at least approval - would be valuable.


Now, the other demon...


Mardero took one look at him and suppressed a shiver. Something... something about this demon, this fellow student, was unnerving. Maybe that was just Mardero's social inhibitions talking, but he had a feeling that Kai was on to something when he said angry. Mardero wasn't quite picking up on anger, more... disdain? Something along those lines. Dissatisfaction, arrogance... yes, there was definitely arrogance in the demon's posture. Maybe it was in the way he held his wings, or the way he still hadn't bothered looking in Mardero's direction.


Away-away-stay-away. Kai pressed his thoughts insistently against the inside of Mardero's head. For a moment Mardero considered dismissing the salamander, but instead he reached up and scratched the underside of Kai's jaw. In a moment or two the thrall calmed down.


As soon as the salamander was calm, Mardero took a few steps closer to the other demons and raised his voice just high enough to be heard. "My name is Mardero," he said softly but purposefully, "child of Tephros the Ashmaker." If they wanted to know more, they would have to ask. Otherwise, that was all Mardero felt like telling them right now.

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Daniel stood silently, listening and smiling politely at the newcomers as they arrived. He was looking forward to getting to know all these people. It seemed like it would be pretty easy making friends here, seeing as he didn't have anything to hide from these people.


"Well, except my wings for now, I guess." He added quietly under his breath with a small chuckle. He could already feel himself relaxing away from that uber-strict military attitude his father had forced him to acquire "For your mother's sake." he always explained. Daniel had never even seen or met his mother, all he knew was that she was a lesser Goddess of balance, and that she had given him his wings and his rings, which he never took off.


His father used to tell him the story of the first time Daniel's wings manifested in the middle of his kinder garden reading lesson. They had, ironically enough, been reading a book about a boy who grew wings like a swan and learned to fly. At that moment, a pair of teeny tiny mismatched wings had suddenly flashed into this plane of existence, making him look like a hunchback because they were too small to break his shirt. Which was even funnier now, because Daniel had to either cut holes in the back of or break through his shirts to avoid the constant half-itch that came with having a piece of fabric sliding against the skin where your wings were supposed to attach. Plus, if he suddenly needed to use them it made for an awkward moment where he was basically just wearing little more than a tattered shirt collar and sleeves.


Anyways, back to the present.


Quietly, once everyone had finished, Daniel stepped forward and raised his hand to ask a question.


"Have our rooms already been assigned or is it first come first serve?"




"Ah, good, you must be my classmates. My name is Gibraltr, and as far as I know, I have no parents. I was raised for combat by a group of chevalier-like beings that live farther into the darkness. Today I was forced away from them by a Goddess called "Nemesis" to begin attending classes here 'for a purpose you will soon discover' she very kindly informed me." The demon smugly explained to the other demons, both of which he immediately decided were beneath him, but saying so out loud would likely making him too big of a target too soon in his time here.


Idly letting his wings create a gentle breeze, Gibraltr crossed his arms and waited to see what would happen next.

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Ah, they would grow back?

How boring.

Pastel listened as the one guiding deeper into the halls spoke, with wild gestures here and there and seemingly having the time of his life. The boy fixed a slightly-mocking smile onto his lips, nodding along as he tried to drown out the noise. He heard something about auras and power and demons--but honestly, the boy could hardly care about those particular subjects. His objective was to drown out boredom, and if demons meant he would be entertained, then all will be well. He certainly did not want to be given a lesson on anything!

The Exorcist gave him a small push forward, and with interested eyes Pastel regarded the gathered circle of people before him. And--oh?

This must have been the one the Exorcist was talking about. Fo-something, right? Fraw? Forid? He'll find out at a later time, he supposes. But his eye . .

The man--no, Pastel is almost certain his name is Froid--turns towards him with a gaze he particularly doesn't like, almost as if he is trying to pierce through to his very soul, and, well--

Manners be damned.

"Are you blind?" Pastel bluntly asks, completely disregarding an earlier question from a polite young man who was standing off to the side. Something about rooms? What a bother.




Quebelle Leona was sure she was going to have a migraine. The two newcomers . . . immensely powerful--too much so, power meant danger--

And there was so much going on at once. (What did he just say?).

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Froy was about to reply to Daniel, obviously pleased by the young man's polite manners, but was interrupted by Pastel, who gaped at him with raised eyebrows and ignoring Daniel's question altogether. Holding his composure, Froy made no hint that he had heard Pastel's question and smiled to Daniel as he answered.

"No, you may choose your rooms freely, although it is encouraged you will take a room with someone in order that you may get to know each other better and thus improve team spirit. Now, about my blindness," Froy said calmly as he turned himself towards Pastel. "Only my right eye is blind. My twin brother's left eye is blind. You see, my father is blind and had I been the only child I would've become blind as my powers were awakened. Alas, that was not the situation and the blindness was shared. I hope that was informative."


Looking at all the students, Froy gave a smile and motioned them to get up.

"You may now take your belongings into your rooms. Make yourselves comfortable and if you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to come and ask me!"




Icabal listened with mild amusement as the students told their heritages, or lack of thereof.

"Interesting indeed, yes," Icabal said with a chuckle as she stroked her chin. "You two are most certainly not of the common folk around here, I must say. Now then," she continued, clapping her hands excitedly like a child of her body age would do when seeing bubbles. "We might as well go inside and have a good look around. Shall we?"


With that, the tiny demon twisted on her heels and started heading towards the school, whistling a merry tune. As she approached the doors, they opened inwards without a visible force and revealed the candle-lit corridors which were colored by the glass windows.


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About halfway into the man's explanation, Pastel had stopped listening. Instead, he tuned--Froid? Fray?--out by scanning the church with a quick eye, wondering what sort of plots he could hatch inside these walls. There seemed to be many opportunities for pranks, good . . .

He snapped back to attention when he realised the man was talking about rooms--ah, so they could move in, now? Eagerly, Pastel grabbed his ratty little suitcase and began down the hall, eager to see the rest of the school.




Settling in?

(You're afraid to call this place home.)

Quebelle Leona glanced at Froy, unsure. What was the proper procedure here? She glanced around at the others gathered--choose a room with someone? To get to know them better?

(No one wants to know you.)

She hesitates, waiting for someone else to speak up.

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