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((Let the roleplaying begin!! Also this is just an introduction, to kind of move things along.

Roleplay OOC Thread.))


The centaur burst through the door. He was breathing heavily, somehow running at a speed he had never hit in his life, even with a massive, gaping wound in his side. He collapsed on the floor in the throne room.

" Someone get a medic!" The King, who was sitting nervously upon his throne, sat up instantly and bellowed. Centaurs raced frantically about as more wounded warriors came pouring through the gates. It was as though the entire army was returning!

" What is the meaning of this?" The Centaur King asked, as his wife watched horrified from her seat.

" Great Thunderhoof! The demons have overrun us! They're heading this way!" One of the healthier soldiers cried.

" This way?" The King wondered. " Are there any.... Reapers?"


The whole room seemed to darken. " None that we have seen." The soldier said. " But you always have a hard time spotting those guys. Demons are at least reckless enough to show themselves."

" Why would the Reapers bother? What would their drive be for coming here?" The Queen blurted out, trying to restrain tears at the sight of her beloved soldiers dropping like flies from their horrid wounds and covering the floor in their blood.

" Reapers are attracted to death and souls. No doubt they'll be here soon, if they're coming at all." The soldier pointed out.

" Forget the Reapers!" The King roared. " We have to worry about the demons! How close are they? How many are there? Are they getting reinforcements?"


" We have no idea, only that they're close and evacuation is the only-" The soldier was cut off as a panicked villager fled to the scene.


And just behind him to prove it, a demon burst through the gates. Centaurs fled, the few soldiers who could still stand pathetically aimed their spears at it. The hideous creature-a skinless rabbit-spider monstrosity with gaping jaws covered in saliva-shrieked and swept away the centaurs with a leg. The king had a few moments of shock before he was barking out orders over the creatures triumphant calls.



The words weren't necessary. Centaurs were scattered about in ultimate panic as the demon snatched them up and greedily consumed them. It was a horrifying sight. The Queen was shedding more tears than her mate had ever seen. The King himself found himself in a corner, trapped; centaur royalty didn't exactly live in castles, and they never considered themselves possible prey of anything, so escape routes were almost unheard of. The monstrous demon was blocking the only way out.

" SCREEEEEEEE!" The demon shrieked. Centaurs fell over from the noise alone.

" You look trapped. Like a mouse." A soft voice appeared behind the King. He didn't have to turn to see who it was.


" So, your kind did come. Reaper." He murmured, watching the scene of chaos before him.

" Oh please, we're neutral. We can only slay those we are allowed to slay."

" And am I on your list?"

The Reaper didn't answer, appearing beside him. The tall, cloaked figure looked prepared for a fight.

" We face a common enemy, you and I. We have lost much to the demons. Heaven has fallen silent. I haven't seen an angel in decades. Our own leader has gone missing, thanks to the Queen of Thorns."

" The Queen of Thorns." The King scowled. The ruler of the Underworld. True evil, embodied in a guise of a simple witch. She looks weak enough, until you get too close for comfort.

" The Queen of Thorns." The Reaper repeated dangerously. " On of her beloved henchmen is aiding this attack. I will help you escape, as long as you take me to him."


" It's a deal!" The Queen blurted out, without thinking.

" Don't be rash! You can't-" The King was about to scold her when there was a deafening scream from the Reaper. A Soul Call. Something that can practically paralyze the target and kill their hearing instantly. It quickly began to reach an unbearable pitch.

" Let's get out of here!" The King snatched the Queen's wrist and hauled her out of her seat, fleeing past the demon as the Reaper, quick as lightning, latched onto its head and sliced at it. Shrieks sounded across the room. There was the thunder of racing hoofs as survivors able to run did so, as fast as they could, trying to ignore what was happening outside.

It was gruesome as demons slaughtered whomever they would find, that's all that needs to be said.


The evacuation was instantaneous. Centaurs fled the camp, taking whatever they could with them in what little time they had. The King didn't see the Reaper following them. All he saw was the strangely isolated chaos as demons terrorized and destroyed his home, the home of his people, the home of the centaurs. As the pitiful group of survivors dared to stop on a hilltop and look back, the King allowed his people to mend their wounds. He stared at the demon battalion, ripping apart the once-peaceful hamlet.

" Curse the Queen of Thorns." He muttered, his heart burning. " Curse her to the end of time!"

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She watched the fray from a distance. Smoke filled the air, along with the stench of blood. She saw Netekos go in there, but not come back. Surely he wasn't taken too?

" Shurgle!" She hissed quietly. " Have you seen Netekos?"

A hunched, stout cloaked figure got up with a groan. " No." It grumbled. " I mean, I saw Netekos go in, but not come out."

" Don't tell me we've lost another comrade!" The much shorter, almost cat-sized Reaper whined. " We're already so few in number! How are we supposed to collect souls for Death if there aren't enough of us to fight one lousy demon?!"

" Assuming we can even find Death." Shurgle grumbled again.


The two stood in a disappointed silence, before the smallest of them suddenly jumped up, pointing. " Look! The centaurs! They escaped!"

" Some of them." Shurgle said grimly. His companion punched him in the leg-an unusual gesture for her. " OW! Okay okay! So things have been so bad I lost my optimism! Sorry." He seethed.

" Netekos should be coming out soon! He was sent in there to keep the centaurs alive, and there they are, so he's all right!... Right?"

Shurgle stared at his companion. " Natashi..." He spoke slowly. " How many Reapers have gone in and not come back? Besides, there was a Minion Overlord in there. Chances are he was swarmed and then-"

" HE WAS NOT CAPTURED!" Natashi pouted loudly. " NO NO NO NO!" She broke into tears, and Shurgle just stared as she bawled continuously.


A lot has changed, in all of the wrong ways. Natashi never used to be so emotional. He didn't used to be so pessimistic. And Netekos-that jaguar-like Reaper-has never been captured before. If one of the most agile and stealthy Reapers was somehow captured... He tried not to think about it. Things have been crazy enough as is.

" Should we go in? Should we go get him?" Natashi asked over and over.

" No." Shurgle said, almost without thinking. " It's a lost cause."

" It's not a lost cause." Natashi objected pathetically, burying her face into his cloak. " We should go find him. Right? He would do the same for us, right?"

" Fine. Shurgle reluctantly agreed, trying not to think about demons ripping him apart, or worse, capturing him for conversion. " But not now-Reapers may be nocturnal because of soul visibility, but sunlight drives the demons away. We'll leave at daybreak."

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((Intro cus wut))


This is ABSOLUTLEY INSANE!! However the centuars can escape... The Reaper was watching the scene from afar. Wait...why has Netekos not gotten back yet? His ears flickered in annoyance and worry. Netekos never took this long. Ever. He had to investigate now.


Eskirurius noticed Shurgle and Natashi, who was bawling. He got onto all fours and sprinted down the hill he was on towards them. When he got close, he stopped abruptly and hopped onto his two feet. Natashi. Shurgle. Any sign of Netekos? I have not seen him since he went in. He said, voicing his concern.


((Have that crappy intro, and have another one))







The dragon woke with a jolt, escaping a nightmare. The Copper had stood up and peeked out of the cave, relieved to see that the skies were not red and the lakes were not churning with blood. He was in a cave with two other dragons, a Gold and a Silver. He looked at the two and tried waking them up. Wake up, you two. Time to hunt.


((Guys, I NEED two players to take either the Gold or Silver! It's better for interaction owo))

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Natashi and Shurgle

" We haven't seen him." Shurgle said. Natashi calmed a bit when Eskirurius suddenly arrived on the scene. " He was supposed to go in, save some centaurs, grab Snaggletooth's soul, and get out. But obviously, that rabbit-arachnid monstrosity is still alive." Shurgle gestured to the scene of horror below them. " We were going to investigate in the morning, when the demons would leave. Hopefully He was just trapped or something..." Shurgle faltered. It was almost as ridiculous as Netekos getting caught, being trapped underneath debris! He could turn himself into a pretzel if he needed to!


" We could check now." Natashi insisted, sniffling. " We have to check now."

" It's too dangerous!" Shurgle snapped.

" There are three of us." She pointed out. Shurgle shifted uneasily.

" Um... what do you think, Eskirurius? Wise or not?" The visibly shorter Reaper asked.

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He sighed heavily, shaking his head. Well, he has never failed, so something is going on.... He mumbled to himself when the two started to bicker and Shurgle asked him a question. Well, if we wait for daylight, the demon will be gone, but then Netekos might be already far gone by then. If we take action now, we will have a higher chance of getting killed, but then we could catch up to Netekos faster, wherever he is. What do you want to do, stay safe, or choose the route that might kill us, but might also get Netekos back faster? He asked, trying to help them decide

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Anyan ran at the direction of the smoke, wishing again that he was just a bit bigger than a sheep for more speed. There were escaped centaurs on a nearby hill, though he could but spare a cursory glance at them. Their numbers seemed.... Alright, but any heavy wounds, infections, poisons, and the sort, might dwindle their numbers catastrophically low. And, there were still centaurs coming from the hamlet, so that was a good sign. Their species would survive... This time.

As he ran, Anyan bit back a dark chuckle at his thoughts. Since when did he think of creatures as mere numbers and figures, variables in a calculation? It was only a way to cope since this madness started, started with this war. What else would it be? He had seen death, and not the missing leader, much too often amongst his friends, even more often among people with families, lives, their own stories now ended so suddenly, that he would have loved nothing more to sit and listen to.

He could smell carnage now, spilled blood and burned flesh and other scents that all pointed to death and destruction. What a waste of resources that could have been used to rejuvenate the land.

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Natashi and Shurgle

" Well, that didn't help..." Shurgle grumbled.

" Netekos is capable of dodging and fleeing, but isn't very good at fighting." Natashi interrupted him. " If he has been captured, then we're wasting time debating about this!"

" If you want to kamikaze into there, be my guest." Shurgle snapped. " It's far too dangerous to-"

" I will be your guest then!" Natashi countered. " We've been so weak, and I'm sick of it! Shadow taught us that we can't keep hitting and running, because we're just feeding the demons!!"


There was a deafening silence between the three at the mention of the Reaper's name.

" Shadow's insane." Shurgle finally stated bluntly.

" Shadow knows how to stay alive." Natashi pointed out. " She may have broken the most essential rule Death had made for us, but she's still alive, isn't she? At this rate, she'll be the last true Reaper in existence." She wiped away the dry tears on her face, even though her cloak hid any discernible features. " I don't want to hide anymore, Shurgle. We keep running and the demons keep pushing, we have no leader and Heaven has done nothing."

" But... we have to keep trying!" Shurgle insisted. " If we fight, we'll just cut down our numbers more! Maybe... maybe..."


" Look!" Natashi suddenly looked up and pointed down into the battle below them. Shurgle turned to look.

The demons were moving away from the camp, in a calm manner. They were victorious. And Snaggletooth was at the head. The Reapers could hear the chanting and praise from their position on the hill. But what was interesting about the scene was the cage Snaggletooth carried between his ugly rodent teeth; there was a collapsed pile of fabric inside, with wind runes all over it. The runes didn't glow.

" Netekos! They have him!"

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Since I'm trying to motor this along, I think I'll pick up that Silver, Esko. -^.^-))



" No! Don't go that way... it's not safe! It's swarming with-"

" Wake up, you two. Time to hunt."

" AGH!" Spectrum woke with a start when something prodded her side. " The demons! they're everywheeerrrrreeeee-!!" She instantly shut up when she recognized the coppery scales hovering over her. " Oh hi, Archas." She said, significantly quieter. " Um hey, the cave's safe, right? I can't bear to think that my paintings would be stolen by some unruly creature!" She got up shakily on her feet, looking around for any signs of danger. It seemed safe enough....


With her scales casting a dim silver glow on the walls of the cavern, she looked over Archas' shoulder outside. Normal pond, normal grass, normal sky... well, except for that creepy black moon and the constant plethera of clouds, of course. It was like an eternal solar eclipse. She missed the days when she could sit outside at night and paint the billions of stars and that bright sphere of a moon onto a canvas. She looked over to her whimsical paintings, all rolled up and stored neatly in the back of the cave. One time she made the moon purple! She stifled a giggle at the thought, but in reality, travelers used to go and see her about making surreal paintings... but now it's too dangerous to travel, even during the daylight! Seriously, where was all of that chaos coming from?


" Should we wake him up?" Spectrum suddenly asked, looking pointedly at her and Archas' golden companion.

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Malfegor awoke from his slumber to sounds of war echoing through the range. Slowly getting up he stretched his body and his wings. Once we was done stretching he let a loud yawn that echoed through the range.

"Just what could be going on. I know I am near Reaper grounds, but why do I hear the sounds of battle?" asked Malfegor to himself wondering why.

He knew the demons had no reason to fight the Reapers, but was there something he did not know about. It is true the demons made him an outcast, so there must be something. Malfegor shot up in the sky, as an eagle ready to take to the skies. He looked up to see the blacken moon and dark sky. He knew what the night sky looked like, but he never saw it for himself.

"There must be a reason, and for that alone I will find out." he told himself ready to fly.

Malfegor flew to the direction of the sounds of battle. Flying through the mountain dodging sharp rocks and cliffs along the way. Along the way to the sounds they suddenly quelled, as if the riot had been silenced.

"What happened? Why did the noise silence?" wondered Mal, so he flew even higher.

Then he saw it a squad of demons walking away from the Reapers.

"Why? Why were they attacking Reapers?" Mal said out load to himself.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the SnaggleTooth carrying a reaper with the cage in his mouth.

"What the... why have we captured Reapers... they have done nothing to us for ages," said Mal confused in his mind.

Mal flew towards the SnaggleTooth and landed in front of him.

"Why are we attacking Reapers, and why is this captured?" asked Mal holding back from raging out.

He is pissed off at the fact that Reapers were being attacked, for that reminded him of his past.




Hallranth was sleeping peacefully in his dream world state. In his dream, he was staring at the night remembering the candlelit stars and the glistening moonlight gleam night. Flying in the midnight sky free as a bird without a care in the world.

"I wish this would never end," said Hallranth out loud sound asleep happily.

Hallranth was smiling so big that his pearly white teeth showed. His right back leg was even kicking back and forth. He was happy to be dreaming about the night sky. Then he heard voices in his dream. They were telling him to wake up, and that he needed the substance of food.

"Wake up, you two. Time to hunt." those words echoed in his echoed. Then he jumped up with great happiness looking around effortlessly.

"Where the food where... Hunt time... Hunt time... Lets do this," said Hallranth jumping up and down like a kid in the candy store.

His stomach began growl as he was jumping up and down.

Hallranth did these things cause he was finally happy go hunting again. He knew very well the risks about them hunting, but all he wanted to do was try to take their minds off the demons. Because that is what he wanted, for them to be happy.

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The demons were walking away, their arms filled with plunder and goods from their successful raid on the centaur's main camp. Snaggletooth, though, held the best prize; a Reaper, who intended to interrupt their raid. Snaggletooth lost an eye or two to that... scum, but with the help of two Siphoner demons, they've managed to drain the magic and energy out of him and encapture him.

Ezix-that minotaur who was perched upon Snaggletooth's back-looked proudly at their prize. Another Reaper, fallen! What fools! Didn't they know that the demons were unstoppable?

He looked up and out into the distance, as the victorious soldiers changed course toward the faraway range in the distance-Silvercrag Range. Somewhere, out there, the Lunar Crater awaited... and within it, the Queen of Thorns herself. Wouldn't she be proud! He thought, grinning with broken teeth. Becoming a demon was well worth it, wasn't it?


Though his sharp eyes spotted something; something approaching at an unusual speed. He knew that it could only be three things: Another Reaper, a fellow demon, or worse... and angel. He shuddered. No, angels haven't been around for months. The Queen said she rooted them out, locked their own gates and trapped them in Heaven itself. It can't be an angel. And as the winged blur approached, Ezix had the pleasure of seeing only a demon; and a lowly one at that.


" HALT!" He bellowed, still not used to his new spectral voice that being a demon granted him. When only half of the demon battalion stopped, he added: " HAAAALT!!"

Finally, everyone stopped moving. Various demons looked about in interest, trying to see the reason for their sudden stop. Ezix turned forward again and grinned. " Look everyone- it's Malfegor!" He burst out laughing, and everyone laughed with him, until the said demon arrived.


Malfegor was a demon dragon, and an impressive one at that. With massive wings, a three-horned head, and a bipedal form, he was certainly something to gawk at... unless you knew his history.

To demons, he was the equivalent of the short kid at school. No one liked him, and certainly no one would ever agree that he was one of the demons. The wretch decided to separate from his kind and live alone out in Silvercrag, and as a result, lost what little rank he had amongst his allies.

Pah... if you could even call him an ally.


" Why are we attacking Reapers, and why is this captured?" Malfegor demanded as soon as he landed.

" Because the Queen of Thorns ordered it to be done." Ezix said, showing his teeth. " If you have a problem with it, Malfegor, I suggest you take it to her Highness herself. The Reapers are enemies-they conspire with Heaven! They must be taken out... and converted." A couple of fellow demons laughed at the thought. " Besides, this particular Reaper attacked us, proving that he disapproved of our actions. Do you not agree that he deserves to be enslaved or converted?"

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Eskirurius had looked at what they were looking at and stared in horror. My....he is in trouble! Now, Eskiruius, think here... He mumbled and paced, and if the strategist was troubled, there was something wrong. He finally stood in front of them.

If we want any chance of getting Netekos back, we must go...into our True Forms and Attack.




Too late. He already awoke. Good morning to both of you. Now, we have to find food fast, or those demons might just snap us up like butterflies in a windstorm. Archas warned, peeking outside again. He sighed and scanned the area. No sign of danger so far...

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Natashi and Shurgle

" WHAAAAAT?" Shurgle's jaw literally dropped.

" Our true forms?! But... we'll be defenseless!" Natashi was caught off guard too. " But if it's all we have..."

" NO! If we go into our true forms, we'll reveal our identity! Any Hellhounds or like demons that catch the taste of our blood will be able to pursue us! No, Death gave cloaked forms for a reason!" But despite his own words, Shurgle was starting to doubt himself. There was no way they could approach the battalion any other way without either dying or failing, and there would be no convincing Eskirurius or Natashi to let Netekos go. Plus, if the demons managed to convert him... the result would be horrendous.


" Okay okay! Fine. But let's not be stupid about this..." He reluctantly admitted. " It looks like Netekos managed to take one of Snaggletooth's eyes out, so maybe-oh no, what is that?!" He interrupted himself as he spotted another demon-who looked anawful lot like a dragon-coming up to meet the battalion. " That can't be good... Natashi, wait!" The said Reaper suddenly dashed out in front of him, running down the hill at full speed. A distinct glow erupted from the gem on her chest as she tossed away her cloaked form.

" We've waited too long!" She finally shouted back, as the cloak disintegrated behind her. She was now in her true form-a peculiar but somewhat cute mix of a flying fox and a raven, and was flapping furiously toward the squadron. Shurgle muttered under his breath.

" Come on Esko, she's going to get herself killed!" He shrugged off his own cloak, revealing the bipedal, black-furred boar that was his true form, before taking off on all fours after Natashi.



" Oh goody, demons!" The Silver put a paw to her face. And right after her own nightmare, too! " Oh, but can I find some more onions? I need to refresh my dyes, or my paintings will be less vibrant..." She faltered. They were starving for food, and she was worried about her paintings? " Nevermind." She added quickly. " They can wait another day... I hope..." She followed Archas out into the night.

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Malfegor's eyes widen and he began to show his teeth, for his rage was about to unleash. He knew very well he was not accepted and did not care, but the fact the Queen attacked the centaurs. Converting them more than likely against their very will. Now seeing a converted one in front of him. He could no longer bare it anymore. He knew trying to reason them was no use, but he wanted to try by showing his anger.


Malfegor lifted his front leg and stomped the very ground shaking it.


"You fools. Did not even question the very motives of her highness. Are you even certain they were conspiring to attack us? This Reaper more than likely came to the aid of the centaurs that you attacked. Yet none of you fools even, think about it!" exclaimed Malfegor for he could no longer hold back.


He roared with all his might, and letting his anger pour out in the roar. Reasoning with demons was always useless, but atleast he gave it a shot.


"Converting Centaurs against there will, and now you try with a Reaper. " said Malfegor, knowing that someone might waiting for him.


Malfegor will never know the pain of loss, or the pain of loving someone and to have them taken from you. He knew whoever the Reaper is might have someone waiting for him and must be worried sick. He looked behind all the demons to see the lunar temple. Angels, Demons and Reapers always at war, but now the demons have started it. What is the Queen's motive? There has to be a bigger reason than the Reapers talking to the Heavens, for now he cannot think about that. His goal now was to get the Reaper back to the Lunar Temple. Malfegor's gaze looked downward from the temple, and saw something heading towards them.


Malfegor knew not what it was, but he knew that it might be something to this Reaper. Why else would something charge at a platoon of demons. If this someone or something was to succeed they needed a distraction. But what? What could Malfegor do to help them. Then hit him take out the other eye of SnaggleTooth, so he would be completely blinded. Malfegor had only one chance and he knew he could fail for he believed in himself. If no one else would believe then he will. Steam and smoke to come out from he his mouth, and his eyes began to turn complete red. With careful aim and precision he aimed a fireball at his head. Hoping that if he missed just him attacking will start something, so that whatever it was would have a chance to rescue the Reaper.



Hallranth walked to the entrance of the cave and wondered what they might find today. Will they find deer, boar, or will they find wild bulls. The thought of finding these made him even hungrier.

"Oh snap," said Hallranth as he took flight to catch up with the others.

Hallranth felt bad for acting like he did. All he wanted was happiness to show even in the darkest times.

"Sorry guys for the way I acted. I just... wanted us to forget about the demons and have fun hunting," said Hallranth feeling as if a burden was lifted.

Even though the burden did feel lifted he still felt bad.

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A log howl was heard, as a large creature with a girl on its back charged. "Die demons!"! She shouted, as the majestic creature bounded trough them and she slashed her sword. passing the group, she turned around. They had something caged, she was bent on freeing it! She raised her hands up, and a white light struck the bars. The wolf she was riding took off with huge leaps, bounding to the group again as his rider raised her sword and began chanting.

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The demonic minotaur just laughed as Malfegor gave him a talking to. As though he was a child!

" That's exactly why you were kicked out, Malfegor-you challenged the Queen! You never challenge the Queen of Thorns! She is always right!"

" Converting Centaurs against their will, and now you try with a Reaper." The dragon seemed genuinely disgusted, but Ezix could care less. Until steam started erupting from his mouth.

" SNAGGLETOOTH!" He cried, grabbing the said demon by his head and trying to swing him around. But Snaggletooth was used to frontal attacks, and thought nothing of it-until a bright ball of fire struck the good side of his face.

" SCREEEEEE!!" It shrieked, backing up into the ranks of demons behind it and crushing many allies. Ezix glared hatred into Malfegor; Snaggletooth was his responsibility, and look at what he did! But before he could recover and bark out an order,something cut through the battalion's ranks behind him. He whipped around at the new voice, seething with fury.


" Die, demons!"

A girl on a wolf! Ezix thought it was completely absurd, how she just threw herself into the fray! But he felt somehow... uncomfortable... about her. Like there was something deeply wrong with that... human.

Fire leapt up around Ezix's legs as he leaped off of Snaggletooth, who was vainly trying to put out the fire by rubbing its face into the dirt. A bright flash shone by its neck, and a distinct snap sounded before a mighty shatter.

" WHAT?! Aurora Blade!?" Ezix was so astonished, he was speaking with his mortal voice. Without orders, demons blundered about, trying to catch the agile rider and swinging their weapons dangerously about. Aurora Blade was a powerful white magic spell, capable of destroying even demonic metals! How? How??


In a scene of absolute chaos, Ezix picked himself up and spat out a Reversion Spell for the cage, running up to it. Surely the Reaper didn't...

Escape. Yes. It's gone. He thought and looked about frantically, as their prize had disappeared, and in spite of it the cage was already repairing itself. " NOOOO!" He roared. " NO NO NO NO!"

" Quite literally." A voice sounded behind Ezix. He whipped around, and caught a blur just in time to have his chest sliced open. He howled and fell to the ground. " I have your soul marked, Ezix. Next time, you won't be so lucky." With that, the dark blur was gone.


" This is absurd... Absurd!" Ezix groaned, putting pressure on his wound to stop the bleeding, before standing back up and roaring out orders at the top of his lungs. " You fools! We can't go back to the Queen empty-handed! Capture them! I don't care who or what! JUST GET THEM!!"



" It's okay Hallranth. Every day I want to forget about the demons... We'll try to have fun! Really." She forced a weak smile, and tried to pretend that it was just another, normal day. " Hey Archas, do you think we should split up? We'll cover more territory, and then we can meet back here with whatever we find." Spectrum knew that Archas and Hallranth would rather hunt for meat, but personally, some mushrooms and herbs would do just fine for her. She didn't like eating meat, if she could help it, and she also knew that both being hunters at heart, they would be bored with watching her forage, so she figured the split-up would be beneficial in multiple ways... as long as no one ran into trouble.

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((*whacks life repeatedly with a breadstick*))


Archas sighed. It is okay, Hallranth. I understand you are hungry. We all are. He said, lightly patting the Gold's back. He had a lot to worry about, since out of the three of them, he would be the most targeted by humans and dwarves. His shiny hide was desired, though he was okay at fighting.


He nodded at Spectrum's suggestion. Makes sense. Alright, we split up. He looked up worriedly at the sky, then took flight to search for food. Nowadays, food was hard to find, but they managed to get by.




((No time for an Eskirurius post, gotta go))

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When Anyan finally got to a point where he could see something, he saw the demons leave victoriously. Calculations ran through his mind about the destruction that they caused to the centuars' camp and how ravaged the land would be, what resources would be needed to restore it--




What? That dragon with the minotaur was not with the others, apparently, he had heard of a few demons that did not--


"Die, demons!"


The scream snapped Anyan out of his thoughts. He looked for the source of the voice and saw a girl riding a wolf charge at the demons. Thank goodness humans bred and birthed so easily. How absurd, how absolutely moronic, that girl just gave themselves away by that scream! If she had shut her mouth and calmly ambushed them she could have maybe killed one before the others noticed, but she had alerted the entire company and she will....

Anyan's thoughts wouldn't let him turn that way. The Xiezhi paused, the dark eyes he was named for widening in surprise. That girl and her wolf will not die from the assault, even though she had practically told all the demons in that regiment that an attacker was there.

.... But she would still want help, would she not? After all, human males tended to prefer their females wholesome, and if he was to ensure that there would at least be a good pool of genes to choose from... Anyan's thoughts will not let him go to think of the wolf as a mate choice for another wolf. Interesting, so that wolf could not be called a true flesh and blood wolf?

Very, very interesting indeed. Anyan's curiosity reared its head, he will have many questions to ask this odd girl.

Anyan lowered his head, the sharp horn flashing in the sun, and charged at the demons. If that girl does not get in the way, he should have no problem piercing one.


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Still chanting as the wolf leapt into the fray, Damia lashed out with her sword glowing white.The beasts mouth soon became bloody as he ripped and tore at flesh, snarling in anger at the demons. The young woman artfully slashed in the fray, keeping the lesser demons away from her mount. The strange duo seemed to move around the numerous strikes as the wolf weaved through the combatants. Jumping free again, she shouted "MOVE reaper!" Her sword started glowing brighter, clearly charging a massive bolt. She slashed her sword in the direction of the demons, sending the white light at the group.

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"I MIGHT HAVE BEEN KICKED OUT BUT AT LEAST I HAVE HONOR!" roared Mal in response to Ezix's statement when the fireball hit SnaggleTooth.


Malfegor spread his wings letting out a gust of wind. He noticed that Ezix was very concerned about SnaggleTooth why? Demons usually did not care for one another unless... THAT'S IT! Ezix was more than likely responsible for SnaggleTooth. Malfegor had to kill him here and now, so that no more capturing could be done. No more innocent will harmed for now at least.



"So Ezix have you never seen the flames of a Demon Dragon? If not then allow me to show its power." stated Mal with a grin on his face.


All of his training, blood and sweat could now be shown. He slowly raised himself in the air, with his eyes closed. Once he was 30 feet in the air he opened them. His eyes were no longer a plain red color, for they have turned crimson red. Not only did his eyes change, but his wing membrane was now pure flame. His breath was no longer having steam and smoke calming out, but is was now pure heat. The flames inside if him were ready to incinerate. While flying, in the air, he said these words to the Reaper and Human Angel.


"Get out of here now and head for the Lunar temple as fast as you can. Yes these words are coming from the Dragon in front of the group. Just run and head in that direction now Human and Reaper!" roared Malfegor with now smoke coming from his mouth.


He let the smoke spew out from his mouth and into the demon legion. Malfegor hoped from doing this they would have an easy escape. After that, he turned his attention immediately to Ezix. He turned his head slowly to meet his eyes with Ezix, so he could show Ezix he was joking around. Malfegor flew just a little bit higher, so that he was out of the smoke.


"Now Ezix I hope you are ready? Remember this... yes we demons have a right to hate angels and reapers, but is what the Queen's reason is now the right one? And do you know if that reason is even the true reason?" said Malfegor to try to get something through at least.


Malfegor ,opening his mouth, brought the flames from inside him to his mouth. he then closed his mouth and twisted his head around to the front again, and let spew from his mouth aiming it a SnaggleTooth. The force of which he let the flames out pushed Mal back a bit.


"Hmm seems I have let out too much," said Malfegor closing his mouth, so the flames would stop.


He did not aim for Snaggel's face, for he was aiming at Snaggle's heart. This was the only way that Malfegor knew, and would have the highest chance of killing Snaggle. With Snaggle trying to put out the flames the main body was an easier target.


"Remember what I said Ezix... for is it the truth rather than the right?" Mal Ezix once more fyling to the direction of the Lunar Temple.


He flew quickly in the direction of the Lunar Temple hoping to catch up with the Human Angel and Reaper that escaped hopefully.




Hallranth did not want them to split up just case if something happened.

"Spectrum and Archas go together. I will hunt alone, and if anything happens I will roar as loud as a I can. If I have to fight I will, but I do not want the both you hunting alone," said Hallranth in worry.

He knew he could fight, due to the his past. Humans and dwarves hunted him, doe to his scales. His scales and part of him could either one rick for life.

"I want you both safe and to come back. Trust me I will be fine," said Hallranth smiling.

He could not bare losing them or having not coming back safe and sound. He knows they will feel the same way about him, but he considers them his brother and sister. They are the only he family he knows.

"Or if you guys wants Spectrum could come with me. I do not mind, and if you need anything Spec... say herbs or whatever I would will help you find them. Just so long as after that I hunt something afterward?" stated Hallranth looking at both of them.

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It took a while for him to wake up. And what a better way to wake up than the presence of holy energy? He was literally so astonished that he came right to.

It was very upsetting to find himself in a cage of bent, twisted metal. And his muddled confusion quickly transformed into sheer panic when he saw the chaos around him. Netekos was used to retaining surprise, but this was almost an exception. He woke up in the middle of a battlefield! He may be an assassin, but he was dead-er, banished-if he stayed in there a moment longer.


Netekos got up and dashed away with surprising speed, pausing only to see a particular demon screaming at the top of his lungs. He recognized the host, and the arrogance of his demon controller.

" Ezix!" Netekos hissed under his breath, launching himself at him. There would be one creature that wouldn't escape his sight for a while.

" Quite literally." Netekos agreed to himself. He didn't realize he had spoken aloud until Ezix whipped around to face him, but the Reaper had already circled back around behind him. When Ezix attempted to retaliate, Netekos unsheathed his claws and raked them across his opponent's chest.

Get out of there! His conscience screamed, and he obeyed, backing up into the crowd instantly.


" I have your soul marked, Ezix. Next time, you won't be so lucky." Netekos threatened the demon. He didn't wait to see his reaction, catching a warning from another participant in the battle.

Holy energy... it was radiating from someone out there... and angel? Netekos didn't wait to think, dashing about and attempting to find an escape from the fray.

" Get out of here now and head for the Lunar temple as fast as you can. Yes these words are coming from the Dragon in front of the group. Just run and head in that direction now Human and Reaper!"

Lunar Temple, Lunar Temple... the crater! Netekos spun about in confusion, trying to focus on his internal compass and not questioning the dragon; it wouldn't have been the first time he followed the orders of an unlikely someone. Finally running up the back of a bewildered and frustrated Ettin, Netekos spotted the Silvercrag Range in the distance. There!

Without hesitance, he bolted toward it as fast as he could. And that was pretty fast.



" Honor... pah..." Ezix didn't bother retaliating much though, still trying to seal his own wound. The only problem with black magic... no healing spells. " The Queen's reasons... are always... NO! Snaggletooth!"

It was a horrifying sight. Burnt flesh rent the air as Malfegor spewed hellfire flames onto it. The intense heat literally melted the creature, and being built like a tank, it couldn't do much other than roll around as it died. And what could Ezix do? Again, with the healing spells!


" Remember what I said Ezix... for is it the truth rather than the right?" Malfegor left those words to haunt the convert, flying away and out of sight. Ezix was literally shaking, not only from fury, but from the daunting idea of approaching the Queen of Thorns not only without a prisoner, but without one of her greatest creations.

" Curse you Malfegor! Curse you! I hope you lose your fire resistance and burn yourself up like.. like... aaaaahhhhgg!" He pounded the ground with his fists, unable to finish the insult. Not like Malfegor was around to hear it anyway.

Now what? Ezix's conscience asked. But he was too enraged to do anything other than swear vengeance on Malfegor. But he couldn't get the dragon now. So now what?


The human! With a roar of rage, he turned and ripped his battle ax out of its sheath, intending to vent his anger out on the human. If he could at least wound her, he could take her back to the Queen... at least...



" Shurgle, look! Look!" Natashi hadn't changed course, but she saw the battle in ever more detail as she neared. She saw a creature, barely the size of an ewe, charge straight into the horde, horn lowered. She saw a demon dragon confront the battalion and douse Snaggletooth in flames so bright, it was like the sun coming to earth. She saw a knight riding a wolf into the fray. And she saw Netekos escape and head toward the Lunar Crater.

" Natashi! You're too close!" Shurgle responded, still quite far away. " Come back!"

" Netekos! He escaped! He's going toward the Moon Temple!"

" " Whaaat?"


" NETEKOS! MOON TEMPLE!" Natashi practically shrieked, heading back toward Shurgle and Eskirurius. The former understood instantly, halting so suddenly that dirt and rocks were flung out behind him. He waited for Natashi to flap her way back before they returned to Eskirurius. She was so exhausted from her panicked flight though, Shurgle had to speak for her.

" Netekos escaped apparently. Natashi says he's heading for the Lunar Crater." He flinched as bad memories returned at the words. " You know... where Death... disappeared."


Those memories. The Moon Temple, situated inside the Lunar Crater in Silvercrag Range, used to be a favored meeting place for all Reapers. New Reapers got to meet each other and meet their leader, while others would come together and exchange stories. It was surprisingly cordial, for such creatures. But they met mostly for one major reason:

The biggest rule of all when becoming a Reaper is to never, ever, consume your own souls unless Death allows you to. All souls go to Death. No one is sure what she does with them, but all of the souls that Reapers would have collected go to her when they meet in the temple. Shadow was outcast because she started consuming her own souls, not long after Death disappeared. How did she disappear? Well, that's just it... One moment she was there, the next the skies opened up and the Queen of Thorns latched onto her and dragged her up into the clouds. Not even the fastest Reapers could follow. She just... disappeared. Though there was an odd coincidence of the moon then turning black at that time...


Shurgle shook his head clear of the memories. " We should leave straight away. Ever since we lost Death, we lost the temple to the demons. It can't be safe out there, at all. And Natashi, get back into your cloaked form!" Having already transformed under the safety of his own cloak, he was genuinely worried about a demon spy spotting Natashi and seizing the chance to get a blood scent on her.



" I'd be happy to travel with Archas. That way I can convince him on how tasty wild carrots are." The Silver teased, brushing her tail tip against the said Copper's nose knowing he would sneeze. " Just be safe, all right Hallranth?" She smiled. She liked how the Gold was so honest-it made him a lot more comforting to be around. Archas seemed oddly tense though...

She turned to the Copper. " So, where should we start? I was thinking the lake's edge-I know a great place for beets!"

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The pail warrior ignored the other demon, she would have naught to do with its kind. Damia chuckled as the remaining demon turned. "Evil to darkness!" Her sword glowed white, as she sent a shockwave of bright white energy. Her steed leapt behind it, using the light to hide his presence. The warrior slashed as the beast bounded past, turning to make another pass.

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Malfgor flew towards the Lunar temple, but he felt strange pain on his wing. An arrow had pierced his wing.

"Agghhh... not my... damnit," said Malfegor, for he needed to get out of here and was not happy.

Malfegor had on time to spend to tend his wound, but the pain was starting to be unbearable. The pain was as if a knife was slowly cutting his wing. He landed on the ground, and look at it.

"Great... just my luck," said Malfegor angered at his wounded.

He hated being wounded, for it reminded about his fight in his past. Looking at the scars that were on his wing , and then the claw scar down his left eye. Always alone never able to find a friend in the world. It is true he was demon and suppose to hate the others, but is he? What reason does he have to hate the angels, reapers, and etc. He had none, for why should he. At the moment all sides hated his kind, so what was he to do? How he to face the Reaper he saved, and not have fear of attack? What was he to do? All these echoed in mind, as if church bells in their never ending ringing. He shook his, for his attention needed to be on his wing. Again he looked at his wing, so with force he ripped the arrow from his wing. When he ripped it out he growled in pain, and punched the ground underneath him. The seemed to be better, but it was a lingering pain now.

"How am I suppose to get to the Lunar Temple now?" asked Malfegor to himself.

He walked out of the woods and walked to the Lunar Temple. Malfegor hated walking on the ground. Knowing that he really could not escape was his biggest concern. The feeling that he can be jumped by anything was really not to his liking. Blood began to drip from his wound, and needed tending bad. Malfegor knew this, but what could he do? The wound was where the wing meets the body. Feeling the pain of a knife stabbing over and over. Mal was starting to get annoyed.

"This pain is driving me nuts. Yet, I can't do anything about it is what is even more annoying," Mal told himself in his mind.

He looked back behind him to the flames, and demons running. But then his gazed looked down to see Reapers, yet when he looked at their group he did not see the Reaper he had freed.

"Are you guys... friends of the Reaper that I freed from SnaggleTooth? I was the Dragon that attacked the Demons, and whose flames you had seen. I mean you no harm, I pormise" stated Mal, trying to ignore his pain and hoped they would believe him.

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What an odd thing for a demon to say, but he truly wasn't like most other demons. The demon he was facing-a rakshasa- gave an enraged bellow as Anyan pierced the demon's stomach and ripped the organ out, spraying blood everywhere.


"Get out of here now and head for the Lunar temple as fast as you can. Yes these words are coming from the Dragon in front of the group. Just run and head in that direction now Human and Reaper!"


Tsk. He would have to think of it later. Some demons in front of him turned to face him, others noticed him but were unwilling to turn their backs on the wolf-girl. Anyan leapt back and flicked his head, sending the severed stomach at a demon, then charged again. A turned human made a motion to grab him by the mane and Anyan stopped his charge, instead opting to leap and barrel into that demon. That was foolish of me. A demon could--

True to thought, a demon attacked his furred underside, drawing blood. Anyan growled and slashed in retaliation, when a intense heat and negative light seemingly appeared from nowhere. Hellfire? That dragon, then, but Anyan's current position would not let him see what had happened, though if those shrieks were anything to judge by, it had killed at least one demon. More than just one was killed. Something hit him from beyond his prepheral vision-he reminded himself to get his mane cut-and snapping Anyan back to midst of the fighting. He turned and thrust at another demon.

There was a cocking sound and a click as some mechanism released. A crossbow. Anyan braced himself for the pain, but none came. It was...... Not aimed for the girl either.... Nor her wolf. More demons decided to take its chances with him instead, and Anyan quickly did an about face to get out of the fray and into a more defendable position.

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((Not sure what's going on your post Dragoness, but I'm presuming you're engaging Ezix? O.o))



" SHURGLE! It's a demon!!" Despite not having recovered from her flight, she managed to flee and wrap herself up in the bottom of Shurgle's cloak. The said Reaper started in alarm.

" Don't try anything funny!" He said, evidently afraid. Aside from being unable to defend himself, the demon dragon was huge!! Eskirurius might be able to run faster than him, but if the dragon could catch Esko...

" Just don't try anything." Was all Shurgle managed to get out, wishing he was as small as Natashi and able to roll up and hide in someone else's cloak.



The enraged convert slashed his way through the crowd, not caring if he slew an ally or two; a few lives were nothing, as long as a prisoner was taken back.

" Evil to darkness!" A voice cut through the sounds of battle, and a bright flash from it knocked away surrounding demons and revealed the target. He smiled. A dead giveaway!

" You're mine, human!" He snarled. " Demons, ATTACK!"

His comrades turned, and instantly obeyed the order, despite looking uncomfortable with the idea. He caught a glimpse of a small, sheep-sized creature in the battle... it looked awfully tasty. But meals could be obtained later. There wouldn't be any meals if they faced the Queen now!


Ezix swung his cursed battle-ax at the human, feeling its thirst for blood empower him. " You will fall, spellsword wielder-but don't worry, we won't kill you!" He burst out into crazed laughter, as the entire horde turned and attacked the new target.


((Let me know if you want to be captured or not for plot reasons, Dragoness.))

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Mal looked at the group and saw the fear in their eyes.

"You have my word Reaper, for I helped save your fellow Reaper. I told the Reaper to head for the Lunar Temple, just before I spewed flames hopefully killing SnaggleTooth." said Mal with no hesitation

He knew they were afraid of him, and that he needed their aid to live. Mal was in no condition to attack or be attacked.

"Trust me Reaper... for I am in no condition," Mal stated putting his front right claw on the wound, for he needed the bleeding to stop.

Blood began to drip from the claws he had put on his wound. The wound was small, but he was hit by demon arrows. These arrows were like serrated edged daggers, for when one pulls it out it will ever heal properly. Unless the wound can get the treated.

"I know you Reapers fear us and hate us... *grunting in pain*... but I am not like them. I have been nothing more than an outcast to them since my birth, and now I am a traitor. I seek to find the truth behind all that has transpired," humbly stated Mal with no lie in his words.

Mal knew there was something, but why? Why was all this happening? Could it be fate or destiny? The eternal question that this situation has brought.

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