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I have CBs of both genders of everything except discontinued/older holidays. I can help with any of the metals. smile.gif


Might I suggest that when we spiral up to a bit rarer dragons before we get to the metals? Because breeding shinies from some of the very commons (even the bit older ones, like black teas!) is a serious pain in the butt! However, if we went, say very common to common to uncommon to rare and finally to very rare, it would be much easier.

This was my concern but I gather now the plan isn't actually to try and get all the rares bred - they'll show up on the lineage as long as they are parent to a dragon in the centre.


I'd quite like to contribute smile.gif As far as CB discontinueds and super-rares I have a male Silver, a Spessartine (will probably influence male), 2 Mistletoes and 2 Heartstealings. If I'm really lucky I might have a GoN by the time we start xd.png



We could weave the GoN in along with the order of release thing if we're not requiring everything to appear in the centre of the spiral - the avatars though would still have to come right after it of course.

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Wow, there are Frill owners interested too? This is more than I hoped for! smile.gif


My quest for CBs of the four original dragons has, unfortunately, yielded none of them. I did spot a Mint, but it was lineaged. -.-

I found a CB White and a CB Black on the AP. Sent you a PM with the teleport. smile.gif

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I have found a Cb Green and Mint in the AP! Influnced both male; they are S1s right now.

Hopefully at least one of them will be male. When a male one grows up, I'll breed them in these pairs: Green-white, Mint-black. (Because Whites and Mints have just the one sprite each, whereas Blacks have two. Not 100% sure on the Greens.)


Thanks for the offer, Lantean, but I found two of the necessary eggs. If you would still like me to take the eggs off your hands, I'll happily do so, otherwise you can keep them. smile.gif

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Green has only one adult sprite, no dimorphism.

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