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Niv needs human drawing practice!

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Hi, I'm horrible at drawing humans. I want to improve, but I have no motivation to do it on my own.

Therefore, I'm opening requests.


How this works:

You have to be willing to let me butcher your character. I do not guarantee quality in this thread. tongue.gif



  • Please be polite at all times. Even if you don't like the art you receive, I'm doing this for free and for practice.
  • I will open 2 requests at one go. I'll only take new ones when the current batch is finished.
  • One character per picture. One user can only ask for one picture during the existence of this thread.
  • You MUST post visual reference. A character description is a plus, but I will not draw based on only descriptions.
  • I will draw original characters. You MAY ask for fanart, but please ask beforehand if I am acquainted with a particular fandom AND if I like it. I will not draw fanart of fandoms I don't like.
  • I retain the right to refuse to draw your particular request, or cancel it in progress. Again, I'm doing this for free.
  • I will not draw real people.
  • I will not draw anthros or furries. Needless to say, I won't draw animals either. Fantasy races are OK.
  • You may crop the art you receive for use in avatars, signatures etc. If you repost my art, provide credit. Do not claim it as your own.


And as always with art threads on this forum, I'll keep this one open until I either get somewhere or, more likely, something annoys me enough to close it. :U

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Omg pls, your art is stunning!!

Humans are a forever battle - so practice is perfect for improving I feel your pain haha.


*hops on board for a request* I'd be super stoked if you took a shot at drawing my OC Slater!

More dorky refs here I should really draw more:




Short bio: Goofy, emotional, Trekkie, and pizza loving fiend who boops thru life on jokes and sarcasm and still has an unrealistic goal of becoming a space cowboy idek what more to type lol.



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Your dragons and creatures are gorgeous! Yes I stalked your dA. I'm looking forward to see how your humans turn out. Like Ace said, it's a constant uphill battle!


I'd have you draw my OC, Mage, but I'd rather let someone else take the spot. smile.gif (Besides... I need to draw some better refs of her...)

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@Slater C - listing, will start work soon. ^^



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