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The Wishlist

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I Have Granted A Wish

Dragon and Requirements: 2nd. Gen Soulpeace egg

Link to Lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/LqYJa

Gifter: lollipop00

Recipient: *Silver Fox*

My Current Total: 20 + 17 = 37


I think this is right if not, oops xd.png please do correct us if something is wrong.

Edited by lollipop00

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updated everything!


Just so everyone knows, the account for this thread was created today and is just awaiting approval so that it can post the thread, Once that is up and running, the 3 people who are mods (I might allow one more depending on how I feel about it) will be able to update the list!


this also means that there are going to be a few weeks in august where I won't be able to come online as much/if at all, so they will be able to continue to keep the thread updated while I'm gone! smile.gif

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I Am Wishing

Dragon and Requirements: CB Gold

Recipient: danicast

My Total Wish Points: 75

Total Cost of This Wish: 40


I've decided my wish! biggrin.gif

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