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And candles! Here I'll dump my English (and Norwegian, if you want to see them) works. I've just started to write English poems, slowly and carefully smile.gif If you notice grammar mistakes I'd love it if you'd knitpick at me a bit, constructively of course!


Here's my first one, for my dad's birthday last year, only I coulldn't wait to give it to him so he got it the 12th of April when I wrote it instead of June 1st tongue.gif


Mountain Pine (For Dad)


In the witching hour

when the sun awakes

takes its first

cautious breaths


wind tears mercilessly

at worn-out trees

on barren mountain ground


but against

the oldest pine

steady as the cliff itself


the wind fights

in vain


tinti © 12.04.2014

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Ah, I love poetry (especially nature-themed poetry)! This one is simply lovely~ I hope to see more!

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!hanks, dragonwinxzodiac! I'm not such a nature girl, like mountain climer etc but I love to observe when on walks etc.


Under the surface


The flow of the river

is pulling me apart


playing with my

weightless body


still I feel heavier

under the surface


tinti © 2014


This was written after I'd bathed in the Northern Sea (I think that's what the translated name is) with my mom in the end of July 2014. That summer was the warmest summer we've had in probably 20 years and it lasted from April to October, lol. I hadn't bathed in a sea/lake etc for at least 10 years except in Spain, Crete etc and I was a bit unsure about jumping into a Norwegian sea full of stinging jellyfishes, dirt (it was in the middle of Stavanger for Christs sake!) and other gooey things. It was so cold it took me 10 min to get into the water and I swam around for 10 minutes before getting up and exclaiming "I'm cold all the way into my soul but it feels sooooo good!" I just had to write about it but the poem didn't get exactly how I'd thought, lol.

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