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Night Class


The RP


In the last week, River Valley High School has been adorned with adverts for a mysterious new night class for its students. The posters claim the subject matter will be magic.

While it is known that the night class will take place every midnight for the next month, no one, not even the staff, knows who will be teaching this bizarre course. Most of the student body has decided to dismiss the posters as a hoax, although a few have decided to sign up out of curiosity or boredom.

The very first class takes place tonight and its students are just starting to arrive. Nobody really knows what is going to await them.




Each of the students will walk away from their first lesson with a little gift from their teacher, power over a particular element or material that is unique to them. However this magic is very weak, just a small taster of what they can ultimately achieve. To grow in power and learn new skills, they must continue to attend night class for the duration of its course.

While it is up to each person what they do with the magic they have been taught, using it is not without its consequences. Burning down the school, committing murder and other crimes will alert people, particularly the police, to their abilities and cause problems for everyone involved. Perhaps it would be best if, at least at first, the students kept their skills to themselves and their classmates.


Types of Unique Magic


Pyromancy: Can conjure a small fireball in the palms of their hands.

Cyromancy: Can create a thin layer of frost over objects with a touch.

Ferromacy: Can influence small metal items at will.

Electromancy: Can issue weak blasts of electricity from their hands.

Aeromancy: Can produce weak gusts of wind from their hands.

Hydromancy: Can release a weak jet of water from their hands.

Terramancy: Can manipulate small portions of earth at will.

Chloromancy: Can control small plants at will.


The School


River Valley High School is one of two high schools in the town of Fordsville, the other being Lincoln High, of which they have enjoyed a long and competitive history with.

River Valley has a football team, but they rarely, if ever, win a game, being more focused on academics than sports.

River Valley has, as well as a football field, two tennis courts and a basketball court. It also has a swimming pool, although the swim team disbanded several years ago and the pool has since then been sealed off.

Most of the classrooms are on the first floor, with the laboratories, offices, library, cafeteria and workshops taking up the ground floor.

The school is located at the edge of town, the back fields hemmed in by the road that separates the town from the farmer’s fields beyond. Between the school and the rest of the town is the local park and Madderkin’s Mall.


Important NPCS


The Professor: The teacher of the magic night class is a mysterious and elusive man whom nobody knows much about.


Mr Noland: The headmaster of River Valley High School should rightfully have retired years ago, but determination and a love of his job made him stay on much longer than he originally intended. His old age is finally starting to catch up with him and he is starting to become confused in his daily activities. Regardless, he is well loved and respected by his staff and students alike and it is hoped by many that he will remain at River Valley for as long as possible.


Gladys: The school counsellor is in her mid-twenties and has only been at River Valley for three months. While she tries to be as friendly and as approachable as possible, her attitude tends to scare people away rather than warm them up to her. She secretly worries that she is in the wrong job and is not as much of a people person as she would like.


Standard Rules:


1) No God-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising.

3) You may only kill another person's character if they allow you to.

4) Please be active. No really. If you go more than two weeks without posting (without prior warning), your character/s will be removed or killed off.

5) Respect the other RPers.

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) Every post must be at least four sentences long.

8) OOC must be enclosed in brackets (( )).

9) PM me forms for approval. I'll ignore ones posted in the RP.

10) Once the first class is over, the RP will close to new characters.


RP Specific Rules:


1) Only two characters per person.

2) Only one unique magic per character.

3) Only one character per unique magic.

4) All characters must be between 16-18 years of age.

5) I reserve the right to add more rules if/when needed.

6) Use the supplied form below to submit forms for approval. I won't approve unless it is formatted properly.


Character Sheet


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Age:[/b] (16-18)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Pictures must be linked)
[b]Unique Magic:[/b](Choose/claim one)
[b]History:[/b] (No more than 600 words.)

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Pyromancy: Diane / Fortune86

Cyromancy: Shannon /Oddinomaly

Ferromacy: Claire / Marcus Pheonix

Electromancy: Wendy / DragonSpirit009

Aeromancy: Diaval / DragonSpirit009

Hydromancy: Ray / Chicogal

Terramancy: Kit / Kestra15

Chloromancy: Blake / Narvix


Approved Character Sheets


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Diane Tefft

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: Diana

Unique Magic: Pyromancy


Diane has lived in Fordsville her entire life and has never even gone on vacation outside of the town borders. Her life currently revolves around school and helping her parents out at their small flower boutique in Madderkin's Mall, leaving little time for socialising or relationships. In what spare time she does have Diane likes to read and dream of a more exciting life than the boring rut hers has become.

Though normally a quiet and studious girl, Diane isn't afraid of conflict and is quite competitive.

After seeing the flyers for the new night class Diane signed up in order to try and break the monotony of her senior year.


Username: oddinomaly

Character Name: Shannon Hughes

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Shannon is of African-Korean descent; she has dark skin and almond-shaped eyes, as well as high, angular cheekbones. Her face has quite a bit of acne, despite how often she showers. She has quite the hoard of piercings. For her, formal is half a dozen fewer piercings. They change in style and shape depending on how she feels, and the only permanent piercings she has are a stud in her bottom lip, and a ring in her left eyebrow. She is six feet tall and lean, with a bony, willowy body type. Shannon's black hair is shiny, and kept in a bob cut. It's dyed a pale pink at the tips. It's light and flowy...and tends to get into her face. Perhaps her most striking feature is her heterochromia. Her left eye is brown, and her right eye is blue. She likes to accent this by applying eyeshadow that match the eye color.

Shannon has quite a few clothes in different styles. She prefers alternative fashion; ear cuffs, billowy white blouses, pinstriped pants and even corsets. She has aquired almost all of her clothes at various steampunk conventions.

Unique Magic: Cryomancy

History: Shannon was born in Maui, Hawaii, to a military dad and a stay-at-home, schizophrenic mom. Her childhood was perpetually uprooted as her father was moved from base to base. As a result she developed a habit of monitoring how many possessions she has at any one time, as she became used to giving away half of her stuff with each move. A great deal of her life was spent on military bases in Asia. She speaks semi-fluent Cantonese and Cambodian, and even has a faint accent.

When her father was killed in action, her mother had to move her back to the States. The two of them struggled to survive, even ending up living with her grandparents. Shannon picked up a job at the age of fourteen to help provide for the family, as her mother was disabled and could not work. The stress of living in poverty meant she failed a number of her classes. Finding a school that would take such a thin transcript was difficult, but when River Valley took her in, it was like a second home. Shannon works hard to keep her grades up, dividing her time between homework, her job at an art supply store, and working as the president of the school's LGBTQ club.


Username: Marcus Pheonix

Character Name: Claire Gilmore

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Claire Is average in stature and slim in build and when not talking is often mistaken for a girl. He has radiant gold hair and hazel eyes (thought I’d clarify)

Unique Magic: Ferromacy

History: Claire grew up living in the apartment above his parents restaurant and since a young age has been helping out around the kitchen, be it as a waiter or just the cleaning boy. His parents often dressed him up as a girl in his younger years and rather than having negative effects, such as increased bullying or insecurity Claire is very open and friendly with pretty much anyone as a result, capable of seeing the bright side in most situations and bringing a positive outlook to those around him. At 11 Claire began attending cooking classes presented by a renowned chef and looks forward to taking over the restaurant and bringing their small family restaurant to fame.


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Wendy LeClos

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: Wendy

Unique Magic: Electromancy

History: Wendy is just one of those normal typical all round good girls but she still got into a lot of trouble. Most of the time it was for day dreaming in class, other times were for forgetting to do homework because of her day dreaming. Her imagination always tends to get in the way of her school work or sometimes even in social gatherings. Her parents were at first fine with her day dreaming, thinking it might be of some help in her future studies but when it started to affect her grades they suggested she should start joining clubs, attend extra classes to bring up her grades or even to make friends at some of the schools social gatherings. Wendy of course wasn’t all too happy to spend her free time with things such as extra classes but when the flyers for the new night class made its rounds she became very curious. So in order to please her parents and her own curiosity Wendy decided to attend the first class that night.


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Diaval Turner

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Diaval

Unique Magic: Aeromancy

History: Diaval is the only child of one of the richest families in town although he doesn’t act it. Ever since he was young he begged his parents to let him go to normal schools and make friends with those who weren’t in the same class as his family. At first his parents wasn’t happy about it but when they saw their son’s determination they agree to his wishes. And so the years passed with no problem and everyone was happy, until Diaval got into high school. There things changed. Some of the students didn’t like that a rich kid was in school with them, others clinged on to him for dear life hoping he would give them some money or something. With all this Diaval grew distant from his classmates and became a loner. His parents wanted to remove him from the school but he declined and said he had to live with the choices he made.

When the flyers of this new class spread around the school he wondered in what way could students or the school benefit from this class. But as the days passed and the first lesson of this class drew closer he became more and more curious. In the end he just decided to go and see for himself. What harm could there be in it anyway?


Username: Chicogal

Character Name: Ray Carlsen

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Ray is 6" and slim. He is not particularly muscular, and is vaguely elfish in both his face and mannerisms. He has black wavy hair to his chin and light green eyes.

Unique Magic: Hydromancy

History: Ray lives with his parents and is a single child. He has been forced to work hard from an early age, and is beginning to feel the effects of a burnout. Desperate for a bit of fun, he decided to join the Night Class, even if it meant sneaking out.



Character Name: Kit

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Kit is not a particularly outstanding figure; an average 5’10, the vaguely athletic build of someone who does enough sport to keep fit but does not spend their life in a gym, with dull brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Unique Magic: Terramancy.

History: Kit has lead a rather ordinary life. The only child of parents who are rich enough to have a mortgage but not pay it off, one good family car that is a few years old, food on the table that is tasteful and varied but nothing fancy, Kit’s life is run by mediocrity. His grades will get him into a good university at the end of the year, though what he’ll study is still up for debate given the broadness of the scientific field. When he’s not practicing tennis skills (the swimming team having disbanded and leaving him little opportunity to continue that route) or finishing homework Kit is trying to find a job at the Mall that actually stimulates him.


Username: Narvix

Character Name: Blake Dominguez

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Blake has light eyes and tanned skin at 6’2”. His long hair is dyed a dirty blond with orange tips on some of his bangs and framing strands. With an angular face, piercings cover his ears and an eyepatch covers one of his eyes. Both of his eyes see fine but the patch is just for fashion. A bandana sits at the top of his head, covering his forehead almost completely.

A tattoo covers the left side of his chest and another resides on his left forearm. Under his coat, he wears a plain vest over a collared shirt that often exposes the center of his chest. Around his neck, he often wears a checkered tie and silver chain. A third necklace drapes a circular pendant. On his hands reside biker gloves with his wrists wrapped up in checkered fabric. His pants are plain and not in need of the yellow belt he slants around his waist. Finally, on his feet, he wears steel-toed boots over socks that sport various colors each day.

Unique Magic: Chloromancy

History: Blake is of mixed heritage, born outside of Fordsville. He moved from another state a few years ago, starting high school at River Valley High. Since he was small, he’s always had a thing for collecting little trinkets. Mostly, this collection consists of bottle caps, soda can tabs, rocks, beat-up figurines or dolls, and so forth. A lot of them are momentums from the various shenanigans that he and his friends did while growing up. Others are souvenirs from family trips. Coming to Fordsville, in Blake’s opinion, is a new chapter to his life that he can fill with more memories and trinkets.

High school at River Valley has been on the fence between exciting and boring. Freshman year consisted of mostly trying to make new friends and get to know his new home. Sophomore year was more relaxed due to gaining familiarity. Junior year was more exciting as he got into trouble on occasion. Blake plans to finish Senior year with a bang.

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If you only have 7(?) (It was 8) unique magicks, what happens when you run out of spaces?

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The RP is full if all the slots are taken up. 8 people total.

Well that's silly


I could suggest more types of magic if you want

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Fort only wants 8 people max, its perfectly reasonable to have a limit to the number of people cause it prevents problems.

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There were no other vehicles in the car park when Diane pulled up in her battered old SUV. She had never been to the school at night before so it was a strange experience seeing the place so desolate. At least there were a few lights on, but apart from the wind there was no movement at all. Even the pigeons seemed to have vanished.


Diane parked as close to the entrance as possible and climbed out of her car. Slamming the door shut, which sounded much louder than normal, she locked up and started to walk towards the school doors. The lights in the hallway looked ordinary enough, but the feeling of abandonment followed her even in here.


Checking her watch Diana saw she was several minutes early, probably due to there being so little traffic at this time of night. Her parents had flipped when she had told them she was attending a class at midnight. They went on and on about not getting enough sleep and her grades and her responsibilities and had never even asked what the class was about. Probably just as well, if she had admitted it was supposed to be magic they’d have lost it for sure.


With her footsteps echoing through the hallways Diane made her way to the assigned classroom, room 104. The classroom had one of those doors that had a long glass window by the handle, but someone had covered it up so you couldn’t look inside. Beginning to wonder if this had been such a good idea Diane knocked on the door to indicate her presence and then pushed it open.

Her eyes met darkness. The only illumination came from several tiny little lights laid out on some desk tops. It took her a moment to realise they were candles, no bigger than tea lights. Pushing the door open further so it swung right back Diane called out.


“Hello? I’m here for the class?”


There was no answer, but Diane stepped carefully into the room anyway. Now that her eyes were adjusting to the gloom Diane could see there were only a handful of chairs laid out. Normally class rooms held about twenty or more desks, but it seemed they had been relocated to somewhere else. Counting the candles Diane realised there were the same number as there were signatures on the signup sheet when she had checked it earlier in the day. It seemed the class was going to be a small one.


Diane carefully picked her way across the room and took the desk furthest from the door. She didn’t want to get knocked into when other people arrived and started searching for seats. Dumping her purse on the floor beside her Diane tried to pick up the candle to inspect it but found it wouldn’t move. She doubted it had actually been glued to the desk, so it was probably some kind of ‘magic trick’. Ha bloody ha.


The one thing she did work out was that the placement of the desk and candles meant anyone sitting at them could be clearly seen by anyone stood at the front of the room, while at the same time giving anyone at the front complete cover of darkness. It seemed whoever was teaching wanted to maintain some kind of mystery. Or maybe they wanted to make a flashy entrance.

Drumming her fingernails on the desk Diane settled down to wait for the teacher and other students to arrive.

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Perhaps one of his favorite things was feeling the steady vibration of his motorcycle through the palms of his hands and up through his arms. The sensation that came from riding the sleek vehicle created a feeling of freedom for Blake, a feeling of being able to go wherever he wanted to.


Tonight, he wanted to get to the high school.


As the dark streets passed by, florescent lights creating dim pools of visibility at regular intervals, Blake thought about the strangeness of this supposed night class that would be held. There was a promise of magic but, magic wasn't real. At least, not the sparkles of color and incantations of spells that made other things happen against the laws of physics. Surely, it was just some class to teach the sense of misdirection, or illusions, in an attempt to create some laid-back excitement.


Whatever the reason, Blake had signed up for it, interested in learning something different from the general education offered in High School.


Nearing the campus, he slowed and rode into the parking lot, finding a spot next to another car. Someone had arrived sooner than he, the vehicle vaguely familiar. Kicking out the stand and dismounting, he slipped off his helmet before untying his long hair from an elastic band. Stuffing keys into his back pocket and securing his helmet into a compartment hidden away beneath the seat, the tall male strode towards the entrance.


The heavy door eased open with a mild creak, slamming shut behind him and causing the hallways to echo with the sound. He stepped lightly, cautious in the dark building. 104 was the number he searched for, soon finding the room. The window was covered with paper, preventing Blake from peeking inside.


A moment of hesitation hovered on his shoulders as his fingers brushed the doorknob. Shaking his head, he released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding and twisted the knob, stepping inside the room. Blake stopped a couple steps within the doorway, letting his eyes adjust to the low lighting created by the handful of candles that flickered. Raking his gaze across the quiet room, his eyes stopped upon the girl sitting towards the back. "Hey there," he greeted, moving further into the room and sitting in a desk that was one over from where she sat, an empty seat between them. "It's hard to tell with the candles but, you look familiar. Are you in Ms. Lart's third period English class?" he asked her, an attempt to strike up conversation while they waited. "Name's Blake."

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"Thanks for the ride, mom," Shannon said as she climbed out of the ancient Toyota sedan. Her mother smiled and waved from the drivers' seat, but her expression was weary.


It made the girl's chest hurt to see her mother suffering a relapse in depression, but for now she had to focus on getting to class in time. She glanced up at the big building as her mom pulled away from the curb. The area was largely abandoned, with the exception of a motorcycle and an SUV, both of which she'd seen in the parking lot before. Other classmates, most likely. Why anyone else would seek this kind of extra credit was beyond her; Shannon didn't know anyone else who was so low on credits. She headed up through the doors and breathed in a sigh. Her large black combat boots scuffed the carpet as she scanned the doors to her left.


100... 101... 102... 103... 104 has paper on its window, what the hell? Shannon reached out and touched the black construction paper. It was rough and cold; on the other side of the glass behind it, she could hear voices.


The girl opened the door and poked her nose in; it was dark, but she could make out two human figures. "Hey, this the class for magic?"

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Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop

The sound of vigourous chopping echoed throughout the kitchen. Claire lifted the chopping board up, leaning the end on the pot. Using the flat edge of the knife he slid the thin slices of onion into the pot, where a marvelous concoction of pork, carrots and a couple spices was already sizzling away at a high temperature.

Claire placed the chopping board down and opened up the nearby cupboard, pulling a bottle of red wine out. His other hand grabbed a measuring jug and, holding it up to his eyes, he filled it up to the mark with the wine.

Satisfied Claire poured the red beverage over top the mixture inside.

Grabbing a spoon Claire turned the meal over several times than brought it up to his nose, inhaling the smell. He nodded satisfied at smell and placed the lid on top of the pot. He then lowered the heat down to 40'C and took off his chefs attire. He'd leave the meat to cook overnight so that it would be perfect to serve tomorrow at peak time.

Claire glanced up at the clock, midnight was approaching soon. Folding up his clothes he rushed out to the pantry and looked inside. His mother was busy inspecting all the ingredients they'd acquired that day, noting them down on the pad in her hands.

"Hey Mum I've gotta go soon, could I take your car?" Claire asked.

His mother briefly startled by the sudden voice turned and smiled at her son.

"Sure thing, you know where the keys are," Claire grinned happily and left the pantry but not before the voice of his mother quickly reached his ears.

"It's cold tonight best put on a coat!" Her voice called out after him.

Claire hurried up the steps, two at a time, and ducked into his room where he pulled out a large button-able coat and slid it on. Glancing in the mirror he noticed that his hair was still in a ponytail and quickly removed the band. His golden hair flopped down covering his eyes, Claire quickly reached up and brushed it back, tucking it behind his ears and securing it with a headband.

Satisfied with his appearance he ducked into his parents room, nodding at his Dad who was reading on the bed and grabbed the keys to his mothers car.


Claire exited their apartment/restaurant via the back and made his way into his mothers Mini Cooper. She was taller than him so he had to adjust the seat before he could start the car up. Claire was quite excited about the class, he'd always enjoyed reading fantasy in his spare time and the prospect of actually learning magic seemed far too surreal not to sign up. It didn't take him long to arrive at the school, his restaurant was situated in a fairly central area of the town and the school wasn't far off. Pulling into the car park he noticed a bike and an SUV already there. Claire pulled up on the other side of the bike and quickly exited, locking the Cooper behind him as he left.

Half running-half skipping Claire quickly made his way to the designated room and arrived to hear the voice of a girl Hey, this the class for magic?.

Claire ducked past her and opened the door fully, there were two people already inside and a number of candles. Claire skipped over to the candles and gazed at them in amazement, giggling slightly.

"Wow I didn't expect them to go all out on the decor as well, it really makes you believe that this class is the real thing, don't you!" He said excitedly.

"Hey Shannon," Claire waved at the girl at the door, whom he recognised from his classes. He then looked at he other two and smiled, tilting his head slightly.

"Nice to meat you, my names Claire, Claire Gilmore!"


((I figured since they're the same age there would be a good chance that Claire and Shannon know each other... and if she doesn't know him then perhaps he just recognises her))

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Diane hadn't been waiting for long when someone else arrived and opened the door. Due to the light arrangement casting them in shadow she couldn't tell who it was. Like her they didn't enter the room right away, but took a moment to adjust their eyes to the darkness. When they finally moved forward and past the first of the candles Diane saw that it was a student about her age. It took her a moment to place him, but she soon recognised him as Blake, a slightly odd guy who wore an eye patch as a fashion statement. They were in a couple of classes together, but Diane didn't think they had ever spoken much.


As Blake selected a seat one over from her he turned to face her.


"Hey there. It's hard to tell with the candles but, you look familiar. Are you in Ms. Lart's third period English class? Name's Blake."


"I'm Diane" she replied. "Strange set up huh? I can barely see anything."


The door opened a second time and a dark figure poked their head through the gap.


"Hey, this the class for magic?"


Before Diane could reply another figure appeared and pushed the door right back. The second person entered right away and started checking out the candles. As soon as the light fell upon them Diane knew who it was right away, that Claire Gilmore guy. She didn't need the introduction, half the girls in her homeroom seemed to have a crush on him.


"Diane" she replied.


Looking over at the figure still in the doorway she called over to them.


"Yeah this is magic. You coming in?

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Shannon smiled at Claire and stepped into the room. The girl called Diane looked familiar; perhaps they had a class together? She swung her backpack off her shoulder and set it down by an empty desk, then wandered up to Claire to examine the candles. Part of her was uncomfortable here; she'd never been in this room before, and her anxiety was starting to escalate. She pinched the hem of her blouse and kneaded it with her index finger and thumb; the psychiatrist had called this 'stimming', having explained that it was a normal thing for people to do. He'd said it was an impulse to help her cope with stress, and he wasn't wrong.


The candles burned silently, emitting a sweet, milky scent as they did so. Shannon shoved her free hand in her pocket and nudged Claire gently.


"Do you believe in this whole magic thing?" she asked quietly. "I'm not sure if I do."


It wasn't true. She had wondered; ever since she was little, she had an unusual affinity with cold. She kept the house's heater off at all times in winter, walked barefoot in the snow... her mother worried she would fall ill, but nothing happened. Shannon had always felt right in cold weather. Doctors attributed it to her sensory reactivity, but she had always doubted.

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Sitting back in his seat, Blake idly rubbed his finger against the top of the desk. "Yeah. Could have done with better lighting but, I guess the teach has their reason," he remarked, shrugging slowly. Two more students appeared, the second rushing past the first like a small whirlwind. He recognized Clair easily, not deaf to the swoons of some teenaged girls.


He listened as the other boy giggled, a faint smirk flickering across Blake's face. "Name's Blake Dominguez," he responded to the boy. Clasping his hands behind his head, the tall boy inhaled deeply. The mild scent of the candles filled his airways, creating a strangely soothing atmosphere despite the oddity of the situation. "What attracted you guys to signing up?" he asked suddenly, dropping his hands onto the desk and twining his fingers together.


Glancing between the other three, he examined each, his lone visible eye shifting down and up to take in details. For however long this class might run, he might as well get to know the others at least a little. And, besides, all three of them looked a little cute.


Another smirk crossed his face at the thought, a brief spark of mischief in his eye.

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The job-hunt was not going well. Aside from basic store assistants nobody wanted to employ an A-level student to do anything other than stack shelves and ring through items at the till. Kit was fortunate enough not to actually need the money - his parents earned enough for them all to get by comfortably, and Student Finances would give him a half-decent loan when he went to university - but he did need something to break the monotony of life.


Kit was bored. Not at that moment in time; if anything he was enjoying cycling through the night air, the sharp nip enough to keep him cool and keep him awake at the rather odd hour. In general though, he was bored. School was...well, school. Just like it had been since he was five. Mum and Dad had steadily worked up the employment ladder and were both middle management, so their stories about work revolved around disciplining bad employees, reinforcing positive work, making sure schedules were met and deliveries arrived in one piece, and nothing more. The swimming team had disbanded so no more competitions to take part in, and he'd lost his enthusiasm for competing in tennis and now did it just to keep fit and get out the house two evenings a week, despite his coach's pleas for him to at least take part in the inter-school tournaments. Uni was shaping up to be more of the same.


So getting out in the middle of the night to go to class was his own, middle-class cry for help. Not that he had any particular urge to learn some parlor-tricks and sleight-of-hand, but the fact that whoever wanted to teach the class had gone for the slightly-cliched midnight starting time. A bit of theatrics, something different and unusual, and if it turned out that he was too ham-handed to pull off 'Chase the Lady' then that was fine. At least for one evening he would have had a break in his routine.


Having napped for a few hours Kit felt more refreshed than he probably should at that time of night, and by the time he'd reached the school he was wide awake from the chill. Locking up his bike he left his helmet attached, and the short walk to the school building itself was enough to let the sweat evaporate. Pulling out a can of deodorant from his backpack he sprayed himself before going inside, not wanted to subject his classmates (if there were to be any) to his B.O.


He was mildly surprised to find others in the classroom when he did arrive, pushing the door open and looking around the dimly-lit room and taking in the familiar faces. If not directly friends he certainly knew about all of them; they were all sixth-form after all, having been through the school system here with some of them, studied alongside others, and at the very least bumped into them at the sixth-form social events and formal group meetings that took place over the years.


"Hey guys," he said, slipping into a candle-lit seat and shrugging off his fleece coat.

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Sitting in her room Wendy dug in her bag not really sure what she should take to this mystery class. She had a pen, paper and other random stationary stuff but for a class about magic she wasn’t sure if these things would be necessary. The young girl stared into her bag a couple more minutes thinking of what she should take when a small beeping sound got her attention. Looking at her desk she saw her phone’s screen flickering along with the beeping sound.


“Guess this will have to do then.” Wendy spoke to herself as she got up from her chair. She closed up her bag and looked around in her room for one last time before flinging the bag over her shoulder. Grabbing her phone Wendy headed down stairs where her father’s car keys were hanging in the kitchen. Her parents had forced her to drive to this midnight class even thou she was just two blocks away from school. It was a bit annoying but she understood why they forced her. They just wanted her to be safe. She still couldn’t believe they were letting her go in the first place but she wasn’t going to complain now about it.


With everything in hand Wendy left the house and drove to the school. When she to the schools parking lot she noticed a couple familiar cars. She was a bit surprised seeing that she knew which car belonged to whom and that they were attending this class. None the less Wendy parked her car next to the others and entered the school.




Diaval had been on the road for an hour already roaming the streets. He was in no mood to stay at home listening to his parents and asking him why, what and who about his class. He didn’t really tell them much about this class except that he wanted to see how it goes for himself. As he drove he took note of the time on his dashboard and figured he should start heading in the direction of the school. He didn’t want to be late and to tell the truth he was curious to see who else might be attending this as well.


After a couple of minutes he arrived at the school, parking his car next to the others. It felt wrong being at school this time of night. As he got out of his car Diaval gave a quick scan around the area making sure he was safe in some way. All of this gave a rather chilling effect down his spine. Satisfied that the area was okay-ish Diaval entered the school. To his surprise he could see a shadowy figure walking down the hallway trying to find this class of magic.


“Hey! Wait up!” He called out not even knowing to he was talking to.

Wendy froze in her steps when a voice echoed through the hallway. The hairs by her neck were standing up right from the sudden fright but she didn’t turn around to see who it was. Her imagination was starting to get to her thinking it was some killer who was responsible for luring the students to the school.


“Wh-wh-who are you?” She finally spoke as she slowly turned around to look behind her.


“I’m Diaval. Diaval Turner. An you?” He spoke stepping closer to the figure.


Wendy sighed in relieve when she heard the man’s name. They were in a couple of the classes together which made this whole experience a little less scary. “Oh thank goodness. It’s just me Wendy.”


“Oh good. I was starting to wonder if I might know anyone here tonight.” Diaval spoke as he finally reached his classmate. “So which class room we in?”


“104. The next door.” They young girl pointed out sounding a lot more cheery now. “We better move. It’s almost time.”

“Yeah sure.”

With that said the pair made their way to the door but hesitated to enter for a few seconds. Eventually Diaval gathered the courage and pushed it open revealing a class room with candles and some of the other students. Stepping aside he allowed Wendy to enter before closing the door behind him. At first he couldn’t see much but as time passed his eyes adjusted to the light.


"Hi." Wendy said softly feeling rather awkward. Diaval greeted everyone as well but both of them couldn't tell who they were greeting.


“Come on lets grab a seat over there.” He whispered to Wendy as he nudged her into the direction of a pair of open seats. She nodded and followed blindly still not able to recognize some of the faces in the room.

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While people were making small talk a few more students arrived. Diane recognised a couple of them, Kit and Wendy, but the last guy she didn't really know. She felt like she had seen him around sometime though. Was he that uber rich kid people kept talking about?


Diane realised that all of the seats laid out would now be filled with this last couple of arrivals. So, all of the students that had signed up had shown up. Well, that just left the teacher. Where were they?




Diane gave a start and spun round to face the front of the room. She couldn't make anything out at all, not even an outline, but she had definitely heard a voice from there. Given that it spilled the bright hallway light into the room every time the door opened, you couldn't miss anyone entering the room. That meant the speaker had been hiding in the dark the entire time, right?


"This is a class of magic, and it is my goal as your teacher to instruct you in the fine arts” continued the voice. It sounded almost seductive, but it sent shivers up Diane's spine. "But before we begin we must lay down some ground rules. The first is secrecy. The lessons I impart to you must not be revealed to anyone outside of this class. The second is accountability. You must all agree to be held responsible for your own actions, and be prepared to face the consequences. If you agree to adhere to these terms you may stay. If not, now is the time to leave."


Diane thought of the magician's circle. Didn't they have rules about not revealing how the tricks were done? She figured it had to be something like that. Well, she could keep a few secrets. Sitting back in her chair to show she intended to stay Diane continued to squint past her candle, still trying to make out who was speaking from the darkness.


((Edit: If you have yet to make your intro post, please place it 'before' this one. In other words please have your character arrive before the teacher begins to speak.))

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Kit managed to contain any outward sign of surprise, letting only a quick raise of the eyebrows show that he was taken unawares by the sudden arrival of their teacher. He was impressed, but certain that it was probably a rather simple trick; the room was laid out in such a way that there were many dark nooks and crannies, and all it would take was a shapeless grey cloak to effectively hide someone. While watching 'Jonathan Creek' didn't make him an expert in stage magic it had helped him to start thinking a bit more laterally about such tricks.


"So if we get caught fleecing someone of their school money from some poorly-performed tricks, we didn't learn it from you?" Kit shrugged. Not that he intended to do such a thing, but just how much trouble could one get into over some stage magic? "I think that's fair a deal."

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Claire's eyes quickly flicked back to Shannon as she uttered her question, he closed his eyes and smiled positively.

"No matter what it is It should be fun to meet some new people anyway," He said positively.

It didn't take long before the room was filled and not long after it their instructor seemed to appear. He went into a small little speech about what was going to happen. After he was done one of the senior students, asked the instructor a question.

Claire frowned as he listened, in his mind a top secret midnight course about magic was going to be about proper magic.

A rare frown fell on his face and he looked over to where the voice came from, "Wait this is just conventional magic? I was hoping we were going to be doing actual stuff... like Harry Potter, not Penn and Teller." Claire looked down, feeling quite disheartened.

He briefly looked around the room, his frown turning into a semi-bemused curious look.

"Was I the only one?" He asked, ending his eyes on Shannon who was closest.

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The voice at the front of the room chuckled. They apparently found Claire's comments quite amusing.


"We will not be engaging in any story book fantasies here" they explained. "You will not be issued with wands to wave around, or robes to wear. I said this was a class of magic, and magic you will learn. If you decide to stay."


Diane wasn't expecting to learn anything from Harry Potter. All that stuff was make believe. Penn and Teller might not be actual wizards, but at least they weren't boring. She looked over at Claire, wondering if he was going to leave. She got the feeling the teacher wasn't going to elaborate any further just yet, not until people had made their choice.

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[[o.O Marcus, Blake didn't ask the teacher anything. That was Kit.]]


It seemed no one had the time to respond to Blake's curiosity as a voice suddenly spoke from the front of the room, just after the two latest arrivals. It seemed everyone was here, all eight seats filled by a single student, small candles flickering a warm cone of orange light on their faces.


Shaking his head, he listened to the voice respond as some of the other students asked questions, trying to decipher the teacher's gender. Secrecy and accountability? For some reason, a bad vibe crawled down Blake's spine, making him pause. It was just a hoax class, an extra hour to teach parlor tricks and nothing else. Why lay down such conditions?


For a few moments, he considered leaving, palms pressed against the surface of the desk he sat at. However, he eased his tension and rested his arms on the desk in a more comfortable position. "Alright, secrecy and accountability from us. Are you going to show your face then? I think we have that right, to know who is teaching us," he spoke up, tone firm. "After all, what's a class without trust?"

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((Forgot to post this in the right post (now edited), but can late intros take place before the teacher arrives?))

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"Appearances are of no concern here" said the voice. "And neither are names. Such things are trivial in the art of magic."


"So you are not going to tell us your name either?" asked Diane. If he wanted to play all mystic and lurk in the shadows then fine, but she felt they should at least know what to call him.


"If you wish to address me, you may simply call me 'Professor'."


There was a pause in which Diane got the impression that the Professor was surveying the room. Nobody had moved from their seat since he had given them the chance to leave. It looked like everyone was staying put. Diane thought she knew why, all the secrecy was quite intriguing.


"As you have all elected to stay, I will assume you are all agreeing to my terms. Then we shall begin."


The strangest feeling crept over Diane. The candles didn't get dimmer and the gloom didn't grow any further, but suddenly the whole room felt that tiny bit darker. It was almost as though they were all encased in it. Like a cocoon or something. She mentally shook herself. She was probably just imaging things.


"Magic is more than just pretty illusions and sleight of hand. These are mere tricks practised by those with no true talent or understanding. Magic, true magic, is how the very world around you can be manipulated. It is the key to the universe itself. There is no limit to what can be achieved by those who have the will do so. Strength of will is the singularly most important aspect of magic. If you have the will, there is nothing you cannot do."


Diane wasn't sure about all this. Yeah it sounded impressive, but also pretty fantastical. Manipulating the universe? That sounded fairly farfetched.


"Yet, as in all things, practise, dedication and study is required to reap any rewards. As this is your first step in the arts, I will aid each of you in your first attempt. Put your hands out in front of you and focus your minds. You do not need to think of anything in particular. Simply will for the magic to present itself. It may not manifest itself right away, so do not be disappointed."


Feeling a bit of an idiot Diane shuffled in her seat for comfort and held out her arms over her desk, her hands open with palms facing the ceiling and cupped slightly together. She wondered if she was going to feel anything, like a spark or an electric shock. Again she got the feeling the room was a bit darker than it was before, but she attempted to push the thought aside and focus on her hands.




"Holy shi-!"


Diane nearly leapt out of her chair in shock. Right in the middle of her hands a tiny flame had appeared. Her first impulse was to drop the hold but despite her fright she found her arms wouldn't move. Was it her or the magic that was holding them in place? She didn't know or really care, all she could do was stare in horror and fascination at the small ball of fire flickering in her hands, casting a new source of light in the practically pitch black classroom.


"Is anyone else seeing this!?" she asked, unable to tear her gaze away to look around. It didn't even feel hot.


((Those who have powers that affect 'external' properties, such as earth and plants, you may need to wait until your characters go outside before your powers reveal themselves. Metal you may need to be a bit imaginative, like moving a zip or some loose coins.))

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Claire tilted his head thoughtfully as the 'Professor' continued.

As the Professor instructed them to Claire held out his hand.

Magic will present itself? I thought he said we weren't doing fantastical kinds of magic... this is confusing, what am I meant to do?.


Claire blankly looked at his hand not sure what he should be doing when suddenly the girl who had been in the room before him cried out in fright.

Looking over at her he wondered whether she had grabbed one of the candles... but to his surprise he saw the flame in her hand was lit on nothing, nor was it spreading.

Claire leaned over to try and get a better look.

"How exactly is that working?" He asked, genuine curiosity in his voice.

He then held his hand out again and stared intently at it. He began to focus again.

Claires face turned red as he realised he'd forgotten to breath, so caught up in concentration.

Lowering his arm in shame he exhaled.

"Wheres my fire?" He asked.

Maybe this is just a waste of time... I have to be up early tomorrow as well.


Claire turned his rist over and looked at his watch, when he frowned. It was a simple analog watched and he had used it just before arriving to double check that he was leaving at the right time. To his surprise the hands said that it should be around 6:30.

Lifting up his wrist he listened, closely to the ticking noise. It sounded normal to him, he tapped his watch thoughtfully and then looked back to where the professor was.

"Uhh did you do anything to my watch?" He asked, somewhat hoping the Professors answer would be no.

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The professor chuckled.


"All I did was open the way. Each of you are different, so how your will manifests as magic will be different. For one of you it was the gift of fire. For yourself it seems to be power over metal. For now your gifts may seem weak, but in time they were grow stronger."


"Weak?!" exclaimed Diane, who still hadn't stopped staring at the ball of fire cupped in her hands. The fear had faded and was quickly replaced with wonder. "I'm holding a damn fireball! This is awesome!"


Diane wasn't usually the kind to get over excited, but anyone could see that this was amazing. She was starting to feel quite giddy and gave out a small laugh. This beat card tricks all right.


She slowly attempted to move her hands apart and to her joy the fireball split into two separate flames, one over each palm. She sat there, a tiny fire in each hand, not really knowing what to do next. Diane slowly closed her left hand and felt the flame extinguish, leaving only the fire in her right hand. Opening her left hand again she lightly tossed the flame from her right hand to her left and back again.


"Oh wow" she breathed. "This is so cool."


Still holding the flame she looked around for the first time, wanting to see what the others were doing.

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