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A World of Grey { accepting }

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((Katsuro, you selfish jerk.))


How this was going to work?


The ball masked ghoul decided that they should all discuss the vague concept of their cooperation, and that they should avoid a fight.


She wants to pick a fight, I can tell. But I'm no fool.


What was so presumptuous was the notion that they'd be working together at all. Any other day, Katsuro would have left right away and left the ward within the week. He was only here now because he had to be sure he was healthy before he could leave; he'd been shot and bludgeoned by the kagune of Doves and almost starved to death. The moment he knew he was strong enough to travel he'd be gone.


Katsuro laughed lowly to himself, a mocking smile on his face. He was sitting in a corner of the room on the ground by a window, looking up at the others.


"You act like we're all going to work together. Why should I help you with anything?"


Katsuro didn't have time for ghouls who thought they could trust everyone, he needed to fend for himself.

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"You act like we're all going to work together. Why should I help you with anything?"


This . . . boy . . . was challenging her ideas?

Why indeed.

"If not," she replied, voice deadly cold. Her composure was perfectly aligned with her tone, the female ghoul giving off a devil-may-care attitude as she completely neglected to look over at the other ghoul while speaking.

"We--or, rather, I'll kill you."

A pause.

The atmosphere grows cold.

"So it's either you help us for our mutual interest in self-preservation, or," a click, and brown eyes glow red, "you end up being the poor, unfortunate body the CCG will find should you choose to out us all out."

Children are still children.

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An caught the towel that Amaris tossed. The towel was damp, but it was better than nothing (was that even there when I left?).

Ah, at least she could dry herself better.

(If Mom was here, she’d scold you for not using a towel.)

She hasn’t been here for a long time.


”How about we discuss how this going to work? If any two of us get into a fight, they'll condemn the rest of us."

For starters, we should go to sleep in separate rooms. I could probably leave by then to report to a fellow general manager of the situation in the ward. They need to know about Amaris and maybe the small ghoul – he could be a person (or perhaps ghoul) of interest.


"You act like we're all going to work together. Why should I help you with anything?"


This day couldn’t get any worse.

What was that ghoul trying to do? Did he even see Amaris fight? An frowned. Even with the kagune type difference, An would still have a hard time landing attacks on Amaris (we even have the same rank.). Unless he had a trick up his sleeve.

Perhaps he’s a bikaku user?

Regardless, Amaris still would’ve had the upper hand in a hypothetical fight (when was the last time he ate a meal?)

"We--or, rather, I'll kill you."


censorkip.gif, why now?

All I want right now is sleep and there’s tension now?


Amaris’s kakugan activate, her blue eyes (how pretty) turn red with the usual white sclera darkening black.


“If you’re going to pick a fight now, do it tomorrow. We should be getting some sleep now,” An said.

Should we even be arguing now?


(will edit kou in tomorrow)

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Halla had been drifting in and out the wondrous world of dreams, savoring the rest. She hadn't even realized how exhausted she had been, before she had curled up in the chair, holding her hands close to herself and keeping herself warm. The chair was anything but comfortable, but it was better than sleeping on the cold, moist floor which had become quite filthy after the ghouls had walked across it with their blood- and sewer water-soaked shoes - if they wore shoes at all.


"You act like we're all going to work together. Why should I help you with anything?" a sharp voice pierced through her dreams and Halla twitched awake, dread filling her stomach and making it churn. Oh no. The voice belonged to the ragged teenager, the one who had the look of the hunted and had not removed his mask yet. He was sitting in the corner, his posture mocking and tense.


"If not... We--or, rather, I'll kill you," Amaris said with a low voice, and there was a pause. Halla could've sworn that the temperature dropped. "So it's either you help us for our mutual interest in self-preservation, or, you end up being the poor, unfortunate body the CCG will find should you choose to out us all out." Oh dear, Halla thought to herself as Amaris' eyes turned red.


“If you’re going to pick a fight now, do it tomorrow. We should be getting some sleep now,” An said, her voice sharp as she looked at the two ghouls.


Halla climbed out from her chair and walked up to the teenager, glancing at Amaris and An as she went. She then looked at the teenager and tilted her head slightly, like a curious fox pup would do while inspecting a fish on land. She gave a small sigh and gave a little smile, although it was sad.


"You're a wild child. You have tended to yourself and only fought for yourself, always fearing other ghouls and humans alike. The only thing that matters to you is survival. I have grown in a quite different environment, where family matters the most. So I cannot say I understand you, but please hear me out. Nobody in this room has the energy nor the will to fight. We all fought and got food after that previous clash, so nobody should be hungry nor blood lust-y," Halla said, her voice steady as she stared at the mask, unable to read his expressions, which disturbed her greatly.


"If being here makes you feel uncomfortable, then-" and now Halla directed her words for all in the room. "You are more than free to go. I am no leader or anything, and you are not obligated to stay here. This is the only safe place I could think of where we could stay until the CCG calms down. But you do whatever you want, as long as you do not start to cause a trouble whilst most of us wish for peace."


Halla rubbed her eyes and sighed, deep.

"I hate this. Ghouls shouldn't fight amongst themselves, nor with people. There has to be a way..." her thought trailed off and she sighed again. If the teenager decided to fight with Amaris, she would personally fling both of them to the next ward with her bare hands. She wanted to sleep.

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Katsuro's common sense went out the window. It did not matter that there were others in the room, or that he'd just about gotten himself killed not even a half hour prior, or even that Doves were prowling the city.


This ghoul needs to know her place; defeated. I'm going to leave these idiots to their own foolish ideas, but first I need to teach her a lesson.


One of the other ghouls, the female with the white kagune, made a guess about his lifestyle and tried to convince him to stand down. She was actually quite right about her assumptions, but that only made him more angry than before. Katsuro was practically fuming now.


"Are you really this naive?" He said, with a brief pause afterwards. "You don't know anything more about the world than you do about me. I will not submit to anyone. Now stay out of my way."


Katsuro briskly stepped away from the girl and activated his kagune. A familiar pink tail emerged from the base of his spine, its full length a little longer than his own height. The end had a curved blade with tiny thorns on it. He arched it forwards, in preparation for a strike.


He turned his attention back to the ball masker ghoul, who had also activated her kagune; they were of the tentacle type, and were the normal red color of flesh. They were split somewhat at the end, giving a bit of a whip-like appearance to it.


"Just you and me, then.

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“If you’re going to pick a fight now, do it tomorrow. We should be getting some sleep now,” An had said, the ghoul's voice carefully monotone. Amaris eyes flickered around in annoyance--how?

"If being here makes you feel uncomfortable, then you are more than free to go. I am no leader or anything, and you are not obligated to stay here. This is the only safe place I could think of where we could stay until the CCG calms down. But you do whatever you want, as long as you do not start to cause a trouble whilst most of us wish for peace." Did she sound sad?


How could Halla wish for peace?

The child's voice was annoying her. His kagune had erupted--ah, a bikaku?

She's fought many bikaku. This will be no different. She smirked as the boy lowered himself in an offensive stance, prepared to attack.

Learn your place in this world.

Those who challenge her are always regretful.

She's going to make sure this child regrets ever thinking he was something.

"Just you and me, then."

"You're a bloody fool," Amaris snarled as she felt her rinkaku burst from her back, the whip-like tendrils curling in on themselves in what seemed like an expression of contempt as sharp red eyes regarded the masked ghoul before her.

"How old are you?" she taunted, laughing slightly, though there was no humour behind her words. "To speak so carelessly . . . were you not taught manners? Or did no one care enough to think a ghoul needed education?"

She's fought countless younger ghouls who have thought they could prove her wrong.

Who thought they could dominate her.

You're all fools.

"What is it, then?" she asked, smirking. "Do you value your freedom so much? Do you think yourself so powerfully rebellious?"

As if to add impact to her words, she whisked her kagune, slamming the tendrils into the ground. Cracks appeared in the aged wood, and the house creaked in protest.

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I wish I did more during the skirmish. Ah, if I arrived earlier with the first group, I’m sure I would’ve been able to take down the Arctic Fox. Perhaps I could get an award and maybe even a quinque if that happened. That would’ve been rather nice.

Kou pulled his blanket closer to his body and buried his face in his pillow.

If only ‘Aki was here, I’m sure that he would’ve defeated them at a vivace pace.

He exhaled. The thought of his older brother brought memories that Kou would rather keep away.

: : :

“I was called out of class. Did something happen?”

A tall man in a suit stood near the principal’s desk. Kou was called out of his Ghoul Education class. He tapped his foot. What were these people doing? He was missing his time to learn!

“You’re Nakamura Kou, right?” the man asked. He held a slim black briefcase with a silver design on the side. The briefcase looked familiar, although Kou couldn’t place his mind to where he saw that briefcase.

“Yes, that’s me.”

The man inhaled.

“I’m Sato. Hideki Sato, an Associate Special Class investigator and the leader of Squad 8. Today, Squad 8 was on a mission to investigate suspicious happenings in the 4th Ward. Later in the day, we were ambushed by the Aogiri Tree. They were led by the S+ ranked ghoul Crow. Our investigators fought against Crow, but unfortunately, Nakamura Yoshiaki was fatally wounded by the ghoul after dealing the final blow on Crow –”

“Is he okay? How’s ‘Aki doing?”

A pause.

“Nakamura died of his wounds. I – I’m sorry.”

Kou’s eyes zeroed in on the briefcase. He inhaled, exhaled, inhaled, exhaled. Repeat. His brother, one of the last members of his family was gone.

Kou understood why Sato brought the briefcase.


: : :

The sound of Lizst’s “Consolation” broke Kou’s train of thought.


His’s phone rang one, two, three times before he reached for his nightstand.


The name “Yamada Hikari” shone on the screen.

“Hello? This is Kou Nakamura speaking.”

“Good evening, this is Hikari Yamada from CCG HQ. You’ve been requested to report to the office of Hisoka Washuu tonight. They’ll be expecting you soon, so please hurry. At the meeting, you will be debriefed on your next mission. Don’t be late.”

“I won’t.”



Kou grinned. This was an opportunity for a promotion. Whatever the mission was, all Kou needed to do was show his skill in battle and perhaps he could get the Osmanthus Award too. Fantastic.


How treble-some though. I’d have to change out of my pajamas first.


[ I'm sorry for using a terrible pun at the end. Not entirely sure who would be debriefing them, but I'm pretty sure that it would be some other higher up. ]

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((Lady, feel free to control Halla for the time I am inactive, as I know she might be needed whilst I am away and I do not wish to hinder the RP biggrin.gif))


"Are you really this naive? You don't know anything more about the world than you do about me. I will not submit to anyone. Now stay out of my way," the teenager said, his voice sharp and angry, lashing at Halla like a whip. She recoiled at the words, hurt, but before she had a chance to snap back, the boy had brushed past her and was now facing Amaris, completely ignoring Halla.


"Just you and me, then," the boy snarled as he pulled his kagune out, a bikaku like hers, Halla realized. He stood defiantly before the lady, a curious contrast which Halla's artistic mind picked up. The fight between the ragged and the royal, the brute and the lady. It was so obvious and so out-of-place in a situation like this that Halla found it hilarious, but her merriment went down the drain to join the sewer water and blood when Amaris answered.

"You're a bloody fool," she snarled in response, although her snarl was not as savage as the boy's, it was more terrifying in the graceful way she had uttered it. "To speak so carelessly . . . were you not taught manners? Or did no one care enough to think a ghoul needed education? What is it, then? Do you value your freedom so much? Do you think yourself so powerfully rebellious?" Amaris asked, smirking. Halla winced as she empathized her words by slashing at the floor with her rinkaku, the wooden floor blasting some splinters and cracks appeared in the floor. The entire house shuddered at the impact.


Unconsciously, Halla had started to count slowly into ten, trying to focus her thoughts. Her head was aching from the exhaustion and over-extending her limits at the battle, and the loud voices and anger in the room didn't help her.

1... 2...

She knew about the world. She did. But the thing was, that no matter the things she saw and heard, she still wanted to believe that humans and ghouls could co-exist in peace. She had to believe to it, or else she didn't know to what she could hold on in this life of killing and death.

3... 4...

They were all so darn proud and terrified, or in some cases, over-confident. Stupid ghouls, Halla cursed, cursing her own race and their stubbornness and their refusal to work together. Or even just try to work together. Her headache was getting worse.

5... 6...

Just. Why couldn't they listen? Why did they want to strive for conflict and rage? Was it because they had grown up without love and comfort? Traumatic experiences? What twisted a ghoul's mind to thinking they must battle to survive, why not to hide? Halla knew of many ghouls who lived silently and blended well with people without trouble, so were they odd birds of the flock or... genetically somehow different?

7... 8...

Her head was hurting so terribly, like someone was hammering a nail into her head behind her eyes. A terrible ache, pulsing with her heartbeat and echoing down her spine, making her nerves hurt, too. A bell was ringing, bouncing from the sides of her skulls and the sound echoing a thousandfold within her head. Dong.. dong.. dong..

9... 10-


A piece of wood creaked under a ghoul's feet as they shifted.


Whether it was Amaris or the boy, Halla couldn't have cared less. With her head aching to the point she wished it would explode, the sound drilled into her head like a bullet. A snarl erupting from her mouth, Halla summoned her bikaku, the blood-red markings darker than earlier, as if the blood had clogged and was not flowing correctly, and the pulse of the markings irregular. Nevertheless, the white kagune was as deadly as ever. Dashing from the floor, where she had knelt to talk with the boy, Halla appeared between Amaris and the boy, her hands flexed into claws. Lifting her red-black eyes to face the boy, she lifted her upper lip and uttered another snarl, her eyebrows meeting in a frown.


"I dare. You. To do. Anything," she said, her voice low and threatening. She was so done with the whole situation. Could everyone, just for once, stop this nonsense. "I have had enough." Her kagune waved angrily from one side to the other, the movement twitchy.


"You attack anyone in this room, be it Amaris, me, or anyone else, I will personally fling you to the next ward," Halla growled, but towards the end of her sentence it lost its potent as she held her head, the ache worsening again. Now it felt like a dull knife was being hammered into her head instead of a nail. She had to lower her head and hold it with her hands. A soft groan came from her mouth as she rubbed her temples. Her kagune had stopped moving and was now hanging limply by her side, the red markings even darker, more like chestnut brown instead of blood-red, and the pulsing even weaker.

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(( sounds good!! <33 thank you gilly ; u ; have fun on your trip!

sen omg that pun i can't

also ahh i'm going to take a bit of god-like liberty now; sorry if i got everyone's rooms wrong but i tried to keep it as vague as possible ; o ; ))


Elsewhere, phones beeped all at once and machines answered. A similar messaged was played all around, with the same careful monotone and clear voice.


"Good evening, First Class Kurasuma Miteki. This is Hikari Yamada from CCG Headquarters. You have been assigned a new mission with a select few of CCG's best to track and exterminate the alliance of ghouls that were sighted earlier, including notable names such as the Marquise, Lion, and Hunter. Tomorrow, meet by the central building at 9AM sharp. Don't be late."


"Good evening, Quinx Leader Skarsgard Esko. This is Hikari Yamada from CCG Headquarters. You have been assigned a new mission with a select few of CCG's best to track and exterminate the alliance of ghouls that were sighted earlier, including notable names such as the Marquise, Lion, and Hunter. Tomorrow, meet by the central building at 9AM sharp. Don't be late."


"Good evening, Second Class Ueno Chiaki. This is Hikari Yamada from CCG Headquarters. You have been assigned a new mission with a select few of CCG's best to track and exterminate the alliance of ghouls that were sighted earlier, including notable names such as the Marquise, Lion, and Hunter. Tomorrow, meet by the central building at 9AM sharp. Don't be late."


"Good evening, Quinx Squad Natsu Kira. This is Hikari Yamada from CCG Headquarters. You have been assigned a new mission with a select few of CCG's best to track and exterminate the alliance of ghouls that were sighted earlier, including notable names such as the Marquise, Lion, and Hunter. Tomorrow, meet by the central building at 9AM sharp. Don't be late."


"Good evening, Quinx Squad Watanabe Kazuya. This is Hikari Yamada from CCG Headquarters. You have been assigned a new mission with a select few of CCG's best to track and exterminate the alliance of ghouls that were sighted earlier, including notable names such as the Marquise, Lion, and Hunter. Tomorrow, meet by the central building at 9AM sharp. Don't be late."


Slender fingers pressed down on the machine's buttons, and the message repeated.

"Good evening, Quinx Squad Watanabe Kazuya. This is Hikari Yamada from CCG Headquarters. You have been assigned a new mission with a select few of CCG's best to track and exterminate--"


Message deleted.

Kazuya sank back into his couch, fingers pressed against his temples to ward off a headache. Tomorrow, at 9AM?

A new mission?

Scenes from the previous battle flashes before his eyes, and the pink-haired male pauses.

He . . .

He doesn't know if he can go through with this.

But . . .

What else can I do?

He can't quit. To be a quinx, to live this lifestyle . . .

To be a quinx is to fight forever, or die trying.




Cold eyes regarded the youth before him, and Hisoka Washuu drummed his fingers on the table before him.

"You're late," the man said, voice sharp as he regarded the clock. Two minutes after ten.

He has to give the boy credit for not backing down under his famous stare, which was known to fell grown men, and Washuu continued on without giving the other time to reply beyond the usual formal greetings.

"A recent appearance of the CCG's most dangerous ghouls leads us to believe that a new organization may be in creation. The brother of Nakamura Yoshiaki, was it? Your brother was a skilled investigator, and I expect you are carrying on the legacy."

A pause.

"As such, we've gathered together a group of the CCG's best, in terms of both skill on the field and in the office, but having them cooperate together will not be an easy task. As the squad is made up of both quinx and humans, there will be prejudice."

Hard eyes.

"I do not want to give this mission to a child. You've ranked top in all of your classes and have experience on the field. I've requested to talk with you privately both as a show of respect to your brother and to test your skills."

A soft click of the tongue.

"If all goes well, honour lies in your future."

A wave of the hand, and one of the lesser officers steps forwards.

"Do not disappointment me."

The slow creaking of the door opening.

"You may go."




Amaris blinked in surprise, quickly stepping back just as Halla violently thrust herself into the middle of battle, snarling. Her kagune was held aloft, and yet--

Something wasn't right.

The white was shimmering, clear as moon in the dimly-lit room, and yet . . .

The blood that flowed through the kagune was a dark, crimson red, and seemed to be pulsing irregularly, instead of the usual sheen which declared a healthy, functioning kagune.

What . . . ?

She snapped her eyes around--An stood off to the side, dark eyes calculating as she regarded the scene. The other girl, the newcomer--she sat there, stationary. And . . .

The boy. He seemed surprise at Halla's sudden intrusion--but then again, weren't they all? What had driven the usually placid ghoul to such extreme measures?

Halla clutched at her head, her movements shaky and lacking in confidence.

"You attack anyone in this room, be it Amaris, me, or anyone else, I will personally fling you to the next ward."

Why are you protecting us?

Why are you protecting . . . me?

She watched as Halla suddenly groaned, resting her head in her fingers as her kagune dropped, the redness flowing through now tainted a dull brown.

Something inside her hurts, and she wonders if she should be concerned for the other.

Could she?

She locks eyes with the boy's kakugan, shining clear red in the darkness.

Ruby lips curl up in a smirk.

Coward, she mouths, just as her rinkaku retreats.

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Katsuro was brought to his senses by the fox ghoul's intervention.


She had brought out her tail again, though this time something didn't seem right. She spoke with fury in her words, but she seemed ill. She was holding her head in pain, and the vessels on her kagune were dark and didn't look healthy.


I look after myself; it's not my job to make sure they survive. Besides, the other ghouls seem to trust her, they'll probably know how to help.


His would-be opponent put away her rinkaku. She had a look on her face that made her look like she'd won the battle. Had things been different, he would likely have slain and eaten her. So he smirked under his mask and insulted her abilities:


"It's probably best we didn't fight; I wouldn't want to make a mess in here."


Katsuro did not put away his kagune. Instead, he walked past the other ghouls back outside the house. He went around the back, where there were no windows. None of the other ghouls had followed him. Good, the last thing he wanted was for someone to see his trump card.


He activated his other kagune; his ukaku. It was embedded in his arms instead of his upper back like most other wings he'd seen, and he tried to keep it a secret because he knew the CCG (and probably other ghouls) would only be after him more once they found out. On the other hand, it did come in handy every single day; without it, he wouldn't be able to access the high rooftops of Tokyo where he hid himself.


Willing his kagune to crystallize into two blades on each wrist, Katsuro gripped the outer walls of the house and started to claw his way up the sides, using his tail to further stabilize himself. He put his ukaku away one he got up to the roof. After all, the other ghouls would know that he'd climbed up the side of the building, and he didn't want any of them knowing what he was capable of.


Katsuro sat on the roof, gazing out at the city. The bright lights shone in the distance as humans went about their lives at night; the only natural light was the moon. This was how he often spent his nights; as the moon was not full, he'd usually try his luck in the city for food. When it was full, he would always go hunting because he could see best then. He'd be able to hunt in the parts of the city where there wasn't as much light, and avoid capture.


Katsuro had many enemies, and no family to speak of, but the night was always his friend.

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((The puns, oh, the puns!))


They both ran in and slammed the door and locked it. Takaki stood there, panting.


"Woah, that was creepy." Miteki said, rubbing his eyes, looking very not creeped out- "First time I see a ghoul, and it's not even on a mission yet. Oh what, the phone's ringing. Now what is my mum up to?" He went over to the ringing phone and picked it up.


"Good evening, First Class Kurasuma Miteki. This is Hikari Yamada from CCG Headquarters. You have been assigned a new mission with a select few of CCG's best to track and exterminate the alliance of ghouls that were sighted earlier, including notable names such as the Marquise, Lion, and Hunter. Tomorrow, meet by the central building at 9AM sharp. Don't be late."


"Oh. First day back and I'm already meant to go hunt down a couple of A ranks. And I'm promoted. That was quick. And I don't even have a ghoul body part. What do you call it. Quinque." Miteki put the phone back down at its place.


"When?" Takaki was still standing by the door.


"Tomorrow, nine in the morning. Oh, how are you gonna get home?"


"I dunno."


"Ask the CCG to escort you."


"I don't think that's necessary."


"Or you could stay in my house for the night." Miteki suggested.


"I don't think that's necessary either."


"Okay, I give up. Make sure I see you tomorrow in one piece." Miteki joked.


"I won't be much use to you if I was half-eaten would I?" The joke continued along.


"Haha, very funny. Seeya."


"Seeya." Takaki closed the door behind him for a second time.

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Everything had unfolded in a way that An couldn’t even imagine happening.

The simmering fight between Amaris and the Hunter.

Halla stopping Amaris and the other ghoul from continuing.

Him leaving the house after insulting Amaris.

(Where did he go?)

She bit her tongue. An was expecting at least some damage in the room, but it wasn’t shocking that Halla intervened before any blood had to be shed. After all, the ghoul’s morals were rooted in concepts such as peace. Her intervention also robbed An the opportunity to study Amaris’s fighting style.

”It's probably best we didn't fight; I wouldn't want to make a mess in here."

An pursed her lips. A prideful individual like Amaris would’ve been stung by his remark. And how would Amaris react to the outcome of the battle? With Halla’s intervention, their conflict had slowed to a stalemate.

How’s Halla doing right now?

She glanced at Halla; the girl looked paler than before and her kagune’s red had dulled into a sickly brown. An stepped closer to Halla and knelt down to feel her forehead.

Judging by the way that Halla held her head in her hands, she must’ve been experiencing a headache of some sort.

I thought we don’t get sick? Did she overexert herself or maybe she’s just tired. Poor Halla, if she’s this tired already, how often did she activate her kagune?

“Amaris, you should get Halla to rest; today must’ve been a long day for her,” An suggested, making eye contact with Amaris. “As for me, I’ll go check on the Hunter. Hopefully he didn’t go too far.”

A thump on the roof answered An’s words and she removed her hand from Halla’s forehead.

“Ah, nevermind. I should be able to confront him on the roof.” She paused. “I’ll try not to fall.”

(You better not fall.)


An followed the route he took out of the house. From the back of the house, An could see the faint outline of a ghoul sitting on top of the roof. She winced. The house was littered with holes leading up to the roof.

Can his kagune do that? It can’t be though and even if he climbed up to the top, his kagune couldn’t have made that many holes on the wall. And stability, he must’ve used his bikaku to balance himself. Does he have multiple kakuhou? Unless…

Could it be?

An shook her head. Perhaps the boy really did have multiple kakuhou.

There isn't any way that I can scale the wall to the roof like that. If I started from the bathroom window, however, I'll have a fighting chance.

She turned and ran back into the house. An opened the bathroom door, and unlocked the window. She pulled the window open with a creak and activated her kagune to pierce through the screen door. After deactivating her kagune and pushing her body through the window, An maneuvered herself into a standing position on the window sill and held onto the roof tiles.

When she stood on the roof, An placed her mask on her face (he always wore his, so why won't she?) and moved to the area where the other ghoul was sitting.

What a relief, I made it up.

He was watching the city. Bright lights glittered and the moon hung in the sky, radiating some natural light. It was perhaps, in it's own way mesmerizing. The way humans lived their lives and managed to build this city. The ghouls that lingered in the city, only to be consumed by the "light" of the CCG.

An sat next to the boy and gazed at the lights.

"I'm impressed that you managed to climb up here. That's quite a climb, I don't think I'm as much as a climber that you are. Ah, and the holes, how did you manage that?"

(He probably doesn't even know your name.)

"By the way, I'm An," she added. "Humans call me by the name Kazuko and the CCG made my alias Lion. And you? what's your name?"


((Typing on a phone is hard e.e))

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Katsuro stared out at the city for a few minutes until she arrived. One of the other ghouls, a female who had a mask in the shape of some beast, followed him up to the roof. She was the only ghoul he didn't really pay much attention to before.


There were probably other ways to get up to the roof; that's probably how she followed me.


The girl sat next to him, and after a bit she spoke.


She was impressed that Katsuro had made his way to the roof, and inquired as to how he did it. She specifically mentioned the holes in the side of the wall.


I don't need to tell her anything, that's my own business. On the other hand, she'll keep asking questions if I don't answer... Might as well tell her something.


"Practice." He grunted. Albeit simple, this wasn't entirely a lie; once he realized the potential, it took weeks for Katsuro to master the art of climbing walls with his kagune.


The ghoul then introduced herself as An; humans called her Kazuko and the Doves called her Lion. She asked him for his own name.


The Lion? That mask doesn't look like a lion to me; then again, I don't look like a hunter, so I suppose appearances aren't everything.


"The Doves call me Hunter. I call myself Katsuro. Use whichever you like."


Katsuro used the names he knew; long ago, he had a family name. But that didn't matter; he had no family now, and at any rate he no longer remembered his family name.

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His name was Katsuro.

Underneath the mask, that ghoul had a name.

A victorious son. Whoever his parents were, they must've had high expectations for him.

She smiled. Her parents chose her name because they wanted her to be happy (can we even be happy the way we are?) and live a peaceful life (we're ghouls, the chances for us to live among humans successfully is pretty slim). Perhaps they had different intentions after naming Lan after the orchids that grew in their garden back in Vietnam. Around the time that she was born, her parents were thinking about moving to China and their decision must’ve also influenced their choice in name.

But what about his family name? Katsuro didn't mention his surname, perhaps he didn't have one?

Hers was Hoang, the Vietnamese version of the surname Huang. After leaving China due to multiple droughts and anti-ghoul sentiment, her ancestors opened a café in Vietnam.

Without the mention of his last name, was it possible that Katsuro didn’t have any parents? It wasn’t rare for ghouls to be orphaned (or eventually become one). If Katsuro was alone, what was the possibility that he was more vulnerable.

But how has he survived up until now? He must have a quality that others don’t have.

Katsuro was an orphan.

He had to have some sort of trump card that ensured his survival as a ghoul.

The ghoul had also mentioned that he had lots of climbing practice too.

(The holes.)

An ace that no one would ever see coming.

“Katsuro,” An spoke. “I came up here to make sure that you’re alright. (Are you a hybrid?)”


If I asked him that, he’d probably run away.


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Chiaki lifted her head on the hospital bed ever so carefully, wincing slightly as the fresh bruises and the slightly broken bones on her ribs protested at the movement. Well, it could be worse. The hospital people had insisted on having her there for overnight, tending to her wounds and enhancing her healing to their best ability. Reaching on the table next to her bed, Chiaki took her phone and looked at the glowing screen, her own face reflecting from it. She had received a message from a hidden number. A pair of eyebrows slanted down and her burned side of her face twitched. Oh dear, she thought as she unlocked her phone and listened to the message.

"Good evening, Second Class Ueno Chiaki. This is Hikari Yamada from CCG Headquarters. You have been assigned a new mission with a select few of CCG's best to track and exterminate the alliance of ghouls that were sighted earlier, including notable names such as the Marquise, Lion, and Hunter. Tomorrow, meet by the central building at 9AM sharp. Don't be late."


Sighing, Chiaki dropped the phone on her bed and slumped backwards, feeling exhausted just from the idea of having a mission tomorrow. She was wounded. Not even twelve hours ago she had been sputtering blood out of her mouth after the Hunter's attack. Hunter. His name had been on the list. A cold grip clenched around her heart and stomach. She couldn't do this. She couldn't go and fight against the Hunter. She just-


A face floated before her. The face of the maddened ghoul who had eaten her friends.


She had to. Chiaki clenched her fists and stared at the roof defiantly, the city lights and noises filling her thoughts. It was her duty to fight the ghouls, and that was exactly what she would do. Even to her last breath. A sense of certainty flowed over her when she said it to herself. Satisfied that her motivation was as strong as ever, she turned carefully on her side, pulled the blanket closer, and feel asleep.




As soon as the boy had left the room, Halla slowly slumped down on the ground and retreated her kagune, breathing heavily. She had never used her kagune this much and the strain made her head ache even worse. Or maybe that was the source for the ache in the first place, she wouldn't know. Halla had the weird sensation of the whole house tilting slightly and she threw her hand against the floor to support herself. This was very bad, she thought. Her stomach grumbled and she stared at it with a bewildered expression. She had just eaten, how could she still be hungry? It was physically impossible for her to be hungry-




Well. That might also explain her kagune's appearance a moment ago, Halla thought, weirdly calm now. She hadn't used her RC cells in weeks, until the recent fight, where she had her bikaku out for a fairly long time, not to even mention it had repaired itself all the time. That had probably consumed all the RC cells she had from her meal weeks ago and what little she had eaten during the battle had simply allowed her to continue as long as she had. And now, she obviously was hungry and her RC cell levels low. Her headache was getting worse, again, not to even mention she was utterly spent and tired.


Groaning slightly, Halla stood up and looked around the room, swaying from side to side a little.

"Sooo, did anyone still have a hand or two left from the bodies we dragged with us in the tunnels? I'd very much like to have one, if it's possible-"




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An stated her reason for coming to the roof: making sure he was all right.


This puzzled Katsuro. He'd just left the weakened ghoul that prevented him and the ball masker from fighting, showing that more than one ghoul was willing to look out for others. First the fox, and now the lion.


By definition Katsuro was a loner, so he saw no reasons to look out for others. He was doing fine in his own and did not depend on others, so even a selfish interest in helping others didn't exist.


So why, why, why would another ghoul care if he lived, or died, or was wounded, or simply disappeared?


Like a human... I kill humans all the time. The Doves only care that I am killing people, not about the lives of my victims. Whether or not I kill anyone at all I'd die either way if they caught me. The humans who aren't Doves don't care at all because they see me, a monster, and they run.


His kagune absentmindedly swished in the air beside him as he considered this.


"Why does it matter to you?" Katsuro asked with genuine curiosity.

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"Why does it matter to you?"

Why does it matter? It matters because I lost them. My family's gone. I don't even remember my father and Lan's fading away too. They're not here and I miss them. Ever since I was recruited by Vermilion and became a member of the tree, I feel like I can still cling onto my memories of them.


"It matters to me because I was alone too," An replied. "Living alone and attending school everyday was hard after they died. Without them, no one would remember me if I disappeared. We're ghouls. We should stick together."

(Did you forget me?)

The statement was naive, not all ghouls had the same mindset and like humans, their views often clashed with one another. Her mother used to mention the saying about chopsticks.

. . .


"You can break a single chopstick but it becomes harder to break more than one of them."

"But what if they're metal? We're aren't human, so breaking chopsticks wouldn't be an issue for us. If chopsticks were humans, then ghouls could snap them whenever we want to."


. . .


Katsuro's probably a lone ghoul too. Wouldn't he feel more at ease in a group than by himself? A group provided stability and protection. I joined Vermilion for that."


(Do you think he'd want that?)


"In the end, I'm not alone," An added. "It's harder to be lonely when you have others to back you up. Can't you see that Halla trusts us? She led us to this house. And in the alley with the Doves, we all united for a common cause: escaping and defeating those Doves."

So join me. I'll try to trust you, so can you trust me?


(How impulsive. Halla's starting to rub off on you now.)

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An further explained her motivations; she was alone. Katsuro presumed from this that she, like many other ghouls, was an orphan. She further went on that they, collectively with the other ghouls, should remain a group; they were united under a common goal, to escape the Doves.


I am also an orphan. I am also alone. But I've never needed anyone until now; I survived with nothing but my birthright of my kagune and my own cursed existence. In spite of persecution and torment, I have survived. I am the victorious son, and I have conquered death by evading its scythe at every turn.


... But then, I did need them to survive, didn't I? Without their help, I would be dead or worse. If I want to survive maybe I should trust them after all... Yes, I think I will for now. I know the Doves are coming back soon, they might need my help this time.


"Thank you for your concern." Katsuro said after a long pause when An had finished speaking.


Nobody's ever really cared about me before.


That wasn't entirely true, but Katsuro didn't remember his parents that well; they might as well have not existed for all he knew about them now.

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“Thanks for listening to me,” An replied. “Are you going to go to sleep now? It’s getting late.”

I’m so tired now.

“Goodnight Katsuro. I'm going back inside to sleep.”


An walked across the roof and slipped through the hole in the screen. She dropped to the floor and stayed there with her cheek pressing onto the tile.

The floor isn’t the best place to sleep on, but I really don’t want to move downstairs.


Later that night, An dreamed of dancing lions.


[ ] [ ] [ ]


”You’re late.”

The first sentence Hisoka Washuu said to Kou was laced with distaste. Kou had heard of Hisoka Washuu before and his achievements as an investigator.

His forte was gaining the loyalty of his subordinates and using his intuition to execute successful missions. If I could get onto his level, I’d be promoted in no time.


"A recent appearance of the CCG's most dangerous ghouls leads us to believe that a new organization may be in creation. The brother of Nakamura Yoshiaki, was it? Your brother was a skilled investigator, and I expect you are carrying on the legacy."

Of course he’d mention ‘Aki.

The Washuu continued, explaining that he was assigning Kou a mission to track and exterminate the ghouls that the CCG had a run in with.


My promotion’s closer than I thought. Working with the Quinx Squad would be troublesome, but it might not be that bad if I get promoted.

A smile formed on his face as he exited Hisoka’s office.


Tomorrow was going to be an excellent day.


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((With this, we can probably time-skip to the next day, though it seems the CCG are already doing so. Feel free to timeskip; also expect my return in a two or three days.))


An thanked Katsuro for his time, bade him good night and left.


"Goodnight." Katsuro said, nodding at An.


I think it's time I went to sleep too. I've earned the rest. And I doubt I'll have the time later...


Katuro shuddered as he entertained the thought of the Doves' retaliation that was sure to follow in the wake of today's events. They weren't going to let this rest for long, and it was likely that more trouble would be brewing soon.


An had decided to go inside to sleep. Katsuro preferred to sleep under the skies; buildings made him a bit uneasy because he wasn't used to them anymore. They were also where humans and, by extension, Doves lived. He would attract too much attention.


In that respect the abandoned house was a good compromise, but Katsuro still didn't trust the ball masker ghoul. It was probably best he slept outside for everyone's sakes.


If she had the chance, I'm sure she would kill me in my sleep. She didn't look like a gracious loser.


Katsuro stood and retracted his kagune. Walking away from the ledge, he started to climb down so he could find a nearby place to rest.


I don't know what will happen if I stay, but it'll be more interesting if I do. Let's find out what happens tomorrow.


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:: timeskip ::


The birds were too loud.

She kicks up a stone, watching the small thing flicker upwards. It bounces back to the pavement, skipping once, twice, and then it is still.

I'm wasting my time.

"Why are they not here?" she demanded of the male standing a little whiles away from her--she really wonders why he doesn't just take a seat; after all, she's almost certain they'll be here a while.

"This city is unpleasant," she said, wrinkling a pretty little nose. "I don't approve of it. Nor their officers, who seem to be always late. I want to go back to Manchester."

A pause, and then Luci tugs on a piece of loose hair--her hair was usually clipped back, perfectly immaculate, yet there it was. How annoying.

She continues pulling, watching across the horizon with an annoyed glance. Where were they? The Japanese were so unreliable.

And really, not to be trusted. This . . . Quinx business--what? How could they not see how dangerous that was? Ghouls were scum of the earth, and to employ them to, god forbid, work amongst humans . . .

How sad it is, to see once-great civilization forced to its knees. But no. She will not bow, and as long as she stands . . . England stays strong.

Even if . . .

A glance at the one currently beside her.

"I don't like it," she says, well aware that, usually, isn't this talkative, but she's frustrated--being patient was never her strong suit, and she's known Indigo long enough to complain her heart out. After all, there wasn't much to do between hunting ghouls and filing paperwork, right?

And now . . . to lead a squad.

Heck, she had barely remembered Indigo's name until six months into their travels, with his mastery of languages and her mastery of ghoul-hunting being a star factor in their partnership. How was she supposed to remember the names of an entire squad?

And they were collected from around CCG's staff . . .

I don't have time to babysit weaklings.

She hopes they'll be able to pull their own weight, or--

I'll leave them behind. Simple as that.

She's heard of stories--rumours, moreso--that ghouls roam the streets of Tokyo, unlike any other. Ghouls with distinct kagunes, a killers' sense.

And talk of kakuja.

To have . . . a quinque that was formed from a ghoul's kakuja . . .

She could only imagine what power that would hold.

Despite her longings, she has to lead a squad.

They will only slow me down.

And over the horizon, she sees the distant mark of a person.

About time.




Kazuya had almost not gone.

The pink-haired male ran a hand through his hair, shuddering nervously. The last thing he wanted to be doing was facing ghouls, and yet . . .

This is your job.

Ironic, wasn't it?

He'd arrived at the meeting place--which was strangely empty, and for a second the pink-haired male halted--what?

What if he was late?

Had he gone to the wrong place?

Anxiety spikes up for a brief second, only to be quickly squashed by the realisation that two people were currently gathered near the foundation, and with haste Kazuya made his way over before stopping in his tracks.

He's . . . never seen these people before.

Who are they?

He almost fades away, taking a sharp, awkward turn and then mumbling to himself. From the corner of the eye, he can see the female turn and gaze at him with an unsettling gaze.

He opts for introducing himself to the blond male, who seems somewhat friendlier than the lady who was glaring holes into his existence, but his voice comes out semi-quiet and certainly uncertain.

"Er," he begins. "Hello, I'm Kazuya. A quinx. I--er--nice to meet you?"




"This one looks like a delinquent," Luci remarked to Indigo, then watched with a slightly amused smirk upon her lips at how he would choose to translate that.




Amaris woke to the glare of the sun peeping from behind the curtains, and instantly the female ghoul was on her feet. After last night . . . everything had been a blur. They'd been so exhausted from the battle with the CCG and rising tension that, for a moment, instinct had been thrown away to be replaced by a sense of alliance.

And now . . . ? What would they do?

She knows she can't stay here, but . . .

I want . . .

Sharp eyes gaze around, looking at the various figures.

So many opportunities.

And the boy who had dared to challenge her . . . she would remember. Remember, and never forgive.

As for Halla . . . the mention of the fox ghoul sends Amaris' mind reeling--what was that back then? She had never heard of a kagune turning in response to the owner's feelings--for her, a kagune was a weapon. And weapons were not respected, they were used as tools of war. To understand her kagune, to connected with it as if it was part of her body . . .

She can't decide if that's admirable or foolish.



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"Why are they not here?"

"Perhaps you scared them away through sheer will," Indigo replied to his partner as he lifted the cup of tea to his mouth and took a sip of the frothy beverage. Seeing as the meeting was going to take longer than he would like, Indigo decided to make himself comfortable. He had slumped himself against a wall with one arm crossed against his chest comfortable while the other hovered near his mouth with a cup of bubble tea. From what Indigo gathered, Luci did not wish to have a squad at her disposal and would much more enjoy doing all the work on her own. Seeing as she was a feisty little beast, Indigo could only pray for the poor souls who would be arriving late. Caskets were rather expensive and Indigo wasn't sure what flowers bring to each individual funeral.

"This city is unpleasant. I don't approve of it. Nor their officers, who seem to be always late. I want to go back to Manchester."

"Don't we all?" Indigo sighed as he shook his head pitifully. Of course Luci would break her usual silence to complain about the city. When Indigo first joined the CCG, he expected to sit behind a desk and do paperwork all day long. Being assigned as a translator for a pessimistic English woman was most certainly not what Indigo expected. Was the negative commentary necessary? Couldn't she simply glare at the walls instead? Heaving a tired sigh, Indigo took another sip from his tea as Luci glowered.


Fortunately, someone finally decided to show up. Indigo looked up at the newcomer and just as Luci shot him a cold glare. To contrast the daggers Luci was shooting out of her eyes, Indigo offered the supposed squad member a kind smile. Pushing himself off the wall, Indigo gave the man a quick look over as his grin widened. That pink hair easily caught Indigo's fancy and the man's bashful stuttering was utterly delightful. Though with him being a quinx, Luci was probably going to scowl at him twice as much as she did with everyone else.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Kazuya," Indigo said charmingly as he half-bowed in greeting. Changing from English to Japanese took only but a moment's thought for Indigo. Acting as Luci's translator for six months had given him enough more than enough practice.

"Are you thirsty?" Indigo inquired as he gazed amiably at Kazuya. "I brought some freshly brewed beverages I made early this morning." Indigo turned and gestured towards a small table with several containers of liquid with labels plastered on their fronts stood next to empty cups. "I wasn't sure if everyone liked bubble tea so I made some coffee as well just in case. I do apologize if none of the drinks are to your liking, I haven't perfected making bubble tea yet unfortunately." Indigo offered Kazuya an apologetic grin before straightening himself up.

"That lovely young lady over there is going to be the ah... let's say captain of this squad." Indigo said as he nodded over towards Luci in the least offending way he could think of. "As her knowledge in speaking Japanese is non-existent, I'll be translating everything she says. If you have any questions, go ahead and tell me them and I'll relay them to her." Keeping the friendly grin on his face, Indigo took another sip from his tea and patiently waited for either a reply or for Luci to explode.


(If Indigo is speaking in italics, assume he isn't speaking Japanese and, instead, is most likely speaking English or another language he knows.)

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The morning sun hit Halla's eyes and the young ghoul blinked her eyes a couple of times, her eyes adjusting to the light which filtered through the filthy windows.

She tried to sit up on the chair she had retreated to sleep, but immediately fell back to where she was, the whole world tilting before her eyes and stars exploding behind her vision. She felt extremely sick and weak. A few rasping coughs later, Halla found her voice.


"G-good morning, everyone," she said weakly from her place. That was when Halla noticed she still had her bikaku out. At first she wondered why it was so, but then memories of yesterday flooded into her mind. She must've been too exhausted to retreat her kagune.

The color was now beautiful white with blood-red markings, again. Halla sighed with relief, although her weakness still worried her. She tried to retreat her kagune, but with no avail. Frowning, Halla concentrated harder and glared at her kagune, but it refused to retreat. Confused with this, the blonde rolled away from the chair and landed on the floor quite noisily, too weak to soften her landing by her hands or legs. Lying on the cold wooden floor and shaking ever so slightly, she resumed to retreating to her kagune - nothing happened and dread filled her guts.

"Is anyone awake?" Halla called carefully out, trying to hide the horror in her voice. Why wasn't her kagune retreating?




Chiaki walked slowly, favoring her left side while limping forwards. She had spent the entire night at the hospital at the best care. Thanks to that care she was able to move as much as she was now - the Hunter had fractured some of her right side's ribs. Chiaki grimaced as she remembered looking herself in the mirror this morning. Her entire right side was a rainbow of blues, purples, and yellows. Breathing hurt, walking hurt, moving hurt. Nevertheless, she had been summoned, and that was exactly what she would do.

When she finally arrived to the meeting point, she saw already three figures there - two of whom she didn't know, and the third one being a boy with pink hair. A member of the quinx squad, Chiaki recalled. It would be hard to forget someone with such peculiar hair color.


Walking to them, trying to hasten her pace as she did so, Chiaki bowed deep in greeting, biting her lower lip as her side protested loudly at the act.

"My most sincerest apologies for coming late. I was wounded in the yesterday's battle so my movements are slightly hindered. But I promise this shall not affect my skills in any way during this mission. Ueno Chiaki, at your service," she introduced herself and looked at the people before her. The pink-haired boy, Chiaki couldn't remember his name although she was sure she had heard it sometime, seemed to be slightly nervous. A tall person with dark skin and a pleasant smile was standing next to a wall, a cup of tea in his hand. The third person, an elegant lady with blonde hair and blue eyes, was seething with held rage and impatience. Chiaki mentally made note that she was a person to be aware of. This mission was going to be interesting, she knew already. Whether it was a good thing or not, was an entirely another question.

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I’m late.


Why am I late?

It had been around twenty-five minutes since Kou woke up.

Seven minutes to change from his pajamas to his investigator clothing.

Three to use the bathroom and brush his teeth.

Eight minutes spent thinking about his brother and the mission while listening to Mozart's Fantasy in D Minor on his phone.

One minute spent realizing that he was going to be late if he sat and thought any longer.

Five spent grabbing his briefcase and running out of the door to the meeting place.

Kou slowed down when he saw four people gathered at the area.

Poco ritardando…


When he arrived, Kou noted that Kazuya and Chiaki were standing nearby.

It’s the quinx boy and a fellow peer.

An elegant lady Kou didn’t recognize radiated impatience and thinly veiled anger.

A successful investigator places their job before their feelings. Anger doesn’t suit her elegance too.

Next to the lady stood another person with a cup of tea in hand.

How hospitable.

Kou leaned into a bow.

“I’m Nakamura. Nakamura Kou, Rank 1 Investigator. It’s a pleasure to meet everyone and I apologize for being late.”


[ ] [ ] [ ]


She woke up to sunlight in her eyes and the smell of rust in the bathroom.

Why am I here?

Ah...I must’ve fallen asleep in here.

An closed her eyes and took a deep breath.


The morning breeze.




The house was quiet inside (who’s awake right now?) until a voice called from downstairs.

”Is anyone awake?”


Her voice?


“I’m awake,” An shouted. “I’ll be down in a second.”

She jogged out of the bathroom and flitted down the stairs.

“Good morning Halla, Amari-”

Halla’s kagune.

The color had returned to its usual form, but why was it still out?

(Has it been like that all night?)

This is a problem.

An walked towards Halla and knelt next to her.

She needs to calm down.

“Halla, take deep breaths and try to retract your kagune. It’ll be alright, you’re in charge of the kagune; the kagune doesn’t control you. Just concentrate.”

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Nastuki swore under their breath as they ran to the meeting place. Of all the times to be late (and because of a wrongly set phone alarm, of all things), this was one of the worse. Not that being late at any time was in any way acceptable, but if they couldn't make a good first impression how could they get any respect? All they could hope for was that they weren't the last one there (which, knowing Kazuya, honestly wouldn't surprise them). Still, even if that was the case, there wasn't much they could do to salvage their reputation. Anyway, it would be bad for them if the rest of their squad was late as well. There really was no way to win if you were late; next time they'd be sure to set two alarms. This mission was going to be... not very enjoyable.


The first thing that they noticed upon arrival was a blob of pink. Damn, so Kazuya had shown up before them. That really was pathetic, if they were that late. There were three others there as well- okay, so they weren't the last one there, if the other Quinx's were even planning on showing up. One girl seemed to be just finishing up introductions as well, so she must have just arrived. That was good, though the impatient look on the blonde woman's face certainly wasn't. To be fair to the woman, Natsuki would be annoyed as well if they were the one waiting.


They bowed deeply, hands clasped in front of them. "I'm terribly sorry for my lateness, and any inconvenience it may have caused. I am Rank 3 investigator Hayashi Natsuki."


Turning to look to see who else had arrived, they frowned. So, Kazuya wasn't the only one who had chosen to dye his hair, and hadn't she been in the fight the day before-? It was difficult for Natsuki to remember, after they missed hours of sleep poring over reports. Ah, well, she must not have been badly injured if she was prepared to go on a mission, right? It had been a very nasty battle, one that Natsuki had been glad to miss, but it had been so poorly handled. This mission, they would be sure to do their best to make sure that everything went well.



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