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A World of Grey { accepting }

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"Ok, cool. Seeya!" Miteki walked off with Takaki. Takaki looked back at the bunch of ghouls back there. Why, when his human friend was walking with him, did there have to be so many ghouls around? At least they didn't seem very interested in him.


"Yep. Girlfriends." Miteki remarked coolly.

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An smirked. This ghoul was most likely in the middle of a hunt in the ward. She had the guts--no pun intended, to stand face to face in front of An and even activate her kakugan in public. An tilted her neck, emitting a satisfying crack and stretched her arms.

"You know, it's been a while since I've seen an unfamiliar face in this ward. Are you visiting?"

In the distance, An could've sworn she smelled the scent of a human wandering in the alley. Perhaps she could take the opportunity to evaluate the ghoul's skills.

"By the way, there's someone not too far from here."

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Unbothered, Kazuya simply stood there, slumped slightly off centre. The pink-haired male sighed, staring into the darkened street.

"Yeah, same here. Looks like everyone else is losing their touch, huh? And I was going to spend all day in bed, too . . ." he muttered, stifling a yawn. "I don't see the point of a patrol; there's not much ghoul activity around these days." Another attempt at a yawn. "Plus, the oldies' got it covered. We're just wasting our time, really."




Amaris tilted her head to the side, smirking. "A visit, indeed. I heard Tokyo is beautiful this time of year, no?" Her gaze didn't falter as the other spoke; rather, Amaris seemed more excited than ever. Ever since coming here, she had yet to encounter another ghoul--and now, two in one night? She was done wasting time and 'travelling'--such things were for humans. She inspected the other before her--hmm . . . how strong?

"What a shame," she said. "Do you not want to talk?"

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Takaki swung around yet again when he heard a loud crack and saw the brunette activate her kakugan. What was she doing?


"Yo, Tak, I know girlfriends are cool and all, but I am currently risking my life walking you back home so can we please stop looking back?" He turned around too, but the lady's eyes had turned back to normal. "Well, she does look kinda pretty..." He shook the thought out of his mind. "Ah well. Come on." He yanked Takaki towards the direction of his apartment.

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All that Halla had wanted today was to return home from the library where she had spent most of her afternoon teaching coding to some third graders. Alas, a gentle but cold autumn [or is it winter? . v .] breeze wafted a rainbow spectrum of scents into her nose, too vibrant to be ignored by her.


Biting her lower lip, she decided she'd best walk around this area, but this ward was also known for some irrational behavior from the lower ghouls - this route was, in the end, probably the safest. At least the ghoul scents weren't... rotten like those who had emerged from the sewers. There was also a trail of scent belonging to a ghoul and a human, although it was already fading away. Poor human, Halla caught herself thinking. Focusing again on the scents, she noticed she was closest to two ghouls. Their scent was coming from an alley [?] ahead of her. She was downwind, so maybe she could sneak past them...


Walking briskly like a human would at this god forsaken time of the day in a neighborhood like this, Halla started making her way past the alley, her ears picking up voices but couldn't catch the words. So far so good, maybe she will make this-


The wind shifted and a gust flew past her towards the alley, dragging her scarf in mockery.

Now they know you're here! it mocked as it disappeared into the darkness, carrying her scent victoriously.


Halla froze. No use in running, she didn't know if there was a ukaku amongst them who could catch her - she didn't even know if they were allies or not. There was a chance that the two ghouls, if they were having some territorial disagreements, they'd start fighting before they reach her. Or then they'll ally up for the time being and then start fighting once her binkaku was out and she was dead. All of these scenarios flashed behind her eyes, each more vivid than the other. Yet, she remained still and kept a relaxed posture. There was still another scenario: talk this out.


Taking a few slow, relaxed steps which required quite the amount of practice, Halla walked into the alley, all of her senses alert. Before her she saw two female ghouls; one of them was Asian - what a surprise in Tokyo - with a black, bob-cutted hair and wearing a dress and a hoodie [correct me if I'm wrong :>]. The other one was a quite elegant-looking lady about of Halla's age, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She took a quick look at both of these ghouls and felt a moment of relief as she saw that there was some tension in the air - at least those two were not allies. Then she was hit by the realization she might've just hit a fight.


Ruffling her hair with her right hand and putting her left hand on her hips, Halla sighed.

"Good evening, ladies. I have no wish to interrupt whatever you two were having here, but it would've been impolite to just leave after my scent drifted here," she said and smiled a little, still keeping her guard up. She hadn't used her kagune since the last meal, which was a good two weeks ago.

"I am not in a mood for bloodshed and I'm quite sure this would be beneficial for all of us if we simply walk away - I see no dead body to be claimed or to be fought over," Halla continued with a friendly tone. "At least I wish to leave without losing a single blood drop or RC cell."

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((To post or not to post (da KanekiHayato)


To post))


Hayato stuffed his hands into his pockets as he walked into the street. He continued to walk like this, looking briefly at some people hanging around at the bench. He stopped. He turned his head round at a certain person on the bench. Is that... He pushed the thought out of his mind. If the guy sitting there really was the one, it wasn't that Hayato could do anything about it. He was with another person, where attacking him would end up killing Hayato. Still though... He stood there for several seconds, not looking at the bench with the occupants. It was tempting, to go up there and ask for that guy's name, and maybe stab him in the face. Hayato smiled at the thought, but decided against that and continued walking.


He caught the scent of several ghouls down an alleyway. In that alleyway he noticed someone facing Kazuko let her kakugan slide for a second. She didn't seem particularly friendly.


"HAYATO!" He swerved round to see Miteki waving at him. "Sup!"


Hayato answered with a small "Hi" and continued walking. He reached the trio.


"Sorry for interrupting. However, if any of you are attempting to commit cannibalism, I'm afraid that targeting Kazuko for your next meal isn't a particularly wise choice." He gave a sad smile at the group.



"Who's that?" Takaki asked as he saw a white-haired figure in the alleyway.


"You don't know? Oh, yeah, I forgot. He's a dude I know who joined almost every single sports club in the school. He's a pro at everything, he's ten times better than everyone in the basketball team. He's like the team's ace now. Or something. Though I think you might have a chance against him, since you're also about ten times as good as everyone else. Too bad you aren't in any sports teams." Miteki grinned.


"He looks kinda- oh. That guy." Takaki finally realised who that was. The ghoul who had already killed hundreds of ghoul investigators-


And that was when he realised with a pang that Miteki was joining the CCG next week.


"Oh, so you do know him?" Miteki looked back at him. "Um... Takaki? I don't know what's up with you today, you've been making a variety of faces lately, right now it's the oh crap face. What are you oh crapping about?"


"Oh. Nothing."


"You suck at lying." Takaki laughed nervously at this.


((The crap is too much for me))

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Amaris had caught a whiff of the new scent after a particularly strong wind--hmm? Another ghoul? It seemed that today was lucky, apparently.

She gazed at the newcomer--a rather tall young woman that seemed around the same age, give or take, with a wondrous mixture of hair and striking green eyes. For a second, Amaris admired the eyebrows of the other--hm, she could never get hers to look quite like that--but, before she could reply, another stepped up to them.


Four ghouls surrounding each other, another nearby and a single human, without a CCG inspector in sight?

She smirked slightly, eyelids fluttering down as she adverted her eyes from all three. At the male's words, she couldn't help but chuckle.

"Three pacifists." She tapped a heel on the pavement. "A moonlit night." A scrape. "And nobody else in sight."

She looked up--what a shame. She could tell from the smell of all three that they were no ordinary ghouls--there was power, power and blood lurking in the depths of all three.

Then again, Amaris hadn't lived her life being ordinary.

"Takatsuki Sen couldn't write a better scene."

Four whip-like appendages erupted from her back in the blink of an eye, and the thin tendrils shot straight towards the three standing before her.




Kazuya was busy bothering Esko about the wonders of online technology when he caught the first scent. Ghouls?

"One sec," he told the other. "Gotta pee."

With that, the pink-haired male got up and slowly began to make his way down the streets, attempting to follow the strong scent. How was it this clear? Was there a gathering of ghouls? Slender fingers clutched at his qunique, and the male began to run. He made it just in time to see the glistening red of a kagune shoot out into the dark night.

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Rin tapped her foot as the duo left. Well, that was a bit akward.... She took note of the human, who was somehow more alluring then the ghoul. She sighed as she sat down. Poor guy, most likely going to be eaten by that 'friend' of his. What we all need to do, if the human is attractive or not.... She thought even more. If I could get to know him better before that other ghoul named Takaki strikes, I could get a meal....or not. Now, where the hell do I find one?


Then she got up and kept walking. The moon was pretty, too bad it had to shine on blood and feeding ghouls. She turned....and saw another ghoul whip out a kagune.




Esko nodded. Well, our superiors told us to, and whether or not the other quinx show up, we need to go on patrol. He said calmly, then rolled his eyes as Kazuya bothered him about technology. Just because I am not Japanese, does not mean I am completley clueless about technology. Sweden is not still full of Vikings. He sighed, then perked his ears when he picked up a strong scent. The other quinx said he had to pee, and walked off.


Hold on. Do you smell that? He asked as he followed the scent with Kazuya. He arrived to see somebody whipping out...a kagune? Either that person was an unknown mad quinx or a ghoul. Either one had to be killed.HEY!! He yelled, whipping out his kagune himself and quickly trying to come up with a plan

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"You know Takaki, if you and Ayato-" He looked back at Takaki and saw the lady whip out her kagune. "Woah!" Takaki looked as well. He then looked back at Miteki, who had his phone out. "Got a picture." Takaki yanked him and took off. "Wait wait wait Takaki, what about Hayato?" Takaki didn't even look back at Miteki as he answered.


"He'll be fine."




"Tsk. We're making a lot of uneccessary attention here." He side-stepped the attack of the tendrils. "Look." He waved to two newcomers at the scene. His eyes flitted to one of them. That was the one. "If you don't mind I'm going to ignore you. Please don't attempt to attack me whilst I'm dealing with this guy. I might kill you." He slipped his mask on and turned to one of them.

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The situation turned rapidly worse. There were now four ghouls in the alley and the elegant lady had pulled out her kagune and attacked. Sighing with a slight puff of irritation, Halla quickly flattened herself down and then rolled sideways, avoiding the first strike. She then pulled out her mask from her bag, fitting the four-eyed white fox mask on her face, the painted pair of eyes gleaming in the moonlight. Yet, she hadn't pulled her kaguna out, so the second pair still shone as green, human eyes. No matter what happened now, she had no desire to be recognized, should more people - and especially people - arrive.


"Ah, would it seem you are... bored?" Halla asked with a hint of a smirk in her voice as she rose up from the ground. The lady who had taken her kaguna out - or to be more specific, her rinkaku - didn't seem like a savage, unlike some of those rampaging ghouls she had met before.


And if the situation could've gone worse, it did - two CCG investigator's stenches hit her nostrils and made her unintentionally snarl. Why, oh why, at all times? As she took another sniff at the air, she realized there were only two of them. Two? Did they have a death wish? Ghouls were about five to seven times stronger physically, not only mention they had a better control over their kagune. However, there was something quite... disturbing about their smells. Something... very ghoul-like. The quinxes! The news her mother had heard while hunting were mostly filled with the quinx - humans with unnatural amounts of RC cells; the shining ray of hope for humanity in a dark storm, the secret weapon of humans! The quinxes would be the doom of ghouls!


Or so they say.


Turning her attention from the lady to the two doves, Halla lowered her head and growled, audibly enough.

"Looks like today we shall have some doves to eat. I do hate picking out the feathers, though," she said with a low voice. By 'feathers' she meant the quinques, and possible kagunes, these two possessed. "I have no wish in killing regular humans, but CCG investigators are another story. Especially when they willingly come amongst four ghouls..."


The green eyes turned shining red and the sclera turned onyx black. A long, ghastly white tail erupted from her lower back, red-blood markings criss-crossing it and forming the tip. She waved it slowly, the markings pulsing with her heartbeat.


"You still have a chance to run," Halla chuckled, but now her voice was anything but friendly. She gave a quick look around - what would her fellow ghouls do? Keep fighting or turn their attention to the doves?

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"I don't care what you do with them." He looked back at the lady who seemed to be intent on killing and eating them. "But, save the black-haired one for me." His kagune slowly slid out onto his two arms. He turned back to the black-haired quinx. "Long time no see, Esko."





Oh crap oh crap oh crap was all that was going through Takaki's mind. The quinxes had been attracted, and they could have sniffed out Takaki. And Miteki. That could get both of them killed, and he didn't want that to happen. At least not for Miteki.


"Yo Takaki, where are we going?" Miteki asked.


"I don't know." Takaki answered.


"You seem like you know this place."


"I don't think we have time for this. A lady who has turned out to be a ghoul could be running after us because you took a picture of her, and you're talking about where we are?" Miteki shrugged at this.


"But what about Ha-"


"I told you, he'll be fine." Takaki replied irratibly then immediately regretted it.


"Um... If we're being confronted by a bunch of ghouls I don't think Hayato would be able to do anything about it." He looked straight at Takaki.


"Look, we need to save ourselves first before we can help Hayato."


"Ok, fine, you're the boss."

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"Ambitious, yes. Bored, perhaps," Amaris replied, smiling slightly as the other slipped on a mask. She withdrew her own and held up the elegant thing, slotting it onto her features just as the two doves rushed on scene. The brunette female growled slightly as both of them took fighting stances, and she narrowed her eyes as one raised out a . . . kagune?

Amaris blinked for a few seconds, not quite believing her eyes, until she remembered.

Quinx. She'd heard of them, but never had she expected them to be here. Well, tonight seemed to be full of surprises.

She adverted her gaze from the other ghouls and instead focused on the investigators. "I wonder . . ." she said softly. "With all that metal in your body, your meat must taste gross."

The brunet smirked, taking a moment to think. Her rinkaku floated beside her, ready to attack or defend at a second's notice. Still . . .

She scanned the area. Two CCG investigators vastly outnumbered by ghouls. There would be a battle over who got to eat who after these two were dead, it seemed, and Amaris wasn't interested in experiment meat when she could be gathering the necessarily RC cells for a complete kakuja.

So it all boiled down to a question . . . which side would she attack?

The brunet smiled, and suddenly swished her kagune to the side, putting all her strength into one blow. Her rinkaku slammed into the walls of the alley, bringing down bricks and cluster. Amaris dodged out of the way of the falling debris, her heels sliding as she attempted to regain footing. Damn, these were the wrong shoes to wear on such a day . . .

She was well aware that such a loud commotion may draw the attention of more doves. She shifted her attention to the other ghouls--what would they do? Her 'kin' would have no other choice than to attack the CCG should more come, and she was relying on the combined force of multiple kagunes to both reel in a large harvest and tire out the others. And then . . .

Well, she wouldn't get ahead of things. Nonetheless, the odds had been in her favour recently.




Kazuya stopped in his tracks as he realised there was a large gathering of ghouls, and from the looks of it, a possible fight over territory. The pink haired male sighed, reaching in his overcoat.

"Geeze," he said. "And I still have to pee."

He withdrew Baumgaertner 1/7, slotting a small one into his left and unstrapping one of the larger to hold on his right. He then faced the gathering of ghouls, unsure what to do next.

"Sorry," he said, a bit awkwardly, "but all of you have to die. It's in the rulebook, yeah?"

Just as he was about to charge into battle, one of the ghouls moved suddenly and slammed the side of a building, bringing down a large rockslide of bricks and wood. The pink-haired male dodged to the side, grimacing as he rolled onto the pavement to avoid being squashed. He could hear the screams of surprised citizens in the area, and the pink-haired male fumbled for Baumgaertner.

He raised the dagger up, swiping hair from his face. This . . . this wasn't quite what he was expecting.

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'****, I have the worst luck. A battle here?'

She dodged the falling debris from the alley (whose side is she even on?!). As An moved, she withdrew her mask, sliding the lion face on. She felt the prickling sensation of her kagune generate and her koukaku moved to shield her neck. When the bricks stopped falling, her kagune shifted to cover her arms and created two lances. The scent of the doves were off...were they even human?


(Ah, more to report on, I suppose.)


An shifted into an offensive stance and beckoned.


"Your lives will be settled soon. Come."


((Edited her kagune form because it's initial form sounded too similar to another character's kagune.))

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Hayato dodged some of the incoming debris as the other Rinkaku smashed it into the wall. He parried a large chunk of concrete with his kagune as the block broke into pieces. He turned his attention back to the quinxes- the one with his kagune out especially. Since the other ghouls seemed to want to attack the quinxes, he would have not problem in getting to Esko.


To kill him of course.



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Moving her tail swiftly over her head Halla blocked the falling debris, her eyebrows furrowed.

"Ambitious, yes. Bored, perhaps," the lady had told with a small smile. Something about it was unnerving to the young ghoul, something ticking in the back of her head like tiny pattering steps of an insect. This insect of a thought scattered and disappeared as Halla tried to catch and investigate it, only to lose it. Shaking her head to focus, Halla focused back on the CCG investigators and suddenly noticed how young both of them were. About her age! If she had been a human, she probably could've been in their shoes, fighting for their own survival and glory, for the sense of security for society and family. A pang of sympathy hit her, unwelcomed.


No. I have no need for you, Halla thought bitterly. They are foul, killing my kin without a reason. But don't we kill them without a reason, too? A never-ending circle of hatred, which rolls downhill without anything to stop it, accelerating as more and more deaths are feeding it. Kill a ghoul, and a pack kills you. Kill a human, and the CCG will hunt you down. Kill both humans and ghouls, and it's a war. Suddenly, Halla heard her father's calm voice echoing in her mind. Keep your head down and keep quiet. Kill only when you must, if even then. Avoid conflict. Whatever you do, do not let them recognize you.


Halla let her tail fall down and stopped crouching, yet keeping her eyes on the investigators. They'd kill her without a hesitation, that was the absolute truth. Yet, those two had no means of surviving the attack of all these ghouls on this alley. Even if reinforcements arrived, those two would be dead by then. Halla took a step back and started addressing the fellow ghouls.

"I have no desire for meat. Some of you apparently have some grudges against the CCG and seek revenge, so they will be certainly dead soon and I will gladly aid you if my help is needed. But please know this," she continued, turning to the investigators. "I, the Arctic Fox as you may know me better, have no desire for your meat right now and I will fight only for my self-defense if my help is not needed."


Even as she said that, she knew she couldn't just run away now and hope that the ghouls would ignore her. She had interfered with something and until the situation had been cleared up, they'd look for her and demand her unbreakable silence on the events. Halla gave a tiny sigh. This was exactly why she and her family kept as quiet as falling snow in the winter. Or even quieter. Again, the tiny patter of the insect of thought came into her mind as she looked at the ghoul lady with her rinkaku. Something with her attitude was nagging at her mind. Sure, ghouls enjoyed fights and the chance to deal with CCG investigators to the point some seek it to the point of death, but the lady seemed to enjoy the situation from another point of view. Whatever that was, Halla suddenly knew she didn't even want to know.

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Takaki continued to run without stop. Miteki had taken a picture of the ghoul and that would most likely have pissed her off. He didn't seem to realize that though. He was grinning.


"Anyways, Takaki, don't worry about the sandwich. I won't give it to you because that's just wasting food."


((Gonna add in hayato later))




"I don't care whether you want to be involved or not. Just note that if these guys can kill my 6 year old brother, they won't hesitate to kill you too." He grit his teeth behind his mask as some rather painful memories came flooding back to him. Memories of seeing his father and mother killed in front of his eyes, and seeing his brother killed as he lay there sprawled on the ground in a pool of his own blood.


He had been waiting for this moment for 8 years.


Hayato lunged at the black-haired quinx.


((I had a moment of inspiration and it died))

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Kazuya hesitated as one of the ghouls pulled out their kagune as well--a koukaku, it seemed? Well, he had the advantage then, considering--

The kagune formed to create two lance-like objects, sharp and deadly mounted on the ghoul's arms. The pink-haired male swallowed as the lion mask came into view--of course! He'd heard of the Lion, but never expected to encounter such in battle . . . and judging by the looks of one of the masks, the Marquise was here as well. Two A rank ghouls against only two investigators . . . guaranteed, they weren't normal humans, but even so . . .

Their chances were unbelievably slim, and Kazuya shot a nervous glance at Esko before pulling out another dagger from within his coat.

"I don't think so," he replied. "I have a cat at home that still needs petting."

With that, he slipped behind a piece of debris just as he flung the two daggers, Baumgaertner soaring through the air towards the Lion. He took a few seconds to calm his racing heart--damnit, every fight could be his last and he really did have a cat--and reloaded, grimacing as he realised he only had five daggers left--two large ones and three small ones. He really did need to ask for an upgraded quinque . . .

He took out two more little ones and slipped a large into his belt for easy access in case of emergency, then breathed in another gulp of air and dared to peek outside.




Amaris could hear sirens from far away, flashing as they rushed to get closer, and the female gave a sharp spike of a laugh. More investigators . . . good, her plan was working. She watched as the quinx and ghouls began engaging in combat, but . . .

She was beyond surprised when one of the ghouls--the Arctic Fox?--took a step back and spoke to them.

Amaris listened to her words with great interest--to join if only her help was needed, and to fight solely for self defense?

What a world they lived in, and each time she was more surprised.

"What a surprise," she said, "that you all let such human emotions connect you." Ah, yes. The ghoul boy and the human. They'd taken a picture of her, no? She'd have to take care of that, sooner or later. "To fight for self-defense is to die," she snapped. "In this world, there will be the aggressors and the victims. You have to become an aggressor or suffer life as a pitiful being, doomed to die." Her mother, always the pacifist. She regarded the other ghoul with cold curiosity, her rinkaku spiking into the cement ground as she spoke. Just who was this peaceful ghoul, known as the Arctic Fox? Despite her love for the more classic, fancy side of life, Amaris couldn't find words in her vocabulary to describe the other and her actions. Her viewpoint . . . Amaris regarded the bikaku coming from the other, watching the tail curl in and out.

She locked eyes with the other, kakugan meeting kakugan in a silent battle. With surprise, the brunette female realised the other's words were entirely genuine--what? She had expected the cold, harsh mocking found in so many other ghouls, the exhaustion and bitter anger that came from living a life not worth living, and yet in the bikaku fox's eyes she saw only wholehearted resilience and a faint touch of bittersweet sadness.

How innocent. How foolishly, wonderfully innocent.

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Halla cringed a little as she heard sirens coming closer. The reinforcements. Soon they'd be here! She'd have to think of a way to get out of here as soon as possible or... Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

"What a surprise, that you all let such human emotions connect you," the lady said absentmindedly.

"To fight for self-defense is to die. In this world, there will be the aggressors and the victims. You have to become an aggressor or suffer life as a pitiful being, doomed to die," she continued, her voice now sharp and sure.

Of course, this was the truth of the world of ghouls. Kill, or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Such a black-and-white world and yet Halla was teetering on the edge, one leg on the white side and the other on the black, trying to blend those two absolute colors together to form the neutral gray.


"Mercy is not only a human emotion. It is a strength to know mercy in this merciless world. To know reason in a situation of madness, to know kindness amongst brutality. If you call these only human emotions..." Halla said as she returned the steady stare, her kagugan shining in the moonlight.

"Then I'd throw away my ghoul self and become a human. This life is not something I desire. This... this endless wheel of killing and eating, revenge and revenge for revenge, and endless loop of counteractions in this never ending war. I... I simply wish to live in peace. Without to worry about the next human I must eat in order to simply survive or that CCG investigators will catch my mother on those weeks when my father cannot find a dead body. Humans have it so lucky," she said, suddenly bitter.

"If only ghouls could satisfy their need for meat with animals, but alas, they lack the RC cells."


Taking a deep sigh and looking at the unfurling battle for a moment, where the young man with white-and-black hair attacked the black-haired quinx. Halla felt a tight knot in her stomach.

"I am genuine about my feelings. Fighting is something I'd rather not to do and keep my ranking in C. Keep your head down, keep quiet. Those are the words I live by and thus, I will only fight for my self defense." A note of finality crept into her words, firming the edges and sharpening them.

Looking again at the lady, she saw something different in her eyes. A hint of amusement, for sure. Wonder, definitely. But was there the tiniest bit of admiration at her foolish, naïve words? Halla wasn't sure, suddenly overcome with a pang of sadness. She, even though being a ghoul, understood very little of her kin in the end.

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((Phone provides no inspiration....must...fight...laziness...))


Rin quickly hid in the shadows as she watched the situation get worse and worse. Just in case, she slipped on her mask, and slowly activated her kagune. The scythe came out and she gripped it, careful to not be seen. Against these ghouls, the Doves would probably go down in the blink of an eye, and then a meal would be set. Well. There was also the other ghouls who would probably fight each other for some, or eat each other, but oh well. She would wait it out, and see what would happen before she went slice and dice.


((Guys, Rin is thinking twice. Help xd.png))


Esko sighed. You again. It HAS been a while, hasn't it? Now, let us stop chatting and let me do my jo- He could not finish before a helload of debris came crashing down. Idiots. That will only attract CCG officers. He rolled out of the way and stood, panting. None of the ghouls seemed to get hit by the falling debris, which was dissapointing. He yawned, trying to not show any signs of being energy drained.


Esko saw that one ghoul lunge. He rolled his eyes and rolled out of the way....and bumped right into Rin. He looked behind him and saw the surprised ghoul glare and put the scythe point to his back. Well, move and I will have an easy meal. She said, and unknown to Esko, she said it an octave lower. She always did that to hide her real voice.


((Crap post is carp))

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Amaris blinked in surprise, her Rinkaku freezing in the air as the other ghoul spoke. The dark brunette could barely believe the words coming out of the fox's mouth--mercy? Kindess? How naïve could one be?


"You would become human?" she threw the other's words back, eyes narrowed in a challenge. "So you can achieve peace? This peace that Tokyo lives by--it's all a lie! If there were no ghouls, humans would find ways to kill each other all the same." A whisk of one of her Rinkaku tentacles. "As long as humans exist in this world, there is no peace. As long as we exist in this world, there is no peace. The only time everyone would all be happy would be when all of us are dead."


The brunette paused as the other spoke about her family--oh? Amaris paused--this . . . this was new. This loyalty, this passion for herself and all that she held dear . . . Amaris regarded the other ghoul with faint interest, wondering. In all of her days spent in both France and Japan, never once had she come upon a ghoul that seemed to . . . care. About their family, about living life as normally as possible, a ghoul who hasn't lost all that there is to lose in this world and a ghoul that didn't seem to fall into the deep pits of depression or be wholeheartedly consumed by a bitter, raging anger. If there was a way to lower a ghoul's RC Cell number . . . would the other do such a thing? Amaris couldn't think of giving up her kagune, which allowed her an outlet, a single thing to pin all of her ambitions and hopes on. But . . . if trading a kagune in meant family . . .

She thought back to her mother, whose ideals of peace and equality seemed so foolish. And then at this ghoul, who seemed to be think alike . . .

Amaris couldn't decide if that meant strength or utter, utter foolishness.


She gazed back at the other, silently examining as the fox finished speaking and ended her words with a sharp 'self defense' ringing clearly into the air.


"You . . ." Amaris spoke slowly, kakugan glistening onyx black through the slits on her mask. "You are not like any other ghoul,"she confirmed, and then she was speaking, speaking before she could stop herself.


"Why?" A question she'd never thought she would have to ask; in all her days, Amaris had lived by the yes rather than the no. She would not question things, she would not question her morals or this world lest she be caught up in the unfairness that was society. She never questioned what made their existence troubled, how equality and peace could be achieved. All her life, Amaris had lived by the simple black-and-white morals that tied ghouls into humans and made the torture and killing by CCG officers justified. Straying into the grey zone of it all was a calling for self destruction, but . . .

If done successfully, could it be a way to attain as close to peace as possible in such a messed up world?

"Impossible," she snarled, refusing to accept such thoughts. Her rinkaku spiked the ground, digging holes into the cement as she watched, from the corner of dark eyes, the CCG quinx engage in battle with the two other ghouls. And them . . . ?


One, a pacifist that seemed out of place amongst these other ghouls, fighting for vengeance and 'justice', and her.


She smirked, tilting her head back and shaking her hair free from her neck. "You'll die," she said simply. "If you fight solely for self defense, you'll die."


Around them, cars halted to a stop as CCG officers climbed out, shouting orders to each other and equipping quinques. She smelled the sharp scent of mutilated kagunes and humans from all around, and Amaris turned sharply on a heel, prepared to receive any unwelcome attacks. She would feast well tonight, it seemed.


((idk i just threw some extra ccg npcs in there feel free to play around as you wish

also this is the longest reply i've ever typed i'm so sorry))

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"As cold and calculating as ever, Esko." Hayato grinned as he launched towards Esko yet another time. The other ghouls were talking about some things he couldn't hear, but something involving mercy and peace. Well, it wasn't like ghouls were the only ones who didn't have that. Out of the corner of his eye he saw cars stopping with CCG officers coming out, quinques at the ready.


"Sheesh. Can't you see I'm occupied?" He saw a specific one attempt to fire an Ukaku quinque at him. Without hesitating he changed direction, went straight for the officer and plunged his kagune into the guy's stomach.


That guy was dead before he even hit the ground.


He turned to another guy who was there, hands shaking whilst he held a rifle pointed straight at Hayato. "I'm pretty sure with your hands shaking like that you won't even be able hit me." The guy only whimpered a little more. "Ah well." Hayato said as he slit the throat of someone who had attempted to take him by surprise by sneaking up from behind. The rifle guy was still there frozen with fear. "If you attempt to shoot me, I'll kill you." He killed yet another officer with a koukaku quinque charging straight at him. They were all idiots. He turned back to Esko.


"Sorry for interrupting." He held his hand up to stop the rifle man from considering shooting Hayato since his back was turned. The officer continued to whimper. "Where were we?" Then he noticed the other Quinx shoot his quinque at Kazuko. "Also, please don't go around attacking Kazuko. Sorry Esko, please wait a moment." He looked back at the pink-haired male. And lunged for him, kagune on his arms ready to plunge them right into the Quinx.





"Woah wait a minute. There was that girl in the next year with then ghoul lady. What the hell are they all doing there?" Miteki looked at Takaki.


"How am I supposed to know?"


"Dunno, just... Whatever. Don't you think we should at least get help-"


"It's already coming, ok?" They could hear sirens. Takaki pulled him off the other direction.


"Uh... Takaki? Your house is that way."

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"I don't think so," the pink haired dove replied. "I have a cat at home that still needs petting."


She frowned. Why would humans hold a dirty animal on a higher pedestal than her? In a sense, weren't ghouls closer to humans (save the human-only diet) to cats?


'Am I...lower than a cat?'

And now, the...ah yes, quinx (that was what they were called) had the gall to wield their quinque against her. She doubted that she was in any danger; an investigator using quinques in the form of a knife tended to run out of ammo quickly. After all, her kagune would protect her from the knives (but why couldn't it protect Lan?).


Without hesitation, An dodged the quinque. One of the knives grazed her side, and she uttered a curse under her breath. The wound was shallow; An's ghoul abilities would heal the wound without any issues. An swerved around, freeing her left arm of her kagune and picked up the knives from the ground. As she glanced at the pink dove, she noticed that Hayato was moving to attack.


An ran (why is it so heavy?!), and nudged Hayato with her kagune.


"Hayato," An muttered. "Standby. This is my fight and I intend to win. Go fight that quinx...Esko wasn't it?"


After a pause, she added, "This is an order from the general manager of the Vermillion— "


An continued running until she came into a closer range with the dove. She leaned closer to his ear and whispered, "I believe you dropped these. And tell me, have you heard of the Chi She Lian raid?"


((Organization name is open for change btw.))

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"You would become human? So you can achieve peace? This peace that Tokyo lives by--it's all a lie! If there were no ghouls, humans would find ways to kill each other all the same.As long as humans exist in this world, there is no peace. As long as we exist in this world, there is no peace. The only time everyone would all be happy would be when all of us are dead." the lady said, frisking her rinkaku as she talked.

"If it would be possible to become a human, I would become one, but alas, it is not possible. Aye, we could kill out all the humans, but what happens after all the humans are dead? We ghouls will start consuming ourselves until there's nothing left to live for. We simply do not belong in this world!" Halla said with a grim face the thought all ghouls had realized at one point. They were a mutation, a bacteria which didn't belong to this world.


As more CCG investigators flooded in, Halla raised her bikaku and took a defensive stance, yet still having her focus on the lady's words. The investigators seemed to be more interested with the other two ghouls, who had started going on a rampage. At the sound of the massacre and the howling voices of humans that sounded very little like human, Halla cringed and pointed at the fight.

"This is what I mean. Can't you see how... how... pointless it is?" she snarled in frustration.


The lady gazed at her steadily, the eyes wondering and slightly confused as if she had some colliding thoughts about Halla.

"You . . . You are not like any other ghoul." The blonde was taken aback from these words. Different? In what sense? Her ideals? Surely she was not alone in this world with these feelings of peace and neutrality. If this was the case, then there wouldn't be peace. This wasn't a war she could fight alone. A feeling of hopelessness overcame her but Halla grit her teeth and refused to accept her fate.


"Why?" Another question she couldn't answer. Halla looked straight into the lady's eyes and shook her head slowly.

"This is what my parents have taught me and what I myself have deduced from looking at this world. I have never had a family member die to the investigators because we've been quiet and avoiding attention. No reason for hate, except the fact they do kill innocent ghouls too." [Hinami's mother, anyone?]


"You'll die. If you fight solely for self defense, you'll die." the lady said simply. Halla couldn't deny that, a feeling of dread hitting her. She didn't want to start attacking the investigators, else her ranking might go up and then endanger her family by bringing attention to herself.

"This world is messed up. Many impossible things are possible and yet, many possible things are impossible. Maybe the fact that I can fight only for my self-defense could be one of these scena-" She didn't have time to finish before an investigator wielding a koukaku quinque attacked her, his eyes full of hatred and his mouth spatting insults with such intensity that Halla was taken back.


Flattening herself down to the ground, Halla dodged the strong yet very straight-forward attack and whipped her tail towards the investigator, who blocked her bikaku with the quinque. She twisted her kagune around the quinque and then pulled. The investigator didn't let go of the quinque, but that was exactly what Halla had hoped for. With the pulling force she launched herself into the air and twisted, giving a good roundhouse kick into the investigator's head, sending him flying back to his comrades.

"It's all about the flow," Halla said with a forced laugh as yet another investigator attacked her, this time with a ukaku, sending missiles from far away. Running away from the missiles Halla ran to the wall and jumped towards it and launching away, aiming for the investigator. She did a cartwheel in the end, landing her bikaku first as she slammed against the investigator. Backing off again from the heat of the battle, Halla panted a little. It had been so long since she had eaten the last time. The smell of blood of the humans already dead by the others was ah, so appealing, and yet, so nauseating. How disrespectful would it be if one would eat a fallen soldier?


But did ghouls even have any remorse, in the end?


So hungry. Now when the thought came into her mind, it started filling her head with it. Her kagugan shined more brightly and her bikaku's red markings turned darker red as bloodlust filled her mind. They're already dead, they won't miss an arm or two... Halla snarled at herself, trying to stop this madness. No way she'd let her hunger to deny every single philosophy she had just tried to explain and stand for. The battle raged on, Halla mostly dodging and kicking the investigators, refusing to kill a single one. Yet, her strength was already failing and her hunger was clawing at her stomach. Once again, she backed down, only to notice there was already a dead body next to her, the blood flowing from a stomach wound, their eyes blank and nothing-seeing. It was too much for the hungry and weakened ghoul. In the mad play of dying and surviving, Halla ate, red tears flowing beneath the mask.


[so dramatic. Much wow. Halla, you're a huge drama-queen.]

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"Sure. Don't die." Hayato noticed the Bikaku ghoul start eating the guy he had killed just now. She was saying things about fighting solely for self-defense and here she was eating someone. Well, didn't they all have to succumb to their hunger every month or so. He looked back at the whimpering rifle man but realized he wasn't there. Instead there were two not whimpering riflemen. Rifles pointed at the Bikaku.


"Shoot!" Someone cried, but before they could pull the trigger they felt a tap on their shoulder.


"Drop the gun or I'll kill you." They looked back and saw the white-haired kid.




"I'll repeat myself. Drop the gun or I'll kill you." They hurried to comply. Hayato walked off back to Halla.


"You should probably leave. Your ranking is going to rise up and you're going to get yourself killed. Staying around these guys increases the likeliness they're gonna open your front door one day and kill you. Firsthand experience." Hayato smiled sadly at the Bikaku.

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"Shoot!" a desperate cry came out and Halla lifted her head, seeing men taking aim at her before the fourth ghoul, the male with white hair, appeared behind them and said something to them in a low voice. After the men had scurried off in fear the white-haired male walked up to Halla.

"You should probably leave. Your ranking is going to rise up and you're going to get yourself killed. Staying around these guys increases the likeliness they're gonna open your front door one day and kill you. Firsthand experience." Halla nodded, numb, her mask slightly off since she had moved it to eat. Suddenly the smell of blood hit her nose and she realized it was everywhere - on her hands, face, clothes. The person who was next to her was now missing most of his insides.


Halla opened her mouth, about to say something, but then a group of investigators yelled in unison and attacked with an organized form, obviously enraged that their comrade had been eaten upon. With a swift move of a hand Halla moved the mask back on its place, her face blank from expression beneath it.

Why did I do it? Why, oh why, oh why?

Still trying to ignore the blood on her hands, Halla pirouetted and slashed with her tail towards the investigators, forcing them to back off. However, one had pushed on further than the others and Halla's tail hit her in the neck, and hard. An audible crack could be heard as the woman fell like a marionette whose strings had been cut off.



"Look out, she's dangerous!"

"Raise Arctic Fox's ranking momentarily to B!"

"Mimasuya is down!"

Dangerous? She? But not only a moment ago had she not told about her passive way of living, avoiding killing at all costs? What had gone wrong? Where had she gone wrong?


Looking at the now-limp body of the woman Halla let out a cry of despair as her knees gave out beneath her. She had killed that woman. With her own kagune and her hands still covered in the warm blood of the human. She turned to the lady, her look defeated and broken.

"Seems like I couldn't fight without killing."

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