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A World of Grey { accepting }

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「 悲劇 」

"they say it will be a tragedy . . . but surely, we were not born in a world so cruel . . . ?"


welcome to the show.

proceed to?

the reception [ here ]

the world

the information

the characters

the ooc - for image refs and questions!


[ r e c e p t i o n ]

"it's been a while. i thought you'd forgotten about me; but you couldn't have, right?

. . . right?"


welcome to a world that is exactly like ours. only . . . it has been destroyed. devastated. all humanity has disappeared, and in its place remains only sorrow and despair. it looks normal on the outside, but on the inside what little has been born is slowly shattering.

have you given up?


will you fight on?


even when all hope is lost?

i don't know.

then let us proceed with the tale.


who are you?

select one.

[ ghoul ]

[ ccg investigator ]

[ human ]




「 lost? 」

we are all lost.

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Welcome! This is A World of Grey, an RP based on the anime/manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. This RP will follow the mangaverse and may be subject to small changes as the Tokyo Ghoul:RE manga is still ongoing. I will try to update as fast as I can should we receive new information concerning the world of TG through :RE.


[ rules / resources ]

• No godmodding / mary sues. I'll touch more on this during the characters / character creation section, but please, we shouldn't have ten SSS level ghouls with a kakuja and double kagune.

• No gore. Try to keep all battle scenes and feeding PG-13. If anyone's interested in taking this RP to the next level battle/gore wise, we can continue through Skype or another site.

• Try to balance the amount of ghouls and investigators.

• Replies should be anywhere from ~four sentences to more. Please put at least some effort into an reply.

• You are allowed up to { four } characters. This rule may be subject to change in the future, and please just make as many as you feel you can handle.

• I am flexible with all of the rules save the first two--talk to me! (。´∀`)ノ

• I reserve the right to do special things should such an event call for it, but prolly won't happen tbh.

• If you feel like there's a way to make the RP more fun or successful, talk to me! I love people and am open to how we can better fit the TG world around this RP. (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

• If you're still confused about the world, the Tokyo Ghoul wiki is here. Feel free to PM me anytime; I can explain it in detail if you need me to!(*´▽`*)


[ the world ]


The Wards:

1st Ward: CCG Headquarters

2nd Ward:

3rd Ward:

4th Ward: Aogiri Tree Headquarters

5th Ward:

6th Ward: Anteiku

7th Ward:

8th Ward:

9th Ward: Ghoul Detention Centre


so you are a human, then?

"ghouls are humanity's natural enemy. so naturally, we must exterminate."

This is modern-day Tokyo, Japan, a bustling metropolis filled with human activity. Nothing has changed--everything seems to be peaceful, no? Only, that isn't the case. For centuries, a species known as ghouls has plagued humanity.

Ghouls are vile, hateful things. Born with a kagune, a fighting weapon designed especially to kill humans, they are a natural enemy, slaying many. And then? The unthinkable; they consume them as a lifesource.

Brave individuals have set out to fight against the ghouls which threaten humanity's existence. They are known as officers of the CCG; Commission of Counter Ghoul, a specialty police force of sorts that uses special weapons known as quinques to fight against the ghouls. The battle is neverending; there are ghouls that travel solo, there are ghouls that live together as a family, and there are ghouls that have formed powerful gangs as a way to destroy the CCG's efforts.

In order to placate the terror brought on by a possible ghoul attack, the country has been split up into many sections. Wards, they are known as. There are nine Wards in total, with different ghouls dominating each. Officers in employment of the CCG are known as investigators, fighting for all of humanity's survival and a brighter future.

Normal civilians also live within the Wards, and carry on their day-to-day lives, placing their trust in the investigators. Be warned! The penalty for helping a Ghoul is strict. Ghouls are the enemy. There will be no danger as long as you place your faith in the CCG's strict measures.

In the 9th Ward, where no humans reside, there is what is known as the Ghoul Detention Center [also known as Cochlea]. Cochlea is where captured ghouls will go when they are being kept alive for information or materials. While there, they are weakened by suppressants and kept under 24/7 security.


{ CGG }

The Commission of Counter Ghoul is a grand building located in the heart of Tokyo, where Investigators work day and night to make the country safe for citizens. It has branches in all the Wards and powerful connections worldwide, and is a linked community dedicated to the extermination of ghouls.


and if you are a ghoul?

"i didn't ask to be born like this."

For a ghoul, life within the Wards is a constant repeat of run, fight, eat. Run from the investigators, which ghouls call Doves, fight other ghouls who want your territory or your prey, and eat to survive. Even if you hate it, this is your lifestyle. There is no other hope for a ghoul. If you stop, you will be killed. If you stay, you will be killed. If you run, you will be killed.

Because of their harsh lifestyles, some ghouls have abandoned all morals and, instead, live a life of constant slaughter and wreckage. Thus, dangerous ghoul organizations have formed from the shadows, with the intent to take down investigators.

A ghoul looks exactly like a human, and would pass perfectly if not for their cursed birth. Most ghouls will attempt to live a human-like lifestyle; acting as a high school student, working a part-time job . . . anything to deter suspicion from humans and avoid drawing the attention of the merciless CCG. Some will even have families; little ghoul-children to love and protect. However, procreation between a human and a ghoul is very rare, if not impossible.


{ Aogiri Tree }

Aogiri Tree is a ghoul organization responsible for a number of attacks on CCG members throughout the Wards, though their main base of operation is the 4th Ward. An epicentre for powerful ghouls, they are known for being merciless and cruel even to other ghouls. They work under an ideology of ghouls being supreme above all, and wish to gain ultimate power by usurping the CCG and all humans. Often times they will track down powerful ghouls and attempt to recruit them.


{ Anteiku }

Anteiku, a lovely, small cafe located in the 6th Ward, seems on the outside a cheerful, bright place for students and workers alike to enjoy some coffee and snacks. However, it is actually a cafe run by peaceful ghouls, those who wish to live in peace with humans. They also help provide meals to ghouls who cannot hunt on their own, and help shelter those who are in need of a new 'family'.


what about a scientifically made hybrid?

"they could kill you any minute, you know."

In recent years, the CCG has begun a new experiment--by implanting a quinque into a normal human, they can make what is known as a quinx: humans with weapons built inside of them to fight off the ghouls. A quinx is not a ghoul--they can eat normal human food and work within the CCG to destroy the ghouls. The money given to those who volunteer to undergo the surgery is plenty, and they are offered a permanent position within the CCG's Quinx Squad.

However, if at any time a quinx would rebel or go berserk, they will be immediately killed. The CCG aims to end ghouls once and for all, not create more.

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[ information ]

table of contents

{ weapons }

• kagune: general information, rc cells, types, kakuja.

• quinque: general information, types

{ characters }

• humans: CCG Investigator, citizen

• ghouls: masks, ranks, groups

• quinx:


[ weapons ]

in the Tokyo Ghoul universe, there are two main weapons: the kagune, natural to the ghoul, and the quinque--a man-made weapon used to fight against ghouls.


{ kagune }

A kagune (shining child), is the predatory organ of a ghoul and known as "liquid muscle". It works as their weapon, manifesting from their RC cells when the kakuhou pierces through the skin. At will, a ghoul can command their kagune to harden or soften, and the kagune enhances the user's strength and speed depending on what type of kagune it is. Usually a blood red colour, the kagune is split into four different types, with a special type known as kakuja. Occasionally, mutations are known to appear.

{ rc cells }

RC Cells (Red Child cells) are cells that exist both in humans and ghouls. They usually flow just like blood, but can harden and become solid. Typically stored in the kakuhou, a kagune is formed of RC cells that have pierced the skin. RC cells contain nutrients that ghouls need and can only gain by eating humans or other ghouls.

An RC Factor is the measurement of RC cells in a being. The average human has a healthy RC factor of 200 to 500, while ghouls have twice as much, going anywhere from 1000 to 8000. If the RC factor rises too high in a normal human, they will develop ghoul traits and be unable to eat human food. Similarly, the quinx are able to eat human food as their RC factor is kept low. It is unknown what will happen to a ghoul if their RC factor drops.

{ kakuhou }

A kakuhou (shining wrap) is an organ only in ghouls that stores the RC cells in the body and allows the kagune to form. Depending on the location of the kakuhou, the ghoul's kagune will be a different type. A quinque can be built using the kakuhou of a ghoul, and stronger ghouls typically have more kakuhou, with the largest known amount being 6-8.

{ mutations }

Though very rare, it is possible for the child of two ghouls with different kagune types to inherit both kagune from their parents. Thus, a child can end up with, for example, both an ukaku and koukaku kagune, making them especially powerful. This is a rare occurrence, with only two known ghouls having it in the mangaverse: Hinami and Nutcracker.

{ kakuja }

A kakuja is a "transformed" ghoul that can sometimes happen when a ghoul repeatedly eats other ghouls, increasing their RC cell factor to an amount where the RC cells develop a high enough concentration to trigger a mutation. A kakuja takes the form of body armour, and amplifies the strength of a user. However, using a kakuja kagune is risky as the ghoul has a possibility of losing their mind while in kakuja state. It is possible to have both a kagune and a kakuja, as essentially the kakuja is an upgraded version of the kagune.

Some ghouls have only half completed the process, known as a Half-Kakuja. Their abilities are not as enhanced, and their armour is half complete.


Types of Kagune:


Ukaku {shining feather}: Released near the shoulders and spread out like feathers, ukaku users specialize in advanced speed and hard-hitting attacks. An ukaku can be crystalized to shoot projectiles, and ukaku users have a high chance of ending the battle quickly.

However, an ukaku kagune drains the RC cells quickly and an ukaku user's stamina will drain equally quickly, so if the battle is not over quick they are at a disadvantage.

Ukaku users are strong against the bikaku, but weak to the Koukaku, who are able to guard and wait a battle out.


Koukaku {shining shell}: Released beneath the shoulder blades, a koukaku kagune is heavy and dense. They can be shaped as drills, hammers, swords, or other heavy melee weapons, though a koukaku is most suited for defense.

The kagune is hard to wield and due to its size, koukaku users are the slowest. Strong against the ukaku, the koukaku is weak to the rinkaku's powerful strength.


Rinkaku {shining scales}: Released near the waist, rinkaku kagune take the appearance of tentacles. The rinkaku is best suited for brute strength, giving its user fast regenerative abilities. Its only flaw is that the RC cells of a rinkaku easily bind together to help heal faster, but due to the fact the cells are more like liquids, a rinkaku will break very easily. They are strong against the slow koukaku, but weak to the hard-hitting bikaku that can easily break their kagune.


Bikaku {shining tail}: A bikaku has a tail-like appearance, being released near the tailbone. The bikaku is treated as a well-rounded kagune, naming it the "trump card" for many ghouls. A bikaku is strong against the rinkaku, yet weak against the ukaku's fast hits.

Bikaku kagune are more preferred by CCG investigators due to their balanced characteristics.


{ quinques }

A quinque is a weapon made from the kakuhou organ of a ghoul, harvested from them to form a solid weapon that still retains some of the original kagune look. A quinque can be shaped in any way, but once made they retain that shape and cannot be changed as a ghoul's kagune. In rare cases, a quinque can be two combined kagunes; such as a rinkaku and bikaku.

Quinques are edible for ghouls, being made of RC cells, and there is even armour quinque made from kakuja ghouls. Ghoul investigators transport their quinques in suitcases or bags, activating them by sending a shock of electricity through to simulate the kakuhou and release the kagune.

Quinques are typically named after the ghoul it was made from, or a name that the wielder chooses. They also go by the same four-kagune system as normal kagune. They can also be split into parts and named accordingly; one such example is Scorpion 1/56, named as it takes the form of 56 knives, or Yukimura 1/3, which consists of three swords.




[ humans ]

There are two paths you can walk as a human, as well as the option of becoming a Quinx.


{ CCG investigator }

To become a CCG investigator, you will start training at the Ghoul Countermeasures Training Office, where you will learn about ghouls and how to battle them. After you have graduated from the Training Office, you can become one of two things: a Ghoul Investigator or a Bureau Investigator.

{ ghoul investigator }

A ghoul investigator is an officer employed at the main CCG office, the ones that carry out actual inspections and capture or kill ghouls. Many ghoul investigators tend to be prejudiced against ghouls, some even carrying a personal grudge. Ghoul investigators start out as Rank 3, and can be promoted if shown efficiency in missions and combat. They are the only ones permitted to carry quinque. Ghoul investigators are often paired together in twos, and very rarely does anyone work solo.

{ bureau investigator }

A bureau investigator deals with paperwork and acts as backup in case of emergency. They are mostly employed in the CCG's branch officers, and are only equipped with firearms and other small weapons. A bureau investigator starts out as Rank 3.

List of Investigator Ranks (from highest to lowest):


Special Class Investigator

Associate Special Class Investigator

First-Class Investigator

Rank 1 Investigator

Rank 2 Investigator

Rank 3 Investigator


{ citizen }

A normal human going about life in the Wards.


[ ghouls ]


A ghoul is a species that must eat either humans or its own kind to survive. Physically, a ghoul looks the exact same as any normal human--which makes it all the harder to identify a ghoul. They share the same appearance, intelligence, and lifestyle as humans, though ghouls are physically stronger and able to regenerate almost anything lost as long as they are full. Normal attacks will not harm a ghoul; only hits from a kagune or quinque can pierce their skin.

Feeding wise, a ghoul can only drink water and coffee. If they eat human food, they are filled with an urge to throw up and become physically weakened. Thankfully, a ghoul only needs to eat once every one or two months, though they do become weaker as they get more hungry. Some ghouls choose to eat almost daily just for the fun of it; however, this places them in a higher chance of being caught by the CCG.

Reproduction wise, ghouls can only reproduce with other ghouls, with a natural human/ghoul hybrid being extremely difficult to create. If the ghoul was the mother, her body would mistake the half human child as nutrients and eat it (ghoul children form a special coating to protect them), and if the mother was a human, then the baby wouldn't get enough RC cell nutrients while in the womb and die. The only way for a human mother to preserve her baby would be to consume human flesh as well, and in all of the mangaverse there has been only one natural made human/ghoul hybrid.

Human/ghoul hybrids can also be made scientifically, by implanting a ghoul's kakuhou onto a human. This procedure is forbidden, however. Human/ghouls have only one eye that is in kakugan state, their other eye staying normal, and are also shown to be more powerful than the average ghoul, known throughout as One-Eyed Ghouls.

{ kakugan }

A kakugan (shining eye) is what distinguishes a ghoul from a human; the pupil will turn red, and the sclera black. A ghoul can enter this state willingly, though a kakugan can also occur if the ghoul is excited or in danger, extremely hungry, or when using their kagune.

{ masks, names, ranks }

When hunting or in battle, ghouls will wear masks so CCG inspectors can't see their real face. A ghoul is usually given a nickname either based on the form of their kagune or their mask, and also given a rating depending on how dangerous they are.

Ghoul Ratings (from most dangerous to least):

SSS - unknown, extremely rare / dangerous

SS - compared to multiple special class investigators

S - compared to a associate special class investigator

A - compared to a first class investigator

B - compared to a rank 1, 2, 3

C - compared to a rank 1, 2, 3


[ quinx ]


A quinx is a human inserted with a modified quinque in their body. They can be mistaken for half-ghouls and ghouls; however, a quinx has only one kakugan and the sclera is grey instead of black. Quinx can also eat human foods provided their RC cell factors are kept low enough (below 1000), though it is shown that eating human flesh will increase the ability of the quinx.

Quinx are made by coating the kakuhou of a ghoul in special quinque metal, then implanting it into the body of a human. Quinx have a heightened sense of smell, hearing, and healing ability, but do not have the strength, speed, and endurance of ghouls. Quinx are paid money to undergo the surgery and spend the rest of their life working as a weapon for the CCG, and are equipped with a quinque and only allowed to used their kagune in dire situations. They are also placed in a squad known as the Quinx Squad.


Quinx Squad

3/6 spots filled

leader: Esko Skarsgard

- Kazuya Watanabe

- Kira Natsu




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[ characters / creation sheets ]


{ sheets }

accepting!! post your sheets either in the ooc or pm them directly to me (๑>ᴗ<๑)


For humans:


[I]character name:[/I]
[I]history: [/I]

{ for CCG only }
[I]partner:[/I] [ can put n/a or find at a later date; most investigators do work in pairs ]
{ for ghoul investigators only } 
[I]quinque name:[/I]
[I]quinque type:[/I]
[I]quinque appearance:[/I]
[I]other: [/I]


For ghouls:

[I]username: [/I]

[I]character name: [/I]

[I]kagune type:[/I] [ one-eyed ghouls are playable as well! ] 
[I]kagune appearance:[/I]
[I]other: [/I] [ kakuja, special features, etc etc ]

[I]occupation: [/I]
[I]affiliation (if any):[/I]


For quinx:


[I]character name:[/I]

[I]squad:[/I] Quinx Squad
[I]rank: [/I]

[I]kagune type:[/I]
[I]kagune appearance:[/I]
[I]RC factor: [/I]

[I]quinque name: [/I]
[I]quinque type:[/I]
[I]quinque appearance:[/I]


{ accepted characters }


username:  XiaoChibi


character name: An Hoang (黃安怡), school name: Kazuko Suzuki (鈴木 和子)

gender: Female

age: 15 1/2

appearance: She has black hair cut into a bob and a ribbon hair clip holds part of her hair back and brown eyes. She enjoys wearing dresses, and wears a hoodie to keep herself warm. An usually wears a red scarf around her neck. She is also of average height.

personality: An is quiet and relies on her impulses. She's also sensitive and has a sense of pride. When necessary, An doesn’t mind taking leadership roles and wishes to change Vermilion from the inside.

history: An was born in Vietnam to two ghouls of Chinese descent (father Ukaku, mother Koukaku) and her family later moved to Nanning, Guangxi in mainland China when she was a baby. Her family lived in Nanning for four years, until ghoul investigators began eliminating ghouls from Chi She Lian, a Chinese ghoul organization her parents joined. The organization was mostly wiped out and took the life of An's father and older sister; the survivors fled Nanning and An's mother decided to take An to Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo, An attended school while her mother worked in a supermarket. When An was 12, her mother was killed by a CCG investigator when she was hunting for food. Out of anger, An tracked down the investigator and killed them out of vengeance. Since then, An joined a ghoul organization named Vermilion when she was 13 for protection after she was approached by one of the members. In the organization, she serves as an information gatherer and analyst due to her human lifestyle. An is currently trying to create a balance between her school and ghoul life.

other: An enjoys sparring and sports; she frequently runs and swims. She also likes to make conversations when she fights. An is also fluent in Mandarin and has a habit of cracking her neck. As of now, An would like to find the investigator that killed her father and sibling, although that itself would be a challenge.


kagune type: Koukaku

kagune appearance: Her kagune consists of 4 red ribbon-like appendages that serve as both offensive and defensive power. An usually forms the appendages into spears that wrap around her arms and can change the shape into a shield when necessary.

other: An wouldn’t mind cannibalizing other ghouls, although she is worried about the rumors she heard in Vermilion about going kakuja and would prefer to not suffer the way kakuja users do. Due to the heaviness of her kagune, An tries to compensate by doing weight training, although she isn’t sure how helpful that would be.


occupation: Student

affiliation (if any): A ghoul organization (Vermilion)

mask: Her mask resembles the face of a 石獅 (Chinese lion)

alias: Lion

rating: A

username: XiaoChibi


character name: Kou Nakamura (中村 光)

gender: Male

age: 19

appearance: Kou has messy grey hair that he gels back during missions. He has amber eyes and is usually seen wearing headphones or tapping his fingers to a beat. Kou’s CCG uniform consists of a white dress shirt, striped tie, white pants, and a slate grey trench coat.

personality: As a child, Kou had a bubbly personality and was eager to please his parents and sibling. However, after his parents’ death, Kou became quieter and refused to speak at times. When his brother died, Kou decided to undergo a quest for more power and became more apathetic to his surroundings. As an investigator, he is hungry for power to fuel his goals and has a slight god complex.

history: Kou was born to a family of musicians. His father was a cellist, his mother a pianist, and Kou’s older brother played the violin. As a child, Kou’s mother taught him how to play the piano. By the time he was 8, Kou preformed in competitions and played duets with his brother. When Kou was 10, his parents were kidnapped by ghouls from the local concert hall and were trafficked as meals. After the loss of his parents, Kou and Yoshiaki were placed under the care of the CCG. Yoshiaki was placed in the CCG academy, and Kou later in the Junior Academy. Yoshiaki later rose through the Investigator ranks, but died in the line of duty when he was 21, and Kou was a teen in the CCG academy. When Kou graduated, he received his brother’s quinque, Edelweiss.

other: Kou hasn’t played the piano since his brother’s death. He also has frequent nightmares and tends to pepper his sentences with musical terms.

occupation: CCG Investigator

{ for CCG only }

rank: Rank 1

partner: hmu peeps :v

{ for ghoul investigators only }

quinque name: Edelweiss

quinque type: Rinkaku

quinque appearance: Edelweiss is a silver guandao with gold accents. Depending on the situation, Kou can extend or detract the blade and staff.

other: Kou likes to tie a red tassel and bell to the blade of his quinque. Edelweiss’s previous owner was Yoshiaki Nakamura.


username: Lady_Lunevis


character name: Amaris Fujimoto (アマリス 藤本)

gender: Female

age: 17

appearance: She has medium length, straight brown hair to about her chest, and blue eyes, being about 167 cm (5'6").

personality: Haughty and distant, Amaris emits a 'devil-may-care' attitude that makes her very hard to get along with. She is also dominant and ambitious, wanting nothing but the world in her hands. Vain and proud, Amaris would never willingly admit to faults unless extreme circumstances made it so.

history: Amaris was born to a Japanese father (Bikaku), and French mother (Rinkaku) in Tokyo. At birth, her father left the two for reasons unknown, and her desperate mother moved to France in order to avoid suspicion. There, Amaris was raised by her single mother, who was constantly stressed with working as a single parent and not being found out as a ghoul. Thus, Amaris moved around a lot as a child and is fluent in French, with some knowledge of other languages due to their constant shifting. Due to the fact Amaris never had any close friends, her mother spoiled her rotten and would constantly compliment the girl, which resulted in Amaris being rather vain. At the age of 14, she became disgusted with her mother's cowardice and began acting out, which resulted in a search of their house and the elimination of her mother while she was at school. Amaris was forced to flee with a sense of guilt that she didn't quite know what to do with, and the girl spent the next three years of her life travelling, working, and killing investigators for vengeance until she finally had enough to come to Tokyo and support a lifestyle in search of the father she never knew.

other: Currently, she is struggling a bit in a foreign country but too proud to ask for help. Amaris has no idea who her father is, him never having been mentioned.


kagune type: Rinkaku

kagune appearance: It takes the form of long, whiplike appendages that are thick at the base and eventually spread out to become thin, lashing branches. Amaris can summon up to five of these tentacles, but due to their fragile structure they can break quite easily.

other: Her battle style focuses mainly on 'kill them before they kill you' and she has little regard for defensive tactics.

She's heard of kakuja and wants to achieve such a thing, but is finding it hard to consume enough ghouls.


occupation: Student, part time worker at a store

affiliation (if any): None at the moment

mask: Her mask takes the shape of a mardi gras mask that covers only her eyes in elaborate design and shades of white and black, with the right side branching out to curve the side of her face.

alias: Marquise

rating: A

username: Lady_Lunevis


character name: Kazuya Watanabe (渡辺 和也)

gender: Male

age: 19

appearance: He has dyed light pink hair that reaches his neck, and brown eyes. He is 185 cm (6'1"). He has his family crest tattooed on his back and various other little things all around his body, such as quotes from his sister's favourite books or designs he and his brothers found cool. He also has his doubles and helix pierced in one ear and his triples in the other--originally, he had triples in both, but after a training session gone wrong in which an earring was painfully torn out, Kazuya declared he was done with piercings and moved onto dye instead, much to the dismay of his parents.

personality: Laidback and carefree, Kazuya considers himself an 'unique gift' and enjoys light banter and sleeping. Rarely will he do anything that takes considerate effort unless it's serious, and although he's very loyal to his friends and family he's initially wary of strangers. Kazuya is willing to do whatever it takes to kill the ghouls so they do not harm his family.

history: Kazuya had a fairly normal childhood, his parents both working for the CCG. Due to the fact they were frequently busy with work, he was mainly raised by his older sister  and twin brothers, all of whom he adored. When his siblings came of age, they all took a job in the CCG as a ghoul investigators after being pressured by their parents to 'serve the nation', his family from a long line of trustworthy ghoul investigators that succeeded in many missions and lost triple the number of family members. Being the youngest of the family, his parents expected Kazuya to do the same, but, worried that his siblings may be in danger, Kazuya opted to have the Quinx surgery done so he could protect his family.

other: He likes to dye his hair interesting colours every year or so. Last year it was dark blue; this year, he's going with a pastel pink.


squad: Quinx Squad

rank: Rank 3 Investigator


kagune type: Ukaku

kagune appearance: Kazuya's Ukaku looks like the wings of a hummingbird; layered and delicate, pointing upwards in a triangle pattern. He is capable of firing small projectiles that he likes to call 'feathers' for dramatic flair.

RC factor: 874

other: He prefers speed over might in battle.


quinque name: Baumgaertner 1/7

quinque type: Bikaku

quinque appearance: Seven daggers shaped into pointed ends, there are two that are bigger for close-handed combat and five little ones Kazuya can throw around if need be. Currently he can really only use two because his aim is horrible i can't believe this



username: Lady_Lunevis


character name: Lucianne Elaine Lennox

gender: Female

age: 25

appearance: Lucianne has the looks of a classic English rose, with blonde hair cropped to her shoulders and wide blue eyes. She has a slender, heart-shaped face and a narrow nose, giving her a mystical, yet almost unapproachable air. Usually, her lips are pressed tightly together or frowning downwards in disappointment, and her stare can be quite deadly if focused on a person. Due to her training as an expert officer of the CCG, Lucianne is heavier and more toned than most. She takes very good care of her body and her hair, going to a hairstylist every month to make sure her hair is neat and will not get in the way of battle.

Due to a life threatening battle between her and a highly skilled ukaku ghoul--resulting in the creation of her quinque, Ouroboros XIC--Lucianne bears scars down the majority of her stomach and back, and as such will not eagerly reveal skin.

personality: Lucianne, though she may have an innocent, sweet air about her, can be very hard to deal with. For one, she is rather narrowminded, disliking piercings, tattoos, or anything considered even mildly scandalous. She has a strong will and refuses to bend on her morals, being very strict and forceful. Though these qualities have helped her rise to the top, it has also gained her a reputation for being a difficult person to work with even with her high success rate. Lucianne also places work above anything; she will sacrifice relationships, resources, and even human lives to complete a task. Known as ruthless, but also calculating and intelligent, her work in England has brought her quite the name for exterminating many famous ghouls.

However, her success has also made her unapproachable--though not vain per se, Lucianne is very vocal about her opinions and is completely against the concept of Quinx, seeing them as nothing but dangers to society and filth rivalling ghouls. She looks down on those who have to lower themselves to fighting with kagune in order to battle against ghouls, and has voiced her opinion more than once to CCG headquarters about the extinction of Quinx to protect tradition and the honour of the glorious CCG.

Lucianne has a very calculating, cold standpoint, and will not let grief get in the way of her work. For her, the job and extermination of ghouls come before all, and she will not let petty emotions disturb her ultimate goal. She resents both people who slack off and don’t take their job seriously, jokesters, and, surprisingly, those who resemble her. She has an almost obsessive fascination with ghouls, and her reason for wanting to wipe them from the face of the earth drives her urge to be the best. As she has not suffered any personal losses or connections to ghouls, she seems them simply as scum, nothing more, nothing less.

history: A rags-to-riches story, Lucianne worked her way to the top from nothing. Born in Lancaster, England, she was raised in a relatively peaceful neighbourhood, going to a good school and taught to be the proper lady. Ambitious from birth, she was always at the top of her class in school and her parents were very proud, constantly praising her progress as one of the best students the country had to offer.Influenced by society around her, Lucianne grew up believing ghouls were scum of the Earth. She saw how people lived their lives in fear from these creatures, and vowed to exterminate them all after seeing the honour famed CCG investigators were bestowed.

When she was 14, to the dismay of her parents, she packed up her items and enrolled in CCG academy, moving across the country to further her studies. Since then, she has grown distant from her parents and never calls or visits them. Upon becoming a high-ranking officer in the CCG, she has since then been called to Japan to investigate recent cases.

other: Lucianne only speaks English, with a very limited understanding of Japanese. Thus, she requires a guide and translator, but she does not intend to let that hinder her prowess in battle.

She has quite the reputation for having numerous partners through her time in the CCG, due to either her or them eventually filing for a change when they find the other unbearable.



{ for CCG only }

rank: First Class

partner: n/a

{ for ghoul investigators only }

quinque name: Hyperion,Ouroboros XIC

quinque type: Koukaku, Ukaku/Rinkaku

quinque appearance: Hyperion is the quinque that Lucianne uses most often, and it takes the shape of a large battle axe, derived from the kagune of a koukaku ghoul. Lucianne does not have much attachment to this quinque and sees it as nothing but a weapon. Because of this, Hyperion is scarred and battle-damaged from Lucianne’s many battles.

Her second quinque, Ouroboros XIC, Lucianne will only use if she meets a formable opponent. Ouroboros is the child of two ghouls, an ukaku and a rinkaku, that she personally hunted, forged into one deadly weapon. It takes the shape of two dual blades connected by a chain, capable of summoning bursts of lightning. Ouroboros is Lucianne’s pride and joy, an unique quinque unlike any other that she personally secured.

other: Lucianne keeps a log of ghouls she’s killed over the years, and recordings can be found in her journals.


username: Esko_the_Wolf


character name: Rin Suzuki (her human code name, real name is not known)

gender: Female

age: 15

appearance: Rin has long and messy brown hair, which she often keeps in an also messy ponytail. She often wears a dark jacket over a plain shirt and jeans with tiny tears in them. She has a slight tan, and bright green eyes, like the lush leaves of a tree in summertime. When going ghoul, her eyes turn a fiery red

personality: She is passionate, violent, and impulsive, not to mention a stubborn meathead. She tends to rush into the fight without a plan, and it is surprising she has not gotten herself killed yet. She CAN think twice, but that is rare. It has to be REAL serious and she has to feel like it is to think twice or thrice. For example; hiding her identity as a ghoul from the human race. Due to her dark and mostly unmentioned past, she can sometimes slip into depression, and desire a shoulder to lean on, but she does not show this for fear of looking weak. She wants to be strong, and look stronger then she is.

history: She has always been a killer, from the time her kagune was created to the present. She was subtle about it, and ate more already dead bodies then her own kill. However, if she found a CCG officer wandering around, she would not hesitate if it was 1) feeding time, and 2) possible.

other: Shouldn't the Other section be at the very end of the sheet?


kagune type: Koukaku (I think)

kagune appearance: A giant scythe. A huge, black one, like obsidian

other: urm....nope. She won't eat her kin


occupation: Disguised as a schoolkid

affiliation (if any): um........................school?

mask: A pitch black dergun mask

alias: nada

rating: C-B

username: Esko_the_Wolf


character name: Esko Skarsgard

gender: Male

age: 16

appearance: He has messy black hair, and no matter how much he tries to groom it, he can never get it neat, giving it a semi spiky appearance. He wears a plain t-shirt and jeans, and a cloak over that. His eyes are a deep sea blue, and they are often cold and hard, showing little emotion. His build is a bit stocky, though he is still plenty skinny. He often stands tall, though if he is in a terrible emotional state, he is unable to hide it through a proud stance. He cannot hide his emotions, basically

personality: He is often blunt, cold, and calculating, able to keep his head through most situations. He is a man of strategy; he will not fight without some sort of plan. However, he might panic if things get out of hand and the situation falls into complete chaos. If he panics, he PANICS, and he is not helpful AT ALL to his squad mates.

history: He was not from Japan at all; he was from another country somewhere. When he arrived with his parents, they barely had any money, and were risking poverty. However, they saw the quinx surgery offer and it lead to some family discussion. His parents argued over which one of the two would do it, when Esko himself took the offer. They were surprised by this, but respected his decision. He would get to help humanity and his family. So, now he is a quinx.

other: (._.)


squad: Quinx Squad

rank: Either rank 2 or 1


kagune type: Ukaku

kagune appearance: His left wing is black, his white is right. They not only act as swift blades, but as projectile launchers, shooting fast blade like feathers at the target

RC factor: 859

other: Waf


quinque name: Wolf 1/2

quinque type: A dagger that can split into two daggers.

quinque appearance: They look like normal daggers with a bit of shiny flair

other: They feel might lighter then normal daggers, allowing for faster movement


username: Gildraug


character name: Halla Östberg (HAL-La OES-berj)

gender: Female / Genderqueer

age: 17

appearance: Very tall, about 178cm (5'10"). Has light skin with lots of light freckles across it, especially on her arms and nose. She has a undercut and likes to keep her hair messy. She had dyed some of her hair dark brown and then bleached the rest. Halla has green eyes with yellow in them and her eyebrow game is very strong (and wild) without an effort. She wears loose, comfy clothes of which most are bought from the men's side. A huge XXL beige hoodie with a white t-shirt and black, snugly fitting jeans are her trademarks. And don't forget the black-and white scarf! Halla has two piercing on both ears, in which she has circular rings attached to. Halla also has eyeglasses, but usually wears them on top of her head, since her sight isn't that bad.

personality: Halla is warmly enthusiastic and imaginative and sees life as full of possibilities, doing her best to ignore the fact she's a ghoul. She's somewhat of a nerd and likes to study a lot, but remembers to take breaks and have fun with her friends - of whom most are guys. Halla is very flexible, but if you push her to the limits she will snap like a stretched rubber band and hit you with all her force. Whenever Halla "allows her ghoul to come out", she becomes a lot colder and analytic, relying more on her intuition rather than emotions.

history: Keep your head down and keep quiet. This was the lifestyle Halla's parents - her Swedish father and Japanese mother - drilled into her mind ever since Halla was a child. This was exactly what she has done, living a normal life as well as she could. Eating was done about twice a month and even then her father would try to look for already dead bodies. If he did not find some, Halla's mother went hunting, as her father never had the heart for it. Halla's mother was a fiercer ghoul than her father, but they created a balanced pair and loved each other very much. In school, Halla never had troubles getting friends - although the food difference created some embarrassing moments - and in general, has had a very wonderful childhood. Once, however, as Halla and her family were coming home from a play, her mother smelled the CCG investigators. Thanks to her quick reaction time, they were able to escape, but were forced to split up. Without a back-up plan, Halla was lost in Tokyo for weeks, living in the shadows and trying to find her parents. During this time, when she was ten, she killed her first human in her hunger. A few days later, her parents found her - nobody was hurt, although they all had been shaken by the event and had to start their life anew in a different Ward.

other: Because of her peaceful style, Halla has been pretty off-touch with other ghouls. She, however, doesn't have any major disagreements or rivalry with any.


kagune type: Bikaku

kagune appearance: Ghostly white with a blood-red tip and some stripes; very alike to a fox's tail. Halla has a slightly thinner Bikaku than most, but it has more length to it.

other: The blood-red markings pulse with her heartbeat (aesthetics, man)


occupation: Student / Works at a local library on her free time as a volunteer

affiliation (if any): -

mask: Image There is also a pair of long ears coming from the mask.

alias: Arctic Fox

rating: C so far, but CCG has started considering making her a B


username: Gildraug


character name: Ueno Chiaki (Chiaki is her first name)

gender: Female (trans*)

age: 19

appearance: Stands 5'5" tall and has long, dark hair with bleached tips. Chiaki usually keeps her hair in a messy bun up on her head. She has dark hipster-style glasses with imbedded gems on the side, giving a little flashy edge to her face. Her eyes are dark brown and she has a dark red birthmark on her right side of the face, a memory of an accident which happened when she was young.

personality: Chiaki is quite loud and obnoxious. However, under her happy-go-lucky personality she's actually quite self-conscious and quiet. Chiaki prefers to spend time alone and fears parties or gatherings with many people. She is a coward at times and might put herself first before others, only to hate herself afterwards for doing so. Chiaki does her best to improve her skills and takes drawbacks seriously.

history: Imagine a childhood where you always had to be afraid. Every day, you hear from the radio or the TV of another ghoul attack, no matter even if your parents turn the volume down and tell you to ignore such news. Her whole childhood Chiaki held this deep-rooted fear for ghouls and shared this fear with her friends, who made fun of it. One day, they dared her to go into a forest close-by where they thought a ghoul was living. For their bad luck, there actually did live a mad ghoul.

Chiaki survived with a burned face. Her friends were not so lucky.

She did not only have to deal with the post-traumatic affects of the event, but she also had started to wonder was she the real gender. At that time, Chiaki was still Tetsuo, and her parents addressed her as a 'him'. Her parents weren't very supportive on her decision of changing her name or pronouns, but she managed to explain how she felt - she simply wasn't a guy, try as she might.

Chiaki's hatred for ghouls grew after every news she heard. One day in school while eating lunch she realized this hatred was driving her mad. She had to do something. That was when she applied to the CCG's training program and requested to join them.

other: If you accidentally misgender her she might snap at you. And hard. Simply because of bad memories.


occupation: Student / works at a local flower shop.

{ for CCG only }

rank: 2

partner: [ can go with anyone (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧]

{ for ghoul investigators only }

quinque name:Ikuchi

quinque type: Bikaku (I'm sorry I just love bikakus there are too little of them :'D)

quinque appearance: Scaly black bikaku which extends from a guard made of quinque metal. Chiaki swings this around like a whip. The scales of the bikaku are extremely sharp and if she presses a button they extend outwards and can slash deep. The edges are deep dark red. Chiaki has yet to master Ikuchi, but is quite skillful with it.

other: She's a poor leader but a good team worker. If you tell her what to do she'll do it but she has troubles of making up plans out from the air.


username: Coryn02


character name: Katsuro (he can't remember his last name anymore)

gender: Male

age: 15 (rough estimate; birth date unknown)


appearance: Katsuro's lived out on the streets for his entire life, so he looks a bit disheveled to say the least. He has untidy light brown hair and brown eyes that contain just a hint of green. His eyes are different from those of most Ghouls because his eyes remain as kakugan unless he wills them to become normal. Katsuro usually looks like he is in deep concentration, as he spends much of his time during the day stalking his prey. He has a slim build, and is a bit malnourished (not every hunt is successful, after all). His clothing is generally stolen from his victims, as he won't risk stealing from a human shop. Katsuro's current set of clothing is a pair of sweatpants and a gray t-shirt. Katsuro rarely washes his hands between meals, which tend to be stained red up to his wrists almost all the time. He also doesn't wear socks or shoes, as they tend to break under all the stress his travels induce.


personality: Katsuro finds few reasons to interact with others. To humans, he is a homeless teenager roaming the streets (not that they see him much). To other ghouls, he is the filthy rat who keeps trying to steal their meat. He usually avoids talking to himself on a hunt as well, to prevent his prey from hearing him. His primary concern above all others is to survive. This means finding something to eat every two weeks or so and finding somewhere to sleep every night. Katsuro didn't even get his mask by request, as he stole it from the ghoul he killed out of self-defense. He is ruthless and cunning, and will do anything to keep himself alive and out of trouble. While he will always relish in the feast a successful hunt provides, he doesn't torture his victims while they are alive. Instead, he kills them quickly and eats them someplace quiet. He is very methodical and doesn't fool around. Towards other ghouls he is either indifferent or aggressive, depending on the circumstances. He does enjoy watching the humans go about their daily lives, as he finds what they do to be interesting but strange. Katsuro doesn't regret anything about his life because there's nothing to regret: He was just born in a different light. He regards other Ghouls as competition, humans as food and distractions, and Doves as dangerous monsters (he hasn't encountered or heard about a Quinx yet).


history: Katsuro doesn't remember a lot about his past because he was so young when his life changed. He vaguely recalls having parents and living in a stable household where his parents taught him how to harness his kagune for when he would have to hunt on his own. One day, they had both disappeared and the CCG were after him. Katsuro somehow managed to escape them, and he wandered the streets of Japan alone. Eventually starvation set in and he made his first kill; a poor man walking outside alone at night. After he realized why he killed that man, Katsuro started to figure out how he would live his life. Since then, he has killed dozens of people for food, though he will often surrender any kills he makes to others because he can't let himself get injured. Katsuro is a vagabond in every sense of the word, making as few ties to humanity as possible. He sleeps in, on or near abandoned areas and kills with as little noise as possible, to avoid attracting attention. He most often lives on the rooftops of buildings in the Tokyo districts, to avoid attention. He doesn't really have a specific district of Tokyo to call home, because he is always on the move to find new prey and keep the Doves off his trail.


kagune type: Dual -  Ukaku/Bikaku

kagune appearance: Katsuro's bikaku kagune is his preferred weapon most of the time. It is a smooth, thick deep pink tail with visible veins that tapers to a pointed blade covered in reverse thorns. This makes Katsuro not only a capable defender, but it also provides a convenient way to transport his prey (the barbs prevent the corps from sliding off, provided force is not employed). The kagune also has some torture potential, but Katsuro doesn't really do that sort of thing to his prey.

Katsuro also has a ukaku kagune, which he seldom uses in battle unless it is against a particularly difficult opponent. It is peculiar in that its kakuhou are all located inside his arms; when active, the "feathers" splay out from under his arms. Since he spends so much time in high locations, he uses the gliding capabilities it offers to stay out of the CCG's radar. In combat, he will usually opt for a ranged barrage with feathers launched from his upper arm, though sometimes he will use a short blade to add damage to his close combat attacks (usually simple punches and kicks). The ukaku is a lighter shade of pink than the bikaku.

other: Katsuro has killed and eaten a fellow ghoul before, but he hasn't eaten nearly enough to start growing kakuja armor (he has no idea what it is). He is also functionally illiterate due to focusing on where his next meal will come from more than anything else. This means that while he can read and write, he can't do so well enough to be on par with an educated person his age.


occupation: Not applicable

affiliation (if any): Katsuro doesn't associate with anyone if he can help it, even among ghouls.

mask: Katsuro stole his mask from the only ghoul he has ever killed. The mask itself is a homemade full-face mask, striped diagonally from top left to bottom right (from the perspective of the person looking at the mask) with thick orange and black bands and a zig-zag line across the mouth in a crude depiction of teeth. He rarely, if ever, removes it.

alias: Katsuro is referred to by the CCG as « Hunter », because of his tendency to kill his prey in a very regular and predictable way that suggests expertise, and also because his mask is clearly designed to reflect a tiger's coat pattern.

rating: Katsuro has killed several CCG members over the years, and as such is considered very dangerous. He has shown a preference to flee the scene instead of fighting back, and wasn't considered as much of a threat as he could be in the past. He is on a fairly high priority for capture now, both because he has survived multiple CCG investigators attacks and has been consistently hunting humans for the duration of the CCG's interest in him. He has recently become a B-rank.


username: Coryn02


character name: Atsuya Wakahisa

gender: Male

age: 22

appearance: Atsuya has a handsome appearance, with a small nose, medium-brown eyes, and black hair with a few gray strands interspersed. His eyes always have a bright quality that gives the impression that he's fascinated by everything around him. Atsuya has a thin build that makes him unsuited to combat due to his lack of muscle. His posture is usually a bit slouched over, making him seem a couple of inches shorter than he really is. He is generally dressed in a labcoat when at the laboratory, in business attire when at a formal event, and casual jeans and long-sleeved shirts otherwise. He also wears round glasses, which give him an erudite look.

personality: Atsuya has a deep and insatiable thirst for knowledge, almost childlike in this respect. He will go out of his way to find out whatever he wants to know. In particular, Atsuya wishes to use his knowledge for the good of other people, and his will to help others also comes across as juvenile and naive. Atsuya is a strong believer in teamwork, and sometimes gets confused as to why others would try to oppose him if they work toward a common goal. He is nonetheless a dedicated, diligent, and capable worker who takes every aspect of his job seriously. He does prefer to err on the side of caution if something is at risk, and will especially avoid harming other people to succeed.

history: Atsuya grew up in a family of four, raised by two doting parents and two older sisters, Yumiko and Haru. He lived next to a library during his early years, which led to a love of books that his parents encouraged. It was only later in his years that Atsuya became convinced that knowledge was only worth knowing if it was to be shared and used. When ghoul activity began to rise in Japan, he decided that he was going to dedicate his life to understanding more about ghouls so that nobody else would be killed by them. Once he finished high school, he went to the CCG's Ghoul Investigator Training Academy. While he performed at least above the average in all his courses, he was most keen in the design, operation, and manufacture of quinque. Instead of becoming a normal Ghoul Investigator like his fellow classmates, his Ghoul Biology professor sent a referral letter to the head researcher over at the Laboratory Division in the first ward. Atsuya jumped at the offer he was sent, and was hired on as an aide where he works to create more efficient, durable, and effective quinque for the Ghoul Investigators fighting on the front lines.

occupation: Commission for Counter-Ghoul Investigator (Research Department)

rank: Rank 2 Investigator

partner: While he is an aide in the research department, Atsuya doesn't currently have a field partner.

quinque name: Vicegrip

quinque type: Koukaku

quinque appearance: Vicegrip is a bulky-looking black quinque that looks like a segmented whip. While it does have some use in lashing, its true function is in the four claw-like protrusions at the end of its length. When Vicegrip is drawn back with enough force, it will snap shut with enough force to prevent removal. It was designed with ghoul capture in mind, meant to only immobilize a ghoul or its kagune long enough to prevent escape so it could be forced to submit alive. It also has a manual disengage mechanism in the grip, in case Atsuya needs to free his quinque quickly.

other: Atsuya's quinque was made chiefly by himself in cooperation with the rest of the Research Department. Atsuya is a very good son, and he makes a point of calling his parents every weekend and on special occasions. While he would never admit it to anyone else, Atsuya doesn't like the idea that ghouls have to die for Japan to be safe. He knows how much potential there is in a ghoul's regenerative prowess and hopes one day to apply a similar brand of biochemistry to cure diseases such as cancer and Parkinson's, which would require the cooperation of ghouls for testing.


username: Doctortear


character name: Indigo August Brauer

gender: Demiboy (he/him or they/them)

age: 22

appearance: Standing at 5’9” (180cm), Indigo is on the taller side of the height spectrum. Although German heritage is distinctly clear in his features, Indigo possesses smooth dark skin which can easily throw people off when hearing his distinct German accent. He has a lithe build, allowing him to move around gracefully and retain great flexibility. He has short dirty blond hair that reaches down to the nape of his neck. His hair is fantastically maintained with bangs that are graciously swept to the side, allowing his amber eyes to be seen clearly. Indigo’s head is diamond shaped with smooth edges. He possess full jaws and a prominent nose that has been made fun of more than once. Indigo has a phenomenal taste in fashion. His attire ranges from vivid wild clothing that catches everyone’s attention to muted jackets that suit the weather but remain eye-appealing. Primarily, Indigo prefers to wear a light undershirt underneath a loose grey jacket with dark jeans, a studded belt, black leather gloves, and boots to go along with it. No matter what he’s wearing, Indigo prefers to wear his clothing loosely which, often enough, can end up with inappropriately exposed skin. A little under his right shoulder blade, Indigo has a ravishing watercolor tattoo of a barren tree that explodes into various pastel colors. Normally, Indigo takes care to cover up his tattoo but in the event that someone does end up seeing it, he’ll fabricate a whimsical tale as to why he has it and what it means.

personality: Being as flirtatious and brazen as he is, Indigo proves to be an interesting, if not frustrating, individual to work with. As someone who has complete control over how he presents himself, Indigo is wonderful at hiding how he truly feels with a smiling facade. He generally appears to be rather amiable and optimistic at first glance but, if you stick around him long enough, his passive-aggressive side will soon be evident. He is highly sarcastic and often uses sardonic remarks to counter aggression. Although he tries his best to remain cordial, Indigo can’t help but let out a few snide comments here and there. Indigo is very guarded when it comes to his personal life and is quick to shut people out should they inquire about the matter. He is quick to eject himself from a conversation should people prod him about his life; however, he is just as quick to get on someone’s case should they be pressuring someone else to tell their life story when they clearly don’t want to.


Oddly enough, Indigo is firm when it comes to his beliefs. He is incredibly stubborn and will not change his outlook unless he is thoroughly convinced. Although he is willing to silently seethe as someone expresses an opinion he does not agree with, he will by no means keep quiet if someone were to say something he found utterly ridiculous. He is willing to fight for his beliefs even if everyone else is against him. His own personal beliefs regarding ghouls tends to be a major topic of debate. He understands the problem ghouls present but he sees no reason why their humanity should be disregarded. He tends to keep quiet when talking about ghouls, only offering his opinion passively if he asked about the matter directly. Capturing Indigo’s loyalty is tricky as he has a hard time opening himself up to others; however, should he become loyal to someone, he will follow them to the depths of hell and back.

history: Born to a wealthy family in Germany, Indigo had a relatively comfortable life. His family worked at the family-owned brewery called Honey-Brauer Brewery which was in direct competition with another family-owned brewery by the name of Faust Brewery. The older parties of the two families despised each other completely while the younger family members, such as Indigo, cared little for the disputes between both families. Indigo did extraordinarily well at school and was always willing to help his adopted little brother when it came to homework and such. His own struggles in school stemmed from his teachers’ outrage regarding Indigo trying to date anyone he could get his hands on as he was beginning to “distract the other students”. Although Indigo was scolded for such actions, he was never reprimanded as he was well-behaved and got excellent grades.


Indigo had always argued with his father when it came to working in the brewery. Indigo claimed he wanted to be an actor and even had the aptitude for it while his father declared that it was Indigo's obligation to work at the brewery. The two went back and forth on the argument for years but it was only until Indigo turned eighteen did it escalate. Indigo and his little brother had befriended the Faust kids without their parents knowledge. Bruno, one of the Faust kids, had gotten into a romantic relationship with Indigo that soon became intimate. Least to say, both families found about the affair. Both boys got screamed at and threats were flung everywhere. While Bruno was content to break off the relationship in hope that his parents would forgive him, Indigo was not so complacent. He fought for his right to be himself with whoever he pleased and would not back down no matter what his parents said. When his parents tried to coerce him to break off the relationship and stay at the brewery, Indigo decided it was high time for him to leave. His little brother, who was absolutely obsessed with ghouls, suggested Indigo go work for the CCG while he tried to figure out his future. Seeing as ghouls had intrigued him for years and he lacked a better plan, Indigo, using what little funds he had, decided to fly to Tokyo and get a job doing paperwork for the CCG. While he was somewhat surprised by the combat training he was required to receive, Indigo never would have thought he’d have to do anything more dangerous than clean up spilled coffee.

other: While German is his first language, Indigo also knows French, English, and Japanese. He is a brilliant actor but, without his family funding him, he lacks the money to attend school.


occupation: CCG Bureau Investigator

{ for CCG only }

rank: Rank 3 Investigator

partner: N/A


Marcus Pheonix

character name: Isaac Walken

gender: Male

age: 42

appearance: Likes to think of himself as a chiseled old man but has the appearance of someone much younger with a smooth wrinkle-less face. He is 5’11 and has black hair parted on his forehead and hanging back. He has a disheveled black beard that hangs an inch from his chin and connects to his sideburns and mustache. He has startling green eyes that have been equated to staring into a jade pit by his associates. He wears a suit consisting of polished black shoes, dark grey pants a long sleeved white silk shirt, and black waste coat, no tie. Over that he has a grey jacket. Beneath his clothes he is very well muscled and a little hairy, he is also lacking his right forearm but has his quinque attached at the stump, unlike most it takes the form of a short silver cylinder as opposed to a briefcase. His lack of forearm leaves most of his right sleeve drooping past his elbow. He looks somewhat similar to Manu Bennets Slade Wilson but missing an arm instead on an eye.

personality: Somewhat aloof many associates wonder how he has progressed in life considering his lazy attitude and his uncaring personality during ghoul confrontations. Isaac is always fairly cheery, mainly as part of an act to help push his comrades forward in times of strife. He does genuinely care for others, but after fighting ghouls for over 20 years he is a hard individual but hides it to act as a supporting pillar of confidence for his fellows. He is confident in his ability, but not overconfident and although acts lazy is always on high alert. He is very intelligent and possesses an eidetic memory, and when fighting ghouls specialises in prolonging fights, relying on formulating strategies to prevail based off his opponents actions. However, with his experience he can outmatch most ghouls before trying to prolong a fight. He is not opposed to ghouls in the entirety as he knows that many just want to live and the only reason they kill is to survive, he feels sorry for them. However, he is also headstrong in his belief of protecting innocents and humanity takes priority in his eyes, but if he encounters a ghoul who only eats the deceased he will think twice before attacking. His will to protect others, specifically those weaker/younger than him has lead him into dangerous situations as a result of his inclusion of ghouls in that belief.

history: Born and raised an orphan to an old foster family, Isaac was born missing the lower half of his arm and was constantly abused by his peers. This coupled with the short lives of his foster parents led Isaac learned quickly the value of life and also the necessity to take care of oneself. Isaac frequently defended those around him from bullies and forming a strong protective attitude towards those weaker or younger than him. His foster parents died when he was quite young, but Isaac had known it was coming and had prepared himself for that life. When he was 15 he walked in on a ghoul attack, a 10 year old boy ghoul and a 35 year old man. The boy didn’t want to kill the man but was starving, Isaac felt sorry for the child who simply wanted to survive and convinced the child to only take a limb off the man. Isaac then called the ambulance and the man survived with only a missing limb, just like Isaac. The man, Mr. Walken. thankful for Isaac's efforts in saving his life adopted him. Mr Walken, who had moved from America to Japan to further his career taught Isaac how to speak English. After finishing school Isaac joined the CCG to continue protecting people. His specialty unlike most CCG is stealth, he blends in and observes, due to his hidden quinque he can do this surprisingly well and it has also allowed him to protect both humans and ghouls. Through his exploits as a solo espionage-based investigator Isaac has often followed the traces of ghouls leaving the country and thus has garnered a small amount of international renown among foreign CCG departments, albeit small as he's mostly there undercover. His foreign travels have also led him to pick up several languages, namely; french and mandarin a necessity when traveling undercover overseas. Though many consider him lazy for his lax attitude towards work, Isaac is exceptional when fighting and is on his way to becoming a Special Class, though he personally doesn’t really get why. Isaac still speaks to his father, who has retired to Australia, by phone or email. He constantly regales him with tails of his adventures and deeds overseas and home in Japan.


other: His associates do not know that he can be sympathetic to ghouls.


occupation: CCG

rank:Associate Special Class

partner: n/a but he gets lonely and wouldn’t mind changing things up

quinque name: Man

quinque type: Koukaku

quinque appearance: Man takes the form of a thick spiraling blade, similar to the Gourmets. In its default form it looks like a large drill on a pole that extends out of his sleeve from his elbow, its unique casing can be made to rotate like a drill at high speeds. It can also extend outwards a considerable distance, the tip of it is barbed like a hook and in some cases Isaac has used it to get around. The qunique's case is attached via magnets to a plastic and metal coating around Isaac's stump, the speed from the rotation is similar to magnetic bullet trains and due to a lack of friction can spin at incredibly high speeds.

other: Isaac's right hand Man shall carry him to the heavens!



username: Backup77


character name: Natsuki Hayashi (林 菜月)

gender: Agender (they/them, afab)

age: 23

appearance: Nastuki’s hair is black, and is cut long enough to reach past their ears. Though they’d like it to have a more sleek, professional look, they’ve given up on that. Without heavy styling that Nastuki neither has the time nor particular desire for, it refuses to do anything but stick up in messy waves and spikes. They have a soft, rounded face. Their skin is naturally pale, although it gains a slight tan in the summer, and their eyes are a deep brown. Though short, at about five feet tall, they’re densely muscled from training. 

personality: Being a very serious person, Natsuki doesn’t appreciate anything that could distract them from the mission, whatever it may be. Light-hearted jokes and anyone who doesn’t treat their job with the gravity it deserves are other things that they’re quick to point out and get annoyed with. They have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, and won’t hesitate to insult someone if they think they can get away with it. If they think it’s likely that they’ll get reported or otherwise punished for rudeness, they can be quite polite. In addition, they don’t like unnecessary heroics. While they’d like to be promoted as much as anyone else (and, in fact, thinks that their hard work hasn’t been recognized enough), they expect their team to follow the mission and not try to kill ghouls at risk to themselves. Though this quickness to retreat has had them branded a coward in the past, they’d gladly give their life if they deemed it necessary to protect the public. It’s a natural extension of their pragmatism- you can’t continue to fight if you’re dead.


Although they’d honestly like all ghouls to be dead, it’s less because they hate all of them and more because they want to protect people. Make no mistake, Nastuki could never forgive the ghouls for the death of their mother, but that’s not the primary reason for why they joined the CCG. To them, it’s better to kill ghouls quickly before they can harm anyone else.

history: When they were in highschool, Natsuki didn’t really know what to do with their life. They did well enough in school, but didn’t have any plans. That is, until their mother was killed in a vicious ghoul attack. Natsuki became deeply angry at the ghoul, and combed the news for any sort of report about his defeat. Being a low-priority case, it took four months and another two deaths for the ghoul to be captured and executed. Natsuki was horrified by this, and vowed to do all they could to help kill the ghouls.


Once they graduated, they went to school to become a bureau investigator. The slow pace, lack of reliable weapons, and large amounts of paperwork didn’t appeal to them, but they were happy thinking that they were at least doing something to help. They hoped for a promotion, but with the lack of action that they saw they didn’t get any opportunities. Therefore, they remained stuck doing paperwork until they became a candidate for the quinx surgery. After much thought, they accepted the offer. The large sum that they were paid was certainly something that influenced their decision, but mostly they did it to get away from their desk job while still helping the CCG. As much as they said that they were, they weren’t entirely satisfied with their work. With the few exceptions when they were called in for a raid, they didn’t actually fight ghouls. This made them feel like they weren’t doing enough to save people. Becoming a quinx would let them fight more, as well help the CCG with their research. In Natsuki’s case, they decided to try something a bit different from normal. Instead of implanting the selected ukaku kakuhou into Natsuki’s shoulders, the surgeons implanted it near their tailbone to see how it’d react. Fortunately, there seem to have been no ill effects and the kagune is functioning as normal.



squad: Quinx Squad

rank: Rank 3


kagune type: Ukaku

kagune appearance: Rather than be at their shoulder’s like a normal ukaku, Natsuki’s flares out from their tailbone, where a bikaku should be. It’s quite long and thin, almost similar in shape to a bikaku, though it’s flattened rather than cylindrical. While at rest, it tends to stay to their right side, and the tip curls upwards a bit. It’s very flexible, and can easily twist and change position, as well as crystallize and fire sharp pieces of crystal. The center is a deep red, lightening to a much brighter red at the tips.

RC factor: 924



quinque name: Shizuka ½

quinque type: Koukaku

quinque appearance: A crimson red, thick, sturdy staff of about five feet long, Shizuka ½ is primarily used for defense but can deliver painful blows as well. Additionally, at the press of a button short spikes can extend from the ends of the staff for extra damage. However, the tendency of the spikes to get stuck makes it sometimes better to leave them retracted.


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((Does this mean we can start now?


Ok yeah whatevs))


"Bye!" Miteki waved at the waiter as he stepped out along with Takaki into the cold air. They walked in silence for a few minutes.


"Say, Takaki, what did you get for science again?" Miteki asked rather half-heartedly.


"Oh. 99..." Takaki's voice trailed off.


"What again! Probably some careless mistake again. Idiot." Miteki grinned at him. He obviously got 100. Takaki smiled back. Another period of silence.


"The news are pretty creepy. 3rd time this week, I think. It's all in the same area. Weird." He sighed. "Guess I'll be doing this in a week."


"Saturday, right?" Takaki asked.


"Yup. Probably gonna work with some really creepy senior obssessed with ghoul body parts or something." He shrugged.


"That doesn't sound good."


"Yeah I know. My mum wants me to take the surgery cos the money. All about money. But don't worry, I'm not going to die, because that would be selfish. Should I leave you for a week you'll probably not eat anything and starve to death. I'm surprised how long you can last on just what little food you eat. Stop eating your sandwiches half-way because that's just wasting food. Oh crap! Today's friday!" Miteki removed his hands off the back of his neck.


"What about it?" Takaki raised an eyebrow.


"I need to buy something." He then suddenly decided he didn't care. He put his hands behind his neck again. "My games of course. As always. So, Takaki, you need to eat more. " Miteki continued half-heartedly.


They then reached a fork in the road. Takaki noticed a brown haired lady on the right road. He knew immediately that was no normal woman. "Hey, Miteki, let's go this way."


"Why? This way's faster. Oh yeah, it's ten. I need to hurry up before my mum wrecks me." He started to quicken his pace, all the time looking back at Takaki, causing him to accidentally bump into the brunette ahead. "Oops, sorry." He grinned sheepishly and continued walking. Takaki caught up with him. "Also, Takaki, why not join an atheletic club? Your're actually good at sports. Surprisingly." They continued to walk down the road.


((You should change the IC subtitle thing because right now it's saying it wants critique))

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(It's cold.)

An shivered, hands clutching the sleeves of her grey hoodie. She felt a dull rumble in her stomach, but continued walking through the ward. At night, there used to be crowds of people wandering around; it was crowded enough for An to blend in with the humans and find an unsuspecting human. With the increased attacks in the wards, there were less people wandering outside. An tried to avoid this ward the most; the ward was where her school was located and An had no desire to be caught by Doves when she was only a first year in high school (I wish to live). Even so, An was here solely for an assignment from the higher ups.


She tilted her nose and inhaled. There was a sweet smell in the air, one that stood out from the smell of cooking human food inside and the occasional pedestrian passing by. It was unfamiliar and from what her senses could predict, the person was somewhere nearby.


(A ghoul?)

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((ahhh thanks!! ill change that as soon as i finish this reply hh

im going to pm a mod and ask for the ooc to be moved into other as well ; v ; ))


Amaris was more than surprised when someone suddenly bumped into her--oh? At his apology, she gave a little half-moon smile.

"No worries." Well, he wasn't what she'd had in mind, but he'd do--

She caught the scent of something, and turning around Amaris realised he wasn't alone. His friend ran past, and she looked him in the eye just as he ran.

Your prey? she mouthed, a teasing little spark in her eyes. It'd been a while since she'd battled someone for food--ever since she'd come to Japan, things had been surprisingly calm.

So interested in the newfound ghoul she was that she'd nearly missed the scent of someone else--it had almost blended in with the two boys ahead of her, but Amaris realised that there was more than one ghoul, albeit the second scent was faint and she could hardly keep it. The brunette sniffed the air again, feigning a cough--maybe it was from earlier, but she was both excited and nervous at the prospect of more ghouls coming out. Her battle skills were rusty despite her best efforts, and it'd been a while since she'd eaten.

All the more reason to find something now, she decided.

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Takaki gave the brunette a cold look when she mouthed to him. He reached Miteki, still looking at the woman. "What's up, Takaki? You're making a face." Miteki pointed at his face.


"Oh, what? I wasn't." Takaki looked back at Miteki and sighed.


"Got yourself a girlfriend?" Miteki asked quietly as he looked back at the brunette. "Ah well. Come on." They continued to walk in silence.

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Amaris was taken by surprise at the cool look that was glared at her--the brunette looked after the two retreating boys, who seemed to be joking around as friends. Surely not . . .

The girl shook her head. No; a ghoul would never be friends with a human. There was just too much difference between the two to ever come to peace.

She pitied the human boy once his 'friend' had finished with his meal. Well, maybe some ghouls just didn't like to share.

It was certainly interesting, of course. With a casual shrug, Amaris decided she'd find some other unlucky soul to harm tonight. And as for those two . . .

She'd keep an eye out. At best, she was wary around other ghouls, and she was never one to turn away a meal.

She noticed one turn back and look at her. Amaris waved, smiling slightly. Then, the girl turned around and continued walking the other way, keeping alert for movements and scents.

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Takaki looked back at the woman who was walking the other way. He was rather relieved. Then he felt a rather large yank at his arm.


"Dude stop making faces and we need to go faster now," Miteki was pulling his arm.


"Damn it I was not making faces." Takaki looked back at Miteki.


"Eh, well, it looked very much like it. Same with some other people, like that An girl or something."




"Never mind. Oh, we're here." Miteki went into a apartment building. He then stepped into his apartment. The phone was ringing. "Oh crap she's gonna rage." He went up to it and heard his mum on the other side. Takaki could hear some rather loud shouting coming from the other side. "Ok. Sorry. Yeah. Ok. Oh-right." Miteki grinned sheepishly and gestured to Takaki that he would be with him in a minute. "Ok bye. Sorry Takaki," Miteki looked back up at him. "Want me to walk you back home now?"


"Oh what no it's fine." Takaki made as if to go.


"Oh wait a second." Miteki ran into a room, and came out with a bag. "You better eat this, when I come into your room I don't want to see it in the dustbin half-finished. Got it?" Miteki held it out for Takaki to take. He sighed.


"Yeah, ok." He held the bag in his hands and looked inside. Obviously a sandwich.


"Anyways, see you."


"Yeah. Bye." Takaki stepped out.



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(But wait, there's more than one...and a human?)

An furrowed her brows. The scent of a ghoul and human were fading away...did someone find a meal for themselves? There were two ghouls, so was there a territorial dispute? She inhaled. No, the scent of ghoul or human blood didn't linger in the air. Then what?

Her thoughts were interrupted with whimsical laughter. To An's left, a young couple walked by hand in hand.

"Let's go eat. What about some karaoke? I know a good place."

"Sounds good."

An bit her lip; a weight felt like it had settled in her stomach. Her sister...if she were alive, she would've been attending college. An didn't remember much of her sister; she only had vague memories of her reading books to An at night. An clenched her fists. The Doves took her family away from her, and one day...one day An would find the Dove that murdered her father and sister.

No matter what, An would fulfill her goal.

She cracked her neck. The ghoul was approaching. An was hungry, but she doubted that she was desperate enough to cannibalize a ghoul. With a shrug, An walked slower, trying to sense the opposing ghoul's movements.

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Takaki was slowly walking back when he found himself being pulled backwards. Miteki was behind him. "Sorry Takaki, forgot to give this back to you." It was a notebook.


"Oh. Thanks." He took the book then stopped. He could smell a ghoul in the air.


"Yo, Takaki, you ok?" Miteki inquired.


"Oh, right, I'm fine."


"I didn't know eating sandwiches made you go that crazy."


"It's probably not the sandwiches..."


"Eh well. Hey, is that the Kazuko girl over there?" Miteki pointed to someone in the road.




"Ok. Wanna talk with her?"




"Ok let's go. I have decided that I'm coming along to your house. You need to finish the sandwich so I know you weren't teaching. So I'm coming along. And I bet you're thinking that walking alone is probably gonna get me killed by a ghoul before I even start working at CCG. But you're thinking too much. Remember how I told you that dying would be selfish of me? Come on," Miteki pulled Takaki towards An. Soon enough they reached her. "Hi!" Miteki said.

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Those two boys...An remembered that one of them, the ghoul Takaki (C Rank), attended the same school as An. His friend, the human, seemed...okay? He was an upperclassmen, so An didn't see him that often.

'I wonder how did they become friends?'

The human greeted An. (how could he be so naive?)


"Hey," An replied. "I'm Suzuki. Kazuko Suzuki. I don't think I've met you before, so it's nice to meet you. (why talk to me? don't you know I'm a ghoul?)"

The two better make it snappy; An had a scent to track.


((Edit: ahhh just in case, but (italicized text) is An/Kazuko's thoughts, like Urie's dialogue in :re at certain times.))

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"Haven't met me before? Oh... Kay." He grinned. He looked at Takaki with a look that looked like you should say something now. Takaki looked back with a you're the one who put me to do this Miteki looked back at An. "Eh, anyways, just dropped to say hi. See ya." Miteki pulled Takaki and they continued to walk.

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Amaris could smell a ghoul nearby; wondering why today of all days had to be the one where everyone collectively decided to hunt, the girl gave an impatient sigh and headed towards the source quicker than needed. She had no qualms about killing another of her kind--humans killed each other all the time, did they not? Such a hypocritical world they lived in, and she seemed to be the only one aware of such a thing.

Amaris flickered dark brown hair over her shoulder and stopped as she came into contact with a familiar scent--oh? The two she had encountered earlier, the ghoul and his human prey-perhaps-something-more, seemed to be nearby. Too near, as their scents were currently mixing in with the new ghoul.

A team, perhaps? The poor boy--if Amaris could bring herself to, she'd pity him. Being feasted on by two ghouls trying to steal more meat than their partner seemed hardly a nice way to go--but that was just the world they lived in.

She'd join the party, perhaps. Tonight could end in a bloodbath or the meal of her life. Stepping forwards, Amaris listened to the almost-calming click-click-click of her heels on the cement, and she reached a clearing where she saw the two boys walking away, seemingly laughing, and a young girl standing frozen behind them.

So, not a feast, then? Well, that would describe why she hadn't smelled any blood. Still . . .

Curious, too curious. She looked around, and locked eyes with the female. A ghoul, for sure. The scent was clear as day, and for a second she almost wanted to laugh. Humans seemed to be so scared of ghouls . . . and yet there were too many of them to count.




Kazuya had finished his momentarily self-pity party and was now gearing up to patrol the streets of Tokyo for a nighttime shift. Stepping onto the cement, the male grabbed a can of soda to go and began walking casually, his quinque tucked safely into the hidden folds of his clothing.

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Takaki whipped round to see that lady they had seen earlier behind them.


"Yo Takaki stop looking at your girlfrend," Miteki looked back, and to his suprise saw the lady as well. "Isn't that the one we saw before? We keep bumping into each other. Weird. Maybe your actually getting girlfriends," To which Takaki replied,


"Shut up."


"It could be possible."




"Why not?"


"Just... No."


"My pessimistic friend..."


"That's nice of you."


Miteki sighed. He looked back again and waved.

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An locked eyes with the female ghoul. She looked and smelled unfamiliar, had the ghoul recently moved into this ward? Judging by the ghoul's appearance, she looked mixed, but An wasn't entirely sure.

"Are you looking for someone?"

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When will this end?

Sitting here, waiting for the other quinx.

What the hell am I even doing here.


Esko sat on a bench, playing Brave Trials on his phone. He was surprised he even got one. Much less a smartphone. He looked up again, agitated. They need to hurry up, or am I in the wrong place? He tapped his foot. Finally, beat the Archymistic. What next. He locked his phone when he smelled something. Is that the scent of...ghouls?






Ugh. That time is coming up soon. Let's see, should I try to find live prey or a corpse? She clutched her stomach. She needed human flesh...but in this crazy world, humans put themselves first...oh well. She could feel other ghouls gathering, which could be good or bad. She walked foward....then tripped. Right in front of two boys, a human and a ghoul.


((SULD, Rin needs Takaki))

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Amaris was surprised that the girl had spoken to her--oh? A bold one, perhaps?

She walked closer, feeling her heels click on the pavement. Once they were face-to-face, and a little too close for comfort, she spoke.

"Perhaps," she allowed, letting her kakugan slide on for a split second before retracting and looking away from the other female, sighing as she tossed strands of silky brown hair over her shoulder and stepped back before speaking again.

"It depends on your plans for tonight."

A ghoul wasn't half bad, Amaris thought. At the very least, she'd be one step closer to kakuja.




Kazuya took his sweet time getting to their meeting spot, casually ambling through the streets. When he at last sighted his co-captain sitting on a bench, completely enchanted by his new phone, the pink-haired male shuffled fingers through his fringe and tapped the edge of his bench with his sheathed quinque.

"Esko," he greeted. "So you've finally discovered technology."

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"Woah!" Miteki nearly found himself tripping over someone on the floor. He balanced himself. "You kay there?" He asked, hand outstretched.


Takaki was getting more and more paranoid at his surrondings. He kept on running into other ghouls, and that put Miteki in a lot of risk. He sighed and helped Miteki help the lady up.


((Esko you meant Miteki righ))

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((Thought Takaki was the ghoul))


Rin groaned as she was (luckily) helped upwards. T-Thanks She simply said, then looked at them. One of them was obviously human, by the sense. The other was a ghoul, and rather cute....she shook that thought out of her mind.


((Though Esko was allowed to be leader...?))


Esko looked up to see Kazuya walk to him. Oh shut up. He snapped, his cold hard eyes looking him over. So somebody finally came. Surprised you were second. He returned, his voice still deadpan.

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((Tak is the ghoul))


Takaki looked strangely at the lady before him. She seemed to be clutching her stomach. She looked like she was hungry. That would be a problem. He was actually rather hungry himself, but obviously that would have to wait.


"Takaki, faces..."


"I wasn't."


Miteki looked at the lady again and whistled. "Looks like you got yet another girlfriend, Takaki." He said quietly to Takaki.

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((That's what I me-oh, if ya don't get it on the first or second try, don't even bother))



So that's the name of the ghoul...

Is that human some prey he is lurring in for nighttime?

Her face flushed a little when the human made a remark about being a girlfriend. Uh...so you're Takaki? Who's your friend here? She asked with just a little nervous tone. Look stronger then you are, you halfwit! She reminded herself, then stood up straighter and held her hand foward for shaking. Name's Rin Suzuki. You are? She asked with a bit of a stronger tone this time. Rin, so help me, if you think of how cute that ghoul is again...ARG! GETTA HOLD OF YOURSELF!


((Rin's fighting her girl senses, hah))

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"Heyoo! Name's Miteki." Takaki wanted to leave as soon as possible. He could tell that the ghoul before him was hungry. "Uh... Rin? Are you ok?" Miteki asked quizzically. "You look a little sick, clutching your stomach and all. Do you need the doctor?"

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((Gunning like a boss))


Rin looked up when the human asked about her. Uh, nope! Do not need one! Perfectly fine! Yup! She said, standing up tall and facing them. The hunger was still almost unbearable. She needed food today, or at the least, tomorrow. She really hated this ghoul need to eat human flesh, but it was her life. She never asked to be born this way, but she was.

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