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The Center for Prizekin and Metalkin Trading

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Welcome to the The Center for Prizekin and Metalkin Trading!

Approved by rubyshoes. Thanks!


This is a thread for trading all Prizekin and Metalkin dragons. All Prizekin and Metalkin may be traded here, regardless of how long or messy the lineage is. A lot of DC users have started to grow fond of these dragons, and there is a love for them in the Breeding section, but there are no trades allowed there, so now here is a thread for that!

I'm surprised no one thought of making a thread like this before.


What is a Prizekin/Metalkin?

When a Prize Dragon or a Metallic Dragon (Gold, Silver, Copper, Golden Wyvern) breed with another non-prize or non-metallic breed, but do not produce a Prize or Metallic offspring, instead producing a dragon of the same breed as the non-prize or non-metallic dragon, that is called a Prizekin or Metalkin.





For those of you concerned that this is a duplicate thread,

rubyshoes said:
I've received some concerns that this was a duplicate thread but as it is for "kins" and not for the metals or prizes it would not be a duplicate.



Just few. Sorry, we all need them.


1. Only Prizekin or Metalkin dragons may be offered here.


2. Don't bump your post more than once a day. There are other users with trades of their own also.


3. Of course, no IOU's allowed.


4. Use only "/lineage" links. No "/view" links are allowed.


5. Do not bundle any non-prizekin/metalkin with your offer. You may ask for other dragons that aren't Prizekin or Metalkin though.


6. This isn't a free-for-all thread, so don't just leave one-way teleports. That would belong in the Departures thread.


7. No Spamming, Chatting, etc. Try to take things to PM. If you want to talk about Prizekin/Metalkin, do it in these threads:

Gorgeous Tinselkin

Gorgeous Shimmerkin


How does Trading work?

As explained in the Dragon Trading Thread V2.

Trading nowadays is absolutely safe and finally official. First, you (or your partner) need to have at least one adult Magi dragon. Trading is done by using their Breed Specific Action "Teleport": Magi dragon teleports the egg/hatchie to another user.


There are two main options:


1. Transfer. Transfer allows you to move a single egg or hatchling between users. Transfers are one-sided; you will not receive anything in return. Transfers can be created with the "teleport" action that is available to specific breeds of dragon. Upon using the teleport action, you are given a "claim link" that may be shared with other users and allow them to accept the egg/hatchling.


2. Trade. A trade, unlike a transfer, is two-sided. A trade may be created by using the teleport action. After creating a trade, other users may make offers on your trade. If you accept an offer, the eggs/hatchlings are swapped.

The second method is the one you should be using in this thread.



Users who have broken the rules will receive a warning.

None. Let's keep it that way. biggrin.gif


Gray List

Users who have received more than 3 warnings for not following the rules.

None! Let's keep it that way. biggrin.gif

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I've received some concerns that this was a duplicate thread but as it is for "kins" and not for the metals or prizes it would not be a duplicate.

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There has been much gifting of Tinselkins and Shimmerkins since they were introduced in the Breeding section threads, but trades have never been allowed there.


Gorgeous Tinselkins

The Gorgeous Shimmerkin


Good luck with the trades! <3

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Autumn_hatchi.gif 2nd gen Autumn hatchling

- Male Silver Tinsel (Joker) x female Autumn

- "Influenced 8dvNN to be female with Special Friend. Nov 30, 2019, 10:25 am ESTZ"

- Please offer here or PM me




- 2nd gen bloodswap also unrelated to this and this

- 2nd gen Skywing from male Bronze Tinsel unrelated to this
- 2nd gen Red Copper from male Silver Tinsel unrelated to this
- 2nd gen Frill from male Gold Tinsel unrelated to this

- CB Autumn

- Open to other offers, especially holiday mates I need (see wishlist on profile)

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Aqualis from male bronze shimmer

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Would like:

New release hatchies- priority

2G prizekin swap. Will decline if I don't like or want the pairing, I'm sorry.

2G metal. Will also decline if I don't like or want the pairing.

1-2 CB rares

CB hatchies

Nice offers?

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Have: 2g male celestial from female bronze shimmer (https://dragcave.net/lineage/UaIgh and its twin fiRmt)


Want: bloodswap (egg is fine), or 3g-4g bronze shimmer from male desipis unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/Pcoar

Will consider cb rares/uncommons (no golden wyverns or pyralspites)

PM me if needed!


trade link for UaIgh

trade link for fiRmt (friend is assisting with trade link)

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3rd gen Garland checker from Gold Shimmer

3rd gen Solstice checker from m Bronze Tinsel

4th gen Checker from Gold winged Snow Angel from Bronze Tinsel



Unrelated Bloodswaps

Other holiday checkers from prizes


Also still have a CB Bronze Tinsel (m) to breed. Looking for a swap, especially 2nd gen from permanently enraged Aegis or Snow (named parents)


Make an offer on my Garland

Make an offer on my Solstice

Make an offer on my Snow Angel

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3G Snow Angel from silver tinsel checker (gold wing) | Trade

5G Solstice from silver tinsel checker (bred at about 5.10 a.m cave time) | Trade



unrelated bloodswaps (or PM me if you prefer to trade tinsel egg)

3G Garland checker from male silver tinsel unrelated to Apprenticed / Balmung Fezalion.   Received a gift, thank you ❤️

2G holiday prizekins (less priority)

messy Starsinger hatchling Stage 1 to freeze (less priority - for 5G egg only)

**if you need the 5G solstice coz already have mate/currently building mate for it, let me know.. I'll send it to you. :)


Thank you.

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changed teleport link - eggs hatched

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want (in order of preference):

  • Mystery.gif&key=377f9095463fe9db42313221 2g prize-kin swaps - i will decline if i already own that pairing
  • Celestial_hatchi_corporeal.gifLunar_Heralds_gold_hatchi.gif multiple cb celestial or lunar herald hatchlings
  • Red_hatchi.gif multiple red hatchlings, any lineage
  • i'm not looking to keep these, as i already own these pairings or similar, so i'm definitely open to offers!
  • my signature applies

to offer, please PM me or offer on my trade links :]

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2g Holly_hatchi.png from Silver Shimmer (correctly influenced)




3g latest?cb=20171225071828/Garland_hatchi.png from Holly Checker AUTO

2g Prizekin swap

2g Starsinger_egg.pngs from Chrono, Gaia, Blue Lunar, Tercorn, Astrapi, Lihnseyre...



Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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