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Tokyo Ghoul

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The only thing that can be said about this series is poor Kaneki.


I really like it, I finished the first season and the manga, and now I'm working on season 2 and :re.

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I've finished the anime- gonna read the manga.


My sister says that the manga is a lot better and that the anime isn't very good- but I think it's good enough.


In the second season, I kinda feel really satisfied when Touka beats up Kaneki. I don't know why.


Also, the first season opening song is awesome.


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h h hhhh i could talk all day about tokyo ghoul


unravel is literally the best thing ever i love the opening


i don't have much to say about the original manga other than horrified sobbing, but :re is getting really good so far!! i want to know nutcracker's name so badly i love her and it looks like she's here to stay since dual kagune + tarot card number

i'm conflicted on the haise / kaneki thing too like just stab me

a N D what happened to hinami my precious child what did they do to you

seidou though


touka got so pretty hhh <333

i need to see tsukiyama again so badly pls show us the flower man and break my heart


did they really kill hide in root A? horrific screaming like no hide didn't do anything wrong


tbh im really biased but if you ask me the manga is miles better than the anime since it's ishida's original plans and everything but the anime is really good too!! it's nice to see the battle scenes and kagunes / quinques animated.

also if anyone's interested i'd like to set up a tg rp

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When the manga ended I was horrified because how could it end like that????. I'm glad that there's a sequel and it's nice seeing the older characters from the first series coming back.


tg/tg:re spoiler: I can't wait for Amon to come back; he's one of my favorite characters ;u;a

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So, I read all of tokyo ghoul and i've seen most of the anime.


Isn't there a second manga now? I haven't been totally sure. It's a bit confusing.


Supposedly, he's alive in the second manga?

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Is there a new series of this? I miss it... especially the music. Still listen to Licht und schatten most days... 

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