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Earth Day Breeding Event!

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I bred a few dragons, too - hope people will enjoy them!

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I feel like the Seasonal Dragons should be an obvious pick for this.


Also Canopy Dragons!

And Anagallis!

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I think with the larger mixed mass breeds becoming more popular (and people who sometimes feel iffy about "mass breed events" loving the wide variety of dragons in the AP, all keeping lower time, with tons of variety), I think the idea of sticking with just 3-5 dragons like in years past is outdated.


I think for this year, you should pick like maybe... ten dragons you feel are the primary event focus, and then "encourage people as part of the event" to keep breeding anything else they want to contribute, but especially things that fit the themes of:

- Being Green

- Certain Elemental Affinities: Life, Earth, Light, Water, Air, or anything else someone feels fits an "Earth Day" Theme.

- Any Dragon "Breeds" that seem to fit the Earth Day Theme from their breed description, even if it isn't necessarily Elemental based. Plenty of "neutral" dragons or other elements that don't fit the "growth" theme, but the dragon itself does.

- Any Fun/Nice Lineages: All your Checkers, Purebreds, Pretty Patterns, Famous Dragon Lines (Thuweds, Dorkface, etc), Themed Lines from: Songs, Quotes, Poems, Naughty Codes, Number Codes etc, Other special Projects, Steps & Arrows and whatever else, go for it!

- BSAs Always

- Newer releases from past 12 months or so that haven't had as much time to get bred yet.

- The "non-standards" of "drakes, pygmies, two-heads" and the like.

- Shiny & Pretty & Popular Things

- "Opposite" of Life/Growth Dragons like Death, Decay, etc.

- Whatever Else you might want list.


I'm not saying list these all, but maybe list a few ideas to get people to think of things beyond the core breeds. I also like to remind people to take this time to dust off anything they maybe haven't gotten to in awhile and just go for it. People will often make a point to breed their BSAs and certain popular dragons weekly, but sometimes they don't get to take the time to go thru their entire scroll or a lot of it unless someone reminds them. And if they need to breed these "other" things "beyond" the initial day, it just keeps the AP time lower and more fun flowing.


I think that is enough many words for now. Cheers!


And if not 10, maybe then eight to double on the previous list. We got lots of great new dragons to breed.

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You know I'm doing this, just like last year, 'cause it'll be my birthday! I do wish, if someone's so inclined/skilled, there were a banner without the year. I kept hoping for one last year, so I didn't put any in my sig, but even if I have to use the old banner I'm doing it! There's just no reason not to.


And I've got to say, I like to keep themed mass-breeds a little tighter, especially when there are SO many green/earth/nature themed breeds! I mean, you can breed what you want, any time you'd like, but I'd love to maybe not focus on BSAs, codes, just generic "shiny and pretty things." Let's stop at "anything else someone feels fits an 'Earth Day' Theme" - let's just this time make a nice green wall - otherwise it's not even themed, it's so diluted. This one's a little bit personal to me, so I feel pretty strongly.


Rather heavily edited in a couple places, as I kept thinking of better ways to phrase things :/

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Oooh, i'll help!


Here's a list of dragons to potentially breed if people are stuck:

  • Terrae
  • Dark Green/Vines
  • Greens
  • Undines
  • Anagallis
  • Bright-Breasted Wyverns
  • Fevers
  • Frills
  • Mints
  • Gaias
  • Neotropicals
  • Olives
  • Seasonals
  • Coppers (green)
  • Gold-horned Tangar
  • Waterwalkers
  • Spotted Greenwings
  • Greater Spotted Drake
  • Canopy
  • Floral-Crownes
  • Harvests
  • Mistletoes
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I bred some of my earth-themed dragons. With that I discovered that my Canopy x Snow Angel had actually refused out of season^^ However, I'm happy that my Gaia gave me a Gaia egg from a Xeno x Xeno breeding.

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I bred a few eggs for this, I'm egglocked to autoAPed.  I am afraid the new release might ruin the thunder of this event however. :-/

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