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Include describing in action log

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I searched, but couldn't find a topic like this.


I'm asking that actions made to a description (writing, updating, deleting) be included in the player's action log. If the respective actions for names are logged, I see no reason why describing shouldn't be.


It's an action, after all; you're doing something to your dragon, and I'd appreciate it if the action log would reflect this. smile.gif

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Please no. You can tell what you have done by looking at your descriptions. We need LESS in there rather than more. Take out name, hide, unhide, for a start. We NEED: breed, influence, and - which we DON'T have - when a bred egg autos. But adding stuff just means that it is all the sooner that we cannot tell whether we failed to influence that vital egg, for instance.


Others do like to have a few of these things - there is already a suggestion for us to be able to choose what to show.




Unless we get that choice, I am FERVENTLY against adding another action to lose access to the important stuff even sooner than we already do.


There's another suggestion asking for more lines - but I don't think that is the answer:




Two days of hide and unhide of a full scroll of growing things - and everything else is gone sad.gif (And no, hiding a scroll isn't enough, when someone is determined to add things to hatcheries; once they have the codes they can do it anyway.)

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Right now, I can burn through all 100 actions in my actions "log" in about 5 minutes. I once did it by naming dragons..... Naming 100 a day for 3 days in a row. I was using the actions log to make sure I hit 100 names a day, cuz I wanted some sort of easy measure.


Unless the actions log is altered to include far more data (so that its an actual log and not a "recent actions" thing), then adding anything more gets an extreme NO from me.




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