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Dragon Descriptions!

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I recently found something I really enjoy doing, which is writing descriptions for dragons! smile.gif


I'm currently working on an EG terrae lineage (Progress tracker!), and I thought it would be pretty cool if all the dragons in the lineage were described! Unfortunately, it's been a bit difficult for me to write all these descriptions, as I am often stuck for ideas!


So I came up with this idea. smile.gif


I was thinking I will write dragon descriptions for other people, and in return they write me a nice list of prompts to describe my dragons from. smile.gif Also a nice CB terrae hatchie would be nice if you're feeling generous. tongue.gif If I have already written something similar to the what I would write from the propmt you gave me, I will ask for a new prompt as a replacement. If I don't like the prompts, I may ask for new ones. It depends on how much I like the others really. There is a link to a list of prompts that Sockpuppet_Strangler made in the 'Description Force' thread. If you use a prompt from there, then I will ask for a new prompt.

The shorter the prompt is the more creative I can be. Some of my favourite prompts have been Celery, space, butterflies, and a dragon determined to do a back flip underwater. But my absolute favourite of my descriptions that I've written so far was from the prompt the colour orange.

Falcon Forrest has always enjoyed looking at the sky. Ever since he was a hatchling, he can remember spending evening after evening and morning after morning laying around and watching the sunrises and sunsets. He has always thought they were extremely beautiful, especially when they made the whole sky orange. Orange has been Falcon’s favourite colour for as long as he can remember. He has always been jealous if he sees a magi dragon flying overhead, as he wishes he was also orange. Falcon’s favourite season is autumn, as in autumn the leaves on most of the trees turn all different shades of ‘orange,’ and he is able to stick them to himself and pretend he is the first orange terrae dragon.

It probably isn't the best, but I think it's pretty funny. smile.gif


When you ask for me to write a description for you, you may tell me as little or as much as you'd like about the dragon. If you don't like the description I write, I will have at least one go at writing it for you again, but you will need to give me more guidance. If the description I write is rejected, I will obviously write a new one. In this case it would be appreciated if you give me the comments written on it so that I know where I need to improve.

I like to think of myself as a funny person, so I will do better if the descriptions I write can be funny. I will attempt to write non-funny ones if you like, but don't be surprised if they aren't too good. Although sometimes I try to make them funny..and they aren't.. yeah.


If I've written you a description already and someone who I haven't written a description for yet asks after you, then they will go above you on the list. I will write sets of descriptions if you wish, but it might take me a long time to write them all!












[SIZE=14][COLOR=#FE2EF7]Please describe my dragon![/COLOR][/SIZE]
[COLOR=#FE2EF7]Lineage link to dragon you want described:[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#FE2EF7]What kind of description do you want? Give as much or as little information as you'd like.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#FE2EF7]Do you want other dragons referenced in the descriptions? If yes, please let me know which ones and how they're related and how they fit.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#FE2EF7]List of prompts.(At least 10 please. :) 5 if I get a hatchie. :))[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#FE2EF7]Would you like to read the dragon descriptions I write from your prompts?[/COLOR]



If you'd like to keep the list of prompts secret until you've been put on the waiting list, that is fine. I won't start writing your description until I have them though. smile.gif

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I will take requests now. biggrin.gif!

Hopefully people actually want these. tongue.gif

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