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Description of the Dragons

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Hello! I decided to make a forum thread dedicated to descriptions of my own dragons and others are extremely welcomed to post their own favorites and etc.!


Feel free to talk, comment, or even critic on any grammar errors (certain ones I cannot fix since I use up all of the space allowed xd.png)


top two favorites-

Fedelmide's story (Black Tea Dragon)

When Fedelmide was first found by Skelokey, one thing was quite odd and obvious about him when he had first hatched.

He had no sense of smell.

As he grew up in the clan, several females attempted to become his mate, due to his personality and the wondrous smell he created, but continuously he rejected them. A mate for him seemed hopeless, until he noticed a female dragon in solitude.

Any dragon that curiously went near her eventually strayed away with a look of disgust, and left the female Turpentine dragon in solitude. Curious, Fedelmide wandered close to her. At first, she had treated him with hostility, baring fangs and growling. The young and curious Fedelmide simply waved away the actions, and sat down beside her, no longer letting her be a lone dragon. He never noticed her toxic odor, but only her beauty.

After months have passed, and several occasions of visiting the female, Beautiful Poison finally accepted Fedelmide as a mate, and they today have a loving, growing family.

(I have made this story through Beautiful Poison's point of view)



Zero 00 (Vampire Dragon)

Zero 00 may be under control of the Clan of Skelokey, but being a Vampire, he has been exiled from the other dragons, and formed a semi-clan, the Clan of Singularis to keep peace with the Vampire dragons and the others.

Every so often, once an egg has been found or bred, it's chosen to be bitten and to grow up alongside the Singularis clan members. Other dragons of the cave disliked this tradition, and the High Council, or the highest ranking dragons, have taken immediate dislike to Zero's clan.

When one of the members of Zero's line, or Two 02, entered the cave with a vampire egg created by an outsider, the high council attacked her, grabbed the egg, and abandoned it out of spite.

Luckily surviving, but injured both mentally and physically, Two returned to Zero and brought back the horrifying news. Struck with horror, the young leader suddenly left and vanished for days. To the council's surprise, he had gone after the egg and returned it.

Zero 00's clan was respected ever since.


Feel free to ask any questions :3

These are not my only descriptions. If you'd like to see more, I'd be happy to look for my others n.n

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^^ I like both stories.

Just a note, this would probably go better in this thread. It's a thread dedicated to sharing descriptions of your dragons that have been approved. biggrin.gif

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