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Night Pack Roleplay

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Welcome to the Night Pack Roleplay! (OOC is here)


(This is based off a roleplay that has gone inactive, credits to EnchantingMiracle for the idea, and I have been given permission by her to recreate this)




Before this harsh winter, the environment was happy and flowering with life. There had always been plenty of prey for every wolf, and just about everyone seemed happy, even the lone wolves. This winter has been full of dangerous weather and freezing temperatures, causing prey to flee and tempers to rise. Lone wolves have been frequently entering the territory, and the newest alpha of the Night Pack (Ace) is struggling. His sister (reserved for Tiga), believes she can lead the pack better, but doesn’t understand that it isn’t Ace’s fault. His sister wants to challenge him for leadership once more, and seems to be plotting an attack with her followers. Will the pack split, some remaining with Ace and some leaving with his sister, or will they decide to peacefully become one once more and fight through the winter together? Whichever they choose, they will struggle.




Ace and his sister were born to two alphas named Alice and Shadow, a white female wolf and a black male wolf, who led the Night Pack. During their time, the pack was happy and one, not a single wolf considered leaving. The two were very close and loved each other very much, and lead the pack to glory. They eventually had two pups, a male named Ace, and a female named Crimson.


It was obvious to all that Ace was a natural-born leader. He was strong and brave, but intelligent and loyal at the same time. About a moon after the birth of their pups, Alice and Shadow named Ace their successor, the pack approving their choice. His sister didn’t take this choice lightly, as it offended her, causing her relationship with Ace to go bad. She decided to no longer talk with the black-and-silver wolf, and kept herself far away from him. This did upset Ace as he wanted a happy family and loving sister, but he knew that he was destined to be alpha, and it was up to him to keep his pack safe when he became older.


Once they were about the age of one year, things went down-south. Winter was coming, and the pack could tell it was going to be a bad one. Shadow had been attacked and injured by a lone wolf, while Alice was becoming sick after falling in a river and nearly freezing to death. Ace and Crimson were becoming worried, but his sister knew that her time to shine was coming soon. Oblivious of her mother and father watching and a nearby den, Ace’s sister challenged Ace for his position, not knowing of his great strength. Knowing that it was his destiny to be alpha, Ace accepted the challenge and the two wolves fought. Ace won the battle, leaving his sister heavily injured and near death. The pack was shocked by his strength, but explained to him that his parents were about to die. He quickly went to them and lay by their side, hearing their lasts words echo out in the den: You must lead the pack to safety.


Now, Ace is alpha, and Crimson a defeated subordinate. It has been a few days since the death of Shadow and Alice, and the pack has gone to chaos due to the lack of food and the new and confused alpha.




The setting is Alaska, the Night Pack owning a vast territory with two different caves they use in the summer and winter with no nearby packs. In the summer, they live in a cave in a smaller-sized mountain, with a lake nearby for drinking and fishing. There is a lack of forest prey, as the forest is a distance away, so they mainly rely on fish and whatever happens to make its way from the forest. The cave is rather cool and roomy with four dens: The alpha den, the subordinate den, the Nursery, and the beta den. As for the omegas, they sleep out in the center of the cave, often trampled in the dark of night. The threat of lone wolves remains, and there is an occasional bear or so that drifts from the forest.


During the winter months, the pack moves to the forest in search of more prey, which is quite a long way from the mountain. There, they have a less-roomy cave to help keep the pack warm, this one with only three dens: The alpha den, the Nursery, and the subordinate/beta den. Instead of sleeping in the center of camp, the omegas sleep behind a group of stalagmites. There is a river that runs through the forest, about half a mile away from the cave, which supplies the Night Pack with fish. As for threats, there are bears, foxes, and Lone wolves, but most animals are in hibernation (beside the wolves). During these cold months, the pack struggles to survive on deer, fish, squirrels, birds, and rabbits.




Alphas: The alphas are the leaders of the pack, with the most dominance and respect from the pack. They can be challenged for their leadership, but those who do challenge them are often foolish and beaten to a pulp. They get to eat first and are generally the only wolves who have offspring. The betas may try to mate with the Alphas, but are often rejected, as the two alphas are often bonded for a long time. The alpha male may change to a different female as often as he pleases, but he often sticks with the same female. The alphas may choose a successor or allow the betas to become alphas when they die, but they often choose the betas.


Betas: The second highest rank in the pack is the betas. They have a good amount of respect in the pack, and often take over the alpha position when they die, but if they are challenged, they must fight for the position. They take command when the alphas are gone, and may try to mate with an alpha, but they generally don’t.


Herbalists: Herbalists are pretty much self-explanatory. They help heal the wounded wolves and help the mothers give birth. They can take on mates, and are ranked above subordinates, but below the betas. They receive a few nips when needed, but are generally calm and patient wolves who have no interest in fights. To heal wolves, they often use bark, vines, moss, snow, and a few known herbs.


Hunting Leaders: These wolves are subordinates, ranked below scouts but ranked a little above the subordinates they lead to hunt. Their job is self-explanatory: they lead the hunts. Of course, they still receive and obey orders given from alphas and betas, and are basically treated like subordinates.


Subordinates: Subordinates are the middle-ranked wolves, who occasionally are nipped at by the alphas, betas, or other subordinates. They may take on mates, but generally don’t, as their life is often filled with hunting and fighting for their alphas.


Scouts & Scout Leaders: Scouts are wolves selected to search for prey and spy on possible enemies. They're ranked barely above subordinates, and below herbalists. They are led by Scout Leaders, but are still ruled over by the alphas and betas. Like subordinates, they receive occasional bites. Scout Leaders simply lead the scouts when they head out, and usually receive tasks from the alphas and betas. They are only barely ranked above Scouts.


Pups & Mothers: Mothers can either be alphas, betas, or subordinates, but are rarely omegas. Mothers are expecting wolves or female wolves with pups. They have a decent amount of respect, and return to their duties after their pups are about ten months old and can become a subordinate and learn. Pups are simply pups with no ranks. At the age of ten months, they are immediately placed as a subordinate, and depending on their skill level and amount of dominance, they will either move up or down on the ranks.


Omegas: Omegas are the least respected wolves and are often malnourished. They aren’t allowed to hunt much, and often aren’t allowed to take on mates, but some rarely do. They aren’t allowed to eat often, and received harsh treatment from the higher ranks. They are often stuck watching the pups when the mothers want to take a break.


Elders: Elders are retired wolves who were formerly any other rank beside Omegas, as Omegas can't retire. They no longer hunt or fight, and have given up their old tasks to younger blood. Elders are respected, and are like pups, not having an exact rank, but they gain a decent amount of respect.



*All Dragon Cave Forum rules apply!!

*One high rank per User

*No Godmodding

*No Mary Sues or Gary Stues

*First come, first serve for higher ranks! The Alpha Female will be decided later

*Do not roleplay another’s wolf unless you receive their permission

*Posts MUST be at least a paragraph long (4 sentences at the minimum)

*Please post non-roleplay posts in the OOC

*Do not kill another’s wolf without their permission

*Pictures must be linked in the Character Sheets, two pictures at a maximum per character

*Keep your characters realistic….No wolves with pink fur and rainbow eyes!

*Do not add to a character’s family without the roleplayer’s permission

*Keep things PG-13

*No swearing or text-talk

*The password to put in the character section is Ace Rules

*Each User may have romance between two of their own wolves, but only one single-user-owned couple per User. You may have as many other couples with other Users as you want.

*Do not be rude or cruel to other Users.

*You must post once a week, and if you do not, your wolf may go up for adoption. If your wolf has a higher rank, then that rank will be given to a different wolf. If you are going to be off for a week or longer, please inform me ASAP so you don’t lose your character! If they do not get adopted in a week, they will be deleted.

*Try to keep the genders even

*You may start out with five characters, but there is a maximum limit of eight

*What I say goes!!

*I will add more rules that I find needed during the course of the roleplay. Rules may be suggested to me via PM.


Character Sheet:


[B]Username: [/B]
[B]Character’s Name: [/B]
[B]Nickname: (optional) [/B]
[b]Text Color:[/b]
[B]Age: [/B]
[B]Gender: [/B]
[B]Rank: [/B]
[B]Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) [/B]
[B]Personality: [/B]
[B]Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description)[/B]
[B]History: [/B]
[B]Siding with:[/B](Ace or his sister for leadership?) 
[B]Other:[/B] (seeking mate, friends, enemies, and other information you want to include)


Available Positions:

Subordinates (always open! (: ) Will be later reopened

Omegas (1)

Pups (always open)

Alpha Female(s) (Up to 6 (now one), Ace will eventually choose which one he finds fit...This list has been increasing, and just about every female does have a chance, but the ones listed below have a much, much greater chance of being selected.)

Herbalists (x1)

Elders (always open)


Reserved Positions:


Maxine (redfox) - possible Alpha Female


Nyra (Brotato) - possible Alpha Female


Dionne (Shiny) - possible Alpha Female


Leia (Evil Sethoss) - possible Alpha Female







<character name> – <roleplayer> (text color)


Alpha Male:


Ace - 20mia08 (silver)


Alpha Female:




Beta Male:


Esko - Esko the Wolf (teal)


Beta Female:


Kestra - MyaMouse (No color)




Moyo - C88 (#9CBA7F/Mint candy)

Hiera - MyaMouse (Slategray)

Leia - Evil Sethoss (#ffbec7)

Morte - Shiny Hazard Sign (#701c07)


Hunting Leaders:


Blake - zamboza (coral)

Crimson - Tiga (crimson)




Harmony – 20mia08 (lightsalmon)

Avion – 20mia08 (saddlebrown)

Aurora - Evil Sethoss (blue)

Torque - Brotato (Navy)

Hachi - MyaMouse (Brickred/#841F27)

Maxine - redfox (Amber)

Ashur - Ælex (Maroon)

Bright star - Evil Sethoss (#ffcc99)

Ren - Esko the Wolf (Darkgoldenrod)

Currently Closed until Further Notice


Scout Leaders:


Nyra - Brotato (Tomato tongue.gif)

Torbjorn - oddinomaly (#b50900)




Dionne - Shiny Hazard Sign (#817f7f)

Nashota - Brotato (dodgerblue)

Nuntis - 20mia08 (Tan)

Rin - Esko the Wolf (green)




Hiera - MyaMouse (Slategray)

Menemith - oddinomaly (#4d7f1a)

Softwing - eaaem (#9e7968)





Erishad - Dorchadas (#526ca5)

Craven - Shiny Hazard Sign (#9e915a)





Ceres - Evil Sethoss (#756b36)

Menemith - oddinomaly (#4d7f1a)

Phayne - TotallyDrow (lime)

Edited by 20mia08

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Accepted Characters:




Username: 20mia08

Character’s Name: Ace

Text Color: silver

Age: 2.4 years

Gender: Male

Rank: Alpha Male



Mother: Alice (Deceased)

Father: Shadow (Deceased)

Sister: (reserved)


Despite his intimidating appearance, Ace can be a nice wolf, though he doesn't fear showing his dominance. He's a wolf who likes to sit down with a friend and chat, one who's willing to lend a paw to someone when needed. Ace is willing to give anyone a fair trial and a second chance, but if they kill or do something terrible like that, he won't give them a second chance. He can talk a fair amount, but not too much to the point where it's annoying, as he knows that every wolf has limited patience, including himself.


Ace can be remarkably harsh though, and has tough discipline. Though he's a humorous wolf, he knows when to pull his act together. Ace is strict, especially when it comes to rules. To him, disobeying is not an option, and he'll make sure of it. Punishment is key to learning in his world, even though he gives second chances. Ace will be softer on younger wolves, but can be very relentless and merciless when an older wolf disobeyed more than once.


Though he's a higher position,  Ace is a humorous wolf who loves to have a little fun. Of course, he does have his moments where he's serious, but when things aren't rough, he loves to joke around with others, especially his friend Avion. Though he's humorous, not a soul doubts the loyalty of their Alpha Male, as he would give up his life for his pack or a friend. Ace would never leave his pack, no matter how frustrated he may get, because in his eyes, his packmates and friends come first.


Ace's pelt doesn't have a shine, it's rather fluffy, yet soft to the touch. It's always well-groomed, to make him look neat and healthy. His fur is quite a beautiful color, being black as night, yet flecked with silver. His pelt defines his eyes well, which are a brilliant amber shade. Though his fur is tinged with silver, it doesn't mean he's old, he was just born that color.

Ace has a muscular, tall build, his legs being long, and of course, muscular. His paws are large and blocky, and his toes, wide-spread. Ace's tail is rather fluffy, to his disliking, and is often held down low. His eyes are often narrowed to show mystery and wisdom, and his ears are often pricked.  His bone structure is thick and strong, but he's not a chubby wolf, he's in between. His face is finely shaped, his long muzzle ending in a coal-black nose. Wolves often describe Ace as a "handsome" young fellow, though he doesn't reply to these comments. His teeth are a yellow-white, and are quite sharp, but are an average length. The same goes for his claws. Link & Link 2

History: (See History on main post)

Siding with: Himself

Other: He will eventually choose a mate he sees fit.


Username: 20mia08

Character’s Name: Harmony

Nickname: (optional) Mony (Close friends only)

Text Color: lightsalmon

Age: 1.7 years

Gender: Female

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: None

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) Parents are deceased (past Subordinates), and her brothers and sister are deceased/missing


Unlike some of her packmates, Harmony is rather soft and gentle. Her voice is often calm and sweet, addressing all as if they're equals. Of course, she is often punished for this, being a higher rank than Omegas. To Harmony, there are no lower rankings, they're all equal, except for the Betas and Alphas. Harmony seems like she'd be a great mother one day, though she never thinks of pups, she thinks only of her packmates.

Harmony is energetic though, she never seems to get her energy out. She can control, unlike some, so she is usually working her day away. Harmony is also well-known for being a caring wolf, as said earlier, treating others equally. She's one of the peacemakers of the pack, being clever in her ways.

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description)

Harmony's pelt is soft and silky to the touch, and an unusual scarlet shade. She has a few patches of ginger-gray on her, mostly along her spine. Harmony's legs are rather long, with an average amount of muscle. Though her legs are long, Harmony stands at an average height for a female wolf. She often wears a smile on her face, her chocolate-colored eyes warm and welcoming. Link

History: Harmony didn't have any drama in her life, at least anything significant. She lost her parents at the age of one year, along with her deceased siblings. They all died of Unknown reasons, while the rest of her siblings fled or were banned from the pack.

Siding with: Peacekeeper, in between

Other: (seeking mate, friends, enemies, and other information you want to include)

It is thought that her family members were captured by humans and taken to something like a Zoo, since Red Wolves are rare. As for a mate, she doesn't care, and would settle for any male, but is perfectly fine without one.


Username: 20mia08

Character’s Name: Avion

Nickname: (optional) Av

Text Color: saddlebrown

Age: 1.5 years

Gender: Male

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: None

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) His parents were raised and born in the same pack, his mother being a past Beta. Avion's mother died a month after his birth, leaving his father to raise him, as Avion's brothers and sister were killed a few days after birth by subordinates in the pack. But, his mother mated with another Beta as well, having Avion's half-brother: Esko.


Avion is a rather brave wolf, thought to be noble, and always respected. He's a rather adventurous wolf, and can be quite stubborn. Avion always seems to love a challenge, and he seems to always "take the bull by the horns". He doesn't easily step down from a fight, and he's not afraid to speak his mind. He follows his heart, not his alphas, and will take his punishments honorably, though he can snap back at times. He loves to explore and try new things, and is always willing to take a risk, as he enjoys a rush.

Being brave and adventurous doesn't mean Avion's a serious wolf, he's quite a goof-ball. Avion loves to joke around and pull pranks, especially on older wolves and occasionally on betas. He's a very humorous wolf, and is one to brighten another's day. He's quite friendly, but will show his dominance ever once and a while, just to keep his position in the pack. He usually apologizes afterwards, being quite the "lady's man".

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description)

Avion's pelt is an odd color, being the same shade as dark mud. His fur is close to a black color on  some markings, but his ears are lighter than the rest of his pelt. His eyes are a bright yellow-amber color, standing out on his face. He's an average height, but good-looking, with a muscular build, and rather large lungs that often show underneath his pelt as he runs. Avion's right ear has v-shaped nick in the side of it, which is often how wolves recognize him.  His paws are well-webbed, and his pelt thick and sleek, making him a natural swimmer. His shoulder are rather broad and strong as well, giving him strong paddles. Link


Avion was born to a past Beta female, and a male subordinate, his parents very pleased with him and his strong siblings. A few days after their birth, Avion's brothers and sister were killed by a few subordinates, but his caught them right before they killed Avion. Their parents will loved him dearly, but his mother became majorly depressed with the loss of her other pups.

Avion's mother died a moon/month later from her depression, leaving Avion in the paws of his father and an adopted mother (his father didn't love the adopted mother, she just nursed Avion). After he weaned off the female's milk, Avion's father raised him, giving them an unbreakable bond. Avion followed his father everywhere, and learned everything from him, and was crushed when his father died from starvation.

Siding with: Ace

Other: (seeking mate, friends, enemies, and other information you want to include)


Username: 20mia08

Character’s Name: Nuntis

Nickname: (optional) Nu or Nun, preferably Nu

Text Color: Tan

Age: 2.4 years

Gender: Female

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: None

Family: All Deceased


Nuntis is seen as a sweet and wise wolf, making decisions efficiently and wisely.  She seems to be peaceful to others, but bears her dark side to Ace and his followers. Nuntis is quite helpful, and is well-known for her hunting skills. She knows to show her dominance, but not be so harsh once she defeats another wolf, so she can keep as many allies as possible. She is often one to volunteer first for something she likes or dislikes.

Nuntis has a dark side, bigger than ever imagined, but only shown to enemies. If there is one thing Nuntis loves more than anything else, it's revenge. She will always find her way, no matter how much it takes. Nuntis can be cruel and sassy towards enemies, her tongue like thorns, and her fangs and claws as sharp as ever. When peacefulness is pushed aside, Nuntis always chooses to fight. When she is disobeyed once, she'll snap slightly, hoping the other wolf will learn their lesson. If they don't, the next conversation will be harsher, and will often result in a few bites. The third time earns the other wolf a full-out attack from Nuntis.

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description)

Nuntis has a golden-white pelt, unlike her littermate, Midnight. Her fur is quite soft to the touch, with a fluff to it and no shine. Her legs are long, ending in nimble paws with long claws and rough paw-pads. She's thin, but has a strong jaw and surprisingly strong legs. Nuntis' tail is unusually long, often hanging low and bouncing off her legs as she walks. Click

History: Nuntis was born and raised in the Night Pack, with no major or notable drama in her life. She never cared of her family, so their deaths didn't bother her.

Siding with: Crimson

Other: N/A




Username: Tiga

Character’s Name: Crimson

Nickname: (optional) Red (she doesn't like it when wolves call her by her real name)

Text Color: Crimson

Age: 2.4 years

Gender: Female

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: Doesn't need a mate.

Family: Alice (Mother/Deceased), Shadow (Father/Deceased), Ace (Brother/Alive)

Personality: Red was never sweet. A bitter wolf from birth, she is bossy and rude, and very sarcastic. She has a kind of cruel intelligence and cold aura about her. She hates every wolf that sides with Ace, her brother, including Ace himself. She snaps at other wolves and doesn't care if she would get in trouble by the higher ranking wolves. Red however, behind her cold heart, is another cold hard, beyond that another, but hidden behind those layers is a warm wolf who is loyal to the close knit friends around her. This is the main reason why if you actually stick with her and she likes you, you might find yourself in her favour. Red is an independent wolf, who never relies on others. She is a leader more than a follower, hence why she wanted to become alpha of the pack. She won't talk to you if you just met her, always saying a curt reply before leaving. She doesn't dwell on long goodbyes and she will gladly the pack by herself if she wanted to.

Appearance: Link and one more

History: The history section.

Siding with: Herself, obviously.





Username: Brotato

Character's Name: Torque

Nickname: (optional) None

Text Color:

Age: 3 years, 11 months.

Gender: Male

Rank: (Alpha, beta, hunter, omega, pup) Subordinate

Mate/crush: None currently.

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family)

• Father: Kevlar Rimefang; Status: Unknown. Current Location: Unknown.

• Mother: Shakti Rimefang; Status: Deceased. Final resting place: Unknown.

• Bother: Jasper; Status: Deceased. Final resting place: Unknown.

• Sister: Nyra; Status: Alive. Location: Unknown.


Having only ever known his own blood, Torque tends to be a little bit paranoid of opening himself up to strangers. He wears a metaphorical mask and often speaks what others like to hear, only to establish a false sense of security and get those around him to lower their guard. Though he is not malicious, his paranoia drives him to be overly cautious. He acts submissive, but is always scheming, plotting, thinking of ways to backstab if need be.


He is generally passive, preferring to talk his way out of conflict, and enjoys the company of others only when he's certain that his charade is rock solid. He has a strange fascination with foxes, admiring them for the stories he'd heard about their wit and cunning.

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description) Clicky Click.


Torque and his family were a small pack in their own right. Their father and mother were runaways, outcasts of other packs, who's paths had crossed and interwoven, resulting in Torque, Jasper and Nyra's lives. Hunger and lack of food had forced them to keep moving dens, until the famine took it's toll. Weak from hunger, and desperate to find good hunting grounds, the family wandered into bear territory, gambling their safety in the hopes that they would cross unharmed. It was a wager they'd lost, and as a result of the bear attack, two of the family members were killed in cold blood in front of Torque, before they were forced to split up. Torque's last recollection was that of his father, drawing away the bears' attention while his offspring fled. Torque never saw his sister, or his father again, despite trying to track them after things had quieted down. He began his life as a lone wolf at almost three years old, and has been living it since, wandering between territories, looking to get by, and maybe start a pack of his own, should he be so lucky.

Siding with: Crimson.

Other: Nothing worth notice. He will eventually look for a mate, though it isn't his highest priority.


Username: Brotato

Character’s Name: Nyra

Text Color: Tomato

Age: 3 years, 11 months

Gender: Female

Rank: Subordinate, possible Alpha Female

Mate/Crush: -


• Father: Kevlar Rimefang; Status: Deceased. Final resting place: Known.

• Mother: Shakti Rimefang; Status: Deceased. Final resting place: Unknown.

• Bother: Jasper; Status: Deceased. Final resting place: Unknown.

• Brother: Torque; Status: Alive. Current Location: Known.

Personality: Nyra is the very definition of abrasive. She cares little for the feelings of others, and speaks her mind, often without even being asked for it. She's easily  fired up, and  eager for an opportunities to prove she's the best. Rash and thick-skulled, she only  takes orders from those she legitimately considers her superiors. She judges primarily based on strength over skill and cunning, and looks up only to those who can assert their authority better then she can. She's usually the first to charge into a fight, and isn't fond of taking prisoners or showing mercy without a good reason. Her reckless nature and brutish approach make her a terrible hunter or spy, but a fantastic brawler and bodyguard. In her downtime, when tired or mellow for whatever reason, she can actually be perceived as someone half-decent and interesting, seeing as she's not one to turn good company away. She is expectantly sassy, and has a wide selection of snappy comebacks.

Appearance: Clicky click.

History: Nyra and her family were a small pack in their own right. Her father and mother were runaways, outcasts of other packs, who's paths had crossed and interwoven, resulting in Torque, Jasper and Nyra's lives. Hunger and lack of food had forced them to keep moving dens, until the famine took it's toll. Weak from hunger, and desperate to find good hunting grounds, the family wandered into bear territory, gambling their safety in the hopes that they would cross unharmed. It was a wager they'd lost, and as a result of the bear attack, two of the family members were killed in cold blood. Nyra's last recollection was that of her mother, bravely charging in, fangs bared at the vicious beast that was attacking them, intent on taking it down! Nyra never saw her brothers, or her parents again. She knew it was all over for them, and  that she had to be strong enough to move on and make it on her own. She began her life as a lone wolf at almost three years old, and had been living it for a while, until a chance encounter with her father, that unexpectedly went  in a very bad direction after some time of the two watching each other's backs, resulting in his untimely demise. Wandering between territories, looking for trouble, she would eventually be reunited with her brother, and take part in defending something she believed was of utmost importance.

Siding with: Ace

Other: Nyra was born with a quirk: Albinism. As a result, her fur is as white as snow, and her irises are red due to lack of pigmentation.


Username: Brotato

Character’s Name: Nashota

Nickname: Nas

Text Color: Dodgerblue

Age: Grown adult, exact age unknown.

Gender: Female

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: Reserved

Family: Unknown, she doesn't remember her siblings or parents' identities.

Personality: Nas is a wild card. She's warm and cheerful at best, paranoid and cold at worst. Due to her incident in which she'd lost her memory, she's skeptical and cynical of pretty much anyone she's ever known, with exceptions being very rare. She's also somewhat shut-in, preferring to put on a mask rather then reveal her true nature when interacting with others. She cares little for who she was in the past, believing that she'd been abandoned and left to perish,  thus she finds solace in her successes as an individual. As such, she's driven by her own insatiable need to prove herself. Despite lacking the experience of age, she makes up for it with gusto and bravado, which more often then not are backed up with successes. Her unwillingness to waver makes her an excellent hunter and fighter, but her reclusive and distant nature, lack of experience, and somewhat obvious mental instability makes her a bad tracker, tactician or leader.

Appearance: Click.

(Addendum: As expected, she bares a striking resemblance to her siblings.)

History: Having awoken injured and with a pounding headache less then a year ago, in a region completely alien to her, Nas had no recollections of her past, other then the fleeting echoes of her own name. She'd spent several moons in denial over what looked so obvious, that she'd been left for dead by whoever it was she considered close before losing her memory. But even after all that time of barely managing to scrape by with a few lucky finds of brought down prey by other animals, she couldn't find any trace of anyone or anything familiar to her. Once fully recovered, she accepted what she thought was the truth, and realised that she was now completely on her own. Past be damned! She was determined to survive, and perhaps even find a new family. Her determination burned brighter and stronger with each of her initial failures, but eventually, she self-taught herself the basics of survival. Many moons later, after living on her own for what felt like an eternity for her, she was weathered and hardened by her ordeals, that both made her capable enough to function, and cold enough to completely shut herself in her own little mental cage of cold abandonment. Once she encountered night pack territory, she knew success when she saw it. A plentiful supply of food, lots of healthy and confident members and standing on a pillar above them all, an alpha who was actually doing his job well enough to make this well oiled machine work. It was something she wanted to be part of, and as usual, was either going to succeed, or die trying.

Siding with: Ace

Other: Nas bares the scars of her ordeals, though they're not easily seen under her coat.

As mentioned, she bares the obvious striking resemblance to her currently living sister, Menemith.

I /was/ going to put her up as a candidate for Alpha Female, seeing as I had plenty of hilarious ideas based on that, but Nyra's already filled that position from my character roster, so nevermind that. xd.png It wouldn't be fair at all to gobble two spots up.




Username: MyaMouse

Character’s Name: Hiera (he-era)

Nickname: (optional) Hia (Only used by my wolves)

Text Color: Slate Grey

Age: 4 human years

Gender: Female

Rank: Pregnant Wolf (originally Subordinate)

Mate/Crush: Mate: Hachi

Family: Mate: Hachi ~ Brother: Toran (deceased) ~ Sister: Kestra (Beta Fem)

Personality: Sweet, caring, smart, and kindhearted. She is pretty much the planner of the pack, as she is known for her battle tactics and her fighting skills.

Appearance: Hia

History: Born as a wild wolf, she, her sister, and her brother traveled about the world together. Toran's meekness and malnourishment made it so that every pack he joined he became an omega, but the girls trended to join as subordinates. They travelled for a good 4 years until they met Night pack and joined. The girls joined as subordinates. Lucky for Toran, a stranger begged for him to be a subordinate, so he was among the middle ranks, just as the girls. they lived a good life until Toran died from the cold of winter one night in their second year in the pack. A few weeks later, Kestra was ranked up and became the beta female of the pack along with the beta male, Esko, and the next week Hashi asked to be her mate. She of course said yes because she had loved him for a long time just as he did her. The next year she had pups with Hashi, and soon they will be born.

Siding with: Ace



Username: MyaMouse

Character’s Name: Hachi

Nickname: (optional)

Text Color: Brickred

Age: 4 human years

Gender: Male

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: Mate: Hiera

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) Mate: Hiera ~ Mother: Cata (deceased) ~ Father: To be found

Personality: Loyal and brave, Hachi is good, although a bit hardheaded. He's a bit of a dummy but he makes up for that in brawn, and Hiera is his brains. He's a sweetheart if not a little harsh. He is looking forwards to being at father, though.

Appearance: Hachi

History: Eh. I might add more later, but-

He met Hiera when she came from another pack. Hiera, her sister Kestra, and her deceased brother Toran joined the pack by begging Ace's parents to join. Hachi suggested to them that they should let the three in, and let them in they did! A few years after they joined, Hachi asked Hiera to be his mate. The two loved each other and have lived together ever since.

Siding with: Ace


Username: MyaMouse

Character’s Name: Kestra

Nickname: (optional) Kes

Text Color: None

Age: 4 human years

Gender: Fem

Rank: Beta Fem

Mate/Crush: None

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) Brother: Toran (deceased) ~ Sister: Hiera (pregnant Subordinate)

Personality: Kestra is smart and strong, loyal and wants the best for the pack. She knows that Ace and his sister are not experienced enough to make it through this tough winter. Albeit being a tough Beta, and a loyal aid to Ace, she is normally lighthearted and fun to be around.

Appearance: Kestra

History: Born as a wild wolf she her sister and her brother travel the world together, looking for a place to call home. Her brother Toran's meekness and malnourishment made it so that he was always an Omega and whatever pack they joined but she and her sister were always subordinates. As the years went on they stumbled across Night Pack, which they decided to join. They had no idea that that was going to be the pack where they stayed for the rest of their lives. The benevolent pack leaders, Alice and Shadow, were kind enough to let all three of them become subordinates. Sadly, a few years later, Toran died in the same winter that took the lives of Alice and Shadow. Even more determined to keep the pack together, Kestra began rising through the ranks and showing off her skill, and soon she became the beta female.

Siding with:Neither

Other: She is friends with Esko but has no intention of mating with him, or anyone, for that matter.


Esko The Wolf:


Username: Esko_the_Wolf

Character’s Name: Eskirurius

Nickname: Esko

Text Color: Teal!!

Age: 3 human years

Gender: Male

Rank: Beta male

Mate/Crush: Nobody yet

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) all family is deceased or missing, all but his Half-brother: Avion.

Personality: he is rather calm, only getting angry when things get extreme. He knows what he is doing, and takes work seriously. When things need to be done, he makes sure they are done. He follows who is true, and often gives help to the young Alpha when in need. Well respected, he does his job well. There is a reason he is Beta, after all.

Appearance: his colors aren't common, but his pattern is rather strange. His left front leg is black, as well as the opposite hind leg. He has a big black oval shape on his back, with three dots on each side. His tail is striped black, and he has a black circle around his left eye. His right ear is black. The rest of him is white.

Esko ((sorry for horrible drawing))

History: he was born and raised by his parents in the pack. His parents were the past Betas, and he was raised with the knowledge of a Beta and when he needed it, the Alpha. His family bit the dust in different ways, eventually leaving him by himself. He inherited the Beta male spot after his parents died. He became rather good friends with Kestra after the winter when Alice and Shadow died.

Siding with: Neither, but leans a tiny bit more towards Ace.

Other: like said, Esko is good friends with Kestra. No intention of mating anytime soon, but may in the far future.


Username: Esko_the_Wolf

Character’s Name: Rin

Nickname: (optional) Rin

Text Color: Suprising nobody took plain green yet

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Rank: Scout

Mate/Crush: Nope

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) Ren (Brother) Parents (Dead)

Personality: A headstrong wolf, she is a stubborn meathead, and thinking twice is almost unknown to her. However, she is very smart, and she can think out of a lot of things. When she bothers to think twice xd.png

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description) Her pelt is pure white, and makes the snow look grey. She has bright blue eyes. She has a slender build, built for speed and stealth more then fighting. ((I will sketch her later))


She was born to another pack along with her twin brother to two Alphas. The pack was one of the strongest in the area, ruling the entire area far south of Alaska. Her brother was destined to be the next alpha, and she was fine with this, prefering to explore and run around instead of leading the pack and dealing with stress. The twins were happy in their lives. It seemed like nothing could go wrong...


Until the Beta got power hungry and gathered up his followers. The beta killed his mate, the female beta, who sided with the alphas. The Male Beta gathered up his forces and attacked, leading in an uprising that tore the pack apart. The Beta killed the alphas, but there was barely anybody to lead. The beta went crazy. He faced Rin and her brother, demanding they reproduce. Disgusted and terrified, they fled, the beta currently tearing earth amd flesh looking for them.

Siding with:(Ace or his sister for leadership?) Deciding in rp

Other: Hmm...maybe that crazy Beta can make a good side plot?


Username: Esko_the_Wolf

Character’s Name: Ren

Nickname: (optional) Ren

Text Color: Darkgoldenrod

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: Not now

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) Rin (sister) parents (dead)

Personality: He is calm and coolheaded, the opposite of his sister. He is the one to keep her from getting herself killed. He can keep his head even in the tensity of battle, and he makes for a great strategist. His strategy skills will probably be sought by the two sides. Just sayin.

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description) He is a pitch black wolf, darker then a sky with no stars or moon. This makes him a great night hunter and scout, being hard to see at night. Unlike Rin, he is stocky and a bit clumsy, built for fighting more then stealth. (I will also sketch him later)

History: same as Rin. Though obviously from his perspective

Siding with:(Ace or his sister for leadership?) deciding in rp

Other: (seeking mate, friends, enemies, and other information you want to include)




Username: redfox (rf for short)

Character’s Name: Maxine

Nickname: Max

Text Color: amber = #FFC200

Age: 2.3

Gender: female

Rank: subordinate (hopes to be Alpha female, though)

Mate/Crush: Ace

Family: deceased

Personality: she's mostly shy (especially around Ace) and quiet. she doesn't talk very much because she thinks that no one really listens to her but she does try to speak up every now and then to get her input out there in order to share an opinion she might have. she's stubborn when she shares an opinion and wants it put into play. she's very kind and nice around other wolves as well as a very good listener; she can help others with any problems they might have and would like a few friends once she doesn't have any as of yet.

Appearance: Max - has pitch-black fur with pretty Amber eyes. also has a scar that goes from the top right area of her face above her right eye down to just above her mouth from a conflict that she had when she was younger but it's not shown in the picture.

History: doesn't talk about it unless asked to share

Siding with: Ace

Other: seeking a mate and a few friends.




Username: oddinomaly

Character’s Name: Torbjorn (from Old Norse, meaning "bear of Thor")

Nickname: (optional) Tor

Text Color: are hex codes allowed?

Age: Three Years 6 months

Gender: Male

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: None, he is aromantic.

Family: Burkhart (Father, deceased), Gerhild (Mother, living, location unknown)

Personality: Tor is a particularly unnerving wolf, as his body language simply radiates what others describe as "quiet malevolence". He rarely speaks unless spoken to, preferring instead to observe. He's one of the best spies in the pack for this reason. He's more of a follower than a leader and is blindly devoted to those he believes deserve his loyalty, though he does not immediately show who he is alligned with. Torbjorn will carry out orders to the fullest, and will do so violently and without mercy. His sense of morality is exceedingly conformist; if his chosen alpha tells him something is right, he internalizes this as law. This wolf values strength, manipulation, and emotional distance above all else, and is not above fleeing from a situation he deems too dangerous.

Appearance: [picture]

Torbjorn is about the size of an average male wolf. He's significantly more graceful than most other males, however. His coat appears thin but well insulated, as his undercoat is thick. This gives him a sort of coyote-like appearance, enhancing the "quietly malevolent" aura he gives off. He bears a fairly common coat pattern, with dark fur contrasting starkly against the white fur of his belly and mixing with cinnamon-colored hairs on his sides, shoulders and rump. He has distinctively dark legs where other wolves would have white or pale tan. His right eye had been damaged by a bear when he was a pup, and as a result he no longer has a functional pupil. The eye healed funny, giving his iris a pattern similar to smooth stones at the bottom of a clear stream. Because of this he is blind in that eye.

History: Torbjorn (originally named Lieven) was the only pup born to a pair of lone wolves hoping to start their own pack. He was raised much farther south than most other wolves in his pack and as a result has a faint accent.  When he a pup he ventured from his den while his mother was away. A black bear caught his scent and cornered him at the base of a cliff nearby. The bear struck him in the face and for the first time in his life he smelled fresh blood. Before the bear could snap his spine, Tor's father leapt into the fray. The little pup watched in horror as his father Burkhart fought tooth and nail to save his life. The fight was short and brutal. When it looked like he would win, the bear dealt Burkhart a fatal blow to the face. The old wolf died where he stood from massive brain damage, his handsome face mangled and unrecognizable.


His mother found him staring at the body of his father and flew into a rage, blaming him for the death of her beloved mate. She hurled endless abuse at him, threatening to abandon him, even changing his name to remind him that he was responsible for his father's demise. Despite her threats she kept him with her as she traveled north in a grief-stricken haze. Tor watched as her sanity frayed and finally snapped. She neglected his health, often leaving him to fend for himself for days at a time when she went wandering. It was during these times that he taught himself to hunt and fight. He took his anger and guilt out on the world around him. His understanding of morality began to twist and sicken.


When he finally struck out on his own, he wandered the land in search of chaos to distract him from his emotional turmoil. Over time he learned to shut his feelings out. Instead he preferred to roam from pack to pack, instilling distrust and violence in formerly peaceful packs for entertainment. Several months ago he wandered into the territory of the Night Pack and found satisfaction in the sibling feud. Whether or not the pack survives, he doesn't really care. He simply seeks death and chaos. If he can't be happy, no one can.


Siding with: Ace's Sister

Other: The eye thing is a fairly common occurence in the wild when an eye injury hasn't healed properly. It's not a Gary-Stu thing that only he can have, I swear. tongue.gif Also, Tor doesn't believe in destiny, and deems anyone who does a fool. Ace's sister's willingness to challenge her own blood fascinates hi


Username: oddinomaly

Character’s Name: Menemith

Nickname: (optional) None

Text Color: green #4d7f1a

Age: 2.5 years

Gender: Female

Rank: Omega (Mother, initially)

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Ayita (mother, living), Unaduti (father, living), Wakiza (brother, living), Diwali (brother, living), Nashota (sister, unknown), roughly a dozen other family members who I really don't want to spend time naming...

Personality: Unlike the rest of her family, Menemith lives in fear of...just about everything. She is the most skittish wolf in the pack due to her past as a loner, and because of it, she does not make friends easily. She's very easy to push around, being the natural omega that she is. Whether her submissive nature is caused by her anxiety, or is just her personality, no one is really certain. What is certain is that she is considered a coward by all who have met her. She seeks comfort wherever she can find it. Safety is a rare commodity for her. Her loyalty lies with whoever can provide her protection. Due to her cowardly nature, she is hesitant to fight on a good day; on a bad day she'll just bolt and find somewhere to hide until the battle is over. Wolves who aren't fond of her use this to question her loyalty to the pack. Menemith is also very easily blackmailed; if someone knows something about her, they can manipulate her into doing their bidding.

Appearance: here, art by me

Menemith is a large, heavyset she-wolf with thick fur, roughly-textured fur. Her belly is a pale tan, while her markings vary from dark gray to a diluted brown. Her coat pattern is largely softly blended agouti. Her uniquely slanted eyes are a greenish-yellow. They sit shallow-set in her face, above a thick muzzle with distinct contrast between light and dark. Her ears are a dark, saturated brown, and are unusually pointed for a pure wolf. Her neck is thick and her ruff is full. She has broad shoulders and a powerful build. Her rump is muscular and strong as it is designed for climbing up mountains. She has a distinct fluffy tail. Her voice is gruff and masculine, occasionally misleadingly so. At the time of writing this, she is about three weeks away from giving birth.


History: Menemith was born into a large pack, and was the last daughter of the aging alphas. The only pup in her litter and the youngest in the line for leadership, she was often bullied by her older siblings. She was known mostly as her parents' greatest source of shame, for despite her warrior-like build, she avoided combat as much as possible and would submit to even the slightest show of aggression. As soon as she was able to survive on her own, her pack chased her out. They were tired of feeding someone who was too afraid to hunt. Menemith continued to hang around her old pack's territory, trying time and time again to convince them to take her back. Finally they had enough and attacked her. Her cowardly nature got the better of her and she fled.


She ran until her paws bled. After two weeks of nonstop running she collapsed of exhaustion. She no longer wished to live. Several hours later, Menemith was awoken by a muzzle prodding her in the side. She lifted her head to find a sleek, handsome black wolf...with a dead rabbit in his jaws, the first prey she'd seen in weeks. Days went on and he nursed her back to health. When she was finally able to stand again, Menemith promised to stay at his side. He introduced himself as Muqua. Whether it was gratitude or inexperience that blinded her from the truth, she still isn't sure, but she became convinced she was in love with him. When he said he returned her feelings, she believed him. The black wolf brought her confidence and the chance at a new life. They soon became a mated pair. The euphoria she felt quickly faded when she realized Muqua had other things on his mind. He threatened to abandon her if she didn't do as he told her, even going so far as to bite and claw her if she continued to argue. The confidence he gave her was frail; one derisive word from him could shatter it in a second. He played with her emotions like they were a bit of tasty bone.


No matter how bad it got, Menemith stayed at Muqua's side. He believed she owed him, and wasn't afraid to remind her of it. She hoped for months that he might change, become the wolf she met while starving. As time went on, that hope fizzled out. It was replaced with dread. While it may have been obvious to onlookers, Menemith had no idea what was happening was considered abuse until she became pregnant with his pups. She knew if she allowed these pups to be raised with Muqua, they'd end up irreparably damaged. One night, in the early onset of winter, she snuck away from their makeshift camp and headed for the mountains. She had no idea Muqua followed her.


Siding with: Neutral, will automatically side with anyone who promises her pups protection.

Other: Anyone can play Muqua, he's not going to end up joining the pack. I dunno. If nobody decides to grab him I can make him an NPC.




Username: zamboza

Character’s Name: Blake

Nickname: (optional) ---

Text Color: coral

Age: 4.2 years

Gender: Male

Rank: Subordinate (formerly Beta - see history)

Mate/Crush:Actually none

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) All family deceased, except his son Esko.

Personality: Being an oldest wolf in the pack, Blake has high authority even as subordinate and he knows about it. He keeps his personal life to himself and tries to avoid doing anything recognizable or getting involved into social life of the pack - he prefers to stay on the side. He can be quite impulsive and aggressive, but it's all because of his past.

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description) click

History: When Blake was born, his family lived alone and had managed to be able to keep themselves fed. However, it changed after half a year. Blake's brother, Twig, was born and harsher winter was coming. They've been on the edge of dying, but then they found the Night Pack led by Shadow. By this time Blake was already about 1.1 years old. Unfortunately, his parents were too weakened by the age to survive the winter. After that he was left with his younger brother on his own. He proved himself as excellent hunter and gained trust and recognition in other wolves' eyes, which earned him a rank of Beta. He even managed to find a mate for him, with whom he had a single pup - Esko.


It all changed when he was about 2.8 years old and went on hunting with Twig and one other wolf. The fate decided that they would meet an old, hardened in battle lone wolf. A fierce battle started and the first to fall was Blake's brother. Terrified by this sight he didn't know what to do. The lone wolf seeing that he couldn't gather his thoughts lunged at him and if it wasn't the other wolf that came with them he would be already dead. The wolf named Den pushed Blake away and the attacker jumped on him instead of his former target. After that Blake run away, as he couldn't be able to handle anything at the moment being.


He returned to the cave on the next day and the message already spread - Den defeated the lone wolf and told everyone what happened. Blake lost the trust and respect of other wolves from the pack and Shadow degraded him to subordinate, which made his son automatically a new Beta of the pack. After that he started living on his own in the pack, coming to the hunts to help, but it wasn't the same - there were no congratulations on good hunt for him, no eyes looking on him with admiration - but with disappointment.


But time heals wound and shortly before Shadow's death wolves forgot about Blake's shameful act. He again earned respect from the others, but not as big as before. On the other hand, after Shadow's death and Red's attempt to beat Ace he began to somewhat interest in the social life of pack. He saw something in leader's sister that in his opinion a good leader needed - maybe it was the age, or personality, no one knows, even Blake himself.

Siding with: Redles!





Username: Ælex

Character’s Name: Ashur

Text Color: Maroon

Age: 3y 6m 19d old.

Gender: Male

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: Undecided

Family: Multiple siblings and his parents, though he's lost contact with them.

Personality: Ashur doesn't much care for chasing prey or digging out dens to hunt small animals. He enjoys his personal time as much as he would enjoy being in good company. He doesn't judge, and always tries to look at each side of every tale. He's a traveller at heart, and only uses the pack he's with as refuge for those cold winter nights and harsh foodless periods. Though he doesn't generally contribute much in terms of food or protection, his love of exploration has made him a decent enough scout. He keeps a close eye and nose on their territory, and often has good information about useful findings here and there, be that which spots are most lucrative for hunting purposes, or areas that contain hazards, like hunters or wild bears. In addition to this valuable information, Ashur has plenty of stories to tell, and advice to give.  He's seen a lot for a wolf his age, so more often then not, he ends up right. He's generally passive, and finds solace in being kept responsibility-free and only obligated to taking a few short orders from their alpha every now and then.

Appearance: Click.

History: Born and raised in a different pack altogether, Ashur spent his infancy happily and in good care, playing with other pups and generally growing up to be a fit and healthy member of his family. However, he always felt so so cooped up in that enclosed space of a territory his group had. Sure it was well protected by mountains on every side, and sure the herds all collected and went down one path each and every year for them to hunt, but he'd gone over those lands so many times that it was starting to weigh on him how little he had left to find. At the age of 3, he was already firmly set on leaving his home in search of a new fate that didn't include the monotonous and dull lifestyle that everyone else of his family had gotten so content with. Ashur craved something else to find. Something exciting, new lands, new wolves! new stories to learn and to tell on his travels. Sure enough, he crossed vast landscapes and wide open spaces, tempting fate time and time gain, but he knew how to keep his head low, and move fast enough to stay out of danger's way. He never hung around in the same place too long, so he never overstayed his welcome. Eventually, the months of constant movement wore him down, and he decided that he did, indeed, need a place to come back to when he was drawn for breath. And thankfully, he somehow managed to find one...

Siding with: Neutral, uninterested in their squabble.

Other: Nothing that hasn't already been mentioned.




Username: Dorchadas

Character’s Name: Erishad

Nickname: Shade

Text Color: #526ca5

Age: Just over seven months old

Gender: Male

Rank: Pup

Mate/Crush:Too young


Personality:Shade is quiet and brooding, with depressive tendencies. He is quite often sad, but rarely cries. See history.

Appearance:Small and grey, with yellow eyes.


History: Shade had lived all of his life with his family, until they all died in his first winter. He was only spared by his mother and father giving all their food to him and using their own bodies to shield him. After the winter ended, he was left alone, and searched for a pack. No pack has taken him yet, and he is slowly starving.

Siding with:Neutral, for now

Other: N/A


Shiny Hazard Sign:


Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

Character’s Name: Dionne

Nickname: Dia

Text Color: #817f7f

Age: Three years, nine months

Gender: Female

Rank: Loner-- though might be interested in alpha female once she joins, if possible.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: Jackle was her brother, though that's all she remembers.

Personality: Dionne is quiet, but she is not shy. She is an incredibly observant wolf that carefully calculates her actions and words before jumping into a squabble. She also is quite guarded with what she says and whom she trusts, though occasionally she does attempt to strike conversation of her own accord. Because of this, others have often considered her more aloof and distant, perhaps even cold at first. Her stoic demeanor allows her to keep a level head during times of high stress or contention, as well as affords her the ability to deflect insult or hostility without much effect. However, this ability is often manifested in wit and subtle sarcasm, since she finds aggression and anger directed at herself to be more amusing than anything else. She does not particularly care if she makes others angry, though it may not be her intention. Dionne does not search for trouble or attempt to rouse aggravation, as she is not inclined to violence unless it is absolutely called for-- but others should not be mistaken, since Dionne is perfectly capable of being a dangerous wolf should she feel the need. Yet, for a loner, she is surprisingly civil.

Appearance: Dionne's pelt is mostly creamy-white, but along her backside and flanks is flecking of dark gray. She has thick, wiry fur, but she also has a solid body structure that suits her better as a fighter and places her at a height more common in male arctic wolves. She is built for endurance and offense, rather than agility and speed. Dionne carries herself with poise and grace, despite having been a loner for most of her life.

Her eyes are a stunning gold and ringed with thick black around the outer lids.

{x} {x}

History: Dionne was born in a litter of four to a pair of loner wolves that roamed the country. She and her brother, Jackle, were inseparable among the pups, and did everything together when it came to learning how to hunt and fight. However, when the pups were close to six months old, her family accidentally trespassed on a pack's territory during a chase. The pack was furious and tracked down Dionne's parents to the little den they had carved out beyond the pack's borders. They fought, but her parents were outnumbered, and thus they died at the paws of the pack. The pups were spared, although just barely-- the alpha, who had come to confront Dionne's parents, had just lost her own pups a few months ago to disease, and decided to take on the orphans as her own. They were raised as the alpha's heirs, hopefully to one day lead the pack once the current alphas passed on. Because of this, they were rigorously taught the finer arts of pack life and how to carry oneself with regality. However, the rest of the pack was not thrilled with the idea of orphan pups becoming the heirs. A few months after Dionne and her siblings turned one year old, Jackle and a pack-born wolf got into a massive fight. He was injured permanently as the fight escalated, and Dionne came to despise other wolves. Jackle's disability was a perfect excuse for the others to run him from the pack. While their two sisters remained among the pack, Dionne left shortly afterwards on her own, vowing to never participate in pack life again-- but as time dragged on, she found herself aimlessly wandering, until she finally decided years later that she would give pack life another chance. She does not remember much of her puphood, other than her tight bond with her brother.

Siding with: Undecided-- she knows of neither, and will make her decision if it proves to be necessary once she learns more.

Other: Seeking a new family, for the most part. She may never admit it, but she is lonely, and has grown weary of living her days by herself, never knowing if she would encounter a friend or foe each morning.

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(Shiny Hazard Sign's Characters Continued):


Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

Character’s Name: Morte (Mor-ta)

Nickname: Mort

Text Color: #701c07

Age: 2 years 3 months

Gender: Male

Rank: Omega/Herbalist

Mate/Crush: None


--Deceased: Opal [Mother], Lily [sister]

--Living: Craven [brother]

--Unknown: Desmond [father], Juniper [sister]

Personality: Morte is a spoft-spoken, gentle wolf that finds no pleasure in violence or hostility. For this he has been considered weak and inferior, perhaps even a disgrace, as he has no skill for fighting. Before his accident he was more energetic and eager to learn and please, but with his injury he became less animated and more disenchanted with life as a whole. While he does try to be a peacekeeper in times of high stress, he is often ignored or even forgotten because of how passive he is. This does not seem to upset him much, as he has become accustomed to such treatment. Still, he tries, because he cares about his family and the future of the pack, even if he is regarded as useless to it.

Morte likes the company of other wolves, but can recognize when he is not wanted and has no qualms with spending extended periods of time alone if no one else desires his presence. In these times he tends to help the mothers of the pack and do services to assist them with pups.

Appearance: Morte is tall and willowy, with long legs to make him a swift wolf. He is more lean and thin than muscular and thick. His fur is soft and long along his spine and shoulders, but relatively short on the other areas of his body. He also sports a bizarre coloration; his face, legs, and ears are a warm chocolate brown, but his undercoat is white with a brush of reddish brown over the tips. He has light hazel-green eyes. {x}

History: Morte was born with his two sisters to Opal and Desmond. They were the betas of the Night Pack and livelong friends of Alice and Shadow, who had their first litter a few months after the Alphas. Because they were so close in age, Morte and his siblings learned to hunt and fight alongside Ace and Crimson. However, shortly after Morte turned a year and a half, he and his father and sisters went on a hunting trip and came across a herd of caribou. The trip went awry when his sister Juniper became too ambitious and attempted to take down a bull on her own. Morte and his other sister, Lily, dove in to help her when the bull grew enraged and turned on Juniper. It gored Lily with its massive antlers and shattered Morte's hind left leg. Horrified by her mistake, Juniper fled the Night Pack, leaving Morte as the only sibling left. Desmond and Opal were beyond grief. Morte could not longer hunt or barely even move, and he was expected to die given the serious nature of his injury. In their grief, his parents bred without Alice and Shadow's permission, and Opal became pregnant once more. It was during Opal's last few weeks of pregnancy when an illness overcame her. She died shortly after giving birth, with Craven being the only living pup. Desmond left the Night Pack upon learning of the death of his mate, leaving his remaining sons by themselves.

Since the disappearance and death of their parents, Morte took up the responsibility of raising Craven, although as Craven has gotten older and stubborn, the task has become increasingly difficult.

Because of Morte's injury, Alice and Shadow demoted him to omega and he has remained there ever since. In regards to the civil war, he tries to stay out of it, but is skeptical that Red has the ability to become an alpha.

Siding with: Ace

Other: His injury left him permanently disabled. He walks slowly, often limping and dragging his hind left leg. It does not seem to pain him any longer, though it obviously restricts his mobility and renders him mostly useless to the pack.



Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

Character’s Name: Craven


Text Color: #9e915a

Age: 9 months

Gender: Male

Rank: Pup

Mate/Crush: None


--Deceased: Opal [Mother], Lily [sister]

--Living: Morte [brother]

--Unknown: Desmond [father], Juniper [sister]

Personality: Like many pups, Craven is ambitious and hyperactive. He spends most of his time pretending to hunt or fight, or watching the adults and learning about how to be a strong warrior. He dreams about becoming a fierce, awesome wolf and maybe even a leader someday. He tries to act cool and disillusioned with puphood, but he really still is a pup at heart. Since Craven never really had a mother figure, he latched onto the first female wolf that struck him with awe-- Crimson. He has become rather obsessed with her, following her around at times and mimicking the things she does. He would do anything she asked of him, though since he was a little pup she didn't pay him much attention. His current goal is to get Red to take him hunting and show him how to be a great hunter. He would never admit it, but he is slightly terrified of Ace.

He can be a bit of a brat sometimes, but will correct his behavior if scolded by Morte or Red. When scolded by Ace, Craven freezes up.

Appearance: At nine months, he is awkwardly proportioned with a long, lithe body, lanky limbs, and giant paws. His fur is still short and coarse, which causes his ears to appear quite large on his head. The color of his fur is a brownish gold with small rings of dusty gray slowly appearing around his neck and backside, though he is still primarily goldish. His eyes are also a pale gold color verging on hazel in some angles of light.

As an adult, he will be a bit shorter than most, but thickly built and powerful.


As an adult: {x} {x}

History: His mother died shortly after he was born, and his father left around the same time. Craven's older brother Morte took over the job of raising him and became somewhat of a father figure, though Craven never truly did have any sort of parental guidance. He loves his older brother, but recently has become more interested in Red, much to Morte's dismay. He doesn't quite understand what is going on with the war between Ace and Red, and thus is easily convinced.

Siding with: Crimson

Other: Craven thinks Red is the bee's knees and would do anything to impress her.


Evil Sethoss:


Username: Evil Sethoss

Character’s Name: Bright star

Nickname: (optional) Brings

Text Color: #ffcc99

Age: 2.5 if that's not a cub

Gender: male

Rank: subordinate

Mate/Crush: none

Family:dead or outcasts

Personality: Brings is an extremely cheerful wolf. He can't stand to see another wolf be depressed and will try to cheer them up. He is unusually optimistic. He strives to be nice to everyone. Some wolves think he is annoyingly cheerful. Sometimes he fails to get a joke or sarcasm. He isn't the brightest of wolves and sometimes fails to see the problems and how dire they are. He is practically jumping off the walls most of the time

Appearance: http://www.freewebs.com/moon-pack/Blizzy-wolf.jpg He is a white wolf with some yellow in his fur he is smaller than most wolves but has more energy than most.

History: He lost most of his family to the cold,bears or because they wanted sister for leadership. His mother died recently just before this rp started. He was extremely depressed and set out to keep everyone happy.

Siding Ace because he looks up to him but he really doesn't understand how dire the situation is.

Other: to be rp'd


Username: Saralaya (Formerly), Evil Sethoss

Character’s Name: Aurora

Nickname: (optional) None

Text Color: Blue!

Age: 12 Moons (1 year)

Gender: Female

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/Crush: None right now

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family) Aurora's parents died in a hunting accident, and now she has no family.

Personality: Aurora is strong and independent. She enjoys taking care of herself and others, and though she may not enjoy taking orders from the alphas, she doesn't normally argue. Also, while she's confident in her abilities to hunt, she isn't terribly great at much else.

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description) (I don't have a picture right now, but if I need one I can find one) Aurora has a glimmering white coat with grey spots on her paws, and eyes the colour of the sea. She's also a bit larger than the average size for a female, which has helped her quite a bit with her hunting.

History: (I'm not quite sure what kind of history you're looking for, so this is what I've come up with. If you'd like something different or more elaborate, just let me know.) Aurora has been with this pack since she was born. Her parents were some of the best hunters in the pack, and she had been their only pup. One winter, when her parents were hunting with a few other wolves in the forest, a bear had managed to kill her parents before the rest of the hunting party took it down. Ever since, she's been honing her hunting skills so she would never find herself in the same position her parents had been in.

Siding with: Ace

Other: Aurora would like to find a mate and start her own family, feeling obligated to continue her lineage being the only pup in her family.


Username: Evil_Sethoss

Character’s Name: Ceres

Nickname: (optional) Codak, Dax

Text Color: 756b36

Age: 3.8 years

Gender: Male

Rank: omega

Mate/Crush: None due to rejection

Family: Loner

Personality: He used to be kind and fair and compassionate before he was rejected. He is now  cruel and sadistic. He is more likely to snap at a wolf bringing him food and take than thank her. He is extremely brutal when and hunting.and likes to inflict pain and watch the animal die slowly than quickly kill it.

Appearance: Link  His fur is slightly lighter than the photo and his eyes aren't blue. His left side is scarred.in a three claw design from.bears he had to fight when he was younger. His tail has been reduced to a stub from.a fight with other wolves.

History: He was a  loner and wandered for a while not staying in one place for long until he realized he needed a place to stay. He then meet the night pack.  Since he was on his own for a while he was a great hunter and was promoted to beta. Even as beta he had many hunting trips and great adventures leading to many injuries such as his claws and tail. He and everyone else was happy until... He did the unthinkable: He killed another wolf. He was to be banished but instead was demoted to omega. He became vicious while in omega-ness. Shortly after Crimson's fight with ace she came to him and asked him to join her. She promised him alpha.or beta.

Siding with: CRIMISON

Other: Glad that harmony considers  him equal. He has a bit of a crush on her. Only allows Crimison and harmony near him.


Username: Evil Sethoss

Character’s Name: Leia

Nickname: (optional) N/A

Text Color: ffbec7

Age: 3.4

Gender: Female

Rank: subornate (alpha female contestant)

Mate/Crush: Ace

Family:  Most of them died in avalanche. Father and brother are npcs

Personality: She can be cruel and arrogant at worst but loving and caring at best. She thinks that some of the duties of subornates are under her such as hunting. She however enjoys fishing and organizing sleeping places. She can get distracted by her vanity and go for a bath or a sleeping secession. She can be condescending and outright mean. Her strategy skills are rarely helpful but she can sometimes say something and it end up being genius. She belives that her place as Alpha is deserved and that she should be treated accordingly. She truly loves Ace but her attempts at showing affection are seen usually seen as weird or are trying to be overly subtle but failing.  

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description) Link Her fur <!--QuoteE




Username: C88

Character’s Name: Moyo

Nickname: (optional) Nut

Text Color: #9CBA7F/Mint candy

Age: 2.8 years

Gender: Female

Rank: Herbalist

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: (Can be Deceased or Searching for Family)

Father: Biki, deceased

Mother: Onis, deceased

Sister: Nuru, believed to be dead or missing


Before the death of her parents, Moyo loved to meet new people, and had a somewhat outgoing personality. After her parents died during an invasion, she shut herself off to the world, speaking only when necessary and refraining from interacting too much with others. She usually communicates with subtle nods and tail movements, and spends most of her time thinking alone. When her emotions do show themselves, it is usually only when she has been through a very bad experience, and this can cause her to become intense. She dislikes being bothered and only carries on conversations with those she likes or trusts. She has a wealth of knowledge, and will provide info when it is needed.

Appearance: (Both picture(s) and description)


Her fur is reddish-brown, with her underfur being a lighter creamy brown. She has a tuft of fur on her head that is slightly darker than her fur, and has dark brown markings on her legs and a small triangle mark on each of her cheeks. Her eyes are yellow, her ears are a bit ragged and she has tufts of fur on her front legs. She has a somewhat strong build and is relatively healthy.


Moyo lived with her mother, father, and younger sister in a small pack near a river. Moyo always played with her sister, and was educated by her parents on basic hunting techniques and herbs to use for healing. One day, her pack was invaded by a larger pack that was nearby, and they were outnumbered. Her parents distracted the wolves that attacked them, allowing Moyo and her sister Nuru to escape. Moyo was separated from Nuru, and didn't stop running until she was sure she was safe. Moyo lost her innocence that day, as she had been traumatized by the blood and death. She wandered alone for many months, hunting whatever prey she could find, and patching herself up with herbs when she was injured. Due to her lack of companionship, she became reserved and broody, avoiding wolves that she could smell near her. She eventually realized that she would need to find a pack for food and protection.  She found the Night Pack, and by demonstrating her knowledge of herbs and healing she was able to become a herbalist. She now spends her days tending to the wounded and researching herbs.

Siding with:(Ace or his sister for leadership?)

Ace, she sees him as a natural leader and the most logical choice

Other: (seeking mate, friends, enemies, and other information you want to include)

Although she would not admit it, she finds herself feeling lonely at times and wouldn't mind companionship in the form of another wolf. Also, I am new to DC RPs, so once I am accepted do I just start off with a post with my wolf resting or something?




Username: TotallyDrow

Character’s Name: Phayne (Pronounciation: Feign)

Nickname: (optional)

Text Color: Lime

Age: 3 years 5 months

Gender: Male

Rank: Loner then Omega

Mate/Crush: N/A

Family: Adoptive Father: Skoll - Missing, presumed dead.

Brothers: Daros and Kelvar (Both not related by blood and confirmed dead)

Real Family: Unknown.

Personality: Think of a popular teenager who excels at sports and could just about get along with anyone and you would have Phayne. Out of the three brothers, he was the most rambunctious and outward going showing an obvious lack of maturity when the situation called for it. Now though he is a completely different wolf, since the death of Daros and Kelvar he has become a shadow of his former self; whilst facts point towards the death of two wolves that ill fated day, it could be said that a 3rd wolf died along with them in the form of Phayne's personality. Broken and alone, he see's little value in life.

Appearance: Phayne's appearance At present he is still a well nourished wolf with above average strength and agility. The 'jock' among his brothers he was the most physically gifted between them and excelled at hunting. However his health is slowly deteriorating as he shows little interest in hunting now.

History: Phayne, Daros and Kelvar. Three wolves who were either orphaned or abandoned yet through their hardship's they all shared one thing; their adoptive father. Skoll a lone wolf had taken the three of them in at different points in time throughout his travel in hopes of creating his own pack and having three son's whom he could entrust the packs future with, however faith determined this to be an unobtainable dream. It was during the summer that Skoll mysteriously vanished from their makeshift den; the three foster sons of the lone wolf venturing out alone to find him but to little success. His scent barely traceable and the recent snowfall concealing any tracks, their search for their father quickly became mission impossible and soon after into a day that Phayne would long after wish he could forget.

Stumbling upon a cave, the three of them ventured in only to find its occupant less than willing to accommodate them. The bear was not only huge but it was quick and with one swipe of its paw sent the youngest of the trio; Daros crashing into the wall and ending his life then and there. Kelvar in a fit of rage at seeing his youngest brother disposed of so quickly lunged at the large bear, his fangs sinking into the side of the bears thigh; this only serving to further anger the bear, causing it to thrash against the wall in an attempt to break free. Phayne too lunged at the bear, leaping onto its back and biting down. Minutes went by as the pair of them attacked in unison, this small moment of supremacy giving the pair of them false hope and it was soon after that Kelvar  fell to the same misfortune that Daros had stumbled upon, his body being crushed under the sheer weight of the bear as it rolled over  onto its back in a bid to free itself.  Kelvar's parting words ordering his last surviving sibling to flee the cave while he still could.

Brothers dead and foster parent missing, Phayne wanders the lands of Alaska a broken wolf.

Siding with: Siding with Ace.

Other: Does not know if Skoll is alive or if he has any living blood relatives.




Username: eaaem

Character’s Name: Softwing

Nickname: (optional) Wing

Text Color: #9e7968

Age: 5.2 years.

Gender: Female.

Rank: Mother. And if allowed, when not a mother, she is a subordinate.

Mate/Crush: Mate is dead, doesn't have a crush.

Family: All deceased, and she is expecting pups.

Personality: Softwing is almost always serious. She is rarely happy and often thinking about her deceased mother, and thinking of if she had met her father. She is very sensitive and will often start yelling. She can be very annoying, and is rarely very kind or caring. But through all this, she is very loyal to Ace.

Appearance: Bad pic is bad

Medium-dark brown with pale brown under-tail, paws, inner legs, bottom of snout, tips of ears, and chest. Small, sharp, bright yellow eyes with an odd glimmer. Long, thick fur and large bones. Long snout and long ears. Short, fluffy tail that is mostly fur and not as much tail. A lot of fur on the back of neck. Large paws with long claws and long legs. Long, flat chest fur.

History: Softwing was born a lone wolf, with her father dead before she was born. Her mother- who was depressed from the loss of her mate and two of her pups- raised Softwing on her own. Softwing never really knew happiness. Her mother was always sad, and taught her things earlier then she should know. But her mother died of sickness and left Softwing to fend on her own. And, although she was young, she was able to live well, as her mother taught her skills early. But one day, she got attacked by another lone wolf, and was almost killed. She found the Night Pack and begged help. It was in the time the Night Pack were good in history, so she was allowed in.

Siding with: Ace.

Other: None.

Edited by 20mia08

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Ooh, you got it done! Open for crit? I've got a sheet and a bit of critique I can throw by.

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If your wolf has a higher rank, than that rank will be given to a different wolf. If you are going to be off for a week or longer, please inform me ASAP so you don’t lose your character




Why do you capitalize the U in user in some rules but not all of them?


* You may start out with five characters, but there is a maximum limit of eight


I don't know why but the space between the * and 'You' bugs me. The others aren't like that... I don't think...


Shadow had been attacked and injured by a Lone wolf,


I don't believe that the 'L' in lone has to be capitalized.


In the summer, they live in a cave in a smaller-sized mountain, a lake nearby for drinking and fishing.
(Did I not copy the period? Really?)


There should be a 'with' between 'mountain,' and 'a lake'.


Well, Koala, feel free to correct me. I'm not super good with grammar myself, but it sounds correct to me.


Edit: Doof, I forgot. Do I have to write in color? It's annoying and I'm lazy. And do I need a picture?

Edited by MyaMouse

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Hey, I would love to join, with this involving wolves and all, but can I reserve Beta male? I plan on getting the sheet(s) done by tomorrow. Thanks,


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Also, your character has been reserved Esko!


Also, you don't need to write in color, but it does make it easier to see who is who. But that's totally up to you!

Edited by 20mia08

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Let's make it work this time.

If you have my info, re-sign me in.

Approvement hustle!

Edited by Brotato

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Can I reserve a pregnant Beta female, a subordinate and 2 pups?


*snort* AHAHAHAHA I'm so not gonna get it...

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*pelts forhead with wrist*


Dumb, dumb, dumb!


In Hachi's history I put two instead of three, because I made him before I had the idea to add Kes.


In Kestra's history I put Cheran instead of Toran because I was using dictate on my phone.


In Hia's personality I put not instead of known.



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*pelts forhead with wrist*


Dumb, dumb, dumb!


In Hachi's history I put two instead of three, because I made him before I had the idea to add Kes.


In Kestra's history I put Cheran instead of Toran because I was using dictate on my phone.


In Hia's personality I put not instead of known.



Fixed them for ya.

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Hello! I'm Dauntingale, and I'll help you get this approved. Seeing as this is a revamp, there isn't much to be corrected. But I did catch a few:


There had always been plenty prey for every wolf


- Add “of” before “prey”


During their time, the pack was happy and one, not a single wolf considering leaving.


- Past tense “considered” instead of “considering”


This did upset Ace, as he wanted a happy family and loving sister


- Unnecessary comma.


the pack has gone to chaos due to the lack of food and the new and lost alpha.


- Just clarifying: What do you mean by “new and lost”?


The setting takes place in Alaska


Should be “The setting is Alaska” not “takes place in Alaska”.


they will either move up for down on the ranks.


- “or” not “for”.


wolves who have offspring


- This is somewhat stylistic since the wolves are basically humanized here, but "who" is usually only used for humans in grammar. For animals and other things, "that" is used instead. I change my mind. Don't change it. It's fine in this case. Just keep that grammar rule in mind for future creations.


The second highest rank in the pack are the betas.


- Subject-verb agreement error. The verb "are" should be "is" because it is referring to the noun "rank" which is singular.


two pictures at a maxiumum per character


- Typo on "maximum".


That's all for now. I'll be back to approve this soon after your edits.

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((Alright, the roleplay has officially started! Yay!!))


Ace, Alpha


Ace silently shifted in his dark, shadowy den, his amber eyes creeping open as his ears angled towards his den's exit. He eventually rose to his massive paws, a yawn erupting from his mouth, his ears flattening as he did so. It would be time for yet another desperate hunt soon, but for some reason, he was looking forward to it. Probably because he just had a nice, long nap. With a small whisk of his tail, Ace padded from his den, ears pricked as he gazed around the cave. A few wolves were just rising as well, letting out small yawns every here-and-there. He gave some of them small, quick smiles as he passed, murmuring his greetings as he surveyed his camp. Ace was growing hungry, like the rest of his pack, and needed someone to go hunting.


Hey, someone mind taking a patrol out of look for some breakfast? The alpha's voice rang out clearly and calmly, blinking his amber eyes passionately. He always enjoyed a good chase himself, and the thought of one made his heart race with joy. I'll tag along, Ace calmly added in a polite tone, another smile creeping on his face. Ah, he couldn't wait to taste some grub, some warm, tastey meat. His stomach let out a quiet, longing growl to agree with his want for food. Ace flattened his ears in embarrassment, hoping no nearby wolf could hear his stomach crying for a meal, he found it as a sign of weakness. The alpha let his gaze fall upon the few wolves who pipped up and volunteered to hunt, looking rather pleased with them.

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The beta's ears perked up at the sound of a hunt. "Oh, I'll go!" She responded excitedly. She loved a good chase, unless that was the day that her sister would finally give birth to her pups. But it probably wasn't. Not for a good month, at least. She walked around looking for someone else to hunt with when she saw the Dalmatian-patterned wolf. "Eskirius! Hey, you want to come hunt with me and Ace?" she asked as she padded up to him.




Hiera yawned, waking up from the sound of Ace's call for hunters and her sister's call to lead it. It was just like her to do so. "Mornin' boss. You sound hungry," the grey she-wolf said lightly, walking out of the mothers' den. Her belly was large and she could tell that it wasn't long before she'd become a full-blown mother. She laughed at the thought. Her, a mother? Why, just two moons ago she couldn't bear the the thought of pups.

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Eskirurius Esko, Beta Male


Esko slowly woke up to the sound of Kestra getting excited about a hunt. Morning all. Sure. I need the exercise. The Beta male stood up and stretched, ready to start a new day. He walked next to Kestra. He yawned. Sleep alright? I hope the Alpha did. He looked up at the Alpha den and yawned again. He really did hope the new Alpha was alright. After all, the survival of the pack depended on him. Him and his sister not trying to kill him. Or succeeding in doing so.

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"Yeah, kinda. I can't stop thinking about Hia. I'm kind of worried. She seems so accepting of it but only 2 moons ago she hated young'uns..." the grey wolf's voice trailed off. "I do hope I'll be a good aunt, though. Family first is what us lone wolves say. Well, what I use'ta say." Kestra laughed a bit, leading Esko to the subordinate den, where she knew she'd find her brother-in-law. "Hey, Hachi, wanna come hunt with us?" She called.




When the wolf's name was called his ears perked up and he trotted out of the den. "Yeah, sure. Hiya, Esko. Let me just go check on Hia first." The white wolf smiled warmly and then trotted off. "Hia?" When his call was unanswered, he started to worry. "Hiera?" He turned and saw his mate talking to Ace. "Hia, there you are! You okay?"



She walked to her mate as she heard her name called and said, "Yeah, I'm fine, love. How'd you sleep?" she said quietly, her eyes tired but her smile bright and her attitude peppy. "I was okay," he responded. He didn't show how much he worried for her. She was acting different to say the least. "That's good," she replied. She poked him with her snout. "Hey, come and talk to me if something's wrong. That's what I'm here for."


((Kes's got an accent. I don't know what I want yet; I'm kinda going for what SheWolfDeadly talks like (dunno the actual term for the accent) but it's hard to speak in an accent when you're so used to another one.


Hachi's weird name comes from a dog I petsit for my neighbor Lara. I couldn't remember the correct spelling at the time, but it's actually Hoshi, and it means star in Japaneese.))

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