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Kage-no-Kagami Out-of-Character and Applications

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No? No one has been reserving Wraith Knight slots so far, to my knowledge. Just protagonist slots.


And WKs aren't evil, they're well-intentioned extremists.

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Mmhmm, both sides are related to sins this time.

You shoulda read the first post, ufufu...


The only human spot left is Gluttony. (Sammy has Wrath, I have Greed, Mage has Sloth, Esko has Lust and Envy and you have Pride)


Whereas the available Wraith Knights are Ira, Gula, Acedia and Invidia (I have Avaritia, Lilly has Luxuria and she and Req have Superbia jointly)



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u still have me, lilchan

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I did read it... but I didn't really get a lot of it. huh.gif


Anyways, thanks for clarifying. I guess that'll be a more interesting variation.


Aaaand... I believe I wanna relieve my lone character slot. I mean, I did claim it at first, but I really am not the type to play more than one character... soo yeah.

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I only revived this bloody thing because you liked it XP


Relieve what...? Kuro, you only have one character reserved right now...?

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ok time to b srs


@Chaos: Should we limit to one human character per player, just so we can have a wider variety of RPers?

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I do? huh.gif


I thought I asked for one character and one Pride slot... but I'd like to only remain with the Pride slot, if that's what you say I have claimed.

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For humans, you mean?

Hmmm... Well I think Sammy's fine, because both of her characters share the same sin...

But maybe you're right... I'll see how much interest there is.


There are no non-sin characters, so I assumed you meant that. Right now, you have the human pride slot taken, the WK pride slot has never been open.

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Yes, I wanted that mainly and, right now, only. Before I asked for a Pride human and a normal human (after thinking that 16 characters meant 16 humans, which is wrong) so I was actually wrong all that time. xd.png


Just keep my Pride reservation - I got everything properly now.

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Name: Sasha Arkus

Username: Esko_the_Wolf

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sex: Female ((Twice? -.-))

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: She is tall, like her bro, with long brown hair that she keeps in a ponytail. She has green eyes, and a slender build ((is that correct ierubfurehbfu)). She often wears a T shirt and jeans, along with a light brown jacket and big, furry boots. Her jacket is AoT style.

History: While she and her brother were still tiny, squishy babies, their parents divorced, each parent taking custody of one of the twins, the mom taking Sasha. She never was told of her dad and brother, living a single child life. She grew up playing soccer, (sorta) obsessing over anime, and having fun. Basically, a "normal" life, until....

Reason for Despair: it seemed like a normal day in the city. That is until a plane crashed. Now, the plane crash to the city. wasn't any normal plane crash. The thing was filled to the brim with highly explosive material, so it caused even more damage. Buildings fell, on fire, and Sasha and only one other person survived. While doing tests on the survivors and sh*t, the hospital people found that their DNA was similar. The siblings found each other that fateful day. They lived on the streets since.

Sin: Lust

Personality: she is a stubborn meathead, often acting before doing. However, when she DOES think twice, she can be one of the most sensible people around. She is smart, but her meattheaded ness can get in the way.

Weapon: a Sythe, crafted to look like it is made of ice.

First Power: Sonokinesis

Second Power: Flight

Third Power: Okay....*thinks real hard* err, Poison-ejecting?

Past Life: Helios.How? Well, Helios faded a long time ago, and that is counted as a "death" for a god, giving the ability for reincarnation.

Phantasm: Gryphon

Phantasm Personality: the beast is stubborn, but isn't mestheaded like his host. He is often cunning and uses smarts to get his way.

Other: SHE IS OPEN FOR PAIRINGS, ACCEPTING OFFERS. She also sings, but only when she is alone.


Urg, the other one. TOOK EVEN LONGER UHBRDR


Name: Esko Arkus

Username: Esko_the_Wolf

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Straight Ah, what the hell, Bisexual.

Appearance: he has brown hair, like his sis, and he is one inch taller, standing at 6'0". He wears a cloak and plain clothing under that. He has bright green eyes and a slightly stocky build. He wears sneakers.

History: he grew up with a strict, abusive dad. He didn't grow too happy. He never got to go to parties, invite friends over, but one day, his friends paid and snuck him to the city. He first saw Sasha there, and didn't know they were sibs until...

Reason for Despair: his reason is the same as Sasha's. He was there during the attack, and his leg was HIT AND PIERCED with a flaming bit of debris, giving that leg a limp. He didn't want to take Sasha to their father, afraid they would be treated harshly. He was overprotective of her since.

Sin: Envy

Personality: he is the calm and sensible type, often thinking things out before acting. He only thinks once and acts when things are extreme and there is no time for second thoughts. He is the strategist of the twins, being able to keep Sasha back if her actions turn for the worse.

Weapon: a set of strong but light daggers.

First Power: Nyctokinesis

Second Power: er..... Wind Manipulation!

Third Power: SUPER JUMPS

Past Life: Perseus

Phantasm: Chimera

Phantasm Personality: a rather quiet individual, this guy will show a more aggressive side if the need arises.

Other: OPEN FOR PAIRINGS. He also likes playing guitar



Okay so that took a while because RL GOT IN THE WAY SHEHEHEHJHGV

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Um... You realise you basically used the same reason for despair as David right...? ^^""


Other than that though, looks pretty good, though Helios won't be a god in KnK - just a guy who possessed the Gryphon Phantasm who people THOUGHT was a god because if his power - like with Gilgamesh.


And Cryokinesis (ice-manipulating) is taken ^^""


And yep, twice~

Because gender is mental and sex is physical, you know, like being trans? I had a female friend once who was biologically male and hadn't been able to start transitioning yet, so ever since then, I've always tried to remenber to list the two seperately ^-^


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Jeez Esko trying to take my characters powers.


A question: do the characters HAVE to have weapons? Like, if they can use their power as a weapon then do they have to have a weapon? And how do they even get the weapons? Do they find them? Are they given them?



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What is sonokenisis? And nyctokenisis? I'm too lazy to look them up


And I'm assuming the characters can add to their weapons when they get them, yeah? And there can be multiple of a certain weapon?

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nyctokenisis= shadow stuff


Sonokinises= Sound Wave manipulation.


Also, edit made with the only other power I could think of at the time

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