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Song Lyrics that have stuck with you

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From the Ground, by Hollywood Undead. Multiple bits of this song have stuck with me over the past few years.


"It's a red night, and I don't see any light

and then a flat line, I'm f*censorkip.gif* ready to die."


"As I look up from the the ground,

I see darkness all around,

and I'm lost but can be found

inside my mind,



As I look up from the ground,

I see darkness all around,

and I'm lost but can be found

up in the sky,





Also this bit from Cops and Robber, a song by The Hoosiers:


"Blame Simon, 'cause he said you got two lives down and one life left,

Blame Simon, 'cause he said you could think better with a hole in your head."

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I keep coming up with more of these, but:


First: "Save yourself"


You can not save me

You can't even save yourself.


I can not save you.

I can't even save myself.

So just save yourself!


Also "La La La"


Covering my ears like a kid

When your words mean nothing I go la la la

Turning up the volume when you speak

If my heart can't stop it

I'll find away to block it...


And then: "On my way home"


All my life, I've been running, running, running and I'm on my way


And lastly: "Habits of my heart"


Oh the habits of my heart

I can't say no

It's ripping me apart

You get too close

You make it hard to let you go.

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kokoro by Rin Kagamine:

今 動き始めた 加速する奇跡 ナゼか ナミダが 止まらナい・・・

ナぜ 私 震える? 加速する鼓動 こレが私の望んだ「ココロ」?

Now, it has began to move, accelerating miracle.

Why do these tears not stop...

Why do I tremble? Accelerating heartbeat.

Is this my desired "heart"?


A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night by IA

僕の居場所は 何処にも無いのに

「一緒に帰ろう」 手を引かれてさ

There's no place in this world where I could belong, and yet

"Let's go together" You led me away


Our Own House by Misterwives

We built our own house, own house

With our hands over our hearts

And we swore on that day

That it will never fall apart


Solitary Shell (part of Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulance) by Dream Theater

As a man he was a danger to himself

Fearful and sad most of the time

He was drifting in and out of sanity

But in every other way he was fine

He's a Monday morning lunatic

Disturbed from time to time

Lost within himself

In his solitary shell

A temporary catatonic

Madman on occasion

When will he break out

Of his solitary shell

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There is pretty many of them, but I'll post a few ~~

Winter in your coats never seems to cease,

they pictured you in summer so you think you felt the heat.

Having all your favorite colors while advertising smiles,

but what's the favorite color of the high blue sky?


Song's Dream Shelf by amazing Irish Stew of Sindidun



Snow is falling all around

What once was lost has now been found

The life I had to leave behind

Is crystallizing in my mind


Reminiscing from the past

A bygone time that could not last

The splintered crystal of my prime

Is now a bell that will not chime


Taken from Crystallized performed by Haken



Breathe, breathe in the air

Don't be afraid to care

Leave but don't leave me

Look around and choose your own ground

The band is Pink Floyd, and the song's called Breathe



Cheerful face and tired soul

Walk alone in senseless days

Irish Stew of Sindidun again, performing Life Without Living In A Sunny Winter Day


Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder

Where it's so white as snow

Privately divided by the world so undecided

And there's nowhere to go


Some Red Hot Chili Peppers, name of the song is Snow


Let's end with some pure gold happy.gif


On the hill we wiewed the silence of the valley


This simple yet meaningful quote from Close To the Edge by Yes almost became my signature here smile.gif


Whoops, a long post, I should've gone to sleep ages ago biggrin.gif

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And even when it's eating me alive

Your power ties my spirit up inside

There's nothing I can do to make it right

I'll follow you forever through the night


- Voodoo by Alexz Johnson


I'm not afraid to walk away with nothing

As long as I feel something


- As Long As I Feel Something by Kassie DePaiva


A random act of senseless kindness

Unexpected hand to help remind us

A little bit of love is the cure for hate

It's easy to give up but it's never too late

A single step in the right direction

Person to person making a connection

We can change the world that's become so violent

With a random act of senseless kindness


- Random Act of Senseless Kindness by South Sixty-Five

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Tanjou from Angelique (game), sung by Julious and Clavis (Sho Hayami and Hideyuki Tanaka)



mou kinou no tsuzuki janai

kyou wa betsu no michinaru monogatari wo



Yesterday will not continue anymore

Today is another undiscovered tale



mouichido hajimeyou

atarashii tabi wo shiyou

hito wa mina umarekawareru

dakara sono te de

yuuki wo sakasete



Let us begin again

This new journey

Every single person will start over fresh

So that in those hands

Courage will bloom

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Lift Me Up - Five Finger Death Punch.


I won't be broken

I won't be tortured

I won't be beaten down

I have the answer

I take the pressure

I turn it all around


Lift me up above this

The flames and the ashes

Lift me up and help me to fly away

Lift me up above this

The broken the empty

Lift me up and help me to fly away

Lift me up

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"Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone." - Subdivisions, by Rush



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First Time by Vance Joy has been stuck in my head


"come over to my house, jump in the neighbours pool, it felt nice, it felt so nice."


"Going on my first impression, I recall you wearing white, there was something sweet in the air, babe, that summer night"

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Something from Tori Kelly because I have an obsession.


I live through pictures as if I was right there by your side, but you'll be good without me and if I could just give it some time... I'd be all right.


I will never forget that line, ever, because it's ME at this time, cause my friends left my church and I never see them.


And also


Every little glance my way, every time you wanted to hang

You seem so interested, could you tell me

was it real, or was it all in my head?


Was it real or was it fake?

Was it all a mistake?

Boy, I just gotta know was it all in my head, all in my head?

Did you ever feel the same, was my mind just playing games?

Boy, I just gotta know was it all in my head, all in my head?


All in my head, Tori Kelly

@Every one of my crushes ever.

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Give Up by Low Roar is a sad song, and it's lyrics are short, so the whole song has stuck with me.


I won't wake

A wealthy man someday

Cause the sun, don't follow me


I won't wake,

Without a song to sing

Nothing to some

Everything to me


On my worst

I'll do my best

To make it seem

Like I am happy


I've grown numb

Dry as my tear ducts

I've grown dumb

and empty


But don't give up on me...

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In your skin, to die a little death

This time there's no code word


"My secret friend" IAMX


IT reminds me of a much loved person.

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TOTO "Africa"


"...I bless the rains down in Africa

Gonna take some time to do the things we never had.."


Just can't rid of it. cool.gif


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Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots

"I ponder of something great, My lungs will fill and then deflate."

I like that lyric/song because its really catchy :3

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Tear in My Heart by Twenty One Pilots smile.gif

"The songs on the radio are ok,

But my taste in music is your face,

And it takes a song to come around to show you how."

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Control by Halsey


"All the kids cried out "please stop, you're scaring me!",

I can't help this awful energy,

God-dam right you should be scared of me,

Who is in control?"


The whole song hits hard for me, since I have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and yes, I do have dark, kind of "evil" personalities (but I'm not evil myself,I promise!), and it is scary sad.gif So this song fits really well for me. But I love it so much. <3

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"A thud sounding softly,

I secretly disintegrate.

Uneasy lamps draw back and forth,

I've waited for so long."



, by Steampianist


it's just. such a sad yet fitting end to this song, y'know? it's just stuck with me and i don't know if it'll leave.

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Peel me, from the skin

Tear me, from the rind

Does it make you happy now?

Tear me, from the bone

Tear me, from myself

Are you feeling happy now?

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Basically any song by The Wombats. Every single one of their songs is so goddamn relatable for me. Particular onesinclude Be Your Shadow;


And I just want to be the sum of your broken parts

And I just want to be your creature of the dark

I'm permanent, now I won't go

I just want to be your shadow




Drop me like a guillotine

Sever all ties and give me a clean sheet

Drop me like a guillotine

Rusted or sharp

Just make it a clean sweep


Last Night I Dreamt:


I haven't got any time for selfless deeds

What I do for you is indirectly for me

I'm a stubborn boy, there's nothing here that you can break or destroy

Then as I count sheep in my bed

A train of worry pulls us through my head


The Wombats just mean so much to me. These are just a few highlights.

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There are a few from Kill Your Heroes by Awolnation.


"I say you kill your heroes and

Fly, fly, baby don't cry.

No need to worry cause

Everybody will die.

Every day we just

Go, go, baby don't go.

Don't you worry we

Love you more than you know."




Well, I met an old man

Dying on a train.

No more destination,

No more pain.

Well he said

"One thing, before I graduate

Never let your fear decide your fate."


They always pop in my head and make me feel calmer.

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I don't even know where to begin ♥ There are so many songs that just...do it for me.


Don't feel bad because I won't cry

I'll do your will

And not ask why

But that's all right because I believe you

                                                              -Celldweller, "I Believe You"


I heard you calling, setting fire to my soul

Is this the voice we die for?

We die for life


Why does it falter? We built it all ourselves

Why does it hurt so bad, forsaking all this help?

Why are we choking on pills designed to heal?

We threw our hearts away cus we're too afraid to feel

                                                              -Demon Hunter, "Fire to My Soul"


If you you can amputate my heart

Then I will learn to smile and then

You can replace me with yourself

And I'll become the model citizen

And I will tell them all

That I had this breakthrough surgery

They give you a pill

They remove your heart

And replace it with a battery

                                                              -Project 86, "Soma"


The entire song Ring of Fire by Krewella. The entire song Tainted by Celldweller. I could go on forever haha.

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