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Sany's Stellar Stuff [Open]

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Oh haiia!


Since I stopped designing on another social network I'm on, I decided to try my hand at doing some banners, pixel things and such on here!


I don't have many examples yet since I'm starting off with a clean slate, so all I have right now is these from Eldemore..


user posted image

user posted image


All requests are free!

I will be taking 2 requests at a time.

Just fill out the form!

If you want DC dragons on it, make sure the artists gave permission to use the image!

I can make gif banners! I can also turn videos into gifs, though I don't like doing that much. tongue.gif


[b][u][size=5]I would like a graphic![/b][/u][/size]
Form: (eg banner, avatar, pixel)
Anything else?:


Request Slots

1. Open

2. Open


I will assume all requests are for personal use only. If you don't mind other people using it, just let me know! smile.gif

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I would like a graphic!

Form: (eg banner, avatar, pixel) Banner

Size: Small, shouldn't go all the way across the signature space.

Images: Silver Shimmerscale, with a background that's black with white stars.

Colors: Black, white, grey, etc. Basically grayscale, please, except for the shimmer.

Text: The name "Rogue" at the bottom in all caps, white font.

Anything else?: Could you make it so the stars move across and where the GIF restarts, make it start the same place where it ends? If that is too difficult, could you just have the stars stay still and have a few shooting stars go across?


Thank you in advance!

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