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2G Bronze Shimmer from Floral-Crowned - Offer here!



2G Gold Tinsel from Garland as a mate for her


No other offers please, I'm happy to keep the egg. Also take a look at my signature. :)

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Have: 2G Bronze Tinsel x Gold, precog male View Lineage




* CB rare egg offers.
Multiple Ice/Thunder=AUTO, one CB Green Copper=AUTO


* A 2G Prize, Eastern or Western (Shimmer or Tinsel) — nicely named no tags. I can be somewhat picky about Prize line names. :ph34r:


* 3G Thuwed eggs loved, especially if not related to him or the Vine/Frill Thuwed or the Silver/Purple Thuwed. Two that I could breed together would be ah-mah-zing. (Too much? XD


* Offers?


* I can dream of (I know it’s very unlikely, and nigh well impossible, but ...) a 2G Thuwed or a CB Stat. 


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! :nyan:


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