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After School Polysexual Defenders 1x1

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Chris smiled brightly. "I have my guitar, so I could play for you guys at our destination, if you want?" She asked kindly, before nodding vigorously. "Yeah! I love duets!" And said brightly, whilst X pretended to gag playfully.

"I see you two are getting along just fine and dandy," he said, pretending to be irritated.

"Oh hush, hipster," Chris snapped playfully at X, before nodding at Mari. "We're ready!"

"We are?" X blinked slowly, before nodding. "Oh, yes, right, right, we are," he said with a confident grin.




"This is a forest," Zhane said deadpanly. "A bloody forest,"


"I *still* say it was a draw," X pouted as he, Mari and Chris walked over to the biker boy at the forest entrance.

"I got one more than you, so I won," the stawberry-blonde girl grinned brightly. "So suck it,"

Grumbling, X shook his head and smirked at Zhane. "Oh? So it is, problem, Tracer?"

Zhane turned around to face them and inclined his head to X. "No... Just wasn't what I was expecting, that's all,"


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Kota smiled as he hung the sign on the hook his siters had put into the wood. He took a step back to admire his work and grinned, looking at the door. He had put the box in front of the crack so the cat could watch him. It surprised him that the cat was so friendly. He would have never guessed it was as friendly and loving as it was. It must had been raised by a nice family.


He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and pulled it out, thankful the paint had dried on his hands. He saw a text from Mari and read that they were at the forest. He nodded and moved towards the door, peering inside to make sure the cat wouldn't run out. It seemed friendly, yeah, but cats were surprising creatures. He opened the door when he didn't see the cat and smiled when it came over to him, meowing at him when he knelt down to pet it. "Let's go visit my sister, okay?" He picked it up gently and held it (after putting his phone back in his pocket and covering the paint cans up) then exited Loki. He looked back at his sign before he dove into the trees. "I hope Loki becomes the home of the "After School Polysexuals"... Wouldn't that be great, kitty?" He snuggled the cat and then headed into the forest.




"That is an excellent observation, Zhane." Mari smiled at Zhane's deadpanning and looked into the trees. She had just texted Kota, telling him they were here, and felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She looked at it and then at Chris and X as they walked by her. She smiled at their conversation and walked after them, sliding her phone back into her pocket. "We're almost at our destination, guys. Just follow me through the trees." Mari said, heading into the trees.


After some walking which may or may not have been fun because of everyone there, Mari heard a meow. She paused and looked around, knowing the meow wasn't from a cat. She then realized it was her brother and smiled, hurrying ahead. "Hey sis~" Kota whisper-called to her, waving from a tree branch. Mari walked over towards him and covered her mouth to prevent her laugh. His face was covered in paint. He looked silly. "Look at this beast. Do you see this cat. Mari, this cat." She watched as he held up a very fat cat and her mouth dropped. IT WAS SO CUTE. SO FAT.


"Oh my God Kota that cat is amazing is it friendly?" Mari asked, realizing she was standing in front of the tree. She then hurried to lean against it (to look cool because that is important) and looked up at Kota. "Just answer my question later." She whispered, crossing her arms and watching the trees to see when the group came out.


"Mari you don't look cool like that. I look cool. I mean, look at me. I'm in a tree with a cat. A fat cat. Who didn't leave my hands. It was hard to climb the tree. Oh hey, I see some blue." Kota set the cat down on the tree branch and easily stood on it, balancing without holding onto anything else. "Hey guys! Over here!" He waved to them and looked down at Mari.


"Please hold onto something if you're going to stand on a branch like that." She said, concern washing over her face. Kota grabbed the branch above his head and looked back at Mari with a smile. "And make sure the cat doesn't fall."


((everyone should comment on Kota's face paint (which is a bunch of smudges of pink, yellow, green, blue, red, and white) and

is the link to the playlist~)) Edited by littlelizzie

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"My god, man, what *have* you been doing? Is Loki a pre-schooler or something?" X said immediately upon seeing Kota.

"Awwww!!" That cat is soooooo super cute!" Chris beamed, immediately reaching out toward the tree. "Kitty~ kitty~ kitty~ kitty~" she giggled like a child, completely overcome by the cuteness of the fat, fluffy cat.

Zhane inclined his head in greeting, holding his helmet over his shoulder. "Yo, you look like you've been busy," he laughed. "That little guy Loki?"

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((wow david such a long reply jkjk))


Kota laughed at X's reaction and touched his cheek where he felt the dry paint. "I've been painting with my hands, see?" He held his hands in front of him, palms out, and looked back at the cat. He then looked back at X and furrowed his eyebrows in concern. "I would hope Loki isn't a pre-schooler. Man, that'd be incredibly hard to explain to my parents. "Yeah, see.... Me and Mari have been lying. Loki is this kid that this girl had and she gave him to me and we've been raising him... But he has the coolest name ever, right?" I...I don't think they'd be very happy with that." He said, looking at Chris as she called to the cat. He was about to comment on her reaction when Mari covered her mouth and looked back at Kota.


"My God, Kota! I thought you weren't interested in having kids!" She said in a deep voice, imitating the two's father. "I cannot believe you have this kid. Who is the parent? Is it someone I know?"


"Oh no, Father! It's just, this kid. Like, we found him in the sewers--" Kota said theatrically, putting his hand against his head and swooning against the tree as Mari cut him off.


"Wait, the sewers? What are you kids doing while I'm away?" His sister asked in a raised, still deep, voice. "You best not be doing any naughty things!"


Kota covered his mouth to stifle his laugh and looked down at Mari. "Oh Father, you know me! The most nauuughty boy ever~!" He cooed, watching Mari. He saw her eyebrow twitch and she burst out laughing, and he quickly followed suit.


"Oh Kota, you are the most innocent boy ever. There's no way you're naughty." Mari said, taking a deep breath to control her laughter.


"Oh Mari, you never know with me. I could be the naughtiest boy ever. Like, even naughtier then the naughtiest person ever."


At this Mari looked up at Kota and he smiled at her, reassuring her he was joking. "Hey, I'm coming down. Move over." Her brother said and looked at the cat, then picked it up and looked at the space Mari had made. He then held the cat close to his chest and jumped down, landing elegantly and twirling before grinning at Mari. "What did I score? Did you see how high I was?"


"Definitely an eight out of ten. If you had done a flip in the air or something you'd get a ten." Mari said with a nod.


"What? I would love to see you jump from that height and 1) land as elegantly as I did, 2) not break any bones and 3) not stumble with your landing." He looked back up at the branch he had been on and then at the group. "Guys, what do you think I scored? Could any of you jump from that height?"

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X looked up and down. "For the jump? Five. But the view of your ass as you landed bumps it up to a juicy seven," he said with a satisfied nod of his head.

Zhane simply looked at X. "Dude,"

"Hmmm? Yes, biker-jock?" The hipster responded instantly.

Zhane blinked slowly. "What," he said, in reference to what the hipster had just said.

"Hm? Oh, Pffft, don't pretend you didn't look. You're straight, not blind,"

Zhane facepalmed and shook his head. "You know what? Nevermind. I give you an eight, Kota,"

"Really? I'd say nine," Chris said brightly, before running over to Kota,,enraptured by the fluffy ball in his arms. "Kitty~!"

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Kota rolled his eyes at X's comment and grinned when Zhane tried to reprimand him. "He may be straight, but that doesn't mean he looked." Kota said, nodding as Zhane ranked him. "Thank you for the-- Yeah, yes this is a kitty. It's a fat kitty." He looked at the cat in his hands and saw it was staring at Chris, it's blue eyes unblinking. It then sniffed her hand and purred, rubbing its head against her.


"Anyways, guys." Mari said loudly, trying to get everyones attention. "The hideout is this way." She gestured towards the trees with her thumb and looked at Kota. He looked at Chris then slowly moved away, eventually coming to stand besides Mari. "We'll lead you, if you'd be kind enough to follow us." She smiled.


Kota looked down at the cat and kissed its foreheard, smiling when it looked at him. He then looked at X and pursed his lips. Had he noticed the notecard in his pocket yet? Would he mention something about that if he did? He had pegged the hipster to be somewhat blunt. Of course, he wouldn't openly say that to anyone. He didn't do what his sisters did. That is, you know, judge and read people. He looked into the forest and suddenly felt a wave of anxiousness wash over him. Had he closed the door properly? What if there was a creature in there when they arrived there?



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Chris let out a high-pitched squeal when the cat rubbed against her and collapsed into a fit of 'awwws'.

X simply rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically. He felt something in his pocket, but decided to wait until they arrived at wherever it was they were going before properly checking it out. It was probably nothing.

The trio followed the siblings as they walked through the forest, Chris strumming on her guitar and singing lightly as she had in the hallway when Mari had been to shy to go up to her, Zhane wheeling his bike through the dense undergrowth as he didn't want to leave it at the entrance, and X, who was tapping away at phone again, somehow avoiding every root and dip perfecfly.

"We're going pretty deep, huh? Hope you aren't trying to kill us or anything..."

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Kota looked back at Zhane as he asked if the siblings were going to kill him and grinned, taking note of how X was avoiding every tree root. He let Chris finish singing and then looked at Mari. "Should we kill them Mari?"


"I don't know, Kota. We are in deep enough to do so and not get caught instantly..."


"And if the police found the bodies we could just convince our parents to move us to a different state."


"But what would happen to Rena?"


"Oh, she'd come with us of course." He smiled at his sister. "Come on, we could do it. I could take down Zhane with a few punches here and there."


"And I could handle X and Chris easily." Mari nodded and crossed her arms over her chest, seeming to contemplate the idea. She then looked back at the group and shook her head no to Kota. "I don't think I'd have it in me to kill them. Or anyone, for that matter."


"Really?" Kota asked, genuinely surprised. His expression shifted to a darker form and he looked ahead, his eyes dull. "I could." He muttered, looking down at the cat in his arms.


Mari took note of the darker expression on her brother and reached out to touch his shoulder, but was brushed away when Kota spun to face the group. "And here we are!" He chirped happily, waving a free arm out towards a dark building behind a few trees. He felt the cat slipping from his arms and quickly grabbed its back feet, smiling at the group. "We call it Loki. It's our cabin in the woods."


"Except we don't think anyones died there." Mari smiled also, deciding it'd be best to ask Kota about the darkened expression later. She then moved around the trees and came to stand in front of the two story house, placing her hands on her hips. "You're lookin' good, Loki." She said, noticing the board hung by the door. After school polysexuals, huh? She thought, looking back at Kota. So that was why he had paint all over his hands and face.

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"Pffft, as if you could take Zhane," X snarked playfully, not even looking up from his phone.

"She could probably take us though," Chris laughed sadly. "I can't fight, like, at all. What about you?"

X did not respond. He did however note Mari's response when Kota aid 'he could' and noted it down mentally as something to inquire upon later.


Zhane simply stopped and stared. "Ohh... A cabin in the woods... You really are gonna kill us," Zhane said deadpanly, smiling playfully, whilst X took a picture on his phone and Chris bent down to call to the kitty.

"I like the name. Very hipster chic," X said with an approving nod, whilst Zhane laughed. "It's something alright,"

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Kota's eyes narrowed at X's remark but he said nothing. I could take him, thank you very much. He smiled at Chrissy's petting the cat and looked towards Mari when X said the house was hipster chic. "Not exactly sure what hipster chic means, but thanks?"


Mari grinned at Kota's confusion and moved towards Zhane, looking back towards the house when she came to stand in front of him. "You can leave your bike here. No one will take it." She looked at him. "Unless you think Rena is around." She put her hand to her mouth and looked around cautiously. "I'm pretty sure she's back home though." She smiled and then spun around to look at X. "So hipster. What kind of blog do you run anyways?"


"It doesn't really matter what kind of blog he runs. If anything, it's probably a blog about hair gel. Or glasses." Kota said harsher then he meant to, but turned around to face the house before anyone could see his expression. "Anyways, why don't we go in the house? It's nice and quiet in there." He looked at the cat and then adjusted his hold on it, wanting to set it down. He didn't want to hold it anymore and just wanted to put his hoodie on. He looked at his arms and felt a shiver run down his back. Hah, I guess the paint made me cold...


Mari stared at Kota for a bit but then smiled and moved to stand besides him. "He's right. We should get in the house before it gets dark. After all, these woods are the home of Slenderman." She glanced at her brother and caught his smile, then felt her mood brighten. Kota was thinking about something, and it was her duty to make him not think of it.

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Having noticed the look, X narrowed his eyes. He thought he could take Zhane? Zhane the athlete? Zhane the martial arts black belt? Zhane really-really fast guy? Zhane the guy who claims to be the 'Ichigeki in the Shadow'?

... Okay, those analogues got less eloquently put as he continued thinking, but they were still all true. He got into fights all the time and usually got out of it in pretty good condition. There's no way you can 'take' that... Fight it, yes, maybe even match it... But unless you were a soldier or something, there's no way you could just 'take' someone like Zhane just like that... It was really disconcerting that Kota seemed so ambivalent about it... He frowned in concern, before shaking his head to answer the question posed to him. "Oh, I have several, each with a different topic," he said simply. "All of them hipster-related,"


"No surprises there then," Chris laughed and cuddled the kitty, stroking it sweetly and giggling, before picking it up and nodding. "It is getting awfully dark," she said, breaking into a smile at Mari's remark. "Oohh... Scaaaary...!"


Zhane smirked and nodded, changing his bike to a tree nearby the cabin, and making sure the lock was secure. "If you're sure, Mari," he nodded.

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((wow oops i forgot to reply-- and zhane should be able to be beaten, since you dont know what kota's had to deal with. many things have happened in his 16 year old life bro also chris kota was holding the cat wow way to take it away//slapped))


"You should tell me some of your blogs, X. I can follow you." Mari smiled at the hipster, watching as her brother walked up the three stairs to stand on the porch. She joined him after nodding at Zhane and poked his side, giggling when he spazzed and clutched his sides.


"Totally not fair! I was unprepaired!" Kota said, rubbing his sides. He then smiled at Mari as she leant against the building, looking at the sign. She was trying to cheer him up. What had even made his mood drop? Well, whatever. It doesn't matter. Kota thought, moving towards the door and opening it. He then stepped in and the cat slipped out of Chirs' hold, hurrying into the house. Kota couldn't help but smile and looked back at Chris, shrugging. "Sorry. I guess the cat just likes being indoors more then being outdoors. Although it didn't mind when I was holding it..." He trailed off and looked to the side, then smirked. "I guess Chris just isn't a good cat person, huh?" Kota asked the cat with a smile, knealing down to pet its head. He then moved away from the doorframe, glancing at his sister before he sat on the stairs that led to the second floor. He then, knowing he was out of everyones view, let out a sigh and started chewing the tip of his thumb, accidentally opening up a small wound from the other day.


Mari watched the group and waved when Kota looked at her. I wonder what's up with him. He seems down now. "Hmm..." She looked at X and nodded. "Just ask the hipster. Good idea."

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((Pffft, we'll have to see how that goes, should it come it XP You don't know what Zhane's been through either, ahaha~ And oh crap I thought he put that cat down oh well))


X quirked an eyebrow in intrigue, a slight smile upon his lips, before he began to rattle off several blogs titles and descriptions, each of which got progressively more hipster as he went on. He did, however, seem to be in a good mood.


Chris pouted playfully at Kota's comment, before heading toward the doorway along with Zhane.

"Who'd have thought a place like this was out here?" Chris asked as the walked, looking around the exterior in wonderment.

Zhane nodded jovially. "Mmm, it is a pretty unusual sight isn't it?" He asked rhetorically as they entered. "I think it's really cool," he said with a smile.


As X began to follow, he felt something in his pocket and pulled it out to check what it was. It was a note. "Huh...?" He murmured as he unfolded it.

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Mari smiled nervously as X listed off different blogs and nodded when he had finished. "Just write those all down for me and I'll look at them tonight." She watched as Zhane and Chris walked into the house then followed after them. She smiled at Kota and moved to sit by him.


Kota quickly licked his wound and then hid his hand next to him, smiling at Mari as she sat next to him. He felt the cat rub against him and smiled at it, stroking its head with his left hand. He then looked at Zhane as he said the place was cool and stood, hiding his hands behind his back. "Well thank you kindly for the compliment! I'd offer to give you the grand tour, but I think I'll go ask the hipster what's up." He said, jumping down the stairs and heading towards the door. He stepped outside and poked X's arm, noticing he had the note he had written earlier in his hands. "What's that, Mr. Daniels?" He asked with a smile, moving out of the doorframe and away from the view of everyone else.

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((*pops in to say hi* oh yeah, I've been wondering that as well. 777 is dissapearing and going down. Which I would ABSOLUTLEY be sad about.))

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