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1x2 w/ Pudding & shadow

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((If you want, pudding, I can play Steve until you're ready.))


Clint leaned against the wall, one hand resting on his chin. Now wasn't that interesting. It wasn't surprising that a 'higher up' like Thor wouldn't know the inner workings of his home's punishments. That's usually how it worked. Thor had the power and charm to influence others well, and if word got out that he was opposing something, then that notion would be taken down. Torturing Loki in private made sense. Maybe he actually didn't know. Clint suggested. 'S not that uncommon for things to be hidden from high-ranking folks like Thor. Politics work like that a lotta times. Maybe it wasn't even Thor's fault because he truly was ignorant to what happened below the throne.




Yup. It was time to go. Peter glanced behind himself and blanched beneath his suit. He honestly didn't enjoy the popularity being a hero gave him. As himself, nobody liked him. he was a loser. But everyone loved him with the suit on. That fact really bothered him. I'll, uh, meet you at the tower. See ya soon, Wade With this, Peter released a string of web from his wrist and shot off. He felt bad about leaving Wade, but he didn't want to attract a crowd. He wasn't like Tony Stark. He couldn't handle a crowd so calmly.

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Rising up from his chair, Tony headed over to a drawer, and rummaged through it. "Aha." He produced a medium-sized, blue ball, the tossed it to Thor. "Audio? The cameras have been pretty finicky down there and I haven't ever bothered to fix them. Sorr- Hold on a second." He pulled up another screen, and then powered up the Mach-7, which resided off in some corner of the room. He brought the seconds panel beside the larger one, each time they spoke, the line jumping. "There we go." Now they had the full spectrum of the going-ons below. Stepping back, he spread his hands in glory, and then re-seated himself.


"He lied?" Jean crossed her arms. Thor didn't seem like a liar. He was supposed to be a good guy. Then again, most of the Avengers have lied at some point. All except probably Steve, but, he was an anomaly. Perhaps it was the time he had grown up in, that gave way to such a rare state of man. Eyeing Loki, she weighed his words. She wouldn't put it past Thor to lie, or Loki. Any story could be manipulated enough to the point that even the bad guy, could look like the good guy. This situation was not an exception. At this point in time, it was better to now remain objective to whatever claims were made, until all the pieces could be fit together. And now, after hearing Clint's two cents, it opened up yet another view on the situation. "Though if Thor cared as much about Loki as he said he did, wouldn't he have made it a priority to know what was happening to him?" She focused on Clint, cocking her head. "I know that if I 'cared', I would make sure things like this wouldn't happen." She was about to open the water in her hand, her mouth dry from speaking, but she looked to Loki. "Banner, don't you think we should at least give him water so it's easier to speak?" Extending the bottle to him, she added- "I know when I went without water for that long, it felt like talking with sand in my mouth."




Wade hung his head forlornly, unable to have said good bye. With a sigh, he opened up his taxi up and called for a taxi. It being New York, there wasn't a lot of wait time. "Hey buddy," the man grunted. "ComiCon is on the west coast." Deadpool looked, up, his brow furrowing. "You think this is a costume? Well, I mean, I guess it actually is... But it's just so I don't scare the common folk." Lifting up part of his mask, he grinned, The man didn't budge. "Yeah, whatever, man. Seen it before." Dissapointedly, Wade pulled his mask back down and sat back. "Where to?"

"Stark Towers."

"Leemme guess, yous is gonna join the Avengers?"

"I already am. A, uh, back up anyways." The cab pulled away from the curb and into traffic.

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((Could you, Shadow? I'd really appreciate that. ))



Thor sat a little bit more forward in his chair as sound was added to the picture. If he couldn't be in the same room, it was clearly as best as he was going to get. Perhaps it was even better since now he did not have to deal with those awful accusations about himself and Asgard and the people in the room attacking him as if this entire mess was his fault. Could they not see that he had no part to play in this?


Loki's head snapped back to stare at Clint, his eyes sneering when his mouth did not move properly. Using the lower half of his face naturally would probably take some time for him to master once again. With his jaw previously covered and forced shut, scowls, sneers and smiles could not be made.

"The prince of Asgard can go where he pleases," He replied coldly, looking away from Clint. "If he had any desire to see me, he would have. However, since the time of my sentencing, I never saw or heard of him. So either he knew or he simply did not care." He raised a fist to his mouth and coughed loudly, his shoulders shaking as he tried to control himself. It hurt to speak for too long. He needed to rest his voice before he spoke himself into a worse situation. It was already difficult enough to speak around a tongue that felt like lead but it was difficult. After not being able to speak for so long, he wanted to talk.


Thor sat in the chair, his fingers digging into the arm rests as he stared at the screen. How could they? How could they accuse him of these things? Of course he did not know what caused Loki these injuries and of course he knew they were not of Asgard make! The day of his sentencing when Thor had brought his brother before Odin, Loki had escaped from Asgard into regions unknown. Heimdall had been unable to locate him at all, but here Loki was claiming that not only had he been on Asgard that entire time, but that his state was of Asgard's doing. "I need to go back downstairs," he said, rising to his feet. "I will not be attacked behind my back when those are clearly lies!" He stomped over to the elevator and stared at it, waiting for it to open and take him back down. The stress ball lay forgotten in his chair, though now more than ever he could probably use its services.

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This venom in Loki's voice made the archer stiffen. Loki's tone was pissing him off. No, this whole situation was. Look here, pal. I've got a brother that sucks ass just as much as yours does. No, more. Unlike your brother, mine's a violent, thieving alcoholic. He's beaten me to a bloody pulp on multiple occasions. The rest of my family is dead. Thor likes you a lot more than you think, you ungrateful prick. He spat back. This was getting personal to Clint. He tries to take over the world and now that he's caught, he's being a whiny censorkip.gif* for getting punished? Sure, the punishments weren't right, but he would've been put down on Earth.


Clint. That's enough. A stern voice soon came from the doorway. Standing there was his arms crossed was the original Avenger himself. And he wasn't pleased with the goings on. Clint only seemed to bristle more with Steve in the room. He respected Cap, sure, but this wasn't their leader's place. As Clint opened his mouth to speak, he was silenced as Steve lifted a hand. He's bitter about his punishments. Don't let him cause divisions between us as well. Calmly did the Captain walk to stand before Loki. His gaze was, well, diplomatic. No more, no less. I understand you've been taken into our custody again. Rest assured, no punishments will be overseen here.

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Jean nodded slowly as Loki confirmed what she had more or less said. Upon the entering of Steve, she straightened. She had a great deal of respect for him, as his tales had traveled far and wide. He was known to be a fair, level-headed man. Perhaps he could be reasoned with. "Good afternoon, Steve." Briefly, she wondered if he had ever heard of her. Then again, it didn't matter. He would now.



When Thor stood, Tony leaned forward and snatched the ball of his chair. "Sounds good, big guy." Squeezing it slowly, he eyed the screen. "Try not to piss of the red-head. She's kind of like the Green Guy, but... not green. I really don't want to have to rebuild Stark towers again." He waved him off, leaning forward once again as Steve entered.

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Loki recoiled greatly as the archer suddenly grew hostile. While his actions were not as venomous as his words, it was enough for Loki to deflate. His shoulders hunched over and he looked downwards, refusing to make eye contact with any of them, even when the soldier entered. How very like the Captain to one of the more level headed ones of the group. But that didn't make him any less hesitant. So why was he still here? His mouth had been released from its bindings so all that was left to do was whisper the words and vanish. Why wasn't he leaving, then? Probably, when it came down to it, he had no idea what he was trying to do. There was always a plan and an idea to fall back on when he was confused but there was none of that here. He had no idea what he was doing and he had no time to think anything out.

He didn't look up at that point, instead focusing on the needle sticking out of his hand. Ignoring the warnings from earlier, he resumed scratching at the skin near the needle, a frown on his face. "I apologize," he mumbled. The words sounded strange on his tongue but he had felt the need to say it anyway. Some things had changed during his return to Asgard. "I suppose it does not mean very much from me, however."


Thor nodded, looking very appreciative before he stepped inside of the elevator. The doors slid closed behind him. It took a few moments before the door opened again, revealing the other Avengers and his brother. Quickly, Thor strode into the room, looking absolutely furious. "I refuse to be spoken of so illy!" He declared, looking around at those assembled. In his cage, Loki's jaw snapped shut and he seemed to deflate further as Thor stepped deeper into the room. "Torture is not the way of Asgard and never has been. Do not speak of my home like that."

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Don't say that. Steve replied. His expression and tone softened somewhat as he spoke. Out of all the Avengers, he was likely one of the most compassionate. The others were too, but anger and hostility made it hard to get to their soft sides. What you say we'll take at face value. You're here because you came here on your own choice, and that counts for something. Leave to Rodgers to defuse a situation. Of course, the tension in the air nearly tripled once Thor entered. Instantly did the room's dulling hostility grow.

Then what do you call this? Janet snapped in response. She flung a hand in Loki's direction, her chocolate brown gaze alight with fury. Asgard had him in custody and he was beaten senselessly! Criminal or not, he shouldn't be treated like that!

Yeah, what about all the folks he's killed? What about the folks I had to kill under him? That's jus' gonna go unpunished?

Enough! Steve, although usually pretty calm, had enough of the situation. His gaze raked over the members of the argument one by one. Clint, outside. If you can't handle your emotions and think rationally, you won't be participating in this. The same goes for everyone else here. No accusations will be made to Thor or Asgard at the moment. We stick to the facts. Right now, all we have to base of this is the fact Loki came from Asgard. Any charges of abuse will be considered innocent until guilty, do you understand?

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Seems fair enough. Jean leaned against a table. It was true, they still didn't know much other than Loki had been in bad shape when he arrived, and that he had came from Asgard. So now what? Glancing at Loki, she sighed. This had to be pretty hard on him, right? And now what was going to happen to him? Surely, Steve wasn't going to let Thor take him back to Asgard. Right now, it was Thor's word against Loki's, and Loki had a record of being deceitful, further stacking odd against his favor. Of course, just peering into their minds would solve the problem, as she could deduce what really happened just based off memories. Though she figured she wouldn't be asked to do that. Steve's morals paralleled her own; and doing that, would go against her's, and most likely would also go against his. Or so she would at least hope.


"Please tell me they aren't letting him stay here." Tony said to the empty room. "I really don't need to face up against another army of Boglodite creeps." Leaning back, he scratched his head. "I mean, what good will staying on Earth do him? I'm sure he's playing the pity card and then once he has everyone under his mad man charms, he'll spring some plan." The monitor flickered, drawing his attention back to it. You should really keep your thoughts to yourself, Tony. An irritated voice sounded in his head, and he frowned, rubbing at his stubble. "You should really take up a new hobby other than reading people's minds."


"Ughhhh, can't this thing go any faster? Here, lemme drive." Leaning forward, Wade reached for the wheel. "Nu uh get your ass back there or I'll throw you out." Dejectedly he sat back, jutting out his lip. "I'll just walk." He opened the door and climbed out, ignoring the driver's protests. Wandering through the crowd of people, few did a double take, it being New York and all. He did however, get stares as he passed a comic book store. "Uh..." He looked around. "Hey Stark!" He yelled. "I'm lost!"

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"Why do you not listen?" Thor yelled as his hands came crashing down on a metal table. A sharp banging sound rang out through the air, though Thor was far too irritated to see how Loki jumped at the sound. This had gone on far enough! "This cannot be Asgard's doing because Loki has not been on Asgard since his return there with me following our battle! He was being escorted to a cell following his imprisonment when the guards were knocked unconscious and he vanished. Heimdall has not been able to see him until he appeared on Midgard." An angry snort like a bull came from the god as he looked at the mortals assembled. "Whatever punishment has been carried out here is neither my doing nor Asgard's. Some other force is at play here."


Loki sat deathly still in the cell, his eyes staring at his hands. Lies. They were all lies. He had not escaped from Asgard until recently and there was no doubt in his mind that it was Asgard he had escaped from. He had seen the golden palace retreating behind him as he made his escape. There was no other place like that in all of the nine realms.

Slowly raising his hands, he covered his ears, trying to get rid of the sounds and just focus. Happy place. He needed to find his happy place. His fingers briefly coiled into his hair as he tried to think properly. Focus. Something was wrong here and he needed to find out what it was that was missing.

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"Sir, I have located Wade."


"He appears to be lost." A screen slid up beside the camera feed in the basement, showing a blip on a map where Wade was. "Does he have a cell phone?"

"Yes, sir."

"Send him the directions to here." He dismissed it and then stood, heading for the kitchen. Just what in the hell were they planning on doing?


Wade's phone buzzed and he pulled out out, seeing that it now had directions encrypted on it. "Oh, cool." Holding it up, he began to follow the directions. More than once, he was nearly hit by a car. Though, he never bothered to even look up to see.


"And yet no one seems to know what that is." Jean took a few steps forward. "Loki was obviously hurt by someone. Or, are you implying he did this to himself?" The woman's gaze locked onto Thor's, a challenge in it. "You can say that all day, but until otherwise proven, it's just another story." But, Thor didn't tend to lie. Though there was a first time for everything. "So, it would seem we are at an impasse. Loki says one thing, and Thor says another." She had a feeling all blame would go directly to Loki. But... Memory was a tricky thing. It ties to many other thing within the mind, like past experiences, or other memories. With that, came to possibility of the blurring of memories, and the perception could be skewed enough that details in one memory are completely different than the original. Fear, pain, rage, all of the emotions could have a effect on what was remembered.

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Steve paused as Thor finally spoke, clearly surprised by this. Was there a force stronger than Asgard? It sure appeared that way. Or maybe Loki had a breakdown and just can't remember it? No, they had Loki well detained. Something else...wanted...him. This thought ran a chill down the Captain's spine. I want this room on lockdown. Full security. Clint can keep guard outside. We need to have a meeting. Now If his hunch was correct (and it seemed logical enough to be so), that meant there was a very powerful force after Loki. As he thought, more connections appeared to him. What about that army Loki had summoned before? How had it been supplied? And Thor said Loki was supposed to be dead. What had transpired behind the scenes?


((yayyyy plot!))

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The facts. He needed to think about what he recalled. He could remember returning with Thor and, still recovering from the battle, had been made to stand trial. Well, it was less of a trial and more of a sentencing as Odin informed him that he would have been executed if not for his mother and instead, he would remain imprisoned indefinitely. Thor had left somewhere during this point to return the Tesseract to the vault and he was escorted down to the prisons. And then...

And then....?

He could remember walking and then suddenly, he had woken up in his cell. There was no memory between those two points. But that didn't matter, did it? When he had managed to escape, it had been from Asgard. So that meant he had been imprisoned in Asgard. Right?

But seeds of doubt had already been planted in his mind. Could... Thor be telling the truth? Did he truly not know? No, that was impossible. Thor knew, he had to know.

He ignored the Captain's call for a meeting, instead doing his best to sort through his memories, trying to prove to himself that Thor knew about his imprisonment.


Thor frowned but was cut off by Steve. Turning to the Captain, he looked around the room in surprise. "Why?" He asked, looking positively baffled. "What do we need to meet about and what needs to remain so secretive? After all, Heimdall is watching and he will be reporting back to my father what transpires here. It is only natural."

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((Poor Jean. No one listens to her. xd.png ))



Upon arriving at Stark towers, his phone returned to normal. He then walked through the grand entrance. "Wow, this place is pretty nice when you use the actual entrance." As he slipped his phone back into his suit, he headed over to the stair access. Wanna race?

Uh, sure.

Ok, readysetgo! Wade launched himself up the stairs, out of breath by the fifth floor. Hey didn't this place have a basement?

That'd be located in the secret stairwell only accessible from Stark's suite.

What? This place is just really confusing.

Maybe that's to keep their enemies confused.


After raiding the fridge (also after realizing it had already been raided by Deadpool), Tony had made a sandwich and now ate as he sulked. This wasn't fair. This was his place. Didn't he have some say in where he could and couldn't go? He tore a bite out of his sandwich, glancing at the screen. That's it, I'm going back down. He felt sober enough; It had been at least an hour. Finishing his food, he grabbed the stress ball and headed downstairs. "What's that? Someone needs a lockdown? Hm. I wonder who could do that." Tossing the ball in the air he leaned against the table, eyeing Loki. "What's the plan, Cap?"

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