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*Silver Fox*

Things you find annoying in music

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men are sexually attracted to them, that's why xd.png

Not only men wink.gif


but joke aside.



I hate music that is about how people ..are proud.. (brag? idk the word) like they have drugs, money, and girls (though they use the "B" bad word in their songs). It is not nice >.<

I know people who have had drug problem. It is not something nice to happen. And bragging(?) about how much money you have is not nice either...there are people in this world who do not have any... and girl are more than just "B word" too!

unfortunate, there is a lot of music that is actually like that.

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songs about sex (except something like Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off by Panic! At The Disco bc that one is just hilarious (what people have done with it oh my god)), money, b**ches, drugs, all the gangsta rap stuff. Although I can stand some earlier rap such as the Beastie Boys, the rap today is just awful.


I dislike country, because it's just all the same thing. Talking about trucks and girls and three legged dogs named Bo out in Texas. It gets annoying.


I hate boybands. And don't get me started on 5sos, because I would like nothing more than to throw those people off a cliff. Punk rock wannabes. God I hate them.


Straight up love songs. Now, I don't mind songs where you have to kinda decode what the lyricist is talking about, such as stuff from Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, but straight up love songs that go like "I NEEEEEEEDDDDD YOU GIRRRRLLLLL I MISSS YOU SO MUCCCCHHHH I LOOOOOOVVVVEEE YOUUUU" or something else along those lines will get my blood boiling in no time.


I don't like religious music at all. Sure, I don't mind a couple references here and there because most of the time it just adds to the mood of the songs, but outright religious songs I despise.

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