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Actual 1X1 with Sammy

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((omg erin pull yourself together bruh))


Max blushed at Erin's suggestion and then watched as he bent down to pick up the glass shards. He frowned and crouched down to help, his tail flicking back and forth along the floor. "You don't have to do this, you know." He muttered, grabbing the bottom of the glass. He flinched when it punctured his skin and sighed, throwing the glass into the sink. He licked his hand and looked at Erin. "Don't pretend to be anything. Maybe Anthony will apologize." He said, his ears flicking backwards at the flicker of hope in his chest. He sighed again and heard the doorbell ring. He heard his sister run down the stairs and frowned, quickly standing and licking his hand again. He moved towards the front room and hid behind a wall, his ears flat against his head when his sister opened the door.

He then looked back towards Erin and bit his lip. Crap. I have to hide him. He hurried over to him and grabbed his wrist, pulling him towards the backroom. "I, uh, please don't do anything. I'll clean up the glass and stuff but please just stay here." He held his hands up to the human and moved towards the kitchen, stepping on his own tail. He yelped and fell backwards, grabbing his head and groaning. "God dammit." He growled, hearing Ada call to him.

"Max, I can't control what Anthony does. Ohhh nooo, he's coming in. Oh no. He-- Oh, there he goes."

The purple haired teens face heated up when he saw his ex and he let his head rest against the floor. "I'm so done with my life." He whispered, covering his face with his hands.

Yes Max, be done with your life. Have Erin help you he is jealous of Anthony. Who is Anthony anyways how'd he get here so fast? Was he just walking along or does he live close by or what? Man who knows anymore.

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Erin sighed and allowed himself to be pulled into the back room, resigned to his fate. It actually wasn’t that bad, all things considered. I mean, it was pretty bad, being stuck in an alternate dimension hiding in the goodwill of a cute cat boy that already had a (ex) boyfriend, and if found might be killed. Yeah, so all-in-all pretty bad. He sighed and leaned up against a wall, when he heard Max yelp and hit the floor. He came out of the room to check on the boy, the first thing he saw turned out to be Max’s ex. censorkip.gif*bag alarms went off in his head. Takes one to know one, Erin you censorkip.gif***. Erin ignored my insult, and the fact that this guy might not be that bad and he might just be jealous. Wow. Way to go. Listen to reason, child.

He cleared his throat. “You okay, Max?” He asked. “ ‘Cause if you are, I’ll just go back to- Uh, in there, I guess.” He said, backing up a bit.

But he didn’t go back in there, because he actually had a burning hatred for censorkip.gif* bags of all kinds, and he felt the need to defend the weak, or even the not-so-weak from their censorkip.gif*-baggery. Plus, Max was cute. Also, he was jealous. What are the cons, though, Max? Did you think about the cons? LIKE HOW YOU MIGHT BE KILLED FOR BEING HUMAN OMG YOU IDIOT.


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Max looked at Anthony when he stood over him then heard Erin ask something and he sat up. His ears flattened against his head, as the cat boy was thinking, then he sighed and stood. He looked at Anthony again. "Just go away. I have company over."

"But your sister let me in."

"Well that's great, but I didn't say you could come over."

"I'm here now though, and I want to talk."

"I don't." Max looked at the floor then glanced at Erin. His ears flicked back and his tail swished over what remaining broken glass was on the floor. "Just go talk to Ada if you came here with her consent."

"Max, wait--"

Max ignored Anthony and moved towards Erin, grabbing his wrist and pulling him away from the kitchen. He looked back at Anthony and felt his ears flick back and forth, then let out a small sigh and moved towards the stairs. He ignored his sister, who was asking why he wasn't talking to Anthony, and went up the stairs. He let go of Erin's wrist when they arrived at the landing on the top and let out another sigh. "Sorry. He's an ass. I'm an ass. Ada's an ass. We're all asses." He looked at Erin and let his ears droop. He then frowned and took a deep breath, letting it out in a huff. He suddenly turned to go to his room, looking back at Erin with a grin. "If you'd care to join me in my room I can show you glorious things." He said, his grin changing into a smile (that could very well be taken as a sign of him flirting-- not that anything will happen). He then walked over to a door and opened it, suddenly in his room because I'm having a hard time with sentences now.


((*cries* that was really badly written))

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I smile, then I freak out because I really want to see what would happen between Max and Anthony but I don’t get too and that is sad. Erin ignores me because he was too busy being dragged up the stairs by a distressed kitten. He was no longer jealous. He was only worried. He didn’t want Max to be upset and something seemed to have gone on between the two boys that he didn’t know what it was or whether or not he should be involved in it. Hint: You shouldn’t. Stop being so damn nosy. Do you see the messes it gets you in? Gosh.

“Aw, it’s okay.” Erin said, his confusion never dampening his humor. “I like ass.” He added with a grin that was cheeky as f***.

Erin was also an ass, which is why he went into Max’s bedroom with him instead of telling him to go deal with his problems. YOU LITTLE censorkip.gif ERIN WHY YOU GOTTA BE SUCH A TERRIBLE PERSON?! Erin ignored me because the power of boners is stronger than common sense. He did not, for the record, currently have a boner, but he had a mental boner, which is basically the same thing but less embarrassing.


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I frown because Chic wanted to know what happened but I was tired and couldn't think of Anthony very well. I then remember Max is in his room with Erin who might be expecting something and no Erin don't expect something bad human. Max ignores both me and Erin and moves over to his window, looking out it and into his yard. He nods when he doesn't see anyone on the street then quickly frowns and realizes that means Anthony is still in the house. Why can't he just leave me alone? He asked himself, looking back at the human. He then scowled and moved towards his bed, crossing his legs and staring at the human. His ears flicked back and forth and he sighed.

"I'm sorry about him. He's terrible. And I'm not much better." He looked to the floor then back at the human, deciding to just ignore what had happened. "Oh well." He then grinned and hopped off of his bed, stepping lightly and quickly over to his bookshelf. He pulled out a journal he had taken some observations of the humans down in and looked back at Erin, his tail wagging happily. He then moved to the center of his room and sat down in the middle of the carpeted floor, setting the book down in front of him and curling his legs up to rest his head against his knees. "Look at my notes and tell me if they're right." He said, excitement in his voice. He had taken the notes down in the human language, English, he believed it was. It had taken him a while to learn how to write it without much help besides the book he had stolen the one time he went over there (which absolutely no one knew about), but he had been determined and now he had his own little code to write messages in. To say the least, he was very proud of his work.


(i'm entrusting you with the ability to read what the journal says. keep in mind max watched high schoolers, kids and working adults so... yeah. like make some things silly but keep some things true and stuffff-- i want erin to help max with his human knowledge max loves humans you dont understand)

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I groan. Sammy, you can’t honestly expect me to write out Max’s diary entries. I am so not down for that. That is not the life I am about. 10/10 would not do. That is not the stuff I do like. Speaking of stuff I do like; Erin was incredibly amused by the little ear movements of the little cat boy, and as barely abe to restrain himself form hugging the child. No, Erin. You cannot hug and cuddle him. He is not yours. I know, I want to squish him to but we can’t becau- You are not listening to me Erin. You are taking Max’s journal and putting on your best contemplative scholar face. Erin stop it. We both know you are not a contemplative scholar and are only using that face to prepare for a joke. Do not make this a joke, Erin. Erin. Erin are you listening to me?

No, you are not. Erin did in fact have his best contemplative scholar face on as he read through the journal, he had not decided whether or not to make a joke or be serious. He looked up at Max and decided.

“Yeah, yeah, most of this is pretty accurate. But the reason the people are bowing to the food before they eat it is to dedicate the meal to the Meme Lord; Grumpy Cat. And the people on the green pieces of paper aren’t old ‘Presidents’ I don’t even know what that is. They are the faces of Meme Lords past. Here, I think I may have one to show you.” He said, digging into his pocket and pulling out a 5 dollar bill and holding it for Max to see. “Ah, see, that there is Meme Lord Lincoln. He was the Meme Lord who stopped the trading of comedians as currency. The reason the comedians were all black or colored is because white people of the time had no humor whatsoever and were basically stone-faced censorkip.gif***s, but slowly they’ve begun to redeem themselves. Lincoln was actually assassinated by his rival, John Booth, who used the funniest joke at his disposal, and Lincoln laughed himself to death. It’s a tragic story, really.” Erin said, sighing with his hand over his heart. “You can keep that, though.” He said, handing the bill over to Max.

“Another thing I noticed is that you seem a bit confused by the customary greeting of ‘touching each other’s hands’? Care to explain what you mean?”


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IM CRYING BECAUSE WHAT YOU TYPED WAS SO FUNNY IM LAUGHING SO HARD. Max ignores my laughter and listens intently as Erin fills his mind with lies. How naughty of you, Erin. Lying to my precious babe. He totally believes him though and picks up his notebook, looking it over. "But I was writing in the right language..." He whispers, looking at Erin's hands when he asks about the gesture.

"There are a lot of Earth hand gestures." Max set the book down and grabbed Erin's hands, quickly letting them go when he felt how warm they were compared to his. He then looked at his hands then back at Erin's. He touched them and couldn't help but smile, his ears flicking foreward. He then looked at Erin's face and his eyes shined. "Show me all of your hand gestures. Teach me about them."

Max my child. That's not going to be good for Erin's health. In fact, I'm not entirely sure it'll be good for your health either. What if Erin teaches you bad gestures? Do you think he will teach you about highfives and pinky promises? Or maybe he will teach you about obscene gestures? Or maybe, just maybe, he will be kind and just hold your hand...?

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((Wait, she's still here?


Sammy is in a lot of trouble with Pudding))

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Erin could have fallen over. Why was this boy so adorable? Didn’t he know that Erin’s heart could only handle so much cuteness before it either had to cuddle or die?

“Oh… Yeah! Your English is great!” Erin said, distracting himself and OMG HE IS TOUCHING YOUR HANDS AND YOUR HEART ERIN, YOUR HEART, IS IT OKAY??? I THINK I CAN PROBABLY HEAR IT BEATING FROM WAY OVER HE- Oh, okay, he let go. Will you be okay, Erin?

Erin blinked. Then blinked again as Max touched his hands again, clenching his teeth and sucking air in through them with his eyes shut as if he were thinking incredibly hard on Max’s question instead of freaking out.

“Well, all right. But you can’t tell anyone. These hand gestures have long been a way of secret communication throughout the human species.” He said, using his conspiratorial tone.

“And it might take a while. Days even. Maybe weeks. Who knows?” He added. “But let’s start with something pretty simple.” He said, stepping back and spreading his arms. “Alright. This is the one where you wrap your entire arms around the person you are greeting. It means that you are friends, and have a certain level of trust between you that you will allow their hands access to your back, and trust that they will not stab you.” He said. “Like this.” He said, wrapping his arms around Max.


“And then you kinda just have to hold the other person there, and the longer you hold them, the higher the trust level because the more time they have to stab you in the back.” He explained.



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Max grinned when Erin complimented his english and watched as he closed his eyes. He stared at him and nodded as Erin said the hand gestures must be kept secret. "Wait, weeks?" Max thought about it for a moment. It'd be kind of hard for the human to be here for weeks. After all, someone could find that robot at anytime. When they found that robot they'd look at the camera and... He stopped thinking about it when Erin hugged him, and he felt his face redden. He stood awkwardly in the humans embrace and slowly reached around to hug him back. A trust gesture? Strange. He touched Erin's back and gently squeezed.

"MAX ANTHONY IS LEAVING." Ada slamed Max's door open and stared at the two boys. "How gay can you get, Max? Ah. I'm hungry. Make me something to eat." She turned on her heel and left his room, leaving the door open.

Max felt his heart start racing and he pulled away from Erin. "I'll make you food, Ada." He whispered. He reached down and picked his notebook up, then tossed it on his bed all while avoiding eye contact with Erin.

Edited by littlelizzie

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Erin smiled, nearly laughing as Ada came in and made the gay comment.

“Gosh, it’s just a trust gesture.” He said, following the two.

But he was very pleased with himself, and even happier because Max had hugged him back. Max. That was a weird name for an alien. Wouldn’t aliens have alien names? Why did they have like, totally average human names. Well, Ada wasn’t totally average. Maybe just the guys had average human names. Anthony was pretty normal as well. Speaking of which.

“Hey, maybe you should try to talk to Anthony.” Wait. What was he saying. No. Do not talk to Anthony. Talk to Erin. Erin likes you more. “But not like, if you don’t want to.” He added quickly. Wooooow, nice save. Probably now remind Max why they broke up just to be sure. “Why are you mad at him anyway?” He asked. NO DUDE THAT ‘REMIND HIM WHY THEY BROKE UP’ WAS SARCASTIC. THAT IS TOTALLY WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO. UUHG. YOU FOOLISH CHILD.


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Max looked back at Erin with a frown when he said he should talk to Anthony and scoffed. "I have nothing to say to him." He was going to tell Erin what his ex had done but decided against it, hopping down the last two stairs. "He's nothing but trash."

"But he's pretty hot trash." Ada said loudly, looking around a wall and at the two boys. "Give me foo--oopf." Ada's mouth was covered by Max and he looked at her. She licked his hand and he wiped it on her face, then walked into the kitchen.

"If you like him so much then go flirt with him, Ada. I'm sure two trash plebeians would get along great."

"Did you just call me trash?" Ada, looking offended, turned to Erin. "Can you believe him?" She shook her head and followed her brother into the kitchen. "I want an endet nictio (because making up words is fun)." She said, hopping onto the counter.

"Why couldn't you make that yourself?"

"Because I am nothing but a pile of trash. My task in life is to wither away and decompose, giving soil new nutrients to grow many things. One day, dear brother, you will eat a thing that was grown by my dead body."

"Can't wait." Max pulled a wooden spoon out of a drawer and hit Ada on the head with it. "Get off the counter, plebeian."

"Excuse you, I prefer trash." Ada slid off the counter and hopped onto the one behind Max. She looked at Erin and smiled, nodding to Max. "My brothers a real jerk."


((mostly sibling interaction because filler cause still dunno who Anthony is ahahaha))

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Erin stood and watched with amusement as the siblings bantered back and forth. He couldn't help but smile at their ridiculous conversation. He also decided to avoid asking any further questions about Anthony. This was obviously a sore subject, but he didn't want to poke to close to a wound; lest he be thrown out to the strange alien world that apparently wanted him dead or something? ??

"Hey, um, what's a endent nicotine??? Or whatever she just said." He asked.



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((Bruh im on my phone too i ubderstand your pain))


Max looked at Erin, slightly confused. Endet nictio was a common meal. It was just a mixture of rice, some geru eggs, some seasoning and some yari milk.

"How do you not know what endet nictio is?" Ada asked, looking at her brother with furrowed eyebrows. She looked at Erin and pursed her lips, then her eyes lit up and she grinned. "You're not from around here, are you? You're from across the big blue, right?" She slid off the counter and moved towards Erin, circling him while looking him over. "Actually, what's your name? I never got to find out because Max pulled you away before I could ask." She watched the human, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

Max's eyes widened and he looked at Erin. His sister couldn't find out he was a human. That would be terrible. He put his finger to his mouth, hoping Erin knew it was a sign to keep quiet. He then moved behind Ada and grabbed her shoulders, showing her out of the kitchen. "His name's a family secret. If he tells you, he'll have to kill you."

"What? No way!" Ada moved away from her brother and stared at Erin. She looked at her brother, slightly worried. "You aren't being serious, are you?"

"Of course I'm being serious! I don't want my little sister to die because her curiosity gets the better of her. Don't want you to turn out like Dad, you know."

At the mention of her father, Ada's expression fell. She looked to the ground and sighed. "Yeah, I guess it's best if I don't know." She looked at her brother and smiled. "But I'm totally gonna call that you two are together. Or, at the very least, will end up together." She looked at Erin then back at her brother, then stood on her tiptoes and cupped her hand around his ear. "You didn't have to bring up Dad to make me drop the subject." She whispered, an oddly serious look in her eyes. She then broke into a grin and turned away from the two boys, heading towards the stairs. "Call me down when it's time to eat!" She said, hurrying up the stairs.

Max watched as his sister went up the stairs and sighed, knowing he had pulled on one of her nerves. For all the times she messed with him, whenever he tried to do it with her, he always felt quilty afterwards. He looked at Erin and walked back into the kitchen, taking note of the glass still on the floor and the puncture wound on his finger. "Sorry about her. She probably won't ask you anymore questions. At least, not today." He said, moving around the human. "It's not going to be easy having you here if you don't know anything about my culture. So, lesson one." He reached into a cupboard and pulled out eggs and seasoning. "Endet nictio is a common meal that pretty much everyone in this region knows how to make." He set the ingredients on the counter, then quickly got the rice and milk. "It's a mixture of rice, eggs, milk and some seasoning. Do you have all of those things in your world?" Max looked at Erin, his earlier grumpiness dampened.

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Erin stood still as he was circled predatorily by Ada. He maintained his calm and cool demeanor on the outside even though she was being downright freaky right now. He opened his mouth to answer, but then caught Max's glance and let the cat-boy chase his sister off with the mention of their father. He wondered briefly about what could have possibly happened with their father that made such an impact on a usually unfazable girl. He filed this under the 'things not to ask about ' division of his brain. Right next to 'Anthony' and 'Quantum Mechanics'.

The mention of 'Father' however made Erin think of his father, who was not here, and, with crushing reality, realize the exact extent of his situation, and, indeed, it's gravity.

He, to his current knowledge, was lost somewhere, presumably a completely different dimension or planet, with no knowledge of how he got here or how to get back home, or even if that was possible. He was also at the mercy of two strangers of a different species, albeit cute strangers, friendly, even, nevertheless still strangers. He suddenly felt very, very dizzy. And sick. He needed to puke. No, don't. He needed tosit down.

having no chairs be within two steps he resigned himself to sitting, or crouching rather, in the floor and holding his head in his hands. This was bad. Very very bad. He contented himself with staring at the alien kitchen floor for a while. It was similar to his kitchen floor in that it was flat and in the kitchen. It was dissimilar in the fact that it was not his floor, not his kitchen, not his house, not his neighborhood, not his world. He could feel himself slipping into a panic just thinking about it. It had been fun. But playtime was over. Time to go home.

Then Max asked him about food or something. Food. Would he even be able to eat the food here? What if his anatomy was all wrong for digesting their nutritional edibles? He looked up at Max. Suddenly he seemed very small and very scared.

But all he said was "Yeah. I know what eggs are."

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Max looked at Erin and saw how concerned, or rather, scared he looked. He frowned slightly and looked away, debating on whether to say something or not. He looked back at the human, thinking back to a time when he had the same look on his face, and decided he would try to find out why his mood had suddenly changed.

The purple haired teen moved over to Erin and crouched down in front of him, cradling his head in his hands. "You know, if your mood suddenly drops like that it's an obvious sign something is wrong." He started, his tone gentle. "I don't know why your suddenly bummed out and scared, but I can probably make a few guesses." He adjusted his seating position to a more stable one and watched the human.

"You're probably scared because you're a human surrounded by Criian's. You probably are starting to worry about your safety in my world. You might be scared because I said something that got to you. If I did, then I'm sorry and I didn't mean too." Max bit his lip then let out a sigh. "I can't even begin to understand what you're thinking or feeling, because we're two different species and stuff, but I. . . I don't want you to be scared of me. I think it may be a good idea to be scared of my world, but if you don't talk to anyone and if we work together we can figure out how to get you home. I think." He paused and stared at Erin, feeling like he wasn't being helpful at all. "I don't want you to be scared, but I can't tell you how to feel. I want to say that I'll protect you from everything in my world but I don't know if that would make you feel any better. I mean, I'm just a boy with pruple hair and cat ears and a tail who skips school to drag some person I just met to my house. I.... Probably am not the best person to say he'll protect you, now that I think about it."

He looked away from the human, his ears folded back in thought. "Maybe it's just better if I say I'll listen to everything you want to say. It's the one thing I can say with certainty that I'm good at doing."

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It took Erin a while to register all of Max's words. The other boy did have a calming effect on him. Which was a little bit paradoxical considering it was him, or rather his world, that had sent him into a panic. But Erin nodded anyway, choosing to believe him. He'd be okay with Max around . Maybe not great, but okay. 'Okay' was what he needed right now.

He gave a small nod and put his hands over Max's that were cupping his face. He took deep breaths. This would work. He'd be okay. Max would help him. He continued mentally reassuring himself till he felt well enough to speak again. He didn't want to end up puking all over the other teen. Just the thought of how embarrassing that would be made him cringe.

"Yeah. Yeah, okay. Thanks bro. Sorry, I'm just trapped in an alien otherworld where they eat weird eggs. I'm okay. Thanks." He said, breathing slowly and calmly.

He kept his hands over Max's, his thumb running in circle patterns over the back of the other boy's hands without realizing it. When he finally did notice he smiled widely.

"No homo, though." He said, smirking.

He brought one of Max's hands to his lips and kissed his knuckles.

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Max watched Erin say he was okay and smiled, wondering if he really was going to be okay or if he had just said so to reassure the cat eared boy. He felt his face warm when the human kissed his knuckles and pulled his hand away, grabbing the back of his hand and rubbing it softly. He looked at the floor and bit his lip, then sighed and stood. He touched Erin's head and ran his fingers gently through his hair, smiling at how soft it was. He then looked at the counter and pressed his lips together.

"So endet nictio. Eggs and milk and seasoning and rice." He looked at Erin. "You can just, uh, go look around if you want. Or I guess you can stay in here and talk to me. Whatever, really. Just don't get in my way." He reached into a cabinet below the counter and grabbed a flat pan, then put it on the stove and turned it on.

He looked at Erin, his thoughts all over the place. He had to get the human home. He had to find out all about the humans. He had to apologize to his sister. He had to not cave into Erin's flirting. He definitely had to keep Erin a secret. He had to ignore Anthony. He had to still keep up with his schoolwork. He had to avoid any robots that would find the human. He had to make sure his sister didn't find out about Erin.

He shook his head to try and clear his mind, noting that most of his thoughts had to do with the human. He looked at the stove and rubbed his hands together, feeling the wound on his finger. He flinched slightly and looked at it, sighing when he saw some blood had run down his finger. His ears flattened against his head as he ran his thumb across the wound, and the teen quickly turned the fire off. He licked his wound and looked at Erin, then turned away from him and left the kitchen. "I'll be back soon. I gotta fix my cut."


((//whispers// max's blood is pink and he accidentally got some on erin's cheeks and in his hair so--))

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Erin stood up after Max did, leaning back on the counter. He watched Max move around the kitchen, curious to see what the eggs would end up looking like. Also, where else was he supposed to go? Wander around some strange alien house? Not only was that rude but it was also dangerous. Probably dangerous. He sighed, best not to think about this right now. It was probably much better to think about Max.

He ran his fingers through his hair, brushing something cool and wet. He brought his hand to his face, seeing the strange pink liquid. He frowned, wondering what it could be. His attention shifted over to Max again when he mentioned taking care of his cut.

"Wait? What? Let me see." He said as he moved over and took Max's hand, inspecting the wound. "Woah! Your blood is pink?! Dude! That's so weird. Not weird in a bad way. Like, cool weird. My hair is pink, so we match. We're practically a couple."

He let go of Max's hand with a giggle. "How'd you cut it?


(Yes yes yes. I am sorry, I've been getting ready to leave on a trip and I leave tomorrow. I am sorry)

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