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The Holly Contest

Holly Contest 2015

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Keep an eye on the AP in a couple of days time. Just breed a bunch of eggs to the AP. Should be about seventeen 2PB, four 3PB and a lone 4PB.

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I'm hatchling-locked for another hour or so, but will try and breed an unrelated 3PB then, if you haven't had another offer.

Sounds great smile.gifI haven't had any offers yet, but I'll edit the above post if I get one. Accepted.

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I hope this isn't violating any rules for this thread, I read them and didn't see anything mentioned against doing this so:



user posted image 6 Flamingo Hatchis.

2 Are CB, the Rest are from the AP.

Offer your best on this and a dummy egg on this trade


Best Offer


I am also willing to get more for a CB Silver, or Neglected PM me about this so we can talk about it.


If I have not declined then I am considering your offer.

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Mind if I join?


Scroll -> http://dragcave.net/user/Clya


I don't have ANY Flamingos yet so I don't I'll win xd.png(I joined earlier this year) But since I don't have any, any I get for this year long contest will be sorted all together alphabetically.

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Been collecting for a month now ^u^ I think it's time to notify of this here!

Scroll link

I am listing my 2015 Flamingoes separately, at the end of my Scroll. Each of them will be named "Holly Kid [number here]". Names will, of course, be changed to normal ones at the start of 2016.

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Well.. I haven't updated in forever.


My count have hit 178 flamingoes!

I haven't updated my googleDoc yet, but I will later today - after lunch. I'm starving @__@'

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