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The Ouran High School Host Groups

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The Ouran High School Host Groups

“Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school, Ouran Academy. The Ouran Host Club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies, who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful.” ~ Tamaki Suoh, Ouran High School Host Club




Each afternoon, ladies from the prestigious Ouran Academy attend the Host Club to spend time with a handsome young man (a ‘Host’). Every lady has their own preference in men, and the Club has a wide selection – providing the Princely Type, Natural Type, the Cool Type, the Loli-Shota (Cute) Type, the Strong and Silent Type, and the Little Devil Type. What more could a young lady want than a lovely tea with such a boy?


The Host Club has flourished ever since it was created by Tamaki Suoh (the Princely Type) two years ago. It has only grown stronger by the recent addition of Haruhi Fujioka, actually a girl in disguise as a boy (the Natural Type). Business has been chugging along as usual for the past few weeks. However, something intriguing has cropped up recently.


A boy named Akihiko Minami (the Country Gentleman Type) was turned away from the Club. Tamaki thought he was seeing the Club as a game more than a serious business, and decided he did not have the right attitude to be a Host. Incensed by this, Akihiko decided to form his own Host Club of sorts, calling it the Elite Ouran Host Society. He has gathered a few other pupils from the school to join him. All have high social status, and are quite attractive.


The same hosts over and over can become a bit… dull. So, while both offer a very similar service, some of the ladies of the school have been lured toward to the Host Society.


Neither Host group likes the other. Business has lessened for the Host Club, and the members of the Host Society dislike the Club for more personal reasons. Tensions are rising. Can two Host groups really coexist?




This roleplay is based in the prestigious Ouran Academy. A large, elegant building with a clock tower, it radiates privilege and class. The grounds feature large gardens and a maze of hedges, along with fountains and ponds.


There may sometimes be events off campus such as beach days or trips to a character’s house. The Host Club is held in Music Room 3. The Host Society is held in Art Room 4.


Both the Host Club and Host Society offer a similar service. They pander to the young ladies of the school by offering a tea and 'conversation' (flirting) service. This is done in a comfortable environment of plush-chairs and tables stocked with tea and treats. Ladies may become regular customers of a Host, or they may hop from one to the next. It depends greatly on the lady's preference.


The Host Society also accepts female Hosts - this sets it apart from the Host Club in that they are not in disguise (such as Haruhi). They simply perform the same duties as any other male host, although they tend to have more male customers.


Each Host is assigned a specific Type. This Type adheres to their natural personality, but a Host may choose to exaggerate how strong of a Type they are. For example, a Loli-Shota Type might pretend to be helpless to increase their cuteness. This can win over customers, who may then decide to become regulars.


This roleplay is based around episode 20-21 of the anime. A timeline can be found here, which includes links to all the episodes if you need to read up on anything. The wikia is very helpful!


I am basing this roleplay on the world and story from the anime version of Ouran High School Host Club.




- Please do not Godmod or Powerplay.

- No excessive swearing.

- This roleplay is PG-13, but romance is allowed to a certain extent.

- This roleplay is semi-lit. Please keep an eye on your grammar, and try to post at least four to five sentences for each character (I would prefer 6-10 most of the time).

- Please PM me sheets.

- Four Hosts each. Up to 2 may be canon characters.

- All Club members are canon, all Society members are OCs.

- If you take a Canon character, please try your best to stay true to that character.

- OCs should have some reason for not applying to the Club - perhaps a personal vendetta or conflicts between their families.




These apply to both canon and original characters. Please use a picture from the anime if making a canon character sheet.


[B]Personality and Host Type:[/B]
[B]History: (Optional)[/B]

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Characters and Sheets:


Host Club (Canon):


Tamaki Suoh (President) ~ Fortune86


Kyoya Ootori (Vice President) ~ evangeline5432


Hikaru Hitachiin and Kaoru Hitachiin (exception - they count as one) ~ shadowclaw


Mitsukuni 'Honey' Haninozuka ~


Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka ~


Haruhi Fujioka ~ Chicogal


Host Society (OCs):


Akihiko Minami (President) ~ Chicogal


Isamu Nakama (Vice-President) ~ littlelizzie


Akivio Mosayu ~ Black_Rosen


Chiyo (Chi) Nakahara ~ Hiccup332


Slot 5 ~


Slot 6 ~


Slot 7 ~




Host Club:


Username: Chicogal

Name: Haruhi Fujioka

Age: 15

Gender: Female (Dresses as male, but not transgender)

Appearance: Haruhi is 5,1"

Personality and Host Type: Haruhi is extremely perceptive, usually seeing straight through both people and situations. She often stands quietly in the background, simply observing and sorting things out logically in her mind. She is extremely serious about her schoolwork, but is always up for a laugh at her fellow Host Club members’ antics. Haruhi is not bothered very much by things such as societal standing or manners. Her nature is unflappable, and she is very straightforward. She is the Natural Type, meaning that she innately knows how to treat ladies as a host and simply charms them with her conversation and smiles. Haruhi is oblivious at times to her very own feelings, especially when it comes to the romantic side of things.

History: Haruhi is from a middle-class family. Her mother is deceased. She lives with her father, and it was her dream to come to an elite school such as Ouran Academy. She happened to stumble upon the Host Club in Music Room 3 while searching for a quiet place to read. After knocking over an 8 million yen vase, she was forced to work as a host in order to repay her debt.

Other: Only the Host Club and her father know that she is actually a girl.'



Username: Evangeline

Name: Kyoya Ootori


Gender: Male.

Appearance: 5'10

Personality and Host Type:Cool.

Kyoya is calm, logical, and has superior intelligence. He also can come across as rather detatched, and sometimes threatening when need be. He is also one of the more rather level-headed people. Kyoya is a diligent secretary for the club and tracks continuous data on the club's guests and fortunes through his netbook, tablet or notebook.


Kyoya is from the wealthy and influential Ootori family. His family is extremely well-known in their chosen field and employs a private police force called The Black Onion Squad. Though equally qualified to become patriarch of the Ootori family, he feels overshadowed by his two older brothers, who are far more likely to inherit their family's mantle than he. However, despite the circumstances, he has confidence in his own abilities and finds the situation to be more of an interesting game than a roadblock.


Kyoya Ootori, a 2nd-year student at Ouran Academy, is the cost-conscious and calculating Vice-President of the Host Club which he co-founded with his best friend, Tamaki Suoh. Despite Tamaki's position as the President, Kyoya is the true director, playing the role of a puppet-master behind the scenes (thus earning him the nickname of "The Shadow King"). He manages all Host Club’s expenses and is always seeking ways to generate income, even selling items belonging to the Hosts for profit. He is very fond of his best friend, Tamaki Suoh, giving him free rein when it comes to club matters.



Username: shadow_claw

Name: Karou Hitchiin

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Which is Karou?

Personality and Host Type: "Little Devil" type. Although many see the twins as "one person", both brothers have distinct personalities when seperate. When working with the other Hosts, they're both playful and mischevious, and often put on a "twincest" show for the ladies present. Karou is the more mature of both brothers, with a much more calm and mellow personality than Hikaru. He is naturally optimistic and cheerful, though this comes off as a low-key sort of thing. This part of his personality is really only seen when both brothers are apart, and he usually is as witty and michevious and Hikaru. Out of the two, Karou is much more independant.

History: (Optional)

Other: His speech color is orangered


Username: shadow_claw

Name: Hikaru Hitchiin

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: which is Hikaru?

Personality and Host Type: "Little Devil" type. Although he's considered the leader of the twins, Hikaru is distinctly less mature and less experienced at handling emotions. This immaturity makes him much more dependant on Karou than vice-versa. Hikaru is childishly posessive over other people, most noticably the other members of the host club. Like Karou, these personality traits are seldom seen unless seperated from his brother, and his usual mischievous demeanor is prominent.

History: (Optional)

Other: His speech color is darkorange


Username: Fortune86

Name: Tamaki Suoh

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tamaki is 6ft

Personality and Host Type: Princely

As the founder of the Ouran High School Host Club Tamaki is also its most popular host. He can charm nearly every girl he encounters using a combination of etiquette and outrageous flattery.

Although quite intelligent he can be very naive and easily fooled. He is regulary the butt of many jokes and pranks played by the twins.

The other Hosts are more than just friends to Tamaki. He sees them as family is willing to go to any lengths to protect and help them. His generous nature can also extend to others if he feels their cause is worthy.


While Tamaki's father is one of the richest men in Japan, his mother was a mistress. For most of his early life he lived with his mother in France where she taught him how to play the piano, which he often did to cheer her up during her illness.

As his father did not have any other children, Tamaki was 'bought' by his paternal grandmother. His mother would recieve medical aid in exchange for Tamaki moving to Japan and becoming the Suoh family's legal heir. He has been forbidden by his grandmother from contacting his mother in any way.


Tamaki founded the club not just as a way to have fun, but to bring happiness to others. While he loves being the center of attention, his true goal is to make his clients feel good about themselves, something he believes every 'princess' should have.

Apart from Haruhi, he enlisted the other Hosts with their happiness in mind as well.


Host Society:


Username: Chicogal

Name: Akihiko Minami

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Akihiko is 6,2" He's quite muscular and fit.

Personality and Host Type: Akihiko has a charming sense of country chivalry. He is one to never show anger or weakness in front of a lady, and is always first to protect a lady from harm. He knows that he is attractive all too well, and is rather vain when faced with a mirror. He is competitive and likes to win. He is a Country Gentleman Type, having natural charm and the utmost of respect and chivalry for all women. Akihiko is of average intelligence.

History: Akihiko's parents divorced when he was a child, and he was sent to live with his grandmother in the countryside. She taught him how to be a gentleman, and school taught him how to use her advice in the real world. He quickly developed a rough sense of chivalry at a young age - slightly swashbuckling, in fact. Growing up with an elderly woman meant that he cultured much respect for both women and older members of society. At the age of 12, his grandmother died and he had to move to being under his father's care. His father, a rich businessman in electronics, sent him to Ouran Academy. Akihiko mastered the art of charming women with chivalry and compliments in his teens, and watched as his classmate - Takami Suoh - started the Host Club.

At first he thought it a silly idea. But as it took off, he began to take interest. One day, he decided to go in and ask for a position - but was denied it due to his competitive nature. Angry and incensed, he decided to create his own Host Society.



Username: littlelizzie

Name: Isamu Nakama

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Isamu has light brown hair and dark green eyes. He's thin and stands at 5'11''. He wears a friendship bracelet on his left wrist and a rubber band on his right wrist.

Personality and Host Type: The Hero Type. Isamu is a person who believes in protecting people who can’t protect themselves, and he is very social justice-y. He is quite observant and will drop everything to go help someone (quite literally everything). Some people find this part of him annoying, but they don’t find him entirely annoying because of his personality. He is actually a very nice person who loves to joke around and laugh, and he’s curious. He loves helping people and talking to people, which is part of the reason he joined the Host Society. He is oblivious to anyone’s feelings towards him, and he is gullible. When he is alone, he seems to turn into a different person.

History: He grew up with only a mother, and she taught him about justice. He loved to watch TV shows about superheroes (and he still does). When he was 12, his uncle and cousin moved in with them. A certain event that happened when he was 15 caused a break in the bond between his mother and himself, but it strengthened the bond between him and his cousin.

Other: He’s always in pain, but he masks it with a smile and his façade. Only his cousin knows what happened two years ago, and he’s absolutely terrified that if people find out what happened everyone will hate him. The relationship between his mother is a sore subject for him, as it is a very sensitive situation right now.



Username: Black_Rosen

Name: Akivio Mosayu

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5,2", without the grey

Personality and Host Type: Mosayu is a gentle, but cool person. She is said to match the vice president of the Host Club, and is rather harsh to anyone who says so. Her abilities lay in planning and orginizational work. Though, she is horrible at expences, even though she remains on the cheaper, but extravagent side.

History: Mosayu was born into, like everybody else, a rich family. Her family is rich because of their orginizational event planning. Mosayu was sent to Ouran High to learn what people want, and to learn about history of great people.


Username: Hiccup332

Name: Chiyo (Chi) Nakahara

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Chi is 5'3 and is often seen with her kitty ears on.

Personality and Host Type: Chiyo is The Playful Type, immediately labeled so by the leader of the Host Society. Her innocent demeanor and optimistic outlook on things makes her a big hit among many of the girls and boys who visit the host society. She is a happy go lucky girl and will go crazy if she's not doing something fun, being very easily bored. Full of energy, Chiyo is always interesting. She is known to be extremely flirty in a very joking and casual way. Chiyo does not take well to rejection and is used to always getting exactly what she wants. Chi has a large affinity to cats and everything having to do with them, so she is often seen sporting her kitty ears headband. This is in part to one of her best childhood friends actually being her pet cat, which she still loves dearly, despite it being very old now.

History: (Optional) Chiyo fits snugly under the label of "rich and famous." Her father being the owner of multiple extremely successful clothing lines, and her mother the famous and beautiful model that married him. Because of this, many girls at the Host Society actually come to her for out of school fashion advice. Her father even designed the uniforms that the school uses. Chiyo one day decided she wanted to join the Host Club, but immediately changed her mind when she realized the Hitachiin twins where in it. This is due to their mother and her father competing in the fashion design industry. Although their families pretend to be friendly for the sake of the social world, there is a long standing rivalry between them.

Other: She herself is also quite talented in fashion design, so she helps the Society a lot with costumes and such.

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((Right-o! So, we’re starting. I don’t have a particular plot set out for this – it is up to the characters to make peace or war. If you have anything ‘big,’ planned in terms of pranks or shenanigans, please run it by me first.


Didn’t have time for an Akihiko post, but will do in my next one. Please don’t post anything for the Society yet. Thanks!


Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…))


Haruhi Fujioka


A slender teenage boy hurried along the corridors of Ouran Academy, his messenger bag swinging back and forth at hip height. Slightly out of breath, he took a break by a pillar. His straight fringe was parting slightly with perspiration as he readjusted his bags. Large brown eyes focused once more on the path ahead of him, and he carried on.


At least, that was what the scene appeared to be.


In fact, this ‘boy’ was a girl. Not that any of the normal students at Ouran Academy knew this. Just a select few. The Ouran Host Club, to be exact, along with one or two others who had discovered her secret. Haruhi Fujioka, the girl in question, did not care that everyone thought her to be a boy. She wasn’t transgender, but she fell into being a boy on her very first day at Ouran Academy. The whole story was a bit strange, but that was life for you…


Haruhi was late for the Host Club. Hikaru and Kaoru had disappeared off after class, as she’d stayed behind five minutes to solve a problem with the math teacher. They’d up and left her by the time she was finished. And then a classmate had wanted to discuss something, and it all spiraled on… Huffing and puffing by the time she’d reached Music Room #3, the boyish figure was slightly hunched over from the sheer weight of the bags. Honestly, she felt like a pack mule.

It was five minutes until they officially opened for the afternoon. They were meant to be there twenty minutes beforehand in order to get dressed and set up. Oh dear. Tamaki wasn’t going to be very happy, was he? Then again, one couldn’t tell with him… Hmm. She’d never been late before. Sighing and deflating a bit from exertion, she opened the doors. “I’m sorry, I was late!” she called, stepping inside.

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The moment Haruhi stepped through the doors of the music room two long arms swept her up and pulled her into a close embrace. The owner of said arms was a tall golden haired boy a head taller than the tardy host. He was Tamaki Suoh, founder of the club.


"Haruhi!" said Tamaki taking her by the shoulders and holding her back a little so they could look each other in the eye. "You're late! I was starting to get worried."


He was already wearing the rich royal purple toga of a Roman King. Upon his head was a wreath of laurel leaves and ornate golden rings adorned his fingers. Behind him the music room had been decorated with drapes, vines and tall columns of real marble. Several low tables had been laid with expensive entrees from the Roman era and each one was surrounded by plump plush cushions.


((Is this okay Chico?))

Edited by Fortune86

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((It was meant to be five minutes until opening, mind editing out the girls? smile.gif


Society is ready to go!))


A tall boy with sleek blond hair to his shoulders gazed at the room before him. A light smile graced his slightly chapped lips. This was his vision, coming to life - a Host group of his very own. It had only been two weeks, but already some guests had defected from the Club for his Society. Things seemed to be going well. His Hosts and Hostesses had easily slipped into their roles - it was just like a lower level of high society. Pandering to people. That was all.


Tamaki had missed out by turning him down. And he'd made a fatal mistake at the same time. A mortal enemy. He smirked lightly to himself at the empty chairs and tables, with sweets and crisps put out on pretty platters. They both opened at the same time - just enough time for dressing up themselves and the room, and not so much that their ladies became bored. Turning around, he pushed his fake glasses up his nose. Their theme for the day was young college professors - some ladies simply adored that whole smart, older type thing... He didn't understand it completely, but so long as they were happy and here instead of at the Host Club. He wore a graduation cap and beige Chino pants, with a white button up shirt. All in all, he was feeling sexy. It was quite nice, actually. Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he practised his lopsided 'charming country-boy' smile, and flexed his biceps. Not too shabby...





Haruhi let out a squeak of surprise as she was attacked with a warm hug, but her expression went back to being calm and slightly deadpan a moment later. She couldn't quite hug him back - not that she would have anyway, with him being annoying and all - due to the books in her arms, so she let him just get on with it. It was as if he needed his daily dose of her or something, it was strange really...


"I'm sorry, I got caught up in some things in Math, and one of my classmates needed to talk to me. No big deal. You don't need to worry so much," she said plainly, looking up at him with a slightly raised eyebrow. He was already all dressed up in their Roman Emperor theme. She would be wearing a toga as well, but one that covered her chest entirely - no matter what the twins tried to insist on. "How long do I have?" she asked, adjusting her bags.

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((Sorry. I figured Haruhi was late late lol.))


"No time at all!" said Tamaki excitedly. "Our princesses will soon arrive. We must get ready."


Letting go of Haruhi Tamaki half danced half ran across the room to the center where a lone chair shaped like a 'U' was stood between two pillars. Tamaki sat down upon the throne and then slouched seductively against the pillar to his left. He raised his right hand over where his chest was bare and let out a sigh.


In a few moments the doors would open and the throne would be the very first thing their guests would see. The Host Club would greet their princesses and then the entertainments would start, with the hosts guiding their personal clients through the romantic and powerful era of the Romans.

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Kyoya stood behind the ornate throne Tamaki had especially insisted they procure, his rich purple robes flowing down along his slender form. Judging by the resounding footsteps out in the hallway, their missing host had just arrived, and she was late.


His fingers rested at the hilt of his short sword. He adjusted the weapon slightly before he pressed a finger to his thin-frame glasses. He would remain well away from the unnecessary touching and hugging.

"Daddy... please do not break Haruhi. He still owes us money."


Speaking of money, their decorations had not cost as much this time as he had found them in storage. It was amazing what one could find in a sale of a dead man's possessions. He could only hope business went well for the day. He would have to calculate their ending profits and set up the funds at the end of the day. Certainly troublesome. He had a paper he would need to write later that night.

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Reallt Snepai? the twins chimed in harmony to Tamaki's words, the both of them unconvinced. Unlike the others, the boys' outfits had been seemingly modeled after the Western Zodiac (in this case, Gemini). They fit the position quite well, after all. Smoothly did the twins walk to Haruhi, each one taking one of her folded arms.

Come, let's take a look at your outfit!

We'll let you try on our costumes if you like.

After speaking, the pair each raised an arm to gesture to where the last costume hung on a back (in the back room, of course). These actions cae as a surprise to nobody. It was a usual antic of the Hitchiins to pester Tamaki through Haruhi. Their methods of poking fun at the group was often just as cheeky. Though, they never made a move to force her to the dressing room. They were teasing Tamaki, not threatening Haruhi. There was a fine line between the two and they were careful to remain on the right side.

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Haruhi watched Tamaki with an expression of slight disbelief. He really did prance about like a fairy.. Oh, well. Sighing, she turned to head toward the dressing room - only to be accosted by the twins. One on each side, as per usual. She didn't even know why she became exasperated anymore. There was not much point in it; every day seemed to pass in the same way... "Fine," she said, dropping her bags just inside the room as they came inside it. "What have you gotten me this time?" Knowing them, it was probably the very opposite of what she wanted.

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Mosayu opened the door to the Society's room. She looked around the room, then at Akihiko once she had spotted him. She opened her mouth to say something, but twisted for a moment, realizing that he was praticing his oh-so-charming 'Country-boy' smile. Mosayu rolled her eyes and went into the changing room. She pulled up a college cap, after putting on a soft dark green dress. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail. "So troublesome. I hope the plans go properly," she muttered to herself before exitting the changing room. Her glasses slid down, they were fake of course, and useless, but she kept them on.


"President, have you seen the others?" She hadn't spotted them, yet, today but she did delay a Club's member. She smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. Her ensamble was not really a change for her. "Nevermind, I'll look for them myself."

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A bit absorbed in his beauty, Akihiko hesitated for a moment before turning around. "Ah... I swear they were here a moment ago," he said, wrinkling his nose a bit in thought. They'd better get here soon. A Host group was no use with few members. Otherwise, they'd be swamped in guests... Not that he would mind. Especially if they were pretty ladies, having defected from the Club for his Society. Oh, when he heard that they preferred his Society, that was simply rich. He adjusted his glasses, then reached toward a stick on a table. It was in fact a lecturer's pointer, and he posed for her, pretending to point toward an invisible board. "What do you think?" he purred.

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"Intellect suits you, but kept at a dull roar, tiger." Mosayu smiled again. "They are supposed to be here, then they should be in the changing room, or in the halls soaking up the ladies, and men, out there." Mosayu's smile faded. There was little time left to go. There is so much to do afterwards as well... I hope they get here soon.


Mosayu opened the door to peer outside, but boys stopped her from looking far. "Hello, boys, have you seen the others? Or are you looking to have joy on your faces?" She slipped out, closing the door behind her.

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Isamu hurried down the hallway and pushed his glasses up. He couldn't believe he was late. He was the Vice President and he was late. That wasn't what Vice Presidents were supposed to do. He looked at Mosayu as he passed her and waved, then reached for the door handle but missed it and ran into the door. "Ow..." He groaned, grabbing his nose and twisting the door handle open. He stepped inside and saw Akihiko was holding a lecturer's pointer, then smiled and took his glasses off. "I'm super sorry for being late. There was some bullies picking on a girl and I had to stop them." He rubbed his nose and moved towards the dressing rooms. "I also had to get some glasses." He paused when he stood next to Akihiko and showed them to him. "They're real and the person who had them has terrible eyesight. I ran into the door because of these." He looked his friend over and nodded. "You definitely look like college professor. I'd even say the ladies will find you pretty sexy." He then turned on his heel and walked towards the dressing rooms. "Could you pick out my outfit? I'm terrible at chosing clothes to wear." He said, looking back towards the President of the Society.

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"Me? What about them!?" demanded Tamaki while he pointed an accusing finger towards the twins as they double teamed Haruhi once again. Enraged he got to his feet to storm after the trio but got his feet caught in the long hem of his robe. Tamaki managed to catch himself against the pillar but by the time he got his legs free Haruhi and the twins had already vanished into the dressing rooms.


Grumbling Tamaki sat back down and tried to relax, but he kept one ear open for any signs of distress coming from the dressing rooms.


"Kyoya" he said softly so that only the 'mother' of the club could hear him. "Do you know what event the Society is doing today?"

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Kyoya let out the softest of sighs while the twins dragged the girl off into another room. Though as their "leader" nearly stumbled over his own robes... Honestly, why did he ever become friends with this moron? Oh yes, it was a profitable venture - or so he told others.


It was the faint sound of Tamaki's voice that distracted his thoughts away from their reminiscing path, though the voices whispering within his mind never stopped their complex rush about his head. A single finger pressed to the bridge of the Shadow King's glasses, and he pushed them back as his dark eyes trailed over to meet his friend's.

"I've heard whispers that they wish to best us, but there budget is nowhere near ours and we still have a vast majority of the girls' loyalties. Even with their resources, I imagine they are just attempting to service the girls and raise money for their cause."


Really, that Minami had never been good news. He was fake and only ever cared about himself in the most lowliest of ways. Ever since his leave, their group had slowly been stealing away valued customers.

"Though, if they continue, they shall start to become a problem. We should probably start coming up with a few ploys to remind the girls why they are in love with the Host Club. However, there seems to be one draw back we never foresaw: the Society is catering to the boys of this school."

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Tamaki mused over this new information for a moment and then sat back with a warm smile.


"Well of course" he said cheerfully. "Princesses are not the only ones who wish to feel treasured. I am sure the many Princes of this school also want to experience the delights of being served in such a fashion. My only concern is that they can currenty only enjoy the inferior services of the Society."


It wasn't that the Host Club was against male clients. When Haruhi herself had first entered the Music Room disguised as a boy Tamaki had been more than happy to treat her as he would any guest, right up until 'he' broke a expensive vase. During their tenure the Club had had only one actual male client, although his custom had been little more than an attempt to get to know Haruhi better. He had later left to devote more time to the gardening club.


However, the Host Club was traditonally seen as a girl's entertainment. Openly advertising for male customers might upset those precious flowers who sought only the attentions of their favourite Club Host.


"In the mean time" said Tamaki aloud. "We should exploit this opportunity to discover the flaws in our own services. See if there is anything further we can do for our Princesses."

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Mosayu opened the door, and followed in behind Isamu after a moment, seeing no one else. "Isamu! I have your outfit here. Chi and I, mainly Chi, picked them out last night, before the two of us left." She handed him the wrapped outfit, with his name on it. She poked her head out into the hall again. The bell tolled, it was three o'clock sharp, at least she thought so. she didn't care to check yet.

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((Ah man... This really did die a death. Man.


Anyone still interested?))

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