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2015-01-08 - Glorydrake/2013 Holiday Changes

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Just want to say:


Thank you Odeen (and Jaz for the support you gave) for the Solstice dragon in both of her gorgeous forms.

Of all the wonderful Christmas dragons we've been gifted, she is my favorite and I look forward to planning my lineages involving both colors of wings. The blue wings caught me by surprise, I'll admit, but the Solstice is still one of my favorite dragons on the site. So thank you, Odeen, for giving us your dragon. <3


Also, many thanks to TJ, the mods, and all of the very talented spriters and artists.

You guys work hard to keep DC going and to make the holiday events fun and enjoyable every year.

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Please feel free to post a topic in Suggestions, if you have a suggestion. We also have a rant topic in the forum games section or perhaps a thank you topic in SD.

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