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((Note: Im new at this. I am still figuring out this stuff))


The Tale


A long time ago, about 10,000 years ago, humans thought that they were dominant. When humans first encountered dragons, they attempted to show their "dominance" by attacking the dragons with blades. This evolved from small fights to large battles to war. Throughout time, humans and dragons made "peace" with agreements, but every time, human greed purged, and wars erupted. But once, 4,000 years ago, humans developed explosives. Not like the atomic bomb, but deadly in numbers. The humans used these to kill even more dragons. This burst of conflict became known as the Ultimate War. For 100 years, the dragons and humans fought, fear spread across the land. But, after a century of bloody battles, the humans and dragons made the Deal. Every human would be linked to a dragon forever. However, the dragon would be born wild. The human would find this dragon at 14 summers of age. They could sense the connection with their dragon and know it is theirs. The dragon would most likely have recently hatched. Any conflict of humans and dragons would result in the slow extinction of both species.

Us Chaos dragons decided to give ourselves as eggs sometime in the future, as well as the Holy dragons and the legendary wind dragon Hurricane. But this wouldn't happen for ages to come. I swore it wouldn't be until our own world was destroyed, for we weren't from this world.

- journal entry of Dargos, year 2000 A.D





The year is 2015. Dragons and humans can't even imagine fighting. Things such as mutants and cyborgs exist. Magic is everywhere. It is a part of everyday life, as well as electronics.You are a boy/girl who is a part of a youth group. Your group is about to go out and find your linked dragons. The cave by the urban city of Teerville is called Draconian Cave, and it is a huge cave in an even bigger mountain, three times the size of Mt. Everest. It is the biggest out of seven locations spread through the land. Every known dragon species is in there. There are rumors of the eggs of the Legend Dragons that helped form the Deal in there. But those are just rumors, for they swore it wouldn't happen unless their world was destroyed. Any whom, the city has a well formed dragon training program, and you, like all the other youth, wonder what you get. A mighty Cassare or a tiny Mint? There isn't a worry of drakes: they were too dumb to take part in the Deal. Pygmies? Yes, they count. Now...something is stirring. Some force is trying to cause conflict between humans and dragons. Rumor has it that this force wants both species dead. Nobody worries too much. Dragons and humans don't have anything to fight about, or do they.....?

Types of dragons


Any DC dragon is allowed, excluding the following:

-Legendary trio (thunder, ice and magma) Ah, screw it. They are allowed, just don't go summoning any GoNs or whatever.

-Avatars of Creation/Change/Destruction

-gender less dragons(cheese, neglected, so on)

-holiday dragons

-Guardians of Nature


-complete selection


-beg me for alts, depends on if I am feeling merciful

-drakes. Note: you can have a pet drake but not be linked to one. If you want your character to own a drake, then you don't need a separate character sheet.


Important matters...

Legend Dragons

They are some of the main dragons that made the Deal. Seeing that this world needed help, they descended from their world unto ours. The stone that they landed on is a historical landmark protected by the government, and something as small as graffiti can result in being tied to a pole and whipped. That is best case scenario.

These are legendary high grade dragons that I personnaly picked from a game called Dragon Village 2 (credit to highbrow, by the way) and I will allow people to play them. The plots won't be the same as in the game. Also, when these dragons hatch, they aren't as strong as they were years ago. They are the same as any dragon....

Here is some information. Only one dragon of each can be role played. Someone picked your dragon? Oh well. And I will only allow you to pick ONE. it would be unfair if you grabbed seven of the Legend Dragons. Since I will make an OCC thread to post applications in, you have to ask there about taking a legend dragon. Once you pick, I will post the three evolutions of the dragon and their description. DISCLAIMER: some dragons I either don't have the ability to see the three forms or only have access to the adult forme. THIS ISNT A BIG DEAL. I will get what I can until I possibly find a wikia with all the dragons. Here is the list of names. Don't worry about pictures before you pick: they are all cool, even the silhouettes.

Chaos Element


-Dargos(probably reserved for me. He is one of my favs ;3)

-Lucifer(Currently: taken by KuroYukia)

-Janer(Currently: free)

-Valefor(Currenlty: taken by Alexander_Drake)

-Wonder(Currently: free)


Holy Dragons


-Holly(Curently: free)

-Priest(currently: free)

-Nowema(Currenlty: free)

-Maria (Currenlty: free)


Other Elements


-Hurricane(Still thinking about him. Probably going to someone i like)


The Shadow dragons are in question: they may be added in the future.


DC dragons are preferred. Why? Well, legend dragons few and far in between. I want them to be spared. NOTE: I am currently looking for a wikia that can list all the dragons and the game itself. Although, for this rp, the plot of dv2 isn't needed. When I find a wikia, I WILL post the link.




Got your own dragon? Be creative, if you wish. But no rainbow dragons that breath happiness, thanks. Keep it reasonable. Otherwise, feel free to get creative xd.png


Special Task Force

The STF is a group of highly trained and skilled officers with their dragons. It takes a lot to join. They were created after the Deal was made by the Legend Dragons to keep humans and dragons in order. They are often called "the Keepers of the Deal"

They are like special police/militia who go out completing missions for "the sake of human and dragonkind." They have a motto, and that motto is, "Don't make mistakes...they are deadly"




-basic DC rules apply

-no god modding

-minor profanity tolerated

-post any applications in the OCC section

-please keep this PG-13 or younger, no gory desciption or stuff like that. That is why we have this: censorkip.gif

-I am the OP. I can change stuff around as I like. Don't worry: I will use it responsibly.

-Listen to the dragon rules. I have links to the DC wikia and check your dragon choice. I'm not stupid!

-players will be notified of any changes, additions, or new rules.

-any rules broken will result in a warning. Second time means that you are suspended and put on the Greylist. That is where people who are suspended for a certain amount of time from the rp. If you have a legend dragon, you will still have it, just not be able to use it. Get on the Greylist a second time? You got yourself on the Blacklist. On the Blacklist, you can't rp here. Your character can be controlled by someone else if they feel nice. If you have a legend dragon, you will lose it and it can be grabbed by someone else. YOU CANT MAKE ANOTHER CHARACTER!! And don't bother making another account. You will act the same, will you not? I will post it in the OCC thread so everyone can know. And, most likely, I won't let you join others I create. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

-romance...errr, sure, as long as you sugar coat it and not be all gross and mushy and whatever.

-have fun!



Characters oh fun...


A bit about characters

-no Mary sues, Gary Stues, ect.

-wings not permitted, you will have a dragon. Tails...maybe

-super senses: give a reason for it.

-nobody is perfect, but you don't have to have a dark history, either.

-max amount is two human-dragon pairs, and only if you can handle them.


Character sheet
[B]Char.Name:[/B] (also self explanatory)
[B]Gender:[/B](male or female?)
[B]Age:[/B](remember: you are all fourteen. Skip if wanted)
[B]Apperance[/B]: (here is where you put what your character looks like, what they wear, ect. You can have a picture, but have a desciption as well.)
[B]Personality:[/B] (how does your character think, what does he/she believe, what goes inside that skull? Sexuality can be listed here)
[B]History:[/B] (what has happened to your character in life? Any secrets? Accidents? Tell it here!)
[B]Dragon:[/B] (what is your dragon? Remember: request for a Legend. Anything that makes your dragon different from it's kind?)
[B]Other:[/B] any companions besides your dragon, anything I forgot to mention


Accepted Characters:



Char.Name Esko


Age: 14 (all characters are)

Apperance: Esko He even wears the same outfit.

Personality: he seems stone cold at first, but get to know him, and he is one of the sweetest people to walk the earth. He is loyal to the people he is close to, and he can get a leetle overprotective. One thing: he is somewhat stubborn, and he won't back down so easily, even if it is for the better. His sexuality is heterosexual. Ah, screw it, Bisexual.

History: he was raised in a fairly wealthy family, but not too rich of one. He has had a normal life until he was fourteen, when things started going weirdly. Humans and Dragons started to have little arguments, but they passed this off as normal life. Humans argue with humans, and dragons argue with dragons. Plus, they are minor, so why worry? Esko never worried about this, because why would HIS generation be the one to fall to it's knees? He marveled Dragons. They were always feats of science, being able to lift off the ground with their size.

Dragon: Dargos. He is a Legend Dragon.((credit to highbrow for the dragon))

user posted image

Other: he has a pet wolf ((because that is legal in this world lol))



Char.Name: Rörelse

Age: 14

Gender: Female


-eyes: light cyan

-hair: short, brown, tousled

-skin: medium beige, rosy cheeks and ears, mildly freckled

-height: 5'3"

-weight: 97 lbs

-build: light

Rörelse wears many layers of loose patterned clothes in what may be described as a Romani fashion. Her tan bottoms are cinched tight around the waist before parachuting out and once again clipping in around the ankles. She wears a tight brown woolen vest that would barely conceal her growing bust if it weren't for a binding cloth pinned around her torso. Various clothes drape over her shoulders and tie around her waist, each with festive golden embroidery that stands out against the dull and weathered cloth. One in particular is dark crimson with what appears to be writing and blocky pictures of dragons, which is wrapped tightly around her torso and holds the other drapes in place. She wears no shoes and much of her skin save for her hands and face have a light coating of dirt.


The girl gives off a rather mousy impression, especially when she is running due to the tail end of one of her scarves, which flares out behind her. She has air of quickness and it isn't hard to believe that she could easily slip away unnoticed due to her petite frame. Her short golden-brown hair looks messily cut, like it was butchered with a knife. Her big blue eyes capture all sorts of light, looking like bright pools of water. She looks like she would break easy with her thin neck, small shoulders, and tiny hands, but at the moment it doesn't seem to have any injuries. When she smiles, little dimples form at the corner of her mouth and she seems pretty approachable. After all, there's not too much to be worried about around her. It looks like a twelve-year-old could take her down if they wanted to.

Personality: [i'll get to it and stuff. So tired right now]

History: Rörelse was born to a tribe of Anden nomads, more commonly called the river people. They have a very 'raised by the villiage' approach to bringing up their children and though Rörelse did have biological siblings, anyone who didn't help raise her quickly became like brothers and sisters. Her life has been fairly uneventful (plus I need something to spill the beans about in the rp) but when she came of age she was sent out to find her dragon. Joining a 'support group' to help one find their dragon was a natural step among some of the options presented to her. It would be nearly impossible to find one's own dragon on a single-man trek through the world.

Dragon: Crimson Flare Pygmy


-Ethnicity: Anden

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Accepted Characters (cont'd)



Username: KuroYukia

Char.Name: Kuro, real name Jade

Gender: female


Apperance:Purple eyes, long straight black hair, pale skin. Loves wearing black or punk clothing ( picture below)

Personality: Outcast, she's headstrong but nice once adjusted to others, asexual but likes to flirt

History: Her parents were killed when she was a baby, so raised by family that really didn't care about her. Hence the personality. Yes she has secrets, but um yeah secret

Dragon: Lucifer

Other: Nope


user posted image




Char.Name: Toralei Katriene


Age: 14

Apperance: Tora

Personality: She's a paradox. A nerdy tomboy. She's smart and loves to read (Braille of course), but also is kind of mean and sporty. She gets by but she's embarrassed of being blind. She can't see at all, but that just helps her even more with hearing, feeling, smelling, and the sixth sense for danger she has. She's kind in her own way, but mostly to younger children. She's bi although has a preference towards boys.

History: Eh. Well, most wi be RP'd, but here's something that stands out.

When she was 10, she was taking her baby nephew for a walk in his stroller, but he undid the belt and got out. She didn't notice at first, but she heard a car coming and could tell that Lico wasn't there. She turned and ran toward the 3-year-old, whom she could hear was screaming because of the car, picking him up and throwing him out of the way. She got hit by the car.

Dragon: Black

Other: She was born with a condition that makes her eyes deteriorate over time. By the time she was 10 she could barely see and everything was a blur. She's completely blind now.


Sup esko.



Username: SULDhasno

Char.Name: Takaki Kiyonaga

Gender: Male

Apperance: Has short, cropped black hair, and brown eyes. Normally wears a white jumper and jeans, with a khaki sweater or a blue shirt underneath. He is of average build and height, and is quite skinny.


Personality: He is a quiet person, and generally doesn't speak unless if talked to. However, he is a kind and approachable person, and rarely gets annoyed at others.


History: He was brought up from a very young age by his foster parents, as his parents died in a car accident, leaving only a large fortune behind. In those days his grandfather would often visit, bringing not only sweets but lots of tales of heroes and monsters. He loved listening to his grandfather's stories. He especially liked the stories about dragons, whom his grandfather described as fantastic, majestic creatures. This made him look forward to the day when he could finally get his own dragon.


Dragon: Blusang Lindwurm.





Username: Alexander_Drake

Char.Name: Alex

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Apperance: Bleach Blonde, crew-cut hair, pale skin free of blemishes, practically pencil thin, tall, and wears anything darker than navy blue. Has blue eyes.

Personality: Mostly antisocial, occasionally opens up to others with a crazy idea, absolutely adores dragons with all his heart.

History: An average lifestyle, not much that is special.

Dragon: Valefor

Other: Also wished he had a pet dog.




Username: DarknessDragon197

Character Name: Crimson Yoru

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearance: Crimson is 5'2 exact in height, with a rather slender, hourglass shaped figure of a body. Her eyes are a dark, reddish brown color that compliment her slightly rounded framed face. Hair style is long, silky black color that fades into red at the tips with a series of layers throughout, length exceeding no longer than her middle back. Crimson's choice of clothing consists of T-shirts and jeans with an occasion of a jacket if its cold enough.

Personality: Crimson is naturally shy around people she doesn't know and tends to separate herself until she feels comfortable enough to engage with them. Once acquainted, she's rather outgoing and loyal to her friends and will go out of her way to make their day. Though at times she can appear harsh or stubborn when it comes to things she disagrees with or doesn't want to do. Her sexual preference is neutral or in other words bisexual, and pays more attention to personality than to looks.

History: Ever since Crimson was younger she was always fascinated with dragons, always wanting to know more about the magnificent creatures. Every chance she'd get she would always sketch them out and admire her works. Crimson lived a rather happy life until it slowly began to tumble downhill. When she was seven her life changed when her parents got divorced and soon later remarried other people. She experienced harsh bullying from other kids and slowly shut herself out from everyone. Living with her mother soon changed as well, her step-father became abusive towards her and so she sought out a better life with her blood father, who soon gained custody over her. Since then she slowly began to piece herself back together once more, but memories from her past still haunt her mind to this day.

Dragon: Golden Wyvern

Other: None

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Beings you should probably know about.


Barry Steilinhiemer: (played by me)he is a tall man with white hair. Whatever hair he has left on his head. He has hair on the sides of his head, but the top is clear and gleaming. Almost literally. He is the guy in charge of the dragon training program. Don't disobey him. You shall surely regret it deeply....


Baltia: (played by me, but Zeditha will occasionally play her.) Baltia is a Dark Myst Pygmy. She is wild, and she is so because her partner died a while ago. By that I mean a few years. She is a fast little one, and always loves to throw stones and bite tails. She will often chuck a stone or bite a tail, and fly into the trees afterwards. It is hard to catch her, and if you do, she will probably wriggle out. Wander in the forest with caution. Or at least some protective headgear.


???:(played by me) This cloaked figure is exceptionally strange. They can be found in alleyways, and good luck trying to find them even there. They can be in one place and in another just like that. They are there, then gone. Since they don't appear very often, they arent noticed by the youth. Or anybody. But they will be very important at some point, so watch out.


Squack:(played by me, unless somebody especially wants to play him) Squack is the town parrot. He was enchanted to be able to speak clearly and understand people fully. He is a calm parot, and loves to sit down and talk. Also, he can read books, along with his enchantment. He is a Hyacinth Macaw.


Gizmo:(same as Squack) Gizmo is a white parrotlet with cobalt blue under his wings, as all male parrotlets do. He always follows Squack like a dog. Even though he was hit with the excact same enchantment as Squack was, he never speaks. Nobody really can give a good description about his personality besides he is loyal and helpful to Squack. He can be found preening his macaw friend while he reads.


There will be more added to the list as the rp goes on. If you want to make one or play one, please PM me. Thank you.

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((WE FINALLY START! Play the trumpets!))


The snow was pouring down on the youth. Well, a flurry. But a harsh one. The cold fealt no mercy as it rang through the bones of the human race. Though, humans had their dragons to keep them warm. Barry stomped through the snow, his Brute dragon beside him. The youth were gathered to get their dragons.


Alright, shrimps, listen up! In that cave there is your companion for life! They are currently hibernating, so no worries of getting the dragons mad. Unless, of course, you make noise. HAHAHA!! the old man laughed hard. Anyways, the dragons won't kill or hurt you, of course, but NO promises other hibernating creatures like Wolves or Bears will. HAHAHA! He continued to laugh. Ready? Who cares, you will be ready anyway. You will head in there with one of these baskets. Once you feel...completed, you will pick the hatchling up and place it into your basket. Got it? Now GO!


Esko groaned. Why did he have to be here in this weather? He picked up a basket and kept walking. He saw Takaki and walked towards him. Hey, ready for this? He nudged his buddy.

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((PLEASE, tell me if I do this wrong and how to do it right if need be. Edited to fix the mistake of the hatchling being an egg. now I collect the hatchling.))



I glanced around at the other people around me. Must... not... freak out... uh... Stay calm, don't say ANYTHING. Just get in, get the hatchling, get OUT. Next, well, we shall see.


When Barry gave the word to go grab the hatchlings, I panicked, fumbled the basket for a moment, got a good hold, and took off running. I gotta find the right hatchling. If I don't, I'll regret it for my whole life... however long that may be.


The cave was at least shielded from the cold, so that was nice. I slowed down and made sure to step quietly. Don't wake up the dragons... don't wake them up... Oh, where is it... Oh! Could that be it? My attention was grabbed by a cute little hatchling with navy blue scales, big yellow eyes, and a pale blue underside. It was adorable and friendly so I picked it up. Oh wow, this is actually really nice! It's so cute. But I think I got to leave now. I put the hatchling in my basket and started to head back to the entrance.


((I'm a bit faster IRL than most people, even with walking speed, so I figured I would have my character be a BIT quicker than most people.))

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((okay, I said they would find them as hatchlings, not eggs. And it probably won't take one post to get it.))

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As the instructor blubbered on about Random stuff he wasn't listening to, Takaki looked round. The weather was called and the snow fierce, but Takaki didn't care. Finally he was to get his own dragon. The stories that his grandfather told him of these creatures- he had been waiting all his life for this day.


He returned back to reality when he heard Esko. "You ready for this?" He said. Takaki replied jokingly, "Yeah, of course I'm ready. " He went off to go get his basket, then stepped into the entrance and looked back. "You coming or not?" He asked.


(Forgive for bad post. Typing on a device is hard.)

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Esko nodded. More then ready. The kid walked in with his friend.


Wow, this place was chock full of dragons. Every kind, every age. Mothers with their nests and dragons that looked like they were in charge. They were all sleeping, their chests rising and falling. The silence filled the cave, and one twig snap could echo loudly. There were other creatures in the cave, sleeping as well. If those creatures were woken up, they would tear the humans to pieces. Esko shuddered at the thought. Tip toe, tip toe, DO NOT MAKE NOISE. He looked around.


Then something caught his eye. A tiny horn poking out of a scale pile. Esko fealt drawn to it. Like he couldn't take his eyes off of it. He inched towards it. He had to have it. Just looking at it...completed him.


It was a dragonet, sleeping in a nest. Esko picked it up. Wow. Was this his destined dragon? It didn't look to be any specific breed, so it had to be abnormal. He placed it in his basket. He started to head out.


((Need to give others a chance to do this.))

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As Takaki walked in to the cave, he could not help but give a gasp of awe. There tons of dragons everywhere, sleeping on piles of gold 'Dude, look at this-" He stopped himself when he saw Esko looking at a hatchling. He went on. He wanted to explore the cave a bit, but stopped himself short when he looked at a hatchling. It's mother was behind it, and it was snoozing peacefully. He felt like this was the one. He put it carefully in his basket, and started to leave.

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((Totally machine gunning stuff LIKE A BOSS!))


Esko put his finger to his mouth rapidly when Takaki made noise. He basically gave a gesture that meant dude what are you doing keep quiet! After all, if one woke up, the whole lot would. Plus those man eating creatures in there. If somebody made a noise loud enough to wake them up, they were doomed.


((Alright, wait for others to make their first posts))

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Tora stepped towards a clutch of eggs. Hmmm.. No, not this one, not this- oh! she thought as she gently touched a hatchling. Why is there a hatchling here? I thought there was only eggs. But she picked it up anyway; she felt like she was being drawn to it. She pet its head, smiling.


((Too late to change her dragon to a Guardian?))

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He looked at Esko, and gestured an apology. He looked at the sleeping hatchling in the basket. He wanted to explore the cave more, but decided that he wouldn't- he didn't want to be the one to wake up an entire cave of dragons- plus some man-eating monsters. He got out back into the harsh winter and turned around, waiting for Esko.

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((Yup, sadly too late. But seriously, didn't I make it clear that they would recieve them as hatchlings? Plus, the kids KNOW ALREADY that they will recieve them as hatchlings))

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((I actually only knew that they would receive them as hatchlings when you said so to Alexander))

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((Barry told them in the first post of the RP. I messed up but only because Esko said in the OOC that they would find them as eggs and I thought it was a typo.))

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((What? I never said as eggs! I said as hatchlings! Plus:


The dragon would most likely have recently hatched.



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((Please keep all other OOC comments in the OOC thread after this, please. Unless it is with an actual rp message.))

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(First post hope it goes well hehe~)


Crimson flinched at the voice of the instructor, a nervous feeling settling inside her at the fear of not finding the perfect hatchling. 'What if I don't get one?....' She shook the thought out of her head, no way was she going to second guess this event.


Like the others she went inside the cave and was in awe at how many hatchlings there were. How could she find the right one when there was so many of them? As Crimson looked around a faint gleam of gold caught her attention. In the far corner was a little golden wyvern just sleeping intently, her gaze locked on it, never faltering. Slowly she stepped over to the wyvern, careful enough to not disturb any one else or the hatchlings and crouched down in front of it. The golden creature's chest rose and fell gently as it slept, something about it made her drawn to it.

She knew then that this hatchling was the one.


Carefully Crimson picked up the wyvern and set him down gently in her basket, his weight surprisingly a little bit heavy. "You're a big fella huh." She said, causing the golden wyvern to stir in the basket but didn't wake up. Soon the duo made it to the entrance and waited for the others.

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((Here we go!))


Avixiam yawned. Yea, I know what to do he thought, as the instructor was telling them in a sarcastic way what should they do and what they shouldn't. Just as he finished his speech, the kid started calmly looking for the hatchling that was destined to him. Just please, let it not be some dull-headed pygmy...


The cave surely was majestic and made good impression. Everywhere one could see dragons of different kind and age, all hibernated. Avi kept on looking, carefully trying not to step on any twigs or stones to disrupt the residents on the cave and from time to time he was stopping for a while to listen if something wasn't awake nearby him.


Suddenly, some sparkle caught his attention. At first he thought that that's only some mineral laying on the ground, but after closer examination - how oddly! - he noticed it is a small hatchling, black as the night, with few bright patterns on it and a faint purple glow - Avixiam was able to recognise something similar to Virgo constellation. Huh. My zodiac...


Young Ackernyth quietly walked to the hatchling. It was strange - it looked like it was neglected by the mother, as there weren't any big dragons nearby it, just some other hatchlings of different breed. Strange...


Avi put the hatchling in the basket calmly and headed towards the exit. Filled with a sense of accomplishment he didn't care if he stands on branches or anything - which, well, could end dangerously. After one cracked, he stopped immediately. Fortunately, it didn't wake up anything - but the boy was much more careful on his way to the entrance from now.

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((Simply bumping cuz I cannot think))

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