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Nightfall - Reopening for new peeps

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"I can't even go two feet without someone knocking me to the ground these days. Seghil, you, or any of your Sekhers...." Isaac fumed, stepping to his feet with little trouble. He wiped himself down, his anger and irritation very apparent.

"I don't remember asking for your blessing, dragon witch." Isaac grimaced, continuing the task of getting the dust off his clothes. "Nor do I think I even care. Nor do I care about how close you are with Seghil. You could bed him and I wouldn't bat an eye."

He wiped his brow, Kaiser giving An'zul a slight glance as he shifted his massive shadow form experimentally.

"Whether you're open or not now isn't my concern. I don't think you quite understand how finished I am with your family as a whole. Coming here was an obvious mistake. Didn't even produce fruit. Seghil himself took care of Aurora and saved her and all of you've done is complain that I'm an ass. But you don't get it - I KNOW I'm an ass. I think we already covered that. Much as time in Seghil's pocket made me understand a few things, it didn't change my standpoint against you and your family. But thank you for attempting to redeem yourself when it's unnecessary."

He gestured back in Azheim's direction half-heartedly.

"Like I told him, when this is over, I'm leaving. You won't see Aurora or me ever again. Happy? Her family title won't matter then because she will no longer be in this area. We'll probably even leave Nightfall. The only reason we'd return is if Seghil called us. Hopefully you find that pleasing."

He popped his neck again, then got back upon his dragon's back, displeased.

"And what do you care if I die to a Knight or something? Don't feign interest in my well-being. You'd much rather see me dead anyway, so stop complaining. Go see Aurora or something. Do your Sekher business and feel better about yourselves. No matter if you regret it or not, it happened, and you did it. Whatever the reasoning behind it matters VERY little to me."

He began to fly back up into the sky, not bothering to create a bubble this time.

Why the hell did they even care what happened to him and why couldn't they just leave him alone? He was patrolling, but everyone had to smack him around and feel better about themselves. censorkip.gif***s. Couldn't let him move two feet without slamming him back into the dirt and acting pretentious. So what if he gave the finger to some prick? Suddenly his family pours out of the woodwork to insult him.

God, he wanted to leave this city so badly...

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((Isaac wishes to get out? Fine, he's out, along with Aurora and yourself. Thanks for participating!


On another note, I'll probably be reopening this to anyone who's interested and my second RP, Terminus, will also be opened to newcomers.))

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