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You know the drill. Repost your character sheets. Continue where you left off. Whatever you feel like doing.

Oh, and anyone else can join too.

Plot: None.

Just a secret city called Nightfall where all the monsters of earth can hang out and live and work or whatever.

go crazy.


Character sheet



Age: (not applicable to all)









We are on a auto accept so stop PMing me you character sheets.

If you have a character just post your sheet and jump in wherever you see fit. Just please use your head when jumping in.

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Username: padfoot

Name: Luke Skinner

Age: 23

Gender: male

Race: Human enough

Power/s: Skinner is, with a lack of a better word, a wizard


History: Skinner comes from a family of magic users and has been exposed to the supernatural his whole life. He had a relativity normal childhood. Growing up with the appropriate amount of social interactions, his parents hugged him enough, He had the proper training with the arcane. After high school he enrolled into Breakbills college in NYC. There, he hunted, captured or exterminated supernatural pests and monsters. After a...complication in New York he was forced to leave. A old friend of his dad's told him he could lay low in Nightfall until things cooled off.

Personality: Rp'ed

Sector: C-3

Other: NEVER call him a wizard or anything of the sort.




Name: Elfte

Age: 354



Power/s: infinite updatability

Description: Elfte

History:A man in a black suit approaches you silently and hands you a file. The picture above is paperclipped to the front of the folder. You flip the manila folder open and you eyes fall upon a pile of papers. The top of the first page wore a stamp labeling the file property of the FBI. The top of the page said one thing Elfte. The entire first and second page of writing was redacted in thick, black marker. On the third page, her story began.

Elfte is moving back to America after her stay in Geneva, Switzerland. She told us over the phone that she received a software update and a "full body makeover" from a group called <REDACTED>.

Augest, 16, 1994

Elfte arrived in American at<REDACTED> airport. Moved into Top Secret Government Facility Area 51.


December 25th, 1997

Elfte went under an experimental hardware modification that gave her realistic features such as Giving her realistic skin, hair, proper emotions, more human movements, self soft tissue reconstruction. Attempted to crack the strange locks on her skeletal and core hardware. <REDACTED>, an engineer working on Elfte, was killed during the process due to attempting to access Elfte's core programming. We moved on.


September, 27, 1997

Elfte moved away from her apartment in Area 51 to wander the United States


Everthing after that is also redacted. You look up and the man in the black suit is gone and your left holding Elfte's FBI file.

Personality: rped

Other she looks and acts completely human

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*sigh* let's get started


Name: Saren, Serin, Cerin...he changes the spelling of his name whenever asked

Age: roughly 400, likely a little younger

Gender: Male

Race: Kitsune


• limited levitation

• illusion creation

• appiration/ summoning of objects

• shape-shifting

• fire generation

Description: Saren usually uses two forms: his fox form and his human form. Serin's fox form is bright scarlet, with flecks of darker oranges and browns subtly blended in. He has bright yellow eyes and white paws as well. What's most striking about his fox form, however, is the four tails he has. A small golden ball dangles around his neck by a silver chain.

Human form: This form varies, but Saren usually takes the form of a young man with bright hair and yellow eyes. He has an angled, almost canid face, with a sharp nose. He appears completely human at a glance, but his tails and ears are somtimes visible in his shadow and reflection.

History: Having been born knowing what he was, Ceran was taught to use his magic at a young age. He was raised by other, older Kitsune, though their wisdom didn't particularly rub off on him. Years of learning to punish the wicked and reward the good and friendly nailed a strict moral code into the fox's head, and has remained ever since. Once strong enough go be on his own, Saren ventured out to explore the rest of the world. His family was content with staying in Japan, but he wasn't. His travels often left a trail of chaos. Buildings burned, the rich left penniless, priests suddenly mute. Along with this, however, were previously suffering souls suddenly taking a turn of good fortune. He has only arrived in Nightfall recently, and cannot wait to place his judgement upon the city.

Personality: Although vigalant in his self-imposed justice, Ceren is surprisingly childish. He often teases and torments those around him for his own amusement, and takes pleasure in the irritation of others. This doesn't make him particularly cruel, however. Most of his tricks are harmless, and many just regard him as a pest. It seems as though he is yet to mature, and he tends to flock to young adults and children. His temper is far more ruthless than his usual manneurisms are. If tricked or a promise is broken, any usual playfulness quickly turns to violence. Sarin values the importance of a promise more than anything, and keeps any deal he makes. Betrayal is unacceptable to him.

Sector: C-3

Other: Is absolutely moritfied of dogs. Can't stand them, to the point where he can't even look at one without shying away.


Username: shadow_claw

Name: Namina Waltz

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Race: Human


- expert thief

- talented liar and actress

- skilled in multiple forms of combat

Description: Tall and hippy, Namina could easily be a model. Aside from her figure, she has long black hair, emerald green eyes, and a soft beige skin-tone. Her face is round, with a somewhat wide nose and thin lips. Her usual clothes include cargo pants, a tank top, and a bomber jacket. An arsenal of weapons sits at her waist and in her backpack.

History: Growing up in nightfall is tough for a slum-dwelling human. Like many humans, she was orphaned at an early age due to the lower-class brutality. A life of thievery was really the only choice. Small pick-pockets quickly became smuggling deals peppered with taboo items. Since then, she has became a well-known thief and smuggler of sought-after objects.

Personality: Namina is a foul-mouthed woman with an even worse temper. She has little regard for others and their wishes and therefore has very little she is on good terms with. Of course, her line of work doesn't require friendliness with others. Those she gets along with she treats as family, including all the bad things. The harsh arguments and rude treatment comes as a bonus.


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"Just leave the bottle. I'm expecting more" Skinner told the three foot bar keep when he came back to top off his spirit. On the bar stool to his left sat the body that has been his heavy companion since the begining of the week. He was propped up with his fist on his cheek and Skinner placed a pair of dark sunglasses on his eyse. Sure he still smelled like a dead body but in a city like Nightfall, a living person smelling like a corpse was not unusual. Having an actual dead guy in a bar was not in good taste though. Skinner thinks ol'-whats-his-name deserves to hang out though, he was the reason for the meeting after all.


The dead guy deserved some social time anyway. He had been locked up in that Morgue in the Sekher residence for a few days before Skinner was able to break back in to steal him back. Their security was still lacking. Ironic really, that a family of security has a problem with their own security. Oh well, Skinner didn't have to deal with them anymore. Bummer that he wasn't able to get his full pay though. The Down payment was all he was able to keep and even though it was enough to bump him up to a larger lace, he had bigger fish to fry. There was still a very old and very powerful sword floating around in the city and Skinner had hit a brick wall in the case. Fette managed to find a trace of something on the body and all that did was lead him to an empty motel room. Now he was meeting with his "Team" again in this fine establishment. Of course, Fette was late again, Saren was on his way and their mystery guest, well Skinner wasn't even sure if he called the right guy. Skinner tipped his glass back and finished his drink. He was going to need it for what they were dealing with.

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A soft ringing sounded as the bell attached to the bar's main entrance was disrupted. A tall woman slipped inside, pausing only to survey the area. She appeared Asian in descent, with a sharp face and angled features. Her dark hair was tied up in a bun to keep the hair from her face. A few seconds of studying the bar's inhabitants, and she stalked to the bar. The empty seat to Skinner's left was her choice. Smiling, she leaned on the counter. Its polished surface clearly reflected who had arrived. Although she appeared as a woman, the Kitsune had many disguises. Only his reflection told the true story. Though, it was dark enough for the fox in the reflection to be obscured. Sorry, had to grab a few things. Even as the spirit said this, it was evident she had no bag on her. Ah, magic. It made life much easier.

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Unscrewing the lid of his silver flask, Fette took a deep draught, grimacing at the liquor's burn as he stood outside the bar. The Pixie's Pot, huh? Sounded... sketchy. Fette raised a sharp eyebrow before stuffing the flask back in one of his vast multitudes of pockets and pushing open the bars' heavy door.

Before the door even opened, Fette was sure he'd found the right place. The scent of the tainted corpse assaulted him like a living thing, invading his nose and coating his tongue in it's bitter stench. Fette retched, clapping one hand over his nose and mouth as he fumbled through a back pocket. Finally, eyes watering, he retrieved an ancient and gnarled bandana, taking a moment to coat it liberally with verbana from the inside pocket of his coat before tying it around his lower face.

Wiping the tears away from both eyes, he spied the magician across the bar, the rotten corpse sitting slouched to his right and a strange woman occupying his left. Even from behind he could see that the woman was dazzling; a fact which made him stand up somewhat straighter. Brushing dust and bone grit from his coat, Fette plucked a flower from a drunken dryads' hair before slouching into the seat by the strange womans' side.

"Late to the party, how embarassing." Fette said, sliding the plucked flower (just now starting to wilt from his contact) in front of the strange woman with exaggerated smoothness.

"Did I miss anything?

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Skinner smiled warmly when he watched Saren enter the bar and take her seat next to him, "OH, glad you could make it. Welcome to the Pixie Pot, Neutral ground for all people and uh...others" he said to the very different looking Fox spirit. He had not seen Saren for a few days but he didn't expect him to change sexes. Well that, as well as a few other talents, is why Skinner called him. He was surprisingly helpful when the censorkip.gif hit the fan in the Sehker residence and when he had to break back in. skinner would be lying if he said he wasn't intrusted in what he had to pick up for this meeting.


Shortly after his third drink, Fette entered the pub and made a scene about the smell of the body. It wasn't that bad, Skinner tried his best to slow the decay process. He assumed that Fette was just sensitive to such smells. Part of the reason he called him in the first place. While chasing a insta-kill sword in a town mostly inhabited by things that want to kill each other, being able to track dead bodies was essential. He watched with a suppressed smile as Fette attempted to flirt with their fox spirit friend. He must not recognize him from the time in the castle, "nice for you to join us. Are you ever been on time? He asked with mocking sarcasm. Skinner still did not seem to relax despite the fact that everyone he called being there.


The tiny bell over the door of the pub jingled again as a short, pale skinned woman stepped into the bar. She scanned the crowd smoothly and settled on Skinner's little party at the bar. A smile spread across her face when Skinner waved her over. The woman gracefully picked her way across the room and took a seat on the bar stool next to the dead man. She glanced at the unmoving man and raised an eyebrow at Skinner, "Um...Skinner? This man is dead." She said, pointing at the corpse.


Skinner chuckled, "everyone, this lovely lady is Elfte" He said, sweeping his arm towards the woman as she waved daintily, "She's a old friend I called to give us a hand with our job" He said. Elf was a old friend he met back when he was still in high school. Her specialty was...well, a little of everything actually. She was quite a swiss army knife, literately. Skinner was confident with her here, they wouldn't hit any more cold trails in the case. He was wondering where her dads were though. Guess they finally let her fly from the nest. That, or they were in the bar already to keep an eye on her.



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Saren blinked, and glanced between the dying flower and Fette. She was silent for a few moments, before bursting into a fit of giggles. Both hands flew over her mouth, but muffled laughter escaped through her fingers. I can't do it, I can't do it! I'm sorry, I used to be waaay better at this. She doubled over, her forehead gently connecting with the table as she did so. This chortling soon died as a new face appeared inside. although she was rusty enough to start laughing, she was good at composing herself once again. Elfte, hm? The Kitsune's eyes narrowed as he looked the woman over. If Skinner trusted her, then she would be trusted. That was that It's a pleasure to meet you. Can I buy you all drinks? She glanced about their group of four (five counting the body. How the hell did he get that in here?) and smiled warmly. It was just like they were all friends out for a drink. Not like they were plotting to re-steal a legendary weapon.

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Now that everyone was there, there was still someone missing. That fact was apparent since Skinner continued to glance around the bar. Their contact said he would be here. Where was he. This meetup was pointless without him. The pointy eared barkeep tapping his long pointed nail on the counter drug Skinner from rubbernecking around the bar, "Someone is waiting in the back room. Second door on your right" Skinner thanked the barkeep and dropped the payment for their drinks on the bar. Skinner turned to the party, "Alright, he is here. Might as well get this party started before we startle him again" Skinner said, standing from his stool and heading towards the back of the bar.


Elfte did the same and grabbed the dead man as she went, hefting the body over her shoulder with impossible ease.


Skinner stepped into the dimly lit office and left the door open for Elf and the others to follow. Elf walked right in and dropped the body loudly on the desk in front of the rotated chair. The chair swiveled around quickly to reveal a stunningly beautiful blonde woman sitting in the dramatic lighting. Immediately the woman's face lit up, "Luke! Dear come here!" the woman shouted as she bounced up from the leather chair and clopped over to him. She wrapped him in a tight hug and kissed him on the cheek, "Where have you been hiding?"

"Hello Bo." Skinner said out of character from being smoothered by a woman like this. The woman made bo made her rounds, hugging and kissing the rest of the crew but stopping at one in particular.

"Oh...Who invited the buzzard?", she seemed to sneer, keeping her distance from Fette.

"This buzzard happened to be the best witch doctor I know and he will not be discriminated against" Skinner said sternly.

She frowned but hugged and kissed the tall man all the same. She turned around and clapped her hands together, "Alright down to brass tacks. Is this the body?"

"Of course this is the damn body. Can you jump it or not?"

"Luke you insult me. Of course I can jump it" She replied, "But first thing's first, Who can tell me about the death?"

Skinner glanced back at Fette and raised an eyebrow.

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Fette stared at the strange woman for a moment, confused by her outburst. Suddenly, it clicked. "Oh my god." Fette muttered, blush rising above the bandana covering his face. "If you didn't at least try to trick Skinner with this identity before I showed up, then I'm not sure I can live this down." Fette said, shooting Serin a grin before taking another long draught from his flask.

Still drinking, an act which earned him a glare from the short man behind the bar, Fette followed his new accomplices through the crowded tavern. Stooping to get through the doorway, Fette followed close behind Elfte, ready to take the corpse if she asked. He was impressed, the tiny girl was as strong as an ant, inhumanly strong almost.

Bo's manners, however, were less impressive. Fette bristled at her implied insult, and nearly considered "accidentally" dropping a shrunken head or two into the hood of her coat when he bent nearly double to receive her hesitant hug.

Catching Skinner's look, however, he sighed, straightening to his full height and removing his bandana. The smell was still awful, made even worse by the close quarters of the room. Fette couldn't wait to get back to seeing his normal, untainted corpses once this was over.


Grimacing, Fette turned the body over onto the desk, lying it on its' back autopsy style. Reaching into the grimy pocket of his jeans, Fette removed a pearl handled switchblade and flicking it open, cut through the corpses coat and shirt. Pearly gray skin stared back at him, but... something was off. There were no wounds, none besides a tiny cut on one finger, yet the meat of this man smelled not like carrion, but dry. Skinner Fette said, turning to face the magician,What happened to his blood? The corpse smelled tainted, yes, but there was something beneath that. Something other than even the bloodlessness of this man.

Aiming his knife, Fette sliced into the corpses' gray chest, cutting from the shoulders to the man's flat belly. A cloud of dust puffed out of the body and over a very surprised Fette, coating his dreadlocks and face. Blinking, Fette peered into what now looked like the worlds largest and most humanoid dust bunny of all time. His organs had been converted to dust, burned to cinders and left to sit in his body as ash and dust. A cobweb of light shone faintly within the mans' empty corpse, tracing what was once his nervous system. Skinner surely would have missed it, perhaps even Serin and Bo as well, but Fette's eyes were built for this type of thing, seeing cause in death.


"He was touched by magic" Fette said, gesturing to the tiny cut on the man's hand. "But it was poison that killed him. Torture, actually." He clarified. Wiping the dust from his face with the crumpled bandana, Fette turned to look at Skinner. "This man was fae. A serket to be specific... perfectly peaceful. He was made to eat silver, Skinner. Slowly, I'm sure. Whoever did this, they really wanted to find whatever it is this poor guy had."

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Saren eagerly followed the group inside, watching everything transpire with interest. She hugged the blonde back with equal enthusiasm, though nowhere near the same amount of strength. Whomever this woman was, she was awfully spirited. Stretching after being hugged, the woman leaned by the door as Fette got to work. Green eyes-now turned yellow-studied the vulture's work. Skinner was right about the interrogation part. But...what else were they after? The Kitsune's eyes darted to a small tattoo on the back of the corpse's left hand. That mark... She scowled. A black sun. It was a mark she had seen multiple times, but couldn't quite recall where. That was, until, a face came to mind. Cerin paled at the thought. Listen close. This involves more than one criminal organization. I've seen that tattoo around here, and it's from a bunch of thieves. If one of these people had been killed, then...Their leader isn't far off. Glancing about, her eyes widened as a woman with a dark, natural tan rose from her seat and towards the back room. Skinner...Have you ever heard of Namina Waltz?


((It's a good place to introduce my second character and add more drama. Because what else is better than thief drama?))

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(((beautiful Shadow. You can chime in on plot twist whenever you guys see a good spot. This is a democracy after all)))


Skinner frowned and fanned the approaching dust away to prevent getting it in his lungs. What the hell happened to the body? It looked like it was colonized by a family of messy spiders. Skinner could only shrug when Fette asked about where the blood went, "There was a lot of blood all over his living room when I found him but it wasn't enough to be all of it" he said, trying to recall every detail, "WAit. He never stopped bleeding while I was working on him. I figured it was becasue off all the injuries and the fact I kept totting him around". But what did that mean? Skinner didn't know of any incantations that would cause someone to bleed even after death. This was beginning to worry Skinner. A peaceful fae ending up with such a dangerous and well known artifact such as Excalibur? That didn't line up. It did make sense why someone would kill the man in order to steal it back.


Skinner shook his head when Saren asked if he knew who Namina WAltz was, "No. I have only been in Nightfall for a little more than a month. Should I know her?" By the reaction by Bo, Skinner could only guess the nastyness of the lady in question

"You folks are getting mixed up with Miss. Waltz? Oh no. I don't want any part in this then. Get out of my office"

"Easy Bo. All we need you to do is jump the body and tell us the last thing that happened to him" Skinner said as soothingly as he could manage.


"WAltz Namina. Human. twenty eight of your years old. Wanted for multiple accounts of theft, murder, breaking and entering, trespassing, grand theft auto, drug running, forgery, assault, damage to private property and smuggling. last known residence: D sector. Current residence: Unknown" Elf chimed from her spot against the wall.

Skinner smiled and wiggled his eyebrows to the rest of them. Elf was great and he wanted everyone to know it.


Elf was not done there though, "Um...Am I the only onet hat doesn't see a sun tattoo on the left hand" She asked, pointing at the man's hand.


Skinner didn't want to be the one to admit it, but he could see a tattoo either. It was kinda bugging him. Especially since he spent way too much of his time memorizing what different clan markings were and meant.



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[[i'll jump in shortly.


Do you want to copy over Zakku's synopsis of Nightfall into the first post so new people can learn more about it?


Also, a slum-dwelling human? :c But, they all live in the A Sector for building the city. How would make most of them orphans?

Still, nice touch x3 Differs from the rest.]]

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Fete's eyebrows nearly left his forehead as Elfte went through the long list that was Waltz's criminal record. Smuggling? Drug running? Grand theft auto? He sensed a beautiful partnership with this girl... and soon. His shop was still getting on it's feet, and a little more of the *ahem* sought after goods never hurt. He shot a look at the tough-looking girl and wondered how morally objectionable she'd find pixie poaching...

Fette shook himself out of his reverie. "I dunno what you're talking about, Skinner, I can see the tattoo just fine. A little embarassed I didn't notice it before though." Fette admitted, propping himself against the office wall. "What about you, Bo?" He asked as he retrieved an ancient pack of clove cigarettes within the menagerie of pockets in his coat. He locked eyes with the blonde as he lit one, giving a twitch of his lips which might have been either a grin or a sneer. Honestly? He didn't even smoke, but he could fight rudeness with rudeness all day.

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((A place rampant with murder and crime has to have low-class humans. It just happens.)


It's enchanted ink. Humans have problems seeing it, and others if they're looking for it. But there're ways around it. Here, watch. The woman walked from her place at the doorway and took the corpse's hand. Carefully running her own hand over it, the image of the tattoo flickered fpr a few seconds. Afterwards, Saren kept her eyes locked on the doorway, She was feeling especially flighty after Elf listed off all criminal activity the woman had been caught doing. A barrier flew up at the entrance of Bo's office, courtesy of the Kitsune. Turning towards the group, she frowned. That's going to last five minutes or so, I suggest you hurry.




She had been tailing Skinner since he picked up the body. Years of practice made her able to watch and follow without being detected. And now, she was going to kill them. All of them. Those censorkip.gif***s, kidnapping one of her men and killing him? It was unacceptable. Green eyes followed the group as they ventured into the back room. She began to stand, but stopped as she continued to watch. No-they wouldn't autopsy a man if they knew what his death was. That meant...someone else had killed him. Still, they were irritating enough and needed to be silenced. But not here. Somewhere else. Rising from her chair, Namina dropped several coppers on the table and stalked out the door.

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[[Oh, I know, Shadow xd.png I just didn't think anyone would actually go that route lol


I went and snatched up some last posts that didn't get any response or marked the "end of a day" for someone's character.

Fenrir nodded not really thinking when he tried to say, “I think it’s the alpha blood in you…..” but though his lips moved forming the words, no words came out of his mouth. He flinched and took a step back, the pain in his eyes clear that he had forgotten he had no voice. Three months alone, he never spoke to anyone, but now he had someone to have a conversation with…. Well… it’s hard to talk to someone when you can’t speak yourself.


He lowered his head and pointed to the door walking backwards carefully before turning around and closing the door softly. He whimpered as he headed to the living room and scooped up the note pad and sat down on the couch waiting for Kane. As he sat he doodled on the pad a Celtic knot phoenix complete with fire ringing the bottom of the bird as he tried to fight the tears that stung his eyes. He shook his head roughly and took several deep breaths to calm himself.

Ash smiled. “No, not really, she’s over the river and though the woods. Thank goodness that I didn’t run in to any big bad wolves again though. My sister made these for you and dahlia, hope you enjoy them. Oh, and my sister is looking for work as well, she sings and plays music. She told me she might have a few employers but, the more the merrier, and most just higher for a party and such. She is good in the kitchen, but she will not touch meat. I guess she could be a maid for you, kind of like an entertainer and a serving maid. She’s smaller then me, about 5’ 8” her horns are smaller too, still with them she is only about four inches smaller then me, I think she’ll fit. This is her…”


He pulls out a photo in his pocket of his sister she looked distracted but still had a smile. “Her name is Juniper, she could be a good friend to you, and she is a year younger then you are…Junie-pie could understand you Dahlia way easier then I can, she talks to magical creatures all the time. What do you to think?”


Viventa stopped in her tracks, allowing Zaphyr to continue along his way. She thought that this was a nice place to stop. She wanted to find a nice, clothing store somewhere around here. Suddenly, she noticed she had done something wrong. How could she be so stupid? She had forgotten to wish the Kidorey goodbye. But nevermind, that was in the past, she then continued wandering about until she saw the shop she was looking for.


Walking away from the Chimera, Tiko glanced over at Noah as the man asked about any plans the Guide might have had. ”Nah, I didn’t have anything to do. To be fair, I don’t ever have much to do. I usually just go around the sector and see if any new arrivals need my help. You’re the first one I found today so I figured I’d drop in and see if you needed anything. If you didn’t, I’d have moved on but, turns out you did need some help and…,” he paused, sweeping an arm to encompass their surroundings. ”Here we are!” Tiko grinned, tilting his head when offered to stay at the Amari’s residence. ”Sure! I wouldn’t mind staying the night!” he replied.


Sophie turned back around when she noticed that Kane was jogging again and going back in the direction that he had been coming from earlier and she sighed when she saw that. I need to stop being so awkward and shy around boys, she thought to herself sadly before going back into her apartment. Once she was there, she went straight to her bed, unmade it, got under the covers, turned off the light, and then fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.


I'm making a post soon, I swear. However, I'm likely to make sheets for Crabbe and Goyle (my Gemelli's bodyguards) cause I'm probably going to end up liking them |D


EDIT: I have characters x3

Username: Narvix

Name: Crabbe and Goyle

Age: In their 40’s?

Gender: Males

Race: Mutant Bats


Passive: Night vision - the brothers can see better than most in the thick darkness of Nightfall.

Passive: Enhancement - strength and durability are enhanced when compared to average humans or beings of the average capabilities.

Active: Shape shifting - restricted to changing between their original and their human forms.

Active: Ultrasound - only accessible in their original form. Used as a means for hunting.

Description: Original form Crabbe and Goyle are nearly identical. While it is hard to distinguish one brother from the other in their original form, there are some differences in their human appearances. Both possess a somewhat beefy human figure (as they cannot contain the mass of their bat-like form into a smaller human body) with dark eyes and dark hair that almost looks like fur. Their skin is browned but still possessing a pale tone with sharp, rectangular facial features. Thick fingers reside on rough hands which are connected to muscled arms leading to a broad chest and wide shoulders. Crabbe has scars across his left eye and cheek while Goyle has scars on his right shoulder and chest.


In height, the brothers stand at about 6’ tall in human form but, they can easily stand twice that in their original shape. Both prefer to wear dark colored suits with white shirts, complimenting ties, and nice looking dress shoes.

History: The brothers were part of a carnivorous colony of bats, growing close to each other and separating themselves emotionally from the rest as many siblings did. The colony had a “fend for yourself” society and so most parents severed their bonds with any offspring once the children could hunt for themselves. Eventually, the brothers left the colony without any concern and soon found themselves among humans. Getting into trouble was an easy enough task. Enough humans and you’d be under everyone’s attentive gaze. However, Mr. Fulbright came upon them, offering a proposition. He needed someone to watch his daughter and her pet in Nightfall. Given the chance to feed and do as they pleased without consequence (so long as the girl and her animal were safe), the brothers took it and have been watching over them since.

Personality: In short, the brothers are both complements and opposites of each other. Goyle is more impulsive when it comes to his stomach and only Crabbe can counteract that impulsiveness. However, Crabbe won’t mind holding back for a little bit longer to let Goyle have his fun at spooking some being or two. Originally raised in a society that highlighted only strong survived, the brothers watch each other’s back and always come off as rough or brutish in manner. They do, however, have a more sensitive side; one that was developed towards Cadmi and Dahlia over the years of protecting them.

Sector: A8

Other: Not really major characters. Just side characters that I wanted to flesh out a bit for you guys.


Username: Narvix

Name: Dae-tase [Dae for short. Sometimes referred to as a phantom.]

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: He looks human but is straight up demon.


Passive: Dark Embodiment - His true appearance is relatively formless. However, Nightfall’s reality forces his formless being to have a recognizable shape, giving him the relative appearance of a human.

Passive: Endless Fuel - He feeds off darkness and shadows. His energy is restored when out of the reach of light and depletes more the longer he stays in a lit room.

Active: Body Armor - He can reform portions of his body to become much like scaled armor. However, this cannot encompass his entire body at once. When such armor is fashioned and then dispelled, it cannot be reformed elsewhere until his body has recovered.

Active: Matter Precision - He can amplify the abilities of an object and halt malfunctions. Technology can work better or an eraser can wipe a mistake away without any trace left behind with his touch.

Description: Dae

History: Dae-tase comes from the very depths of Hell. He doesn’t know how long ago as he never saw the need to keep track of Time. Dae came to Nightfall more by accident than by purpose. In standing with other demons, he isn’t the most feared but he wasn’t regarded as an ant. Instead, many respected him for the jobs he took and completed. It was a bounty that brought him to Nightfall and the charm of the dark city that kept him there. Now, he makes his living as a bounty hunter for the city, known best amongst those who have an issue with the lenient law of the place.

Personality: He doesn’t care who you are, if you get in his way of catching a bounty, you are on his personal hit list. The one thing he cares most about is the bounty he is sent to hunt and bring (or kill) for his contractor. Confidentiality is another high priority to him. He has rules about not spilling information concerning his contractor or his bounty. Strictly business, Dae isn’t much more social calls. But, if you touch the right places, you might find him warming up to you.

Sector: C2

Other: Likely to have dealt with Skinner before when working towards similar goals.]]

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((Thanks Narvix, I'm glad you like her smile.gif


Anybody opposed to Namina having the Hand of Glory? Since she deals in taboo objects and has never been caught very long, there has to be some way for her to have done so.


For anyone who doesn't know, the Hand of Glory is a taboo object mentioned several time in European myths. It's the shriveled hand of a hanged man, with a candle made of the man's fat attached to it. It allows the holder to have all doors unlocked before it, and lets him/her freeze a small amount of people in time for a limited amount of time. ))

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[[Eh, I don't see an issue about it. I trust ya won't get godmod-y/powerplay with it tongue.gif]]


The Gemelli pair listened as Ash spoke, both females smirking at his well-placed response. Good, he understood Cadmi's joking reference. Thinking, Cadmi and Dahlia shared a glance. "We don't really need any sort of maid or servant but, if your sister is looking for steady work, we can try and get our stepfather to accept her as a worker. Certainly don't want her ending up in a carnivore's home...," Cadmi stated.


Dahlia nodded, rubbing a paw across her face. "You can always send her here or, if you wish, we can send her a letter through you. Oh! Speaking of work, don't you have somewhere to go? Cadmi can lower you to the ground from the balcony so you don't have to struggle going down the stairs," the rabbit stated, ears perked and nose twitching.




[[i'll bring in Dae once I've reread posts. I'll also wake up Luke and Zaphyr then too. Just waiting on Pudding to post for Noah.]]

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(((Absolutely Shadow. Make it so but remember, A hand of glory can only be extinguished with milk)))


Skinner blinked in surprise when Saren explained the mechanics of the tattoo, "wait? Have these always existed?" he asked in surprise, "I'm going to need to figure out how to make those visible" Skinner jotted that reminder down in his leather bound notebook. Skinner looked up in alarm when exotic matter crackled through the air. A semi-transparent wall of translucent color shrouded the doorway from invaders. Skinner didn't see the need but he trusted the fox's instincts. Skinner nodded to Bo for her to start.


The blonde clapped her hands and rubbed them together rapidly, "Alright folks. Lets do this", She said standing over the man's head and looking into his glassy eyes. She took a couple deep breaths and began to hum.

Skinner rolled his eyes at her melodrama.

Bo simply tapped the body on the forehead and her eyes rolled back. She slumped to the floor simultaneously as the dead man rose from the table. A avalanche of dust and decaying organ bits poured from the incision Fette made. Bo cracked his neck and rolled his jaw, "Alright, I have about two minutes before this body falls apart and kills me. Lets see what I can find". Now that Bo was all dressed up, he was able to tell them exactly what happened to kill this man


"I see a apartment. TV is on and I'm sitting in a recliner. I'm sleepy when there is a knock at the door. A stocky man pushes his way past him and starts yelling about the sword. He seems angry and I'm scared. He pulls out a wooden branch and zaps me in the chest. I fall back into the chair and I can't move"


"Come on Bo we know that, What does the man look like? hair style, tattoos, anything we can work with"


"Oh god, it hurts! It Hurts! Just tell him where it is! Get away from me with that cigarette! Not the eye! NOT THE EYE! AHHHHHHHHHH!"


Elf couldn't take it anymore. With one arm, She grabbed Bo's body by the waist of the pants and flung it across the room at the screaming dead man. Upon collision, A cloud of corpse dust erupted from the ruined body. Elf moved forward to help the shaken woman up off the floor. Now that she was back in her body, she was beginning to calm down, "I'm Sorry Skinner, His face was obscured. It was like and ink smudge on a old photograph. Don't make me go back in there"

Skinner toed the body with a leather boot, "Don't think you could. That last little bout of rough housing ruined it" he said with a frown, "Now what? Any more ideas?" He asked his crew. Another dead end.

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Ugh, that smell. Saren covered her mouth as she started gagging. Oh , that was absolutely disgusting! She couldn't bear it! Squeezing her eyes shut as the body sat upright, she chewed on her lip nervously. The fox wasn't always so queasy, but the series of events leading up to the body's "jumping" was enough to make her gag. Her sense of smell was usually ignored, but this was enough for her to notice. Once the situation's dire air relaxed, yellow eyes opened once again. I hate to say it, but our biggest lead relies on miss Waltz, who... The Kitsune trailed off as she watched the woman in question leave. Just left, it appears. If anyone's close to tracking down Excalibur, it's likely her.

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Username: SUP3RSPAWN3R

Name: The Alchemist

Age: ???

Gender: ??? Male voice, but it is hard to tell with his mask on.

Race: ???


-Magic resistance, he is resistant To Magic and the effects of magic items. This includes beneficial magic.

-Biokinesis, he has a high level of control over living beings. This is however, very mentally taxing and a distraction of his focus could cause him to lose control. With possibly deadly result.

-Alchemy intuition, he has the ability to know all of an item's alchemical properties by touching it.

Description: He doesn't have a knife, and his hands are covered by black gloves with some burns on them.

History: He doesn't exist. There are no records of him, he doesn't have a name, and any book describing him has vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Personality: As it would seem, he is quite mysterious and somehow ends up everywhere you don't want him to. He varies from being helpful to saying a bunch of uselessly cryptic information. What is constant though is that he will do his trade for anyone who can pay.


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[[Are we doing group acceptances? Or is Pad going to be responsible for accepting new people?


Personally, I feel that your character, Super, is a tad over powered. Complete immunity to magic means Skinner can't fight against him at all in the form he uses best. Biokinesis gives him the ability to control anyone and everyone, including other player characters (especially since you say he has a high level meaning very low chances of failure.


If you put down equally heavy/strong drawbacks, I'd be okay with the abilities.


Also, is the ??? in gender more for the appearance or something else? Cause, as it stands, you describe the Alchemist as male x3]]

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((I agree with narvix. I do like your character, but I do feel like he's a tad bit overpowered; especially in the contex of our current group. I do really like this idea of the alchemist though, having magic users in the rp, each with different forms of powers is a cool idea.))


Fette watched as a barrier of filmy light covered the door. Saren didn't seem to trust someone or something, out there. He had stupidly not considered the idea that this girl Saren and Elfte had mentioned could actually be a threat.

Fette did a doubletake as Bo exchanged bodies, leaving her/him to creak around in the corpse. A corpse snatcher huh? No wonder the caustic woman didn't like him; death fae were territorial, even more so between the same species.

Her findings, however, piqued his interest.

"Did she just say he was killed by another wizard?" Fette asked, tossing the fox his bandana to ward against the smell. "One who smokes cigarettes, too, Skinner. We need to keep this between us. And find that cigarette too." Fette could only imagine what would happen if this guy's little gang buddies found Skinner before they could trace this strange new wizard.

Serin had a point too, though. Fette thought, and risking a glance through the barrier, caught a glimpse of the dark haired woman as she left. "I hate to be that guy, but I think we're gonna need to split up. Now who wants the short straw?" Fette asked, glancing at the group. " 'Cause uh, I'm not sure if I can hit a woman,but if she's as dangerous as you're lettin' on.... I guess I could try."

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Username: Aroara Angelwolf

Name: Fenrir

Age: 7 ((should i make him older?)

Gender: male

Race: werewolf

Power/s: Heightened senses, strength, and transformation

Description: Pup has pale grey eyes, his right one has a scar over it. He currently has no shirt, showing a thin boney body and has scars on him, the biggest on his neck beneath his chin stretching down to his rib cage. He has on a pair of shorts that has seen better days and lost the color He is about 4’2” tall. His wolf form is still small, but he had big feet and will grow to be 5' 3" in this form

History: Pup was always an orphan, his parents both where an omega of his pack and where somehow killed when he was four. He lived with an old elder until a freak accident triggered an early change in him when he turned 6, so the Alpha said, ‘If he can change he can fight for his place’, and threw him in the ring. The older wolves tore him to shreds. The Alpha let him heal up before sending him off to Nightfall. His ageing process still in progress but once he reaches of age it will slow drastically.

Personality: will be rp’d

Other: He can read and write but he cant speak

Fenrir older and hell have this tattoo on his right fore arm


((might make a newer one too.. just need to think of a name. I'm keeping Juniper and Ash.))




Username: Aroara

Name: Mara

Age: unknown

Gender: Female

Race: Shadow dragon


Passive: Shadow sight- can tell when a creature is dealing with dark magic/demonic powers or are naturaly dark creatures; they have an aura about them

Passive: Dark vision- can see even in pitch blackness (if not magical)

Passive: enhanced strength and senses

Active: Transformation- turns in to a enormous dragon (actually human, her normal form is a dragon)

Active: Shadow jump- travel short distances though shadows (takes lots of energy in human form)

Active: Dark Dreams- If someone’s mind inset guarded while sleeping, she can slip in to them and give them nasty nightmares

Active: Dragon's breath- (only in Dragon form) breathes a toxic gas ranging from "knockout"(knocks out anything in area for a short time)..."deadly"(if inhaled enough) and "acidic"(instantly burns/melts and kills anything in range)

Description: Mara and DRAGON (She's about 8' at the shoulder and 20' nose tip to tail. 30' wing span. Must take off on buildings in ths form and is oddly lightweight.) Her wings are still with her, as human although definitely smaller(10'span). She hides them like a cloak around her, her eyes are pure white as a dragon, and a black-purple color as a human and has a diamond pupil. She is 5' 5" tall as a human.

History: Most of her past has been forgotten. She came across the city and it caught her attention for the darkness she saw there. One could say she is a Hunter of sorts; she tracks down those with dark powers and questions them. She seeks knowledge and is attracted to those who have power. Other times, if someone pays her a significant sum of gold, she would frighten or kill whomever she is asked, like a mercenary. For the most part, she wanders about looking for dark objects of power from dark mana crystals (her favorite collection) to demon horns and scales.

Personality: Rped..

Other She has a Sword that can slice threw shadow her prized object.






Ash jumped up quickly. “Oh yes! I need to be at work! I don’t think there is any need for that, Cadmi could rest, I can jump out of the window and shift landing as an elk.” He smiled at the both of them before he headed to the balcony. “I think I’ll send my sister here. Hopefully I could see you two ladies again... bye for now.” He waved before climbing up on to the banister and leaping off, transforming mid air and landing in the street as a seven foot tall elk. It startled the few workers and cracked the pavement a little, but the funny part was he when he stumbled forward and lost his footing (hooving?) and fell hoof over head and on his back. He tried to roll over and managed to get his body on the side but another person had to help him turn his head for his horn was to big.


He stood up after that and nodded to the man who helped him, then reared up looking at the balcony as if to say he was alright, then pivoted and headed higher in the A section to his Masters home.

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(Well, he has a male voice. But with all the weird species out there that isn't a definitive way of telling. As for his Biokinesis and magic immunity, I'll keep the Biokinesis as it is, but make it very mentally taxing [if he loses focus while using it he may end up turning his target to cell paste instead of fixing a minor burn], and tone down his immunity to a resistance. Such as a spell that paralysed another man would only partially inhibit movement.)

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