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Favorite Winter Holiday Dragons

Which Winter Holidays dragon is your favorite?  

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We have a favorite Halloweens topic, so here's a favorite Christmas dragons one, too! Post your favorite Winter Holiday dragon(s), rate them in order, or comment on others' picks.


The only rule is to please refrain from bashing any sprites; when mentioning why you dislike a sprite, try to remain polite with your gripes. For example, something like, "I'm not a fan of the style of the sprite, and it isn't my personal cup of tea," is worlds better to the artists than, "I hate this sprite. It's so ugly!"


A poll will be added on Sunday so that the new Christmas dragons can be part of it c: What I'm totally not biased in wanting to include them oh totally not at all. *giggles*

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Hollies just because they have both genders and can breed within their species.

The sprite could be improved though to fit the new dragons better - sth like GoNs underwent.



Angels for the design and sprite(I'm glad I have the white-gold wing version^^).

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I really like the Yulebucks for their color, they just scream christmas to me. The snow angels are in my top 3 as well, I just love that tiny little ribbon on their tail! And then the solstice! I don't care if the wings are purple or blue, they are a beautiful sprite either way.

Then would be the holly... And then the ribbon dancer. The other two are tied in 6th place. All the sprites are perfect, there's nothing wrong with any of them, it's just my personal taste!


I will add the new one to my list once it grows up!


1 - Yulebucks

2 - Snow Angels

3 - Solstice

4 - Holly

5 - Ribbon Dancer

6 - Winter Magi and Wrapping-Wing

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I think solstice dragons because I adore the coloring and the gorgeous orb between their antlers. wub.gif But I love them all, to be honest. smile.gif

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I'm liking the new Christmas dragon but I still love the solstices so much.


Hollies are my next favorite due to both genders and their unique sprite style.


Then there is the ribbon dancers and winter magi


But I have to say the snow angels are my least favorite because I can never get all three wing colors.

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I love the Winter Holiday dragons so much! smile.gif Here's my order (it's a bit hard as they're all really nice!)


1) Holly (I love how they can be both genders, and the sprites are amazing!)

2) Yulebuck (They look like stags xd.png )

3) Winter Magi

4) Solstice (The sunset wings are a very nice addition and the orb is so beautiful!)

4) Snow Angel (I have the Gold-winged version, which I like, although I would have loved to have the tri-colored wings ) smile.gif

6) Wrapping Wing

7) Ribbon Dancer


I can't wait to see the new dragon! I'll update my list as soon as we get to see the adult sprites smile.gif

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I love all of them... though I am not sure I would call Yulebucks my FAVORITE.


I adore the ribbon dancers, the winter magi ( WISH I had a cb of them), snow angels... solstices...


My ONLY gripe with snow angels was that I WISH it were possible to collect the other colors of wings. I had WANTED the tri color winged version. AND though I now appreciate the variation I have, to be able to collect the other color would be nice. sad.gif


If that were the case, I wouldn't even mind that CBs on a scroll can ONLY be one version...

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Snow Angels, they are just so elegant! I'm kind of sad that I cannot have one of each wing style on my scroll, though.

Also, Yulebucks because I managed to start a Storm checker lineage with them laugh.gif

Ribbon Dancers - they appear to be just so playful, cheerful!

For Solstice & Winter Magi, I found nice-looking lineages this season, finally. Some sprites just take a while to get me. Took me a whole year to see the beauty in Nhiostrifes, too xd.png

Holly, Wrapping Wing ... well, with the others, I have enough lineages going on already, but I'm glad to have some of each to be able to breed things *others* like, too. It's quite awesome that DC caters to so many different tastes, isn't it? smile.gif

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Ah, sweet, there's a dedicated thread for this. biggrin.gif


*moves her stuff here*




1) Solstice (Blue-Winged)

These blew me away when I heard about them and made me do a mad scramble for bred Solstices. xd.png Using them in lineages is going to be tricky because of the caveborn Solstice sprite, though, so I don't intend to do much with them.


2) Winter Magi

Also tricky to make lineages with, in their case because of their varied colours, but oh boy, they're such adorable sprites. Technically, they share #1 with the blue-winged Solstices, but the blue-winged Solstices and I have NRE, so...


3) Yulebuck

Gorgeously sprited. Again, probably too many colours to do much of anything with them, but that doesn't stop me from trying. Since there's a lot of white to them.


4) Wrapping-Wing

These are cute, and I love how their pose makes them look like they have huge, snuggly wings, but they're not quite my colour scheme (or, well, colour distribution; they use roughly the same colours as the Yules, after all).


5) Snow Angel

Love the concept and was blessed with my favourite of the three wing variants, but there are some details to the sprite that make it fall off my radar, like the bowtie on the tail, the shading on the front wing, the length (or lack thereof) of the limbs... the little things, any way. I'm glad other people love them lots, though, because they do deserve love (like any sprite, really!).


6) Solstice (Rose-Winged)

Since it's the same sprite lines as the blue-winged Solstice, I recognise these are fantastically done, but the rose-winged variant was always too busy for my liking. This actually makes me doubly sad people who want the rose-winged variant can't get it (yet, at least).


7) Mistletoe

Nicely made, but they look like they have the measles to me, and I'm personally not so keen on the ram horns, but they have the most adorable face.


8) Ribbon Dancer

I love the tinsel on the spine and tail, but I find the rest of the dragon hard to make out and the limbs a bit spaghettified. That's a bit of a shame, because I appreciate that the sprite dares to be super shiny! biggrin.gif


9) Holly

Well, uh, um. Ah. Yes. I guess my opinion saves me from trying to hunt them, except out of a stubborn attempt to prove to myself that I can catch them. xd.png




Though I do like that Hollies can be either female or male. happy.gif It means you can make spirals with them, and I adore spirals. *nosebleed*




I can't wait to see this year's grow up. biggrin.gif (Well, I can wait, but only because I have no other choice. xd.png) Edited them in~

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My picks:


1 - Solstice - both variants are beautiful, I like the dragon's entire design, the antlers, whiskers, that fluffy tails of theirs and would still like it no matter the color (just need some time to get over my ruined lineages rolleyes.gif )

2 - Snow Angels - graceful and pretty, nuff' said; Tricolors are my favs, because I like my dragons colorful, but others are pretty too

3 - Winter Magi - did I mention I like colorful dragons ^^ also love their heads, the expression they have is so cute

4 - Ribbon Dancer - *shiny*

5 - Yulebuck/Wrapping Wing - I like them both pretty much the same

6 - Holly - I do like that they exist in both genders, but with so few of them out there, making checkered lineages is almost impossible unless you have mad Cave-catching skillz or a CB Prize/Alt, and that bumps them to the bottom of my list

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I adore Yulebucks! The hatchling is sooooooo adorable! It just makes me squeeeeee every time I see it.

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1-. Ribbon Dancers

2-. Solstice Dragons

3-. Snow angels (Full pattern)

4-. Snow angels (Golden pattern)

5-. Winter Magi

6-. Snow angels (White pattern)

7-. Yulebuck

8-. Holly Dragon

9-. Wrapping-Wing

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I tried to make a list but I love them all so much and they're all so gorgeous and CHRISTMAS is just amazing in general.

But Solstices are just a hair above the rest on my favorites, I suppose, just because of how gorgeous and well done the sprite is smile.gif

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I'm still sad i can't have all the snow angel variations D: but here is my order:


Wrapping Wing

Snow Angel

Ribbon Dancer



Winter Magi


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I really like all of them, but I just love the way antlers look on dragons, so Solstices and Yulebucks are probably my top two. And Hollies, of course, because they are lovely and they were the first.


Oh heck, I like them all. smile.gif

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Here's my order:


1. Snow Angel (White > Full Gold > Tricolor)

2. Solstice

3. Holly

4. Wrapping Wing

5. Winter Magi

6. Yulebuck

7. Ribbon Dancer

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1: Solstice (either color)

2: Snow Angel (white > gold > tri)

3: Snow Magi

4: Yule bucks

5: Wrapping wings

6: Ribbon Dancer

7: Holly

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Winter magis are my favorite. I have a soft spot for them since they're my first (and only, besides this year's) CB holidays. I love the way that they're predominantly golden in color and how the wings show off all their other colors.


Wrapping wings are probably my least favorite- they're just not my cup of tea. I've never really liked red and green together, so it's an issue with Christmas colors themselves rather than the sprite. I actually love the pose they're in though.

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Yulebucks - I love their shapes (both adults and hatchlings) and their leaf wings, that piece of green is gorgeous.

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1. Winter Magi - A really lovely, detailed sprite that looks a bit like Christmas Toothless! Also starting to find lineages I like with them, which is nice.

2. Holly - While I don't think the sprite itself is the best, the pretty solid red color makes them look great in lineages, and there's definitely a rush involved with trying to GET such lineages.

3. Yulebuck - They're so odd and quirky looking and not very draconic looking at all, but honestly it's just made them that much more endearing to me. biggrin.gif

4. Snow Angel - Not my favorite sprite itself (the back legs confuse me), but they can look SO GOOD in lineages. Gold x Gold Wing is absolutely to die for, I like Silver x White Wing, and Tricolors seem to look good with lots of things. The downside, of course, is that I can only properly continue the Tricolor lines... sad.gif

5. Ribbon Dancer - These guys really are pretty, which is why I'm still scratching my head over whether they really belong in 5th place. But I've had trouble finding lines I like with them, and as is probably clear by now, my ability to make pretty lineages with things has a big impact on how I view them.

6. Wrapping Wing - While they're nice, I don't find them as pretty as the Ribbon Dancers, and they suffer from the same "WHAT DO BREED WITH??" issue as the above for me.


Solstices used to be high up for me, but I'm pretty miffed about how things with them were handled this year and won't be collecting many for the time being accordingly.


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Here's my personal ranking, favorite at top.


Solstice (CB)

Snow Angel (White)

Solstice (Bred)

Ribbon Dancer

Snow Angel (Tricolor)/Winter Magi


Snow Angel (Gold)

Wrapping Wing



The Solstices are so incredibly pretty. With the sunset wings they're just so vibrant and soft. Without, they're still very crisp sprites and I love the blue and gold.


Snow Angels... They really need some kind of color on the wingtips. I like the white-wings because they have patterning so they're not bland, but they don't overdo it with ALL TEH COLOR.


Ribbon Dancers are very pretty and shiny, but not overdecorated, so they're lovely~ Special mention to the spriter alt, which may be one of my favorite things on the entire site.


Winter Magis... I love the face and paws and all, but the colors feel a bit busy for my tastes and make them difficult to match in lineages. Maybe if they had a few fewer colors they'd be a lot higher on my list.


Hollies are a classic and they look great in lineages, but they're dated and it shows, mainly in the anatomy.


Mistletoes have nice colors, but I don't feel like they're very Christmasy.


Remember when I said Winter Magis were too busy for my taste? Wrapping Wings are like that but with the dragon equivalent of wearing stripes with polka dots instead of being excessively colorful. I like the concept, but the patterns are a bit much for me, and make it really hard to pair them with anything that isn't plain white.


Yulebucks... I love their hatchlings at least? But they have the same color pairing issues as the Wrapping Wings, and they're dated like the Hollies... and they've always looked way more like gryphons with holly leaves for wings than actual dragons.

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1. Yulebucks, i love the hatchie sprites, so adorable!

2. Solstice , love the soft colors

3. The rest are equal for me so they all share 3rd place.

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Oh cool, a thread for this! I already listed my favorites but! I'll list them again, with more details as to why I like them. smile.gif


1) Yulebuck

If I'd seen it a couple years ago, it probably wouldn't have been my favorite. But after getting into the Nightrunner series by author Lynn Flewelling last year, seeing this dragon just made me fall in love with it for several reasons! (1, because Alec's animal form is a buck, 2 because winter is the time of year he enjoys/handles well, and 3 because dragons are a part of his backstory, technically speaking, wink.gif) I also just love peppermints in general. LOL


2) Mistletoe

Eeee after seeing the new Christmas Mistletoe dragon I absolutely love, love, love it!! I love how their bodies are built and look overall, the coloring, and their description is lovely! X3 Definitely an immediate favorite of the Christmases!


3) Solstice

Again with the reindeer theme! But also because of how elegant and beautiful these ones are, and I love that orb of light between their antlers. While I do like the rose-tint wings versus the blue wings a bit more, both are beautiful.


4) Snow Angel (Gold > Tri > White)

These were fighting for the place of second favorite until I found out that they had multiple wing colors and people could only have one color. I don't mind having only one color of them when that's how it's set, but I wish I had gotten a gold or tri colored instead of white. sad.gif But they're still beautiful and I love their forms!~ Hence why I got two this year!


5) Wrapping-Wing

This wasn't originally an immediate favorite, however that beautiful artwork on the event page of the Wrapping-Wing sold me and I fell in love with it! (And I absolutely love the fact that I got a 2G Wrapping-Wing with a Solstice mother! biggrin.gif They're beautiful together~)


6) Holly

I've always enjoyed that style of dragon, the western style, I believe is how they reference it, anyway, long necks and tails, strong body form, four legs and wings, and I love the bright red of the Hollies! X3


7) Winter Magi

Technically the Winter Magi and Holly are equal in terms of how I like them, but if I had to number it the Winter gets dropped down one. (But barely!) I love their bright colors and adorable faces, and that artwork on the event page really showed how great they are up close! I wish I could have gotten a second one this year but oh well. smile.gif


8) Ribbon Dancer

Last but not least, the Ribbon Dancer. While I like her, and she reminded me of a favorite character (Hence why she got named after said character, LOL) something about the sprite puts this one last in my favorites. Don't get me wrong, I still love them! biggrin.gif And the artwork done for the event page was amazing! And again, like the Winter, I wish I could have gotten a second one, though that's more on my compulsive want of "If I have two of everything else I want two of this too!" thing. xd.png


*edited to include Mistletoe babies to the list~*


Needless to say the spriters of all the Christmas dragons have outdone themselves each year, I think! <3

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1. Tri-color Snow Angel - a lively, delicate sprite with bright colors

2. White Snow Angel - looks so delicate and elegant

3. Wrapping Wing - hard to pair with other species, but I like the design


Sadly, my scroll isn't coded for either of my top two Christmas dragons.

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