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Pillow Breeding Project

Should I Even Keep This Going?  

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Pillow dragons are fluffy. They are cute. They look like dogs in when they first hatch. We need more of them. Pillow dragons are cool dragons to have, and I rarely see them anywhere. There might be the one random person that's thinking, "Gee, I wish I had a pillow dragon. They are such cute looking dragons!" That's why I wanted to make a Pillow Breeding Project.


What is the Pillow Breeding Project?


It's a bunch of people that will breed pillow dragons for people who want a pillow dragon. Every time they give a pillow, they earn a point. You can get different prizes for certain amount of points. I love to collect pillow dragons, so I just wanted to make something so people can get pillow dragons too!


How do I Become a Breeder?


Fill out the form and you're good. You will be added the breeder list eventually, so please be patient.

[B]Scroll Link:[/B]
[B]Pillow Dragons:[/B]
[B]Magi Dragons:[/B]


If you are giving a pillow to someone, please fill out this form or you won't get a point. After this you MUST give them the transfer link.

[B]Receiver's Scroll Link:[/B]
[B]Egg's Code:[/B]
[B]Magi Dragons Left:[/B]
[B]Pillow Male x Female Pairings Left[/B]


[NEW] PLEASE if you recieved an egg fill this out!

[B]Egg Giver:[/B]
[B]Egg's Code:[/B]
[B]How Many Eggs Left In My Order:[/B]


How do I get an Egg?


Just fill out this form and one of the breeders can answer you if they are illegible.

[B]Number of Eggs I Want:[/B]
[B]Special Lineage?[/B]
[B]Breeder's Pair Preferred:[/B]
[B]My Scroll Name:[/B]




If the breeder is greyed out, it means they are unable to breed for you.*


flightyew22243, 0 Points

Risuna-Phenix (ChI lineage), 0 Points

HorseChick, 0 Points

MessengerDragon, 0 Points

Ramica, 0 Points

wvni, 0 Points

SolarCat, 0 Points

Terrorparadey, 0 Points

Blueocean, 0 Points


*BREEDERS: If you are unable to breed currently, please pm me. When you are able to breed again, pm me again.




heavenuniasus, 9 Eggs from Everyone [9 Left]


Pillows Gifted





2015 MARCH:

2015 APRIL:

2015 MAY:

2015 JUNE:

2015 JULY:

2015 AUGUST:

(Can someone in this universe please want a pillow dragon? laugh.gif )




When you get a certain amount of points you get these!


3 Points = You get an egg from any common dragon pairing I have.




Use these in your signatures, just please don't change the code.


By Risuna-Phenix

user posted image


Edited by flightyew22243

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Just a small comment -- I do hope you realize that influencing an egg is useless if you are going to send it as an egg. The influence effect is lost when it is teleported unless it is hatched first. You may know this and just have bad wording in your forms, but I thought I would mention it in case you were not aware of it.

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I'd like to join:


Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/Ramica

Pillow dragons: Starts on page 2 ends on page 4 well over a hundred I am sure. Also some very cool lineages of PB pillows (sheep) http://dragcave.net/lineage/rGRK6 or a PB 6gen Pillow Sheep http://dragcave.net/lineage/4Cj3M


Pinks: 22 adults (maybe a couple more. I have been using them to gender certain eggs the right way.)


Magis: 18

Edited by Ramica

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Wow, I come back to the forums to find that of all the breeds of dragons I enjoy, my favorite has it's own breeding project! I'd love to be a breeder!


Scroll Link: Scroll

Pillow Dragons: 7 Females (Dang, I didn't know I had that many), 2 Males

Magi Dragons: 1 Male


Hope I can help!

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Scroll Link: SolarCat

Pillow Dragons: Currently, 19 Males, 11 Females - "de Plume" are all CBs, the rest could be CB or lineaged

Magi Dragons: Enough rolleyes.gif (48 and counting, I'm always happy to breed these too if you need magi)


Usually if I'm locked it only lasts 2 days or so, so you shouldn't have to wait too long for an egg.

Weekdays are better days to reach me than weekends.

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I think I need to give you guys something to do...


Number of Eggs I Want: 9

Special Lineage? doesn't matter

Breeder's Pair Preferred: just one egg from each of you, please! I don't care which pair you use, as long as it's not messy or anything.


(I have a few Pillows already, yeah, but they're probably messy--plus I need/want a pillow army, so...)

Edited by heavenuniasus

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Yay! It's still working!


Receiver's Scroll Link: heavenuniasus I assume? At least that's their forum name.

Egg's Code: pAD77 and Kd2PP

Magi Dragons Left: 19

Pillow Male x Female Pairings Left Do I really have to count? I've got 69 available for breeding. So probably slightly less than 34 pairs.

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Yep, my scroll and forum names are the same. Messenger, I can only accept one right now, but I'll have another slot open in three-four hours.

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Receiver's Scroll Link: heavenuniasus

Egg's Code: PT8I4, k3X8z, and ysild all offered via pm.

Magi Dragons Left: plenty

Pillow Male x Female Pairings Left enough.

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Receiver's Scroll Link: heavenuniasus

Egg's Code: 8RsiN, via PM

Magi Dragons Left: 40+

Pillow Male x Female Pairings Left 18 males, 11 females

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I don't think your PMs are getting through... I only remember getting SolarCat's. Maybe it's time to clean out my inbox....

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