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Bam. Post any OOC questions or conversations about the "You As A Dragon" RP here.


Character Info and Stuff: Click Here

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So plot synopsis so far. Shoot me if I overstep my boundaries here, Alexander.


We (the humans) have been turned into dragons by an adolescent girl and her Magi dragon. She was gentle with some of the characters, not so much with others. The true motive is yet to be discovered, but the humans-turned-dragons are currently all across the realm. Some are convening into the one location, others are moving towards their own destinations.


Currently, there are four in the alpine, Alexander_Drake and his character's two hatchlings, Esko_The_Wolf and his character's hatchling, and myself and my character's dragon. All of us are in the same general area, that is a clearing on top of the mountain dominating the alpine region. On the outskirts of the alpine region is Avarule, who is in a village on the edge of the mountains.


In the Volcano region there is one person, rampaging wyvern, whom I believe is also heading towards the alpine with one of her dragons.


Heading towards the coast is Pyro, along with their three dragons.




I apologise Pyro, I didn't see the note in your signature. I've edited my post to reflect your preference. Once more, sorry!

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..Seriously, guys, can you please call me Pyro?


Nice synopsis. By the way, Alex, Esko's av. is two silvers

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So my character is now running from responsibility, but she does has every intention of returning to the group. First things first though, she wants some allies. Part of her reasoning is that she feels responsible, even if she was one of the victims. She thinks her dragon, Carinata (the one that attacked her), has something to do with her not seeing the Magi dragon when the transformation occurred.


My real reason for creating some distance, I need to name some dragons and create basic personality templates for them. The ones I favour are actually aggresive species, which given the circumstances (two aggressive dragons is a party, but three is a crowd, nevermind four or five!), isn't the best to employ to aid the situation.


I still plan to use a Vampire, but Omen isn't going to be honest about it. She's going to have the Vampire trail the group at a distance. So if she gets caught, she'll have to justify lying to the group. She'll have reasons, don't worry. xd.png


Anyway, I'm heading off to bed as soon as I put together some names and personalities. But that'll be my last post for the night. Merry Christmas everyone!


@ rampaging wyvern


Absolutely, I'd love to see some rivalries too. Oenpelliensis is doing a fine job of getting on everyone's nerves, but he is more territorial than anything. Take him out of that element, where he feels safe, and he won't be as quick to anger. Not without a good reason, anyway.

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Sure thing! I'll need to pick out four or five of my dragons and come up with personalities, although can you PM me with a rough outline of all yours so I can act off them and perhaps create some that will get along with your dragons and others that will not? I love rivalries and the like that can get serious and even dangerous as stories progress o3o

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@ rampaging wyvern


I have some character sheets set up, but haven't finished the rest. I'll finish them today and send them your way if you'd like. One is a narcissistic daydream, she will be fun to write if I can get her sheet to sound less mary sue-like. On my mobile at the moment, so no Rp the posts till I get home.

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Oh sure! I can't wait! Oh my goodness, a narcissistic daydream? I wrote up one character last night who's also a narcissist. These interactions better be good 8D

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Oh man, that sounds like fun.


Maybe I'll have my Day Glory join me just because he got worried, and tracked my scent (which theoretically doesn't change like my appearance) to me, and smelled that this mysterious Moonstone dragon smells EXACTLY like me.

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Might as well, for easy referencing and stuff.


I'm going to edit my dragons in here; if Alexander_Drake wants to put them in the OP of either thread I'll PM the coding over and everything :3


Name: Gowdali (comes from the Aboriginal word meaning 'fishing spear')

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/nFkAS

Art by ShaydraSilversky

Breed: Seragamma Wyvern (Male)



Gowdali is very assertive and commanding, as well as aggressive. He's not young and has lived a rough life - and he shows it. Torn wings, broken claws, scarred breast, a blind eye... he couldn't care less about every one of these and if he does, he has never shown or spoken of it. He protects his allies with raw tooth and claw, little to no concern for his own safety and serves as a fantastic bodyguard.

His one-track mind can prove problematic. Once he gets an idea or plan there's little changing his mind and his commanding personality can prove difficult here. He's also a willing challenger, open to fights at any given time. His human keeper Anastasia daren't tell it to his face, but sometimes she thinks he believes he's unbeatable.

He does have a soft side. Towards Anastasia, he's very protective and tends to do what she asks him to without fuss. Since she was turned into a drake he's even become a mentor of sorts, helping her learn the ways of the dragon and the skills she'll need to survive until the curse is reversed and she becomes human again - if that's ever possible.


Name: Gogumajiosu (the Japanese name of a particular fictional beast)

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/OfDcJ

Breed/Species: Gold Dragon (Male)



Young, naive, very much a narcissist. He's a caveborn Gold and he knows it, strutting around to show off the shining scales he keeps as perfect as possible. If you're going to insult him, insult his appearance - anything else he's oblivious to. He also loves having authority over others and can fight decently - he just prefers not to. Gowdali plans to eventually get him to seriously fight, get hurt and live with some imperfections. His keeper fears if others side with the Seragamma, things will get ugly - very ugly.

He also tends to look down on those with different beliefs and views to his and if they're of another species entirely. Priding himself not only on appearance, there's also... 'intelligence' to show off. Easily distracted by shiny things regardless of the situation he's in - he loves his reflection.

Other times, he can be broody and self-pitying, if enough things go wrong. Does he have a nice side? It is very hard to tell.


Name: Cadifor

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/V0ccI

Breed/Species: Black Dragon (Male)



Cadifor is ancient, having lived hundreds of years and is the oldest of the dragons listed here. He is highly skilled with magic, stealth and has great tracking abilities, specialising in sneak attacks from afar. A weathered veteran like Gowdali, he's fought fights and looks quite tattered as a result.

Despite all that, he's fun-loving and friendly, getting along well with many others that don't get under his skin. Serves as a hunter in other situations as his ability to strike down a deer before it can even see him is indispensable. He prefers the cover of night and sleeps during the day which may or may not prove problematic, as waking him up to perform magic is not ideal.

Also intelligent, being a Black, but very poor physically. In an all-out brawl, he'd stand no chance unless he can keep his distance and strike from afar. Part of this is because of a freak accident that occurred during a hunt - a sorely misaimed slash of his own magic severed his left forepaw. Getting around on three legs is of little issue to him, but it's a nasty reminder of how badly he can screw up. Oftentimes at night, he'll go on long walks just thinking things over.


Name: Scilicet and Sal (Can be roughly translated as Latin for 'clear' and 'intellect')

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/k5EN6

Breed/Species: Gilded Bloodscale (Male )



Scilicet (right) and Sal (left) are two of the smartest dragons Anastasia has raised. They're fairly young but have the wisdom of an elder, and are, in their own words, 'master tacticians'. Whether or not this is true is to be seen. Oftentimes they bicker and quarrel, facing off in a battle of wits that can last hours until one either surrenders, one finally emerges victorious or they just collapse from exhaustion.

The problem with sharing a body is that these two, should they disagree on something, come to a stalemate. They each possess control over their half of the body, and as a result often want to do different things and are unable to. Having been like this their entire life, this is the norm - but even the norm can be too much. When they fight, it can be a scarily bizarre scene.


Name: Tataura (Maori for 'competition')

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/dEpak

Breed/Species: Hellfire Wyvern (Female)



Tataura is, to put it lightly, a horrible dragon. Rude, violent, easily angered, bullies those smaller and younger than her. Few can keep her in line and her keeper's not one of them. Gowdali is, and only because he actually managed to fight her and win, once. Give her the order to kill something and she will do it, and she also accepts a challenge the moment one's issued. She has almost no understanding of morality, no friends aside from mutual respect towards other Hellfires she lives with and has the potential to kill whoever crosses her without sudden physical intervention.

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I should say now, Omen, I am totally intending for Lumina's chocolate gifts to your character to make her fat...ish. Not too much, that would be too impairing to story Omen. Just a bit, and also I intend for my own character to become a bit fat as well.

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It'll take a lot of chocolate to do that, she's only accepting small portions at a time. cool.gif


Compared to her human state, she's easily gained well, she's a dragon now, so she's heavier than what she was as a human. That's what Oenpelliensis was tuning in on, not that she's gained much from eating the chocolate. Plus, he was angry at her, so I decided to have him crack a joke, she zeroed in on that because the rest of the rant was unexpected.


Oenpelliensis is still there by the way, just landed off to the side somewhere. He's thoroughly fed up with Omen's antics, and is sulking.


Also, in time I will reveal Omen's actual name, (Vampiric) Omen is just the thing villagers scream whenever she enters a town. That's why she's a hermit, and she quite likes being thought of as an ill omen. Means the town weirdos leave her alone. xd.png


I'll be posting my forms soon, just fixing some things on them since I haven't mentioned appearances and some of them don't look like the run-of-the-mill description for the breed. EG: Battlescars. It's nothing too extravagant.


Here's the template for the character forms if anyone wishes to use them:


Name: Exactly what it says on the tin, this is where the name goes.

Link: If you have a lineage link to the dragon, paste it here.

Breed: What type of dragon is it? Male or female?

About: Personality, history and appearance. This is optional, but if you want to let people know a basic outline of your dragon’s behaviours and possible motivations, put it here.


[B]Link:[/B] Lineage link please.
[B]About:[/B] Personality, history and appearance (optional).

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Ah darn. Looks like Lumina will have to use some 'extreme' measures.



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And here are the sheets.


Name: Alexander

Link: None.

Breed: Moonstone dragon, male.

About: Alexander used to be a human, but then he took a transformation spell to the knee. xd.png Well, sort of. It was the forehead.


Name: Princess Lumina De Cocoa

Link: None, again.

Breed: Moonstone Dragon, female.

About: Lumina loves chocolate in any form, with anything. She forces small portions of whatever she's eating upon others in the vicinity, and if they don't, well they eat it anyway, the hard way.


Name: Prince Ludwig Von Chocolate

Link: None.

Breed: Moonstone Dragon, male.

About: Ludwig takes after Lumina, at least in terms of chocolate. He does, however, try to stay fit despite how much he eats.

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Edited Hahnuhadroz's description to match breed notes as found in encyclopedia.

Removed explanations on why the dragons were chosen. I chose them just because, really.

Adjusted list order.

Added Lazuli, a female Moonstone.

Updated Lazuli's “About” section to include her appearance.

Added Omen's description. Subject to be edited a dozen or so times until I am happy with it.




Name: Omen (answers to a variety of other names too, provided she knows it's her being spoken to)

Link: N/A

Breed: Bleeding Moon dragon (female)



Previously a human, Omen was changed into a Bleeding Moon dragon following the incident she refers to as ‘that time that one of my own attacked me’ and ‘that time that evil girl smacked me into next Tuesday’. Wanting to find answers, Omen embarks on a journey with a group of unlikely allies and gathers a team of dragons from her own clan. As a previously twenty something human, the conversion into a dragon is something that she doesn’t take in her stride. Angry that someone would modify her physical form without asking permission, never mind that she did not wish to be a dragon, she desires nothing else other than for her questions to be answered by the girl who started it all. Whether Omen asks those question in words, and not actions, is yet to be seen.


Prior to the transformation, Omen had short, dark brown hair and equally dark eyes. Her stature was of average to below average height as far as humans go, barely hitting 5’5” tall. Her normally tanned skin lightened after years of self enforced isolation in the mountains. One of her defining features is the presence of a faded scar on the right of her mouth, stretching to the bottom of her nose. She has a characteristic gait that drags slightly on the left side due in no part to her clumsy nature resulting in more than a few accidents.


After the transformation where Omen was forcibly changed into a Bleeding Moon dragon, traits from her human body transferred as well. A single scar can be seen, stretching from the right of her draconic mouth, to the bottom of her right nostril. Her rear left leg is affected by a dragging gait, but it is mostly unnoticeable unless specific attention is paid to her movement. Attention that is rather unwanted, and often results in the payer of attention getting a clip on the ear with a set of claws. Her size is, to some extent, smaller than that of a typical female Bleeding Moon dragon. When compared to an adult male, this size difference is even more noticeable, but the way in which she carries herself often makes her seem bigger than she really is.


Personality wise, Omen is fairly laid-back until such a time that someone ticks her off. Unfortunately for her and everyone else, she can be rather easily aggravated at times. Whether this is as a result of her being a sore loser or a self imposed recluse for the majority of her life is a mystery. Despite her attitude problems, she does enjoy humour and will take an instant liking to anyone who uses it well. Among other traits, Omen is accident prone and self-deprecating. This is not to be confused for self-loathing, as she is quite alright with who she is; rather, she knows she has flaws and doesn’t want anyone else to think otherwise.




Name: Oenpelliensis (Oen)

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/EGm5y

Breed: Bleeding Moon dragon (male)



Oenpelliensis is loyal and honest to those he trusts, but domineering toward other adult dragons, especially if he sees them as weak. His loyalty is matched only by his recklessness, a trait that has gotten him into trouble more often than he would care to recall. Stubborn at the best, and worst of times, Oenpelliensis is frustratingly determined and often gets what he wants, when he wants. He has a soft spot for hatchlings, however it doesn’t always seem like it.


Found as an egg, Oenpelliensis was raised alongside Carinata, another Bleeding Moon dragon. The duo got along well enough until they reached adolescence, where Carinata became excessively vicious. Despite being marginally smaller in size, Oenpelliensis was able to maintain his position as the dominant male in the group of Bleeding Moon dragons, a position he held for years.


The duo’s rivalry came to a head the day their human keeper, nicknamed Omen, was transformed into a Bleeding Moon dragon. Carinata disappeared, leaving Oenpelliensis the default victor of the territorial dispute. As it happens, he would have to step down as the de facto leader of the territory, relinquishing his claims to the land, as well as his battle wrought pride.


Oenpelliensis’s appearance is fairly typical for a Bleeding Moon, although his head and shoulders are covered in scars from battling other Bleeding Moons for territory and rights to leadership. His four horns have countless scratches on them, adding to his battle worn appearance. In the sunlight, it’s blatantly clear that his red scales are of a darker shade, bringing truth to the statement that ‘the darker the shade of red, the more aggressive the dragon’.




Name: Flows

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/FLOwS

Breed: Gray dragon (male)



Despite being hot tempered and easily angered, Flows moves on from points of crisis with the speed and elegance of a flash flood. He sees no reason for cultivating friendships, and sees keeping enemies as a characteristic quirk for those below him. The dragon cares not who slighted him the day before, so long as they refrain from slighting him the day after. His level of intelligence is remarkable, although the dragon hides it behind an aloof façade lest he be obligated to deal with the trivialities of other dragons emotions. It is far easier to let the dragon do whatever he fancies, but he is not above listening to wise words, and heeds given advice if he deems it worthy.


Flows is a master navigator, adept at using landmarks seen from the skies to plot courses for the clan’s directionally challenged brethren. Raised among a variety of other species, Flows is not new to interacting with strangers, however he prefers his self enforced solitary confinement to the hustle and bustle of clan life. In line with his talents for navigation, Flows has begun putting together something he calls a “Land Map”, using his claws in the dirt as the medium of choice.


As far as appearances go, there is nothing worthy of noting about this dragon that separates him from the rest of the Grays. Just as well too, because Flows would rather blend in with the crowd than stand out like a broken horn. Everything about this dragon is neutral, even the shade of his gray scales.




Name: Hahnuhadroz (Dreamweaver)

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/XPom8

Breed: Daydream dragon (female)



Hahnuhadroz is a gregarious dragon, always happy to be the centre of attention, even if it is negative. Her metallic heritage leads her to a great level of narcissism, as a result, she has very few real friends. For all that she appears a creature of trivial, selfish desires, Hahnuhadroz enjoys helping others. Her unorthodox methods for bringing peace to times of trouble has earned her a reputation for being all smoke and mirrors, for the peace never lasts, and at times, leaves the subjects of her charm angry at the loss of a daydream that could never be. If given the chance to show her true self, Hahnuhadroz is a dragon that will go to the ends of the earth if it is asked of her. However, this is a trait she has rarely, if ever, revealed to another living being.


As the youngest of the resident daydream dragons among Omen’s horde, Hahnuhadroz was raised by skilled weavers of daydreams, fantasies and seemingly impossible visions. Her proficiency in the art quickly earned her the title of Dreamweaver, a designation only given to one dragon within the clan before her. She is proud of her heritage, as well as her ability, and isn’t afraid to tell anyone who stays still long enough to listen, about it.


Hahnuhadroz cares for her appearance, perhaps too much, and it shows. Her lovely fur is always brushed to perfection. She detests the slightest speck of grime or dirt, and as such, spends all of her free time preening. She only rests upon the fluffiest, whitest clouds, not wishing the humidity in the darker gray clouds to dampen her fur. To an outsider, Hahnuhadroz is a dragon diva. To Hahnuhadroz, she is a shining example of what everyone else should aspire to, if they had half the beauty she does.




Name: Sosrahgol

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bKjX

Breed: Vampire dragon (male)



Everything you’ve ever heard about Vampire dragons is true, especially when Sosrahgol is the subject of evaluation. His name literally means blood rage. He is aggressive, violent and has a chip on his shoulder the size of a volcano. For this dragon, enough is never enough. He’ll stalk his prey to the other side of a mountain, so long as the sky stays dark and the ambient noise allows him to go unnoticed. It’s this single minded focus that placed him in a position of power within the clan’s Vampire group, and kept him there following subsequent breeches of protocol that would have seen lesser dragons thrown into the Wilderness.


A veteran of countless bloody battles, Sosrahgol boasts an aptitude for violence that has ended the life of many enemy dragons. He has few redeeming personality traits, traits that he considers weaknesses. Weakness to him, invites death. Sosrahgol, for all his bloodthirsty demeanour, is absolutely terrified of sunlight. His fear goes above and beyond the expected caution Vampires are prone to when sunlight is involved, it simply transcends reason. Some say he suffered as a hatchling in the hands of a sun loving dragon, others say that’s precisely why he preys on the weak. Deep down, Sosrahgol is so insecure about his existence, that he embraces the fear other dragons have of him and uses it as a buffer against the harsh reality that he is a cold blooded killer beyond redemption.


Covered in faded scars from head to tail and sporting a broken left horn, Sosrahgol is as ghoulish in appearance as you would expect from a never quite sated Vampire. His hide clings to his bones, muscles appearing as if they have wasted away from extended bouts of inactivity. Despite his macabre appearance, this dragon is stronger and faster than he looks, and shouldn't under any circumstances, be underestimated.




Name: Lazuli (Laz)

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/eOnyJ

Breed: Moonstone (female)



Lazuli originates from a long line of carefully selected progenitors of prestigious standing. As the fourth daughter of an illustrious couple, her chances of inheriting the families impressive rank and wealth are virtually nonexistent. While this might disappoint other descendants of nobility, Lazuli wouldn’t have it any other way. Beyond the belief that she will never live up to the family’s reputation, Lazuli is also of the conviction that she isn’t quite good enough for anyone, or anything. Her insecurities stem from the knowledge that she, as an egg, was traded to secure a clan alliance. This in turn, led her to believe that she would need to meet certain standards that her family had imposed upon their other progeny. Impractical standards, given that her Keeper had excused Lazuli from the obligation well and truly before she reached the typical age of an arranged marriage.


Nonetheless, Lazuli has spent the better part of her life striving for a future she isn’t sure she wants. She has no passion for aristocratic ventures, and is too easily swayed to supporting the goals of other politically or monetarily minded dragons. This has earned her a reputation for being a pushover in the court, one that she is not aware of. All in all, Lazuli would be happier if she set aside the worst of her heritage, and instead pursued her dreams of travel and adventure.


Lazuli’s appearance is comparable to that of the average Moonstone female. Her feathered wings are of a light sky blue tint and the white feathers that span from her chest to the underside of her tail are free from darkened imperfections. Indicative of her ancestry, the opalescent stone at the end of her tail radiates a silvery lustre in the moonlight, contrasting with the standard light blue sheen normally seen on other Moonstone dragons. Of all her features, this is perhaps the most unique, and as a result, Lazuli takes great care to ensure it remains flawless. When nervous, the dragon absently polishes the moonstone, resulting in it having a smoothed surface.




Name: Carinata

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/83gXl

Breed: Bleeding Moon dragon (male)



Carinata is calculating, cruel and efficient. If he has to resort to dirty fighting to win a battle, he will. Not guided by morals or other such social constructs, this dragon isn’t one you should trust, especially if you value your life. He is an exceptionally skilled pretender, and will cheat and lie through his teeth if it means the other party takes him at his word. His only redeeming quality, perhaps one that might end in his death, is that he is a surprisingly caring father.


Having spent his entire life in the shadow of his adoptive brother’s glory, Carinata holds a grudge for the one dragon who constantly denied him a taste of victory. A brief interlude from this dispute saw him sire an egg to his one time partner, Smoliinselovaas, a Ribbon Dancer. In his desperation to provide for his son, his grudge against Oenpelliensis forced him into acting rash, taking a deal no sane dragon would have accepted even under dubious conditions. He defected to the antagonists side in the hopes that his nemesis would suffer. Unbeknownst to him at the time, the antagonist wished to target his keeper, and not Oenpelliensis. Only when his keeper was transformed into a dragon did he realise the gravity of his actions. Instead of feeling remorse, Carinata revelled in the small triumph.


Larger than Oenpelliensis in size, Carinata is the brother that you don’t want to meet. His hide is covered in scars, a testament to how often he battled for dominance among the clan’s Bleeding Moon dragons. Carinata sports scales that are cracked, dull and unkempt, what pride this dragon once had for his appearance is consumed by his need for vengeance.

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Good job on those sheets, Omen!


Also, I had a dream about the Dragon Cave last night, as in, a fake instance of my dragons page, where I had a vampire hatchling, a first stage hatchling. in a few days, could someone here send me one? I want to make my dream come true so I can brag about it. xd.png Not really, I just really want a vampire dragon.

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Woo I'm finally going to post again! xd.png It freaking took me long enough. @Alexander I have a ton of vampires. After the holiday season's over I can attempt to make one for you. Anyway, have some character sheets~

EDIT: AAAAH MY LAPTOP JUST FROZE AND DELETED A 3 PAGE LONG REPLY! mad.gif I'm going to go sulk. I might not be online for a while.


Name: Avarule, usually goes by “Ava”

Link: N/A

Breed: Human that was turned into a seragamma wyvern

About: Ava is sarcastic and usually good-humored. However, if something or someone attacks her or her friends and family, she will do everything she can to destroy them. She doesn’t cope well with betrayal and often blames herself when it occurs. Before deciding to raise dragons she was a wandering scribe, making books and poems about her experiences on the road and selling them whenever she encountered a town or merchant. She began doing this at a young age and keeps her history before that a closely guarded secret.


Ava began raising dragons when she found a group of dragon hunters going after an electric nest. She was too late to save the mother, father and most of the eggs, but she managed to scare the hunters off with an explosion spell and save the last one. After that she had to find a place to settle down and raise the hatchling, eventually choosing a hollowed out, dead volcano located on an island. Realizing how impossible it would be to raise the dragon and continue her previous lifestyle, Ava resigned herself to the life of a dragon keeper.


As a human she had long, chocolate-brown hair with streaks of copper in it. She also wore glasses and preferred baggy clothing. As a seragamma wyvern she has glossy feathers and scales as well as an unusually large wingspan, which saved her life during her first flight. She still has bad eyesight for one of her species, but it’s good enough that she can pick out fine details from about a mile away.


Name: Cyrvony

Link: boop

Breed: Red dragon

About: Cyrvony is a large, heavily muscled red dragon with tons of scars from previous battles. His fighting skills and tactical prowess are why he’s the leader of the Red Guard. However, he isn’t without his faults. He’s heavily biased towards other species, namely vampires, black dragons and seragammas, and he’s quick to judge others without proof. Ava used to help keep him from persecuting others simply because of their species, but with her gone there’s no one to stop him from enacting as unfair a ruling as he’d like.


Before his egg was found by Ava, Cyrvony’s family was wiped out by a clan of vampires, hence his immense disliking of them. He was trained in combat by La’Yung, a crimson dragon that later died of illness. Cyrvony used to monitor the territories himself, intervening in fights and enacting justice on his own, earning countless scars and a lot of experience with dueling multiple species. Alarmed by his sometimes brutal means, Ava formed the Red Guard out of the other red dragons in her care. She used them to convince Cyrvony to stay on the island with her and monitor their work from afar. He took the job very seriously and quickly forgot about patrolling on his own.

Edited by Avarule

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Poor Avarule. I have had edits crash on me, but i used the back arrow to return to the page where the post was unpublished and editable, and clicked "Post" again and it works, sometimes after 3-5 tries of going back and forth.

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Name: Pyro

Link: What? None.

Breed: Silver Dragon。。。 Now.



Pyro's a ditz. That much is evident, but considering that she's been here for quite a while now, she's either hiding something under that ditz or managed to be lucky enough to blunder her way through life. Has a initial dislike for anyone she precives as arrogant and all-knowing, but unless you did something to her in the past, she'll be friends with anyone. Even then, it's easy enough to get her to warm up to you. This actually has gotten her into trouble before, but Pyro still doesn't seem to learn that not everyone who's friendly to you will alway be that way.


Still, one thing for certain is that she did manage to gather up all the dragons that poofed when she apparently disappeared for quite a while then later rasied a Guardian of Nature. She likes traveling, which results in her knowing a score of different things to help her through life, from knowledge of constellations depending on where she is in the world, to the simple yet important skill of cooking. She's also an amazing storyteller because of this.


She's skilled with magic, but can't lift a rock to save her life, even now. Probably because she's such a magic freak anyway.


She doesn't know what can change her and others back, but if they want to be changed back, she's sure that the GoN she raised could help.


The only difference between her and a typical silver is that the tips of her pink fur is black.


Name:[Little] Tinselwings

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Q2t1

Breed: Ribbon Dancer


Her scales are a little more "tarnished"-looking and her ribbons are surprisingly long as she tends to neglect her appearance for other things, namely plotting the next big wonderful prank. Yup, this one's a prankster through and through, and loves nothing more than pushing others' buttons as quick and much as she can just to see their reaction.


Yet, she actually takes into account people's feelings, since the reason she was frozen is because she didn't do so before. She doesn't fool around much when there's something serious going on, and can read the mood of a room reletively well.


She doesn't like being frozen, and always journeys with Pyro to find a spell to undo this. Now she believes that Pyro would have more incinitive to do so due to being transformed.


Name: 【Mahopon] Mira

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/NcI6X

Breed: Falconiform

About: Self-proclaimed only sane member of Pyro's cave, Mira is shy like the rest of her species and a complete pessimist. She never directly says anything of the sort, but if you say something "overly" hopeful, she'll probably counter with something much more negative, but only if the speaker is someone she knows.


She doesn't like giving info freely, but will answer anything you ask. You just have to be extremely careful to cover everything, because she tends to have a "I didn't say because you never asked" attitude. Still, she's rather nice if you get to know her. Somehow. She's certainly not a social butterfly, preferring the company of close friends and typically being extremely wary of strangers. Too wary, in fact. She still doesn't trust most of the first dragons Pyro had raised.


Mira's also young, but is already breathing fire when she's annoyed... Which is probably why she can. She has a short fuse, so to speak. Though breathing fire is usually what she does, Mira still prefers to physically hunt, which is what she will do to you if you get her angry or overly hungry.


Her scales are a tad bit more dark than other Falconiforms, and the scales around her face, part of her wings, and her tail are already charred more than they should be due to the aforementioned fire-breathing. Her horns are also more curved and long than typical for a female, but still not enough to be a male's. Large as any other female falconiform.


Name: Land and Skies ((Skies for short))

Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/uDWc

Breed: Magi

About: TBA


((TBA because I'm worried that this post will be deleted by my computer))

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Hey Pyro, I think having Tinselwings would maybe make for some amusing interactions, particularly if Tinselwings stole chocolate from Lumina.

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