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You As A Dragon

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One sunny evening, I was enjoying some tea in a small town near a coast of no great importance. Everything was nice and toned down, and I had a pair of Moonstone dragon hatchlings with me. Both of them loved to eat chocolate, and as such, I used some of my other hatchlings' gold piles to pay for all of it. Generally the hatchlings didn't eat too much chocolate, being hatchlings, and the male hatchling tended to lay off the chocolate more than the female, arguing that in order to impress the ladies, he needed to have a svelte physique. This always makes the female burst out laughing, and the male continues to feel embarrassed about trying to stay in shape.


Later that evening, I was admiring my own, personal treasure pile of mana shards. Most of the mana shards were those of destructive elements, specifically death and fire, and time mana too. There were others, but not as plentiful as the first three types. I have a theory that time mana isn't just a type of change mana. I think it is all three types, change, creation, and destruction. Over time, things can be created, like a beach made of sand, or destroyed, like a riverbank. Both of those examples also change over time, reinforcing my theory.


In the first moments of darkness overcoming the land around me, my two Moonstone hatchlings began to give off their signature glow. There wasn't much the duo couldn't illuminate, and tonight was no different. All of the mana shards sparkled in their blue brilliance, much like the night sky. Something was off about this night, however. Then, out of nowhere, an adolescent girl and her Magi dragon showed up, and the Magi dragon quickly pinned me to the back wall and magically gagged me with some sort of spell, rendering me unable to harness the large pile of mana shards that were just out of reach. The girl approached me, and my two Moonstone dragon hatchlings cowered in fear, huddling against my immobile legs. As soon as the girl touched my forehead, I fell unconscious, unable to remain awake.


Horrible dreams plagued my artificial sleep, filled with pain and sometimes near-death experiences, but always that girl appeared to save me or ease my aching dream-body. But why? What did it mean if she was the one who put me to sleep in the first place? I would soon find out.


After what felt like thousands of painful and deadly experiences, I awoke in a dimly lit cavern, aching all over. It was a different ache than I was used to after my dreams, and I appreciated the change of pace. I raised my head in an attempt to get a better look at my surroundings, and ended up doing a double take at myself instead. What I saw nearly sent me back into a series of pain-dreams. By some extreme advanced transmutation spells (which explained the pain-dreams), the girl and/or her Magi dragon had made me an adult male Moonstone dragon! The first thing I noticed (besides the obvious) was that I had a craving for chocolate. The girl and her Magi dragon must have used my male hatchling as the template for my own new form, but accelerated forwards a year or two. I was quite hungry, and there was a clear view of the moon and the night sky outside the cave, so I exited, and found that my two hatchlings were outside, awaiting my return. They bounded over to me, glowing and voicing their concern for my well-being. I was confused by their lack of surprise at my transformation, but they explained that it would be more normal to them for me (their 'father') to be the same breed of dragon as them. This made sense to me, so I wasn't particularly complaining about my newfound feathery, furry body.


Being an adult dragon has one major drawback, though. I always feel like flirting with female Moonstones, which is still totally weird to me. But back to the story.


The night was still young, so me and the two hatchlings, who I decided to name Ludwig (the male), and Lumina (the female), went in search of my old cave which I had been stolen away from. It was in the side of a low cliff, previously used as a Harvest dragon nest (I could tell from the food scraps), and already holding a few handfuls of mana shards. I had become a shard collector, hoarding as many as I could find, and even in my new form, the pile came up to my furry thighs. My stomach rumbled, and Ludwig passed me some chocolate to sate my appetite. I ate quite a lot, and let out an unflattering belch after I was done feasting on chocolates. The hatchlings ate some chocolate of their own, and we all decided to relax and chat about some fundamentals of being a Moonstone dragon.


Eventually the sun rose, and all of us slept soundly in the shadows of the cave.

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The Rules:


- You MUST give a prologue explaining how you became a dragon after living as a human.


-you can OPTIONALLY use one or more dragons from YOUR SCROLL as companions.


-Deaths of characters other than your own must be PM'ed to the character's owner/creator and can only be published with their explicit consent.


-Deaths of your own dragons whether or not they will affect relationships do NOT need to be forewarned and can be published freely, as nobody else owns the dying dragons. Others will have to cope with the deaths and change their plot based on that.


-Writers/RPers must have all of their dragons die, to give a conclusion to their plot if/when they stop RPing here, to make sure everyone knows what their fate was.

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The next night, more specifically late evening, Ludwig woke me up by rolling his furry rear onto my face in his sleep, squishing my face against the stone floor of my cave. After that painful experience, I was wide awake. I nudged Lumina awake, too, and she moaned and flopped over onto her other side in a vain struggle to stay asleep.


Eventually she came to realize that it was night, and that meant, by definition, that she could eat chocolate. Both the hatchlings, at this point, looked more like small adults more than anything else. I say small, but with the sweet teeth they had, 'small' isn't particularly accurate, at least less so for Lumina. 'Heavy' would be the most accurate word for them, but since I don't want to be insulting... oh wait. Whoops. Too late. But enough about how hefty they may be.


I myself was just as gluttonous as they when chocolate was involved, so I knew that I, too, would become, eh, 'heavy', as well. It was far too soon for me to have put on any noticeable weight, so I didn't feel guilty about eating so much chocolate, yet. I knew, in the back of my mind, that soon I would be pretty bulky and probably be too portly to fly for very long, but I didn't do that much flying anyway.

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It was a nice night, so I decided it would be okay if Lumina and I went out and explored a nearby town which I had never gone to as a human. It was kind of small, but it was a town nonetheless. Lumina's chocolate obsession meant that I brought some of her treasure to pay for chocolate should the need arise.


The town was quite active, despite being filled with a primarily human population. One notable being was a rather odd Pillow Dragon. He was quite drowsy, but refused to sleep, instead arguing that he was trying to become nocturnal, and would only sleep once the sun had risen completely above the horizon. No small task, at least for a Pillow Dragon.


My stomach rumbled, so Lumina took advantage of it to suggest we get some chocolate. My sweet tooth made me completely unable to resist the idea, and pretty soon, after paying for it, we were eating chocolate like... well, the amount of chocolate we were eating was pretty much normal at this point. Pretty soon Lumina and I were both stuffed like what a Halloween turkey would be, in other words, stuffed with chocolate.


Full I may have been, but I continued to snack on chocolate one mouthful at a time periodically throughout the night. Lumina and I visited a windmill outside town, and the balding male human who was in charge of its upkeep came out to greet us as we passed by. he saw my large, feathered wings, and asked me if I could be bothered to flap a few gusts of wind at the windmill blades, "for a price, of course."


I worked out a deal with him, and for every minute that I flapped, he would pay me one of his handfuls worth of gold coins. I kept flapping for about an hour, and limped away with a large bag of gold coins and a stitch in my side. Lumina promptly began to pester me to spend every last coin on chocolate, and, after much haggling and split shares, we were both eating more chocolate. I began to worry about Ludwig's safety, so we got the remaining chocolate, which was a lot, wrapped up in many cloth bags before heading back to my cave.

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((Future posts will not be this long, if I can help it, anyway. This is my prologue, I cut it short at the end as I'll leave the reveal for my next post. Also using coloured text to denote speech.


Carinata is a semi-permanent antagonist. Oenpelliensis and Terror are temporary characters for the time being.))


Managing a menagerie of over one thousand dragons had its drawbacks. Drawbacks I was all too familiar with as I browsed through my scrolls containing records of the dragons I kept, and among other things, lineages of eggs obtained from other dragon keepers. Had I not considered future record keeping and instead threw the scrolls about as if they didn’t matter back when I first began keeping, I imagined updating my documents would be painful, to say the least. My occasional bout of talking to no one in particular was interrupted by the thoughts of a small pygmy dragon. It took me a few moments to remember the name of this particular individual, she was after all, one of my first pygmy dragons. She might have been my first actually, my memory was rather hazy when it came to recalling dragons I raised as a novice keeper.


“Ah, Terror. What is it?” I lifted my left hand and rubbed my eyes, they were strained from squinting at long lists of breeding records.


The small dragon bristled, rather disgruntled at the possibility that I, of all people, needed a moment to recall names. “You… forgot my name?”


I sighed, of course of all the dragon names to forget, I’d forget the name of one with a simply glowing personality. “No, Terror, I didn’t forget. It merely took me a few moments to recall your name from the hundreds of other dragon names floating about in my head. These scrolls here?” I gestured to the piles upon piles of rolled up scrolls upon my desk, and then to the one in my hand. “Breeding records. There are quite literally, dozens of names upon each scroll.” On a normal day, that would have been unworthy of me.


Terror scoffed, the entirety of her small body shifting at the action. “Well excuse me,”


“Why are you here?” I interrupted. Terror was about to go on one of her tirades, and if whatever she wanted to tell me was important, it was best for everyone involved if she told me now, and not three hours later when she finished her complaining.


Whatever complaints she had intended to express died on the spot, instead the dragon scoffed once more. “Your favourite dragons seem to be fighting. I suggest you make your way over to the alpine Weyr before one of them ends up dead.” Terror answered at last, her body moving to sit upon my desk. She knocked a few of the aging scrolls out of the way before lowering herself into a resting position.


I gave the dragon a baleful stare, but the pygmy knew she had won. I had to investigate, lest I lose of whatever dragons she considered to be my favourite. I hoped she wouldn’t take off with my scrolls whilst I was gone, she was a spiteful creature on occasion, but not without cause. The pygmies were some of the smallest dragons I kept, and were often the last to receive food. It wasn’t particularly my fault, but Terror preferred to blame me and not herself, for forgetting when food was brought into the Cave.


It took me around half an hour to reach the alpine Weyr, an expansive slab of land located on the top of a snow capped mountain. Tunnels were carved into the mountain, leading to all sorts of different habitats. As it happens, my library was situated fairly close to the alpine Weyr, the frequently crisp, dry weather aiding in the preservation of the inks upon my scrolls. I could hear the distant sounds of an intense battle, presumably the same one Terror had been referring to. I hugged my robes closer, wishing I had brought a shard of fire mana with me to fuel a warmth spell. I sincerely hoped these dragons weren’t fooling around, for they had the full attention of my ire.


The first thing that I noticed was the light blue forms of a group of Bleeding Moon dragons, their backs seemingly bleeding red as their scales glinted in the sunlight. It wasn’t often these dragons braved the daylight to fight, which piqued my interest as much as the fight itself. Something was amiss. My caution was further raised as one Bleeding Moon dragon roared, before charging with horns pointed toward his opponent. The dragons collided with an almighty thump, which was followed by the roaring approval from the dragons that had gathered to watch the fight. I was forced to cover my ears as the roars reached an unbearable volume.


I dropped my hands as soon as the roars lowered, and trudged through the snow toward the majestic creatures. The dragons weren’t usually this noisy, nor were they ever this unaware of my presence. The hairs on the back of my neck raised, and it wasn’t because of the cold. Something, whatever it was, wasn’t right and I had every intention of finding out just what was going on. I neared the duelling pair, whom had resumed their enthusiastic attempts at trying to gore one another with their horns.


“Carinata, Oenpelliensis!” I bellowed, my voice silencing all but the duo in the centre of the clearing. These two dragons were found as eggs on the same day, and even hatched on the same day. They may even be clutch mates for all I knew, they certainly acted similarly when given an opportunity to cause havoc. The thrum of thoughts emanating from the dragons behind me went ignored as I stomped toward the two trouble makers in my best attempt at appearing commanding. The effect was lost as the snow beneath me made it difficult to move. While the snow barely covered the dragons feet, it reached my knees with ease.


It wasn’t until I was practically beneath the two that they stopped fighting. Just as well, I wasn’t in the mood for using any spells to separate them. “What is the meaning of this?” I questioned, my hands on my hips as I spoke. Dragons may be capable of telepathy, but I was a lesser creature. To illustrate, my last attempt at a telepathic conversation ended with me having a headache, and the dragon I was trying to converse with setting a bookshelf on fire in a fit of amusement. I never did recall what the bookshelf contained, but at least it wasn’t my records.


Oenpelliensis lowered his head, and if I didn’t know better, I would have said he was ashamed. That gained him a small measure of respect, clearly he wasn’t the one causing the issue. Carinata on the other hand, took the sudden silence as an opportunity to attack. I barely had the time to raise my arms as the larger of the two dragons swung his head toward me, four crimson horns and all. The dragon’s head slammed into my body, sending me flying into the air in a shower of snow and blood. Thankfully, it wasn’t my blood, but it was unexpected nonetheless. By some stroke of bad luck, my body found one of the few trees still standing in the clearing. With a barely audible oomph, I hit the trunk of the tree before gravity worked its magic and had me kissing dirt. Snow covered dirt.


To say I was confused would be an understatement, none of my dragons, not even the extremely volatile Vampire dragon known for killing hatchlings, had ever attacked me. My head was spinning with the possibility of my dragons leading a revolt, and perhaps also as a result of being flung a dozen metres across the countryside into a tree. As I began to pick myself up, a shadow loomed over my prone form, blotting out whatever sunlight the branches above me hadn’t blocked. I could tell by the shape of the shadow that it wasn’t a dragon. No, it was human. Not only did I not see any evidence of another human being before becoming an airborne projectile, I specifically chose the location of my home for the lack of its human population. It seemed the countless signs I had erected stating ‘Private Property, Trespassers will be Barbequed’ went ignored.


With my ears still wringing and my lungs still screaming, I lifted my head, pulling myself up from the sorry heap I landed in. To say the image of an adolescent child standing before me surprised me, would be a colossal understatement. So too would the following events, had I not actually been the one subjected to them. The child lifted their hand, smacking me in the forehead without so much as an insult or greeting. The kid had a hell of a swing, as I went down like a sack of potatoes. I hadn’t seen the Magi dragon sitting behind the tree I was launched into, nor did I see Carinata, one of my own dragons, move toward the child in response to an unsaid command. But what I did see, would stay with me for the foreseeable future; that is, the sight of the dragons that had surrounded the fight, frozen in what I presumed to be fear.


In the period of time that I laid in the snow, unconscious, I was wracked with horrible dreams, frightening images and fears made manifest. For reasons unknown to me, the child was there to soothe my pained soul, in my dreams, of all things. Baffling as it was, I took the presence of the child with as much grace as being knocked out by the very same child allowed, that is, not much. I could not control the dreams however, not for all of my magical prowess, nor for all my strength of will. What felt like eons of nightmarish visions and bone breaking pain ended with as much warning as they had begun, a suddenness that had me snapping awake, arms swinging in an attempt to send the child figure away from my personal space. Only, my arms met air.


The force I had flung my arms about in caused me to stumble forward, landing on my face in an undignified heap. Gravity wasn’t my friend today, for it felt as if my body had become far heavier and larger than I recalled it being prior to my unexpected dirt nap. That was when I began to hear things, things I never once picked up on. Whispers of thought, tendrils of concern. I raised my head once more, not at all surprised by the fact that I was able to see further than ever before, or that the ground appeared farther away than the usual five feet three inches, give or take an inch. I could be oblivious at the best of times, now it seemed, would be one of those times. No, it took me until the moment I tried to walk toward the group of seemingly frozen in fear dragons to realise something was amiss.

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(All this is saying is HOLY MOLY, YOU ARE AWESOME. You used my ideas from my prologue, but made them twice as detailed, if not MORE. That... Wow. The girl, her Magi dragon, the dreams with the girl helping you... all started with me. I see where you are going with this. No spoilers for readers who may not have realized it despite all the insurmountable piles of evidence.)

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(And now for my actual story addition.)


The last night had passed in what felt like mere minutes after I had stopped accelerating the windmill's spin. Mostly that was due to an affliction of mine, being ADHD prior to my transformation, where eating too much sugar, in this case chocolate, reduces my attention span to that of a two year old. In other words, none at all. After what was actually a mere two hours, I burned out from the sugar high and fell asleep hours before sunrise.


When I did wake up, the sun was freshly set, and both of my hatchlings were pretty hungry. I still had the bags of chocolate, but due to... well, daylight, the individual bits of chocolate had melted partially and melded together into one big chunk of chocolate per bag. Lumina had already eaten two in the time it had taken me to fully awaken, and Ludwig had gotten one down his own gullet before I started scolding them for it. There was now only a single trio of chocolate lumps left, which I consumed to keep them out of the hatchlings' stomachs. After all, I didn't want them getting a stomachache. I decided to bring the hatchlings to a snowy place known as the alpine Weyr, a lovely flat area atop a snowy mountain. What I saw made me all the more uneasy, as I landed near a large group of dragons all gathered near a tree.

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(@Alexander Drake you never responded to my PM and I got impatient. XP I'm really sorry if this is breaking some rule or is too short/long/stupid, I'm not the best at rping.)


I trudged through the halls of my large cave complex, half listening to the complaints of my red dragon, Cyrvony. He and the other red dragons were in charge of keeping the 250 dragons that lived with us in check, and they took themselves far too seriously. Cyrvony had taken it upon himself to make a very thorough report on every single dragon's activity and read it to me at least once a week. I'd told him repeatedly that it wasn't necessary, but I might as well have been talking to a brick wall. Nothing seemed to get through to him unless it involved crime or justice. "...and that concludes my report on the pygmies," he drawled. "So to summarize, they've been fairly well behaved this week, save the incident where Shakatar spiked your drink." I grimaced at the memory. The misfit had somehow slipped sleeping powder into my water without me noticing. An hour later I'd woken up by the coastal habitat with graffiti all over my face and one heck of a hangover.


"When I get my hands on whoever gave her that powder, I'll make the Avatar of Destruction look like a gentle freaking butterfly," I muttered. Cyrvony barely stifled a chuckle. "Yes, well, I can assure you that I have my best dragons looking into the matter. Now on to the wyverns. This week they've been-" He was interrupted by another, smaller red dragon racing up to us. "Sir, there's... in the... and... hurry!" he panted, most of the sentence drowning in the massive gulps of air he was sucking in. "Relax! Why are you panting so hard?" I asked, inspecting the dragon with concern. I immediately recognized him as Xyresic, one of the red dragons that I'd stationed in the volcano habitat. "Did you fly here all the way from your post?" Cyrvony asked incredulously. Xyresic nodded, still struggling to catch his breath. "That's miles away! How are you not dead?!" I cried. The red dragons shot me dirty looks. "Er, sorry, I could have phrased that better. But what could possibly be so urgent?" I pressed. Xyresic sucked in another mouthful of air, straightened up importantly, cleared his throat and keeled over, unconscious.


"He'll be fine, it's just a minor case of oxygen deprivation," Cyrvony said after checking for a pulse. I took a moment to wonder how a "minor case" could knock out a fully grown dragon before remembering the urgency of the situation and pivoting towards the nearest exit. "Where are you going?" the red called, hesitantly following me. "If something in the volcano habitat drove Xyresic to fly until he collapsed, I'd say it's worth checking out," I replied, stepping into the cool night air. I immediately broke out in goose bumps, but there was no time to go back for a jacket. Without bothering to ask permission I leapt onto Cyrvony's back. He shot me an irate look before taking off.


It took us a while to reach the habitat. Cyrvony was significantly bigger than Xyresic and therefore could fly faster for larger distances, but it was a long flight nonetheless. After a couple of miserable, freezing hours we landed at the foot of the largest volcano. Oddly enough most of the native dragons were already gathered there. They looked thoroughly cowed by something, which was extremely out of character for most of them. A cluster of scared but resolute-looking seragamma wyverns split off from the main group, surrounding Cyrvony and I in a loose circle. "What's going on? What is the meaning of this?" Cyrvony snarled as they drew closer. I, on the other hand, was far too caught up in the absurdity of the situation to speak. First the usually brave and malicious volcanic dragons gathered together peacefully, looking scared out of their minds, and then the notoriously solitary seragammas banded together to surround us? What on earth was happening?


Before I could regain enough composure to realize what was going on a pair of the wyverns leapt forward, pinning Cyrvony down and knocking him out. "What do you think you're doing?!" I cried, rushing towards him. Another wyvern blocked my path. "This is what you get for sticking us in such a crowded habitat and leaving us to rot," she snarled. I took a step backward and opened my mouth to protest, then almost bit my tongue off as I stumbled over something. I spun around, expecting to find another seragamma. Instead I saw an adolescent girl standing near a magi dragon. This raised so many questions that I couldn't even form a coherent sentence as she stepped closer to me. The seragammas let her pass with an almost reverent air. When she was about a foot away I finally managed to choke out a sentence. "What the f-"


She clocked me on the head.


She had quite the arm for a kid. I easily slid out of consciousness and into the worst set of nightmares I'd ever experienced. Typically I didn't even dream, so I had no idea how to deal with them other than by screaming my imaginary lungs out. It felt like every single bone in my body was breaking at once while my muscles were torn and pulled into places they certainly did not belong. And for some reason, at the end of each wretched, hellish nightmare, the girl was there, helping me. I tried to ask her why she would assist me after smashing my forehead in, but the question was lost between my screams. After what seemed like an eternity I began to wake up. I opened my eyes, trying to ignore my splitting headache, and immediately shrieked. My vision had increased by at least a hundredfold. Usually I needed specially enchanted glasses just for reading, but now I could pick out each individual hair on a rabbit from miles away. Startled by my sudden ocular prowess I tried to rub my eyes and instead smacked myself in the face with a wing. I scrambled to my feet, towering above my previous 5 foot height, and cast a horrified glance at my body. I looked, for some godforsaken reason, just like a seragamma wyvern. The events leading up to my transformation came rushing back to me and I cast a nervous look around. The dragons and wyverns that had been surrounding me had vanished. A soft groan came from behind me and I clumsily turned around, almost tripping over my own claws. Cyrvony was stirring in his sleep, about to regain consciousness.

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((Took longer than I expected, sorry. Keep getting interrupted. Coughfamilycough. >_>


My character is a Bleeding Moon dragon, still haven't gotten to the point where they realise what they are though. Being smacked in the head three times does that.


Nice introduction, Avarule, your character has a great sense of humour!))


All at once, the dragons came to life, some scattering back into the caves they lived in, others taking off into the sky. It was as if a spell had ended, as if something had spooked the living daylights out of the group of previously boisterous Bleeding Moon dragons. The fact that they rarely came together in a group wasn’t lost on me, it merely went aside as a non issue in light of their current behaviour. I noticed Carinata was nowhere to be seen, but Oenpelliensis, the dragon he had been fighting with, was still in the same spot he had been in prior to my short but unexpected lesson in flight. What surprised me more wasn’t that he was still there, but that he was still cowering. I knew him as a previously proud dragon, the idea of him cowering shattered whatever image I once had of him in my mind.


“Oenpelliensis?” That was strange, I could’ve sworn I said something, but only a hoarse, almost grating noise sounded. Maybe hitting the tree knocked a few of my senses about, it wouldn’t be the first time a fall had me acting strange. “Oenpelliensis!” I said again, this time with more force. There it was again, that grating sound, except it sounded more like a roar this time, almost as if there was a dragon beside me, mimicking my words with its own attempt at verbal speech.


Oenpelliensis raised his head, eyes defiant in response to my words. Blood dripped from his skull, trailing down one of the larger horns before hitting the blood stained snow below him. His scales broken here and there as a result of his fight with Carinata, and his horns, while marred with countless scratches on their surfaces, were still impressive. “You need not yell, I heard you call my name the first time.” There it was, that characteristic pride. I knew he wasn’t the type to take a situation laying down, but the look of defiance? That was new, and I couldn't help but notice that his eyes kept darting to somewhere behind me, as if he were trying to read my next move. If I hadn’t spent a significant amount of time around the Bleeding Moon dragons, I would say it was an open challenge.


Well, why didn’t you answer me the first time? Is what I felt like saying, but I didn’t. Snark, while something I employed frequently, and often with abandon, wasn’t the best response for the current situation. I thought of what I would say instead, but was interrupted by a hearty, draconic chuckle.


“I was unsure of your… intentions.” The dragon responded, as if he heard my question. I suppose being wounded as he was, he would be entitled to acting in an overly cautious manner. “When I saw another dragon approach me, I first expected another fight. It seems you are not here to challenge me, I must ask however, did you see where my opponent, Carinata went?” His eyes darted to somewhere behind me once again, but I paid no mind as my thoughts reeled at his words.


A dragon? He thought I was a real live, hulking, breathing, dragon? Were his eyes seeing things? Did the fight affect his mind more than his wounded pride? “Don’t be ridiculous, I’m not a dragon.” I said with as much confidence that years as a human being would produce. I mean, unless I was still dreaming; I was most certainly, without a doubt, still a human. “I would ask the same, since Carinata saw fit to attack me. It’s a strange day when one of my own horde uses me as target practice.” I leaned back, raising my right hand to scratch my head in confusion. It was pounding something fierce and the sheer white snow was glaringly bright in the waning sunlight.


Oenpelliensis righted himself, no longer looking as if he were champing at the bit for a fight. Instead, the dragon radiated amusement, the few drops of blood that had yet to fall from his head creating a horrific visage that, if he wasn’t my dragon, I would have been frightened to see. “Well, Not-a-Dragon, this is the first time I’ve ever seen you. The human that lives in these parts would be annoyed, to say the least, at an intruder. Did you not see the signs? I’ll have to call for the Reds, it looks like we’ll be having a barbeque for dinner.”


I ignored the last part, clearly he was having a joke at my expense. The first part however? I understood that I didn’t frequent the alpine Weyr often, but to say I had never visited? Preposterous! “Listen carefully, and listen well.” I lifted my hand, pointing at him. My eyes were too focused on his expression to notice that my hand… wasn’t actually a hand. “I raised you from an egg, Oenpelliensis. I rescued you from a snow drift when your egg was abandoned by your mother…” Wow, I sounded like a scolding parent there. I coughed in disgust at my words, sending the snow beneath me flying out as a localised tornado tore through the space between the dragon and I. That, was strange. Not quite as strange as the sight of a fully grown Bleeding Moon dragon whooping in laughter, however. “Why are you laughing at me?”


The Bleeding Moon’s laughter slowed to a stop, his head shaking at the sheer stupidity of the dragon before him. “Does it hurt to be this oblivious?” Now that he mentioned it, I was damn sore. It felt like every bone in my body had been stretched, like every muscle had been pulled, all at the same time. Oenpelliensis cast one more furtive glance behind me, before rising to all fours. He approached me with all the stealth of being blatantly obvious, and then he headbutted me. Headbutted me!


My head reeled back, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t been knocked senseless for the second time in as many hours. “What the h-”


“You have an audience.” Oenpelliensis interrupted, motioning his claws to the tree behind me.


I whirled around, sending snow into the air at the speed of my motion. I instantly spotted the audience, a single adult Moonstone, male by the colouration, and two hatchlings, male and female if my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I narrowed my eyes, not recognising the dragons from any of the dozen or so Moonstones I kept. “Who are you three?” I asked. I could’ve sworn Oenpelliensis had made some growling sounds from behind me, because I heard another lame excuse for a dragon’s attempt at verbal speech. Whoever it was, the needed to learn how to use telepathy. Preferably soon, because that sound was annoying.

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(hahaha that's awesome. Note that I am now typing on mobile, so the following might be a bit substandard, I will edit it in the morning, this is my last post for tonight. Edit, scratch that, this is too fun. Bring it.)


As my newly acquired dragon brain processed the garbling voice I heard, I realized that it was the nearer of the two bleeding moon dragons who had deigned to speak aloud.


My reply was not nearly as unrefined. I molded my thoughts to perfection before releasing the tide of words to flow over the crude minds of the bleeding moon dragons, "I might ask you the same. Perhaps you were bonked on the head one time too many, as it would seem you are incapable of using the standard telepathic communication that even I have been able to master. And I've only been a dragon for a week! Before that, I was nothing more than an adolescent male human, clumsy and intolerable by these two wonderful hatchlings you see beside me. I much prefer the sensation of telepathic communication as opposed to that crude rumbling noise you call a "voice".

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((Be my friend, Alexander_Drake, your character is golden! xd.png


Ah, the mobile. I’ll shorten my posts so that it isn’t a pain to read it.))


If Oenpelliensis had a questionable sense of humour, this Moonstone dragon was certainly trying his hardest to sass me. And it was working. “I’ll have you know that I’ve been smacked into a tree, knocked unconscious, and now headbutted,” I looked behind me with the most intimidating glare I could muster, “all in the space of the last few…” Thinking about it, I couldn’t accurately tell how long it had been since I first got knocked out. It only felt like a few hours ago, but the sun was high in the sky when I first arrived. Now, it was almost setting.


“Anyway, my head’s had enough bashing to last me a lifetime. So if you’ll take your… did you say you were a human, and now you’re a dragon?” I couldn’t believe it. Shapeshifting? It was impossible. Time magic. Now that was something I’d entertain as being possible, maybe someone even had a working spell. Becoming a dragon however? I’ve never heard of such a thing.


Oenpelliensis made a huffing sound behind me and a long, drawn out “Ah,” entered my mind as his telepathic drawl once more, had a humorous tone to it. It was almost as if he had an epiphany, one that he failed to let me in on. “I think I understand now.” Oenpelliensis stated, both to me and to the Moonstones.


I looked once more to Oenpelliensis, and then to the larger Moonstone. Clearly, they were in cahoots with each other. I was getting ganged up on now, sassed by two parties. “Well, I’ll let you get along with your new best friend Oenpelliensis. I’ve got records to keep and a head to rest, since you had the bright idea of headbutting me.” I took two steps towards the entrance of the cave system, before stopping. It dawned on me then and there that not only was the ground far below me, but that my footprints resembled nothing like that of a human's.


“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I muttered, this time the sound of growl emanated from my mouth, and I realised that it had been me all along making the strangled draconic sounds. I lifted my hands… no my paws, and let out a massive sigh. “I am a dragon.” I sat on my haunches, the weight of the revelation settling on my shoulders like a large boulder. I certainly didn’t feel much different, but coherent speech was something of a challenge. I raised my head, eyes searching for the Moonstone’s.


“Tell me something. This isn’t normal, is it?” I then recalled I hadn’t introduced myself, and that the Moonstone had asked who I was. “I guess you could call me Omen. Ironic, I suppose, seeing the mess I’m in now.” My words were still spoken, although in speaking, they also projected telepathically. Not that I was any the wiser, but perhaps that explained why Oenpelliensis understood my garbled gibberish.

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(by mobile I mean more of a Windows Surface rather than a Windows phone, by the way. Feel free to re-elongated your posts.)


Seeing the huge amount of distress Omen was in, Lumina promptly offered her several hundred bits of hidden chocolate in an attempt to befriend Omen while Oenpelliensis and I compared notes on what each side of the transformations were like. Oenpelliensis, as it turned out, had a rather poor memory and seemed to lack several mature aspects of his personality. I got nowhere with his feeble mind, and soon returned to Omen and Lumina in a huff.


(edit, last post until tomorrow afternoon. I am up past midnight fro me and I am wrecked.)


(edit edit, your post reinvigorated me. Back to writing. Also, I live in Sammamish, WA.)

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((They’ll take longer to write though. The first post took me something like five hours, maybe six? Haha.


What timezones is everyone in? I’m GMT +10 or with DST currently in effect, GMT +11.


Alright, I appreciate that you stayed up a little longer, thank you!))


Movement caught my eyes, it appeared the smaller female hatchling wished to present something to me. I leaned closer, and upon noticing that it was chocolate, politely declined. “Thanks, but no thanks.” I stated, not noticing that the older dragon had taken off somewhere behind me. The hatchling had done nothing to annoy me, and if I was being honest, I had a soft spot for hatchlings. She was pretty cute as far as Moonstones went, light blue scales even lighter than my own. I didn’t need an explanation as to what dragon I was, it was pretty clear now that I took the time to breathe.


Lilac colouration under my massive wings? Check. Red horns, that I could barely see in my peripheral vision? Check. I’m surprised I didn’t notice that earlier. Tail, pointed with a barb? Check. I better not hit myself with that, I thought, last I understood, Bleeding Moon’s had a nasty toxin used to kill prey. I guess I should have counted myself lucky that Oenpelliensis only saw fit to heatbutt me, I had no idea how the toxin would interact with the body of a human turned dragon, and I didn’t want to find out.


My attention returned to the hatchling, and I wondered how she had managed to carry the impressive pile of chocolate around without losing it. At least it wouldn’t melt in the alpine, I supposed, melted chocolate was the worst to get out of clothing. A concern that no longer applied to me. I let out a forlorn sigh, wondering what sorcery resulted in the transformation of a human to a dragon. I vaguely remembered the form of a child, hitting me in the head. Evil little girl, smacking a stranger in the head like that. I couldn’t remember what I had done to deserve it, but whatever it was, I hoped she knew that I wasn’t going to leave things like this.


I tried to shape my thoughts into a telepathic message, but I wasn’t sure if it would work. Nonetheless, I gave it my best try. “So… Moonstone.” I still didn’t know his name, so if he saw this as an offensive slur, he would have to excuse the lapse in decorum. “You said you were a human once. Did you spontaneously turn into a dragon, or did someone,” I wasn’t going to name names, “like an adolescent girl,” but I did anyway, “do this to you?”


That was when I noticed the Moonstone return from where Oenpelliensis had been sitting. I wondered what the two had been up to, but let the matter drop. Oenpelliensis, for all his pride, wasn’t a stupid dragon by any stretch. Not by my estimations, anyway, but he sometimes exhibited strange behaviour, much like Carinata. Only, Carinata had turned traitor, and Oenpelliensis hadn’t. Something was up, and as soon as I got some time alone with Oenpelliensis, he’d best explain why he was fighting with Carinata.

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After Omen's albeit still feeble mental communication, I felt it appropriate to introduce myself.


"my name's Alexander. Not that uncommon of a name, you should be able to remember it easily, provided your brain is still intact. And, yes, an adolescent girl was involved in my transformation, along with a skilled Magi dragon. But, you said you were knocked unconscious, whereas with me, she merely tapped my forehead and I passed out into hellish nightmares and near-death experiences, but the same girl always saved me from death and eased my pains, only for me to be pulled right back into some other dream world with a newer, more elaborate method of torture or killing. Sounds like she wanted you to be a few notches dumber."


Lumina, feeling sad about her chocolate peace offering declined, was plotting with Ludwig how to force-feed Omen. I caught mental wind of their plan, and as such, began to casually eat the chocolate before they could enact such an unrefined and rude plan.

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I listened as the Moonstone’s thinly veiled insults entered my mind in telepathic communication. I attempted to raise my brows at this, but found the facial features of a dragon to be far more difficult to manipulate. My expression probably appeared pained at best, constipated at worst. I sincerely hoped it would be interpreted as pained, I didn’t want to hear if he had other witty retorts in his arsenal. “I’m not sure I could remember such a moniker, you do recall that I said my head had taken a hit three times, right? Would it be okay to call you Alex, instead?” My tone wasn’t the friendliest, and had someone asked the same of me, my answer would have been a resounding no. Still, Alexander was being nothing short of sassy, and I would respond in kind. I had every intention of using his full name, but it didn’t stop me from testing the boundaries.


Oenpelliensis snorted behind me, a sound rather unbecoming of a dragon. I rallied, taking the snort as a response to my wit, and not as a response to how petty I was being. I thought of myself as a person with an above average intelligence, and knew that while I was a little oblivious at times, I was not as stupid as the Moonstone insinuated. “I don’t recall seeing a Magi dragon.” Was there even a Magi dragon around? The only dragons I saw had been the unusually large gathering of Bleeding Moons. “Then again, I had just learned that trusting my own dragons with my life was perhaps, careless of me.” I flourished my clawed paw to indicate my current predicament, perhaps careless had been too light a word. Reckless was a better descriptive, it even sounded better.


That was when I noticed that Alexander was occasionally chewing on something. My eyes dropped to the pile of chocolate, with two hatchlings sitting suspiciously close to each other. Did hatchlings plot? I wondered. No, it was probably getting cold for them, weren’t Moonstones a desert species after all? “Why are you eating chocolate?” I would offer the dragons shelter, but I wasn’t sure if my body would fit in the tunnels leading to the warmer parts of the cave system I called home. I let out an undignified yelp, “My records!” who was going to manage them, now that I was a dragon? Could dragons even write? I wanted no more than to find the child that had transformed me, and demand that she turn me back. I rather enjoyed being a human, for all the faults they had, it made the pursuit of knowledge easier when you didn’t send a small village fleeing into the countryside in terror at the mere sight of you.


I was getting hungry now, too, I often neglected to feed myself during the day and chose to eat at night. Now that my body was larger in size and mass, the snacks I had eaten for breakfast did nothing to sate the demon within, that is, my stomach. It let out a growl of acknowledgement, one that would put a Green dragon’s roar to shame, to remind me of its presence. I pretended the sound had nothing to do with me, and rose to my feet. It seemed like I would have to return to my home, one way or another. I recalled a larger entrance, near the volcanic terrain. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get there, seeing as we would have to go the long way around. Maybe I should have asked about having the tunnels carved larger, big enough for a dragon form to fit within. No, I shook my head at the possibility, that would mean I would be okay with being a dragon. I wasn’t, not yet, not now, maybe not ever.


“Your younglings, are they cold?” This time, I didn’t try to fight the instinct, didn’t try to force my thoughts into coherent speech. I hoped my telepathic voice came across as concerned, because that what I was. I doubted my telepathy would be anywhere near as good as Alexander’s, not at least, without practice. I rarely excelled at something unless I practiced, and something as basic as telepathy for a dragon, was as foreign as soaring through the skies unaided by magic or traitorous dragons for me. If I ever saw Carinata again, dragon or human form, I was going to give him a piece of my mind.

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"Not particularly, not with all the chocolate they eat. It keeps them warm, and the sugar rush helps a bit, too. Try some, it'll help. I insist. You won't regret it. I paid good money for this. Not only that, I gave myself a stitch from overworking my wings during a quick request I undertook for some gold, which, before you ask in your feeble way, was to make some strong gusts for a windmill. I did it for an hour straight. I don't kid around."


Lumina backed up my opinion of the chocolate, giving the most adorable look she could muster to Omen.

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((May I quickly ask where abouts we are? Also newcomer incoming! :D))


I glided on the currents, my large wings spreading a shadow on the ground below. Beside it skimmed the shadow of another dragon - Gowdali, one of the best fighters I'd raised. He was a Seragamma Wyvern and I - his foster parent - was a Howler Drake. Not always, though. A mere three days ago I had been human.


Today was my first real flight in the big, wide world of dragons and Gowdali had offered to accompany me as a personal bodyguard. Despite how destroyed and weathered he looked he was almost a spring chicken and I had faith that he'd be able to deal with almost any threat that I should run across.


But so far had been quiet and peaceful.


So quiet, in fact, that Gowdali was straying from just watching out for enemies to instructing me to attempt various flying manoeuvres. I would attempt them and we spoke to one another. I still had not gotten used to the while telepathic communication and frequently attempted to speak out loud - which always resulted in an echoing shriek or some other hideous sound.


Just my luck to be turned from a normally shy, quiet person to one of the noisiest drakes out there.

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((I'm using the DC home page map as a guide, Alexander_Drake and I are in the alpine region, on the south side directly opposite the volcano to the north. Avarule is somewhere near a volcano, I'm not sure which one.


This is it from me, until Alexander_Drake is able to post again.))


“Well they might not be getting cold,” I relented, the little female Moonstone had an undeniably crippling effect on the less savoury aspects of my attitude, “but I am.” Talking in circles wasn’t getting me any closer to finding the girl, but charging off without a plan wouldn’t conclude the problem any quicker, nor would it assist me in finding out why I was transformed. It seemed Alexander rather liked the lifestyle of a dragon, something that I wouldn’t begrudge him for. I had to agree that dragons were rather impressive, and perhaps, down the track, this lifestyle may prove too interesting to revert to my previous, human form. I was going to look for answers though, there had to be a reason for turning strangers into dragons. I was going to find that reason if it was the last thing I did.


I held out a paw, accepting a hatchling paw sized portion of chocolate. I didn’t particularly like the stuff, but if the female hatchling was going to unleash another one of those stares on me, I would take the lesser of two evils. I devoured the chocolate with an exceptionally keen enthusiasm, whatever dragons had for senses, it was miles of difference in comparison to human senses. The chocolate tasted rather bitter at first, however became sweeter as time went on. It probably would have tasted better with human senses, but if the hatchlings liked the chocolate well enough, it was probably more to do with the diet of a Bleeding Moon dragon than it was to do with their tastes.


I wiped my paw on the snow, vaguely aware of the blood stains from the dragon fright. “Oen,” I turned my head, searching for the Bleeding Moon. I spotted him, a ways away from where the three Moonstones were, and as far away from me as he had been when I was sitting under the tree. “come back here.” I attempted to inject a commanding tone into my telepathy, but once more, spluttered and growled alongside the more dignified mental speech. If he was trying to escape, he was doing a poor job of it. “You’re not going anywhere anytime soon, Mister, you’re on my watch list.” I narrowed my eyes, watching the dragon as he slunk back towards the disparate gathering.


The male dropped to the ground beside me, sending a mass of snow into the air… and onto me. Of course he would react like that, to a direct command. Insubordinate the lot of them. I shook the snow off, wishing fervently that I hadn’t voiced my current status of being cold. It took a second bout of intense shaking to remove the snow from my horns, something I would have to become accustomed to if I wished to hide with any level of stealth. They were bright red, for crying out loud.


“You might be content eating chocolate, Alexander, but I would like to find out the reason for being transformed. You’re welcome to stay at my abode,” I gestured toward the entrance of the cave, “but this entrance was carved for a human body, not a dragon’s.” I looked toward the sky, trying to get a bearing on which direction the volcanic region was in. My sense of direction was nothing short of spectacular. Spectacularly poor. It was a wonder I found this place to begin with, but I did have some dragons with me when I first discovered it. If I could get a hold of Terror, maybe she could send a message to the volcanic dragons I kept?


I lifted a paw, rubbing my draconic chin with as much coordination as a freshly hatched wyvern finding its feet. Which is it say, not much. I stopped the action, aware of Oenpelliensis’s amused stare. He was doing his darndest to annoy me without speaking, but I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. “Which way is North?” I searched for the sun, knowing it was due to set soon. We were in the mountains, however, and the sun had long since disappeared from view. The light in the sky indicated it was still visible in some parts, so it wasn’t completely dark yet.


Oenpelliensis chuckled, as a hatchling he had been one of the few dragons to get lost alongside me as I explored the wilderness for more abandoned eggs. His sense of direction was better than mine, if only by a thin margin. I looked towards the Moonstones with a hopeful expression, perhaps they knew which way was North, and in turn, I could offer them shelter in a less frigid environment. Something told me Oenpelliensis was perfectly fine with the weather however, if the action of rolling in the snow was anything to judge by. He was trying to embarrass me, and I pretended to ignore him.

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(Bluh, just look at all the glorious roleplaying I missed out on! >.< I knew I should have stayed up.)


Cyrvony slowly opened his eyes and stood up. He still hadn't fully come to his senses. I awkwardly moved to his side to check for injuries. He glanced at me and before I could move he lashed out with his tail, slamming me into the ground. "Where is my keeper?!" he roared. "I'm right here, genius," I snapped. Or at least I tried to. Instead a hideous, grating screech tore out of my mouth. Cyrvony leapt forward and swiped at me with his claws. I made a pathetic attempt to dodge and instead wound up slamming my head into the side of the volcano. I recalled the fact that dragons communicated with telepathy and, out of desperation, tried to send a mental message to him. "Stop attacking me! I'm your keeper!" I yelled, hoping I didn't sound as pathetic and panicked as I felt. "Lies. Tell me where she is or I'll beat you to a pulp!" the red dragon bellowed, aiming another blow at my chest. This one hit dead center and I crumpled to the ground.


"I'm... not... lying!" I spat, struggling to force the words into his mind through the pain. "If I were a real seragamma, why would I still be here?"


"Well, there's obviously something wrong with you," Cyrvony sneered, kicking me right below the rib cage. I rolled away from him and shakily got to my feet. "Just listen to me!" I begged. He ignored me and shot a fireball at my head. It singed a couple of my scales as it flew by, but I managed to duck in time. Rage started to boil in my gut. Today I had been betrayed, attacked, transmuted against my will and then betrayed and attacked again. "Cyrvony, I swear to the avatars, if you don't listen to me right now THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!" I screeched, aiming a tail strike at his chest for good measure. Unfortunately in my rage I forgot to use telepathy, so all he saw was an enraged seragamma wyvern shrieking a battle cry and attacking him.


That was apparently all the confirmation he needed. He easily dodged the strike and launched himself at me, tackling me and pinning me to the ground. "Very well. If you won't tell me where she is then I have no need for you, traitor. And you know, there's only one kind of punishment for treason like this." My eyes widened. He couldn't be serious. This all had to be an elaborate ruse. Maybe it was one of Shakatar's pranks. My eyes darted around, hoping to spot the little misfit pygmy laughing at me from atop a rock. But she wasn't there. No one was. I stared back up at Cyrvony, who'd positioned his claws above my neck. "I'm your keeper, damn it! Listen to me!" I begged. He ignored me, flexing his claws. "Judging by your reaction I suppose you know what it is. Allow me to remind you anyway." He leaned closer to me, his bright yellow eyes boring into mine without a hint of mercy.



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(currently, you should have some arbitrary reason [perhaps someone else tells you] to go to the alpine Weyr. That's where "I" and Omen are.)

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((Hello, im the potato! Kidding. Im a new player to this roleplay. And fyi, so you dont get confused, please check out my scroll so you know my dragon Iinventory))


I looked over my glorious alpine home. It was amazing. I held the newest edition to the family in my hand: a Golden Wyyvern egg. I hopped on my first dragon, a Cassare named Yopple, and flew back home.

I checked on my mana room. Piles and piles of mana filled the room. A collection of mana crystals obtained over time all sitting in this room. And I have Magi dragon guards, who occasionally roll in the piles. It was funny to watch. "No incidents yet?" I askes the lead guard, Floodoop.

"Not so far. Unless you call a mouse an intruder."

I went back to my deck. I watched the alpine sun set behind the mountains. I sighed happily, glad for another day spent greatly. I yawned, and I went to my room and slept. I started drifting off to sleep and good dreams when. .

I felt a presence. Then ruckus. I didnt realize that a girl and her magi were knocking out the guards and stealing the mana until there was a face in mine. The girl looked pissed. "Remember me, censorkip.gif ?" She said. I saw out of the corner of my eye a magi holding the golden egg and drop it on the floor. I heard a sickening crack... and before I could scream, I was knocked out too.

I felt nightmares the whole time I was asleep. Most of them were about the golden wyyvern. The worst was that moment when the egg dropped. When I finnaly woke up, I felt wierd. I felt larger, with more muscles and more to control. I felt woozy, and when I looked into a puddle, I couldn't believe my eyes. I didnt have a human face, or wolf ears. I was an adult male Golden Wyyvern myself! I stood up, and heard a noise. I looked around, and in the corner of the cave, I saw broken eggshells, and inside the mess was...a dragonett?

Not just any dragonett. MY dragonett. My Golden Wyyvern egg was alive!

I rushed to the dragonett, crying. I would technically be a papa! I checked the gender. A girl dragonett. What should I name her? Hmmm....

"Ill name you...Furisa."

I flew with the little one, and passed by my old home. If you could call it that anymore. It was in smoldering ruins, obviously burned down. It had a layer of snow on it from the night before. Well, I am a dragon now. And my other dragons must have scattered. Wont be seeing them again...

I am hungry. I need food. And obviously Furisa does too. I went into a human village at night to buy food. I cant sleep. I looked around and found a food tent. With my remaining gold, I bought soms meat. I ate most of it, and that didnt bother the little girl, for dragonetts dont eat much. I was happy this one survived. She must have been ready to hatch at any moment when she was dropped. I looked at the moon. It will be a long time till I can sleep,mqybe even days.

((What if thw girl and magi go around turning multiple people into dragons? That would be an interesting plot...))

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Pondering the rather silly question that Omen had posed to me, I glanced at the direction of the sunset, and practically voiced how dense I thought Omen was.


"It's obviously this way," I said, walking past Omen. Lumina and Ludwig both stood up and began to follow me, and as she passed Omen, Lumina left some more chocolate just in case, hopeful that Omen would eat some more.

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((Merry Christmas people, or for those that don't celebrate, Happy December 25th. happy.gif))


I ignored the part where Alexander stated it was obvious. To some, and I won’t name names, the opposite was true. I used physical landmarks like that tree with a scratch, or that rock that had been broken into two by an angry dragon. They might not be the most accurate for judging locations, especially when some dragon breaks the rock in half once more or when a Vine dragon knocks the tree over, but to follow the direction of the sun, to gain an idea of where North was? I couldn’t even remember if the sun set in the East or West! I had spent too much time underground or in the cave system I called home to learn any of that. Instead, I took the answer at face value, this dragon-human thingy knew where he was going, and I didn’t.


“Well, I’m glad one of us knows which way is up!” I replied, feeling chipper as a result of eating a small portion of food. That chocolate was something else. I watched as Oenpelliensis rose to a stand, and almost began moving away towards the North when one of the hatchlings offered me some more chocolate. I graciously accepted, she wasn’t going to level one of those stares at me if I could help it. I offered some of the chocolate bounty to Oenpelliensis, but he vehemently declined. Spoilsport.


“Thank you, little hatchling. Might I ask your name?” I lifted my head, directing the question towards the male hatchling as well. I wondered if Alexander was alright with me talking to his hatchlings, he seemed protective of them. I recalled that Alexander mentioned gold and a windmill, and realised I hadn’t yet responded to that particular declaration. How rude of me. “So… you said you kept a Windmill going for an hour, using just your wings?” My wings had done nothing but get snowed on during the time I had been a dragon. I didn’t even know which muscles to move to use them, never mind that it’s an entirely unsettling feeling to have a weight on my back.


I realised I was making small talk, but I figured if we were going to travel for a length of time, it might as well be bearable. I still expected to have visions of jumping off the nearest cliff soon enough, that was one of the main reasons why I kept to myself, hidden in the mountains like a hermit. My last expedition into town ended rather badly, and I’m not sure who came out more traumatised in the end. Me, or the Guardian dragon attempting to guard an establishment a mile away from the town proper. I probably should have left some form of compensation for covering the place in dirt after a spell went wrong, but it was an accident and I thought it was abandoned. I shivered, recalling how difficult it was to lose the trail of a very ticked off Guardian.

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(I'm sorry it's taking to long to get my character with yours. Is it okay if she interrupts you two or would you like to finish talking first?)

(EDIT: Okay, got it. Would you mind if she "waits" at a town?)

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(preferably wait till we get somewhere that has other people besides us, [town or some such place] before showing up.)

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