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Holiday Music

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What is your favorite style of Holiday Music?


Traditional, Classic, Remakes of the old songs by your favorite artists, something else?


I stumbled across this Christmas Electro/Techno/Dubstep compilation that I thought was a fun take for something different to listen to! xd.png

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My favorite is always "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" sung by Nat King Cole smile.gif It's just so jazzy and hilarious at the same time. I love it.


<---- here it is if you want

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I tend to prefer traditional-style Christmas songs, but do enjoy 'newer' carols as well.

Phil Coulter, Rebecca St. James, and Boney M are three CDs in my collection I listen to each year.


Just found this at YouTube which has many that I like! smile.gif


Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Its nice to hear Christmas music on Christmas eve or Christmas day.

It's bull censorkip.gif to hear it in September. dry.gif

Which unfortunately, we do. A lot.

This year too.


is my favorite. Edited by Brotato

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