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Wish Upon A Star [OOC]

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[small update]


Mage is no longer co-GM to this RP. That is all.


If anyone is interested in knowing the entire plot of WUAS before this inevitably crashes and dies in exchange for minor managerial duties and probably me ranting at you a lot, you can now apply for this position. No promises, though.

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Hey guys, I'm considering getting off my butt and contacting the people who left this RP again. Several of them never actually specified what I should do with their characters, and I'm thinking we can open up some of their reserved Pokemon for others to use. Thoughts?


Currently, there's a retcon page on the wiki that lists the fates of decommissioned characters, if that'd help.

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Hello! This announcement is specifically directed at the people who want to join this but didn't get a chance to. Yes, I know you're there, you stalkers, I've seen you stare at the thread, don't even try to deny it. (Side note: if you've been accepted but left afterwards, and would like to get back into WUAS, this is not for you; read this, contact me, and we'll work something out.)


The second acceptance period is happening on Monday afternoon, in-RP. What'll happen is that I will stop the RP for a short hiatus at that point, and during that hiatus, open my PM box for more character sheets. The same guidelines and restrictions will apply to these newly-created characters, except for a few minor things that are spoilers for now but that I will clarify when the time comes.


Of course, considering the snail-like pace we're currently going at, this probably isn't going to be soon, or even "soon". So why am I making this announcement now? That's because you may now reserve Pokemon for your characters if you can provide me with an interesting character concept. The first time around, it took quite a while for the character sheets to be adjusted to my liking, so this time you'll have literally months in advance to plan and bounce ideas off me and the rest of the WUAS crew.


Some links you may find useful:


- Official Chatzy. The password is Diancie. I would prefer if you contacted me there (although PM or OOC is also ok), since I'm there most of the time and even if I'm not, the other players can give you advice.

- The Wiki, which contains a good bit of extra info that I couldn't fit anywhere into the first posts.

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[Announcement: that's all, folks.]


To everyone who's stuck with me for this long: thank you so much, and I'm sorry - but I'm shutting WUAS down.


I kind of dug myself into a hole with this thing; people have been gradually losing interest and with the current setup, dropping old characters or introducing new ones would make no sense. To be honest, I've kind of lost interest in GMing as well (it's harder than I expected, and I expected it to be hard!), not to mention my mental health has been less than stellar lately. So instead of letting it just sit here and sink into the void, I'm making it official.


If you don't want to go home just yet:

- I love all of your characters. Hit me up for some 1x1s!

- I'll write up a summary of everything I had planned, including bonus art of everyone who hasn't appeared, because I worked hard on this plot, dammit. This will probably be shared here and on the chatzy.

- I'll attempt to write a novel version of WUAS for NaNoWriMo in November (with an original Team Diancie cast), so if you want to hear me scream about magical girls some more, keep in touch.

- I may remake this eventually, with the same core concept but an entirely different plot, and if that happens I'll need at least two co-GMs. It's never too early to contact me with ideas!


Anyway, thanks again for joining this baby GM's second RP, and hope y'all have fun in your future endeavours!

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Ooooohkay, here we go. I wrote most of this while heavily sleep-deprived, so sorry if it makes zero sense whatsoever, but without further ado, the plot in extremely tiny text:


Alexis' partner is Altaria/Dana Dwight; they've been Contracted and hanging around HH for years, and they're basically the pirate mom gang. When they were younger, they took in a lot of other magical girls and taught them stuff, but Lex got disillusioned with it so they don't do it nearly as often anymore. Lex had set up a meeting with Luxray at the park; she considers HH her territory and wanted Lux to conduct her world-domination plan from somewhere else, but in the end, Lux didn’t show. Dana takes a liking to the kids and persuades Lex to give them a few hints, and eventually the two become kind-of-allies to Team Diancie. Of course, this earns them a few attempts on their lives.


At 7am sharp on Monday morning, Pidove arrives at Morgan's house, still all pouting and huffy. Morgan tells her about what happened on Sunday, and since Lex dropped some pretty serious hints, he decides that he needs to leave and inform Diancie immediately. He hastily sets up a meeting for that evening and flies off.


Togetic is Paige Paisley, a student at HHH; Monday afternoon, after school ends, she bumps into one of the Team Diancie characters, shrieks, and runs. After that, she'll be hanging out near the front gates, warding everyone off with glares and threats, until a car drives up to pick her up.


The rest of the afternoon would be investigating Paige; now that the team knows who the spy is, they can find out more about her, and several NPCs have info. The fact that she has to be driven home is a big hint too - HH isn't a big town and she'd have to live at the edges to need a ride. Marian and/or Morgan might know something about that. Paige's character arc is that she's not a very likeable person, and she joined Lux for friends, but after totally failing her first assignment and probably a few more she gets kicked out. She doesn't join Team Diancie, but she does passive-aggressively throw hints at them in an attempt to pit her enemies against each other.


In the evening, everyone goes to Morgan's house to wait for Pidove. He doesn't show - unusual, considering his obsession with punctuality. Someone remembers that Pidove said he'd be at the empty lot if he couldn't make it to the house. They trek over in the pouring rain. Thunder rumbles in the distance. Pidove still doesn't show.


There is a flash of lightning. Lux appears before of them, smirks, and drops their beloved messenger at their feet.


If anyone tries to attack her, she's packing 100-accuracy Thunder and a Roar that can deflect projectiles. She gives a short dramatic villain speech ("it's such a shame that I can only show off like this when it's raining, isn't it?") and hints heavily that her plan involves making magical girls and Contracts public knowledge. She finishes off with a parting threat ("look, I've got big plans coming, and I'd really prefer if all of you were alive and here to see them, alright?") and probably a bad joke or two ("you better go help your friend there, he looks pretty shocked. Ha!") before disappearing.


Pidove is alive, but someone's going to have to hide a pigeon from their family while he recovers. Once he does, he informs everyone that he was attacked on the way to Diancie, so Lux doesn't know where her secret base is, thank god - but since Diancie didn't receive her daily report, she would've moved anyway and sent a second messenger. The second messenger is a nervous Helioptile with Camouflage who shows up with a pink diamond as proof (and immediately chucks it into Houndoom's mouth). She informs everyone that since Lux knows about them now, there's no point in hiding anymore and they are to switch to full attack/investigation mode. Also, they'll need more firepower, so Diancie may be sending a few more magical girls their way (the second acceptance period).


After this, it becomes pretty clear that Lux is intent on getting rid of them if they don't stop, and she has no qualms about the public finding out either. Beheeyem and Gothitelle, Diancie's coverup team, show up and complain about working overtime. Lux figures out Vic is on the team and sends the Clamperl sisters (Gorebyss/Chris and Huntail/Kat) to get rid of him - but Sam shows up and the fight spills into the town before backup arrives. Her other followers are Mismagius/Jane Lloyd and Froslass/Lucy Hargrave, as well as possibly the Doublade twins, and there are numerous clashes with Team Diancie as they try to collect more hints.


Lucy and Jane’s arc is that they’re dedicated girlfriends who want to stay together by any means, but neither of them have any family or marketable skills to rely on - and Lux happens to pay very well (something about a Persian). Lucy’s Contract is glitched as well, so she can’t back out of the magical girl business and is basically surrounded by a freezing aura at all times, so magical girls becoming public knowledge would benefit them. There’s a 99% chance they’ll eventually end up on Team Diancie, but I haven’t figured out the specifics yet. Y’all need to show them the error of their ways, I guess.


Luxray’s deal is that she’s not actually the calm and collected mastermind that everyone thinks she is. She’s naturally gifted at strategy and possesses enormous amounts of magical power, but when it comes down to it she’s really just a narcissistic brat - she thinks that the world should by all rights belong to her, and she’s just acting according to that. And when her plans start to fail, she absolutely loses it. She manages to find a way to wake Jirachi up through researching temporal magic, but that’s as far as she gets. Paige betrays her; Lucy and Jane defect; all of her other followers are just there for the fringe benefits and she discovers none of them actually believe in her ideology. Her base is actually in one of the big cities neighbouring HH and she goes on a screaming rampage through it, and there’s no way they can possibly cover this up anymore - but here someone should realize: she’s left Jirachi unguarded. And a wish from Jirachi can do absolutely anything.


For the final confrontation, Team Diancie splits into two parties: one distracts Lux, and the other storms her base, fights past her remaining minions, and plays Jirachi’s game for the wish. Diancie herself would show up here and help fight Lux, diamond sword and all.


Throughout the story, I’d have dropped a lot of hints that Sylveon was important - a lot of Lux’s other minions are just mercenaries for hire and won’t yield anything interesting if interrogated, but Sylveon knows basically all her plans. Even the Pokemon herself might’ve shown up, since she acts independently of her human pretty often (she’s a retired masquerade enforcer who’s using Lux’s resources to her own advantage). But the human never appears. And the entire time, Lux would have been figuring out who the Team Diancie members were with eerie accuracy, so clearly there was a spy of some sort in their circle of friends. Vic is in the storm-the-base party; at some point he goes into a room and the door locks behind him. The place starts filling with pink mist. And then a figure emerges.


It’s Jay. Jay motherfricking Carver descends from the ceiling decked out in pink ribbons and blows him a kiss. He’s not even going to fight them - he’ll probably just make some philosophical speeches, mysteriously imply that the protagonists might be making the wrong choice, and either let them through or have whoever else is in the room fight while he watches and makes bad jokes. Did you know that this guy is actualy aro/ace? He’s not even interested in the people he flirts with, he just does it to screw with them. I was laughing inside the entire time we were planning the Make Vic Cry club. I can’t believe how good this is. I’d like to thank PD for accidentally making Jay a way better character than I could ever have imagined, you’re the best, I love you.


Anyway, in the end, after doing a bunch of really silly things to win Jirachi’s game, Team Diancie gets a wish! How the story ends will depend entirely on what that wish is. Choose wisely.


Bonus facts:

- Lux is nonbinary; her gender is approximately “King of the Universe”.

- there would have definitely been a Leavanny/Doublade swordfight at some point, if only because of how ridiculously cool it would be.

- Jay’s initial concept was “vampire Sylveon boy” - he had Swift for a while as a Twilight joke before I thought better of it.


And here's the bonus art (you should probably read the summary before looking at these):

[x] [x] [x] [x]


There are a few things I didn't cover here that I still want to talk about; I will in the chat so come hang out if you want to know!

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