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Here to discuss things and what not... Yeah! ^(o_o)^ xd.png


Sekher Family Line: (for those who are interested)


1. An'Zul

2. Luthinia

3. Vylain; Silver, defense

4. Aurora; Gold, Light/magic

5. Vii'Ghil; Copper, Electricity/offense

6. Voluuc; Black, Shadow

7. Name TBD; Green, Vegetation (Plant)

8. Ellecia; Red, Fire

9. Azheim; White/Blue, Ice (and water)

10. Name TBD; (Earth/Air?)

11. Name TBD; (Earth/Air?)

12. Se'Lene;

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I'm considering making a second character because I can hardly ever just have one (with a few exceptions).

Anyways, it wouldn't be Lenora 'cause she can't go anywhere and is essentially useless unless you have a fashion emergency.

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Kehkehkeh... I understand. Of course, aren't there merpeople capable of acquiring legs when they are on land? Maybe we could have that to a particular species of merpeople... and Lenora isn't one of them, unless you wish to adjust. Additionally, there could be a limit as to how long they are even able to remain on land before they must submerge themselves in water. For instance, a few hours of walking around and then they need to hop in the tub. Although, walking vs sitting would be different because then they wouldn't be expending so much energy... *shrugs*


Also, feel free to make characters for the A sector... I won't bite, terribly. S sector creatures, though, these are the only ones I'm rather... strict in regards with. They are supposed to be top of the line and very... what's the word... imagine a junior boxer meeting with his favorite professional. They are meant to be renowned, both feared and loved. Individual characters differ, but the general lineage would share the same admiration. You know?

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I was honestly making Lenora a subspecies of merfolk. You know the tails of the sirens and how some depictions of mermaids are seductive ones who lure men to their death by drowning after being lured by lovely music? I was more thinking of Lenora being the lovely female that she is only while she's in contact with water.


Outside of the water, she'd be a nasty thing with a bad temper and craving of male flesh to match.


So, her being stuck in her little pond is more of her preference to remain pleasant. |D


Though, I do like the idea of being limited in time outside of the water.


I don't know. I'm still thinking about her x3 She was intended as an NPC and then I accidentally grew attached lol.

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I do that too... which is usually the reason behind why I usually either kill them off within the same post... or within the next couple of posts. Also, I tend not to give them names, either. Kind of like naming a newborn pup that you didn't intend to keep, but naming something usually instills attachment upon any object and makes separating from it rather difficult.


So... would she be a crossbreed between a siren and a typical mermaid, then? That would make more sense, otherwise she would probably fall for natural instincts and one of the rules within Nightfall is, "Live as you please." Pretty much, if your species kills something or someone because it is based on their primary instinct, then said species will more than likely not even be punished for it. However, if same said species just has a natural urge to kill whatever solely because it moves and breathes... that's when the "authorities" step in.


Also, the barter system is more commonly practiced within Nightfall. That 60" HDTV sitting in that shop? Guy wants 10lbs of those garden fresh tomatoes of yours... switch, swap, guess what you just got? Of course, coin is also an invaluable trading object, but something you'll take notice to...


In Nightfall, all their coins are made out of that pure element. Silver coins are pure silver, gold is pure gold, copper is pure copper, tin, aluminum, brass, etc.


I don't think it really matters so much, but only the S sectors have the gold Scele's. These are the only coin that aren't pure gold. Rather, they are a mix between gold and platinum. Gold as the primary and a thin layer of platinum that gives it its sheen.


So, pretty much, One Scele in D Sector is capable of getting you one of the best houses in the upper districts. 5 gets you into C and you're considered a middle class resident. 10 Scele gets you top of the C sector and 20 gets you into A... however, that's as far as it gets you is just the lower residential areas. Compared to D sector, they are fantastic residents, but compared to the upper residents... you pretty much look like scum to them, still. 200 Scele Will put you in one of the best houses in A sector, but you either gotta know someone or an extremely hard worker to achieve such a feat.

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Very concrete money system. I was kinda worried about confusion with that.


My question is whether or not you have decided what stole the sword. If not I can come up with a few cool and obscure monsters

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Not so much as what stole it as to who stole it. I've been keeping it rather vague on purpose because Ellecia really doesn't know how it got stolen. Frankly, she's actually putting up a front (due to her character) and is actually rather worried and is actually mentally freaking out.


Another reason I'm keeping it vague is because im actually trying to build up a character around this mystery person as they're actually gonna be an important part to the story. Pretty much, this is only the beginning of his/her shenanigans.

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A crossbreed sounds good with the desire to stay pretty and not hurt anyone aha.


See, my first mistake this time 'round was setting up the friendship between Zaphyr and Lenora |D


Anyways, second (and third) chara:


Username: Narvix

Name: Cadmi and Dahlia Turtlehorn

Age: 23 years old

Gender: Females

Race: Gemelli (Gemello for singular)


Passive: Emotion sensory - Only shared between Cadmi and Dahlia. Both can sense what the other is feeling.

Passive: Flight - Only Cadmi can actually fly. Dahlia must be carried.

Active: Mergence - Cadmi and Dahlia can merge together. This is tasking and strains their individual bodies so they do not perform this often. However, merging together allows for both of their innate abilities of a rabbit and human to be enhanced. They would be able to run faster, jump higher, hear/smell better, and so on.

Active: Shared Sight - When desired, both can see in the other's point of view.

Description: Something akin to this. Cadmi is the woman while Dahlia is the rabbit.

History: Cadmi and Dahlia were brought to Nightfall by their caretaker, an influential business man with the intention of keeping the two in a secure location and away from human speculation. Often, Cadmi and Dahlia would be separated when found breaking strict rules that had been laid down for them. The man did not care to understand what Gemelli were or how separating shared entities would affect the individual beings. Still, he learned quickly enough that the two could not be further apart than some handful of blocks from each other. He would often threaten them with such separation in order to make them behave but Cadmi and Dahlia never saw the threat realized, even when in trouble.


The pair were sent to Nightfall when they were fifteen, placed in a decent home gotten by ties and hefty sums of money. The business man still resides outside of Nightfall but will visit once in awhile to check in on the pair and make certain they are behaving as expected. When the man is not in Nightfall, Cadmi and Dahlia are watched over by a bodyguard or two.

Personality: This one will be a bit tricky. Do you mind if I think of it through RP and then jot it down once I've figured out their personality?

Sector: A8

Other: Gemelli are beings of two bodies with a shared entity. While each body possesses their own mind, generating their own thoughts, emotions, and memories, they are still linked in their soul. If one falls ill, so does the other; if one feels strongly in a certain emotion, the other will feel the same, and so on. These beings can be of any shape and size so some can often see a bear with a bird or a human with a canine. Gemelli are also a fairy subspecies and most possess wings but not all.


Username: Narvix

Name: Tiko

Age: He's turned nine now since his last rebirth.

Gender: Male

Race: Guide - Earth Walker


Passive: Clairsentience - instantly knowing the history of the land he walks upon. Often confuses him if he isn't paying attention.

Active: Shapeshifting - used to change between a human and a fox-like form.

Active: Geokinetic Cloning - creating copies of himself using material from the ground. Only able to make two clones at any time.

Description: Guide form Tiko is about the average size of a nine year old with dark brown hair and big, hazel-colored, eyes. His hair is unruly and a tad long, reaching passed his ears as strands fall in front of his eyes. He's tiny in build, having all of the frailty of a child. He prefers to wear dark green hoodies, tan colored pants, and striped sneakers with neon green and black colors. Red-brown fox ears take the place of human ears and perch a bit higher on his skull. Additionally, a red-brown, fluffy, white-tipped tail sprouts from the end of his spine, requiring modified work done on whatever pants he chooses to wear. His canines are a tad sharper and his fingertips are somewhat pointed, as if they wanted to be claws instead.

History: Tiko has resided in Nightfall since its creation, choosing to remain in the D Sector to help out any being willing to take him seriously. Of course, he's had a few run-ins and so has had to be reborn a number of times. Generally, he pestered the wrong character a bit too much and ended up killed. Other times, the creature was just spiteful or malicious and tricky enough to make themselves out to be a friend before seeing if Tiko could truly die.

Personality: He's sometimes a trickster. Being able to deny an absolute death, Tiko can often get bored and will try to find something to occupy his time or entertain himself with. This can land him in trouble (which it has on several occasions) and he sometimes struggles to get out of it. He loves to have fun and enjoys being carefree. However, he hates people who ruin a good mood or are just too serious.

Sector: D5

Other: Guides are minor spirits, sprinkled throughout the world to help any species. Guides can be of any element and are practically immortal. They can be killed but they are reborn to age again until killed once more.

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Username: AroaraAngelwolf (Aroara or wolf please)

Name: Ash

Age: 28

Gender: male

Race: Deer-kin more common name is shifter

Power/s: Transformation - Can turn in to a Irish elk Animal friend/speech - he can understand the herbivores (deer moose horse rabbit some birds) and can ‘tame’ or teach them

Description: Ashhas dark brown eyes. He is about 6 foot 6 inches (2 meters) tall with horns (like the ones in the picture) 4 feet (1.2 meters) across. In his Elk form he is seven feet at the shoulder (2.1 meters), with antlers that are 12 feet (3.65 meters). ((They shrink because of proportions. And they are unusually vary light unlike normal Irish elk antlers but are still quite strong))

History: Ash’s history is the same as his sister’s (juniper), but he also knows that he and his sister are special Deer-kin, which is why his father separated from the herd. The white Hinds are a rare Deer-kin, and often fought over by the males. Irish Elks are also rare, and are considered extremely dangerous due to their huge horns and large size. When he came with his sister to Nightfall, he started working at a section A’s field. Instead of the man plowing his field with his team of race horses, the man gave Ash the job of plowing the field by himself in his huge form.

Personality: Extremely protective of whom he still considers his baby sister, no one harms her. He has a dry sense of humor and is vary serious and territorial. Once he relaxes, he could be a vary kind and sweet guy. He has only two weaknesses he is aware of; his sister, and carrots. He has a short temper, and can become violent. His massive horns name him extremely clumsy to the point where he is la bull in a crystal shop. (I know its china, but crystal is more fragile)

Sector : C-7

Other: Is a vegetarian, and really hates small doorways.

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I have come to terms with something very important... don't try to sound smart whilst falling asleep... *sighs*

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Username: Thaelasan

Name: Isaac Ebner

Age: Immortal (technically. As it progresses, more will be revealed as to the lineage he was born from.)

Gender: Male

Race: Shadowborne

Power/s: When in human form, Isaac possesses little power - besides his revolvers at his side. He has natural combat ability honed over years of battle.

But when he is allowed to be enveloped by shadow for long enough, he can take on a form he was gifted with long ago - the Judge of the Shadows. This form allows him faster movement, quicker reflexes, and invincibility to bullets and normal weaponry.

However, like many of the night, light hurts him when he is in this form, forcing him to regain his composure and turn back into a human form if it is far too bright to stand. Hence why he likes the darker side of towns. And it suits him just fine.

Description: Think punk rocker/biker. Chains with crosses and other religious memorabilia decorate his chest across a leather jacket covered with spikes. A hoodie underneath shrouds his face when he is in shadowform, protecting him from the accursed light which pains him when transformed.

History: Isaac's family was always given the curse of the Ebner, the Judge, ever since the great corruption of his ancestor. For many years, they served a darker calling, using the shadowform to prey upon humans and live among the darkness - the fear that lay there.

However, recently, generations of his family have used the curse for other means - be it selfish or selfless. Isaac doesn't really mind either way. Whatever his ancestors did doesn't matter to him. But if people start intruding on his territory, they better watch out for dark alleys.

Personality: Self-serving, arrogant, yet knowing of where he stands, Isaac is as his name suggests - a silent Judge. He believes himself an agent of another power and has no time for mortal affairs that bore him. He has taken it upon himself to play and fight with the creatures of Nightfall who try to do what his ancestors did - use their power to mess with humans. He would never say he sees eye to eye with the vampire overlords - but he also doesn't like the thought that people are getting away with things uncalled for.

Doesn't mean that he has to go TOO far to help though.. unless something is in it for him, in most cases.

Sector: (For Zakku to decide. His lineage is fairly noble.)

Other: Watch the shadows.


Username: Thaelasan

Name: Nathaniel Jean Rosseau, the Writer.

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Author, one who depicts a world in writing.

Power/s: Living writing. Power depends on amount of writing done, what he writes upon, and what it is about. It also depends on if his wife is nearby him at the time.

Description: Nathaniel is a tall, lanky man with a scraggy face and a pair of reading glasses ever present upon his nose. At first glance, he seems handsome, but also seems to know far more than a man of his age should know. His eyes speak of wrinkles his face doesn't possesses.

He wears formal attire at all times, choosing to dress in tweed coats, trenchcoats, tuxedos, or anything else that suits the mood. He has a slightly French appearance that is barely visible due to his heritage, noble features outlining a harder face from his English lineage.

History: Nathaniel was a writer with a thousand ideas born in his head, but without something to give them life. As the son of a family of writers and philosophers, it was only natural that he be gifted with the power his family had had for generations - writing that truly came to life.

However, his writing had no true form. It could affect things, mold them, and on a small scale, but it could not truly grasp the ideas he wished to allow to flow.

It was then that Myria, the daughter of Color, showed him her power, and told him that she lacked ideas with which to use it.

Together, they bring the worlds of their combined minds to life against those who would oppose them and for those who would befriend them.

Personality: Think concrete and formal. Unlike his lover, Nathaniel is sophisticated, outspoken, and slightly proud of his abilities. He doesn't appreciate stains on his clothing and despises taking physical part in conflicts, choosing instead to depict them and help using his writing from afar.

Sector: (For Zakku to decide.)

Other: The words give meaning but have no life...


Username: Thaelasan

Name: Vanessa "Myria" Alexandria Blank, the Artist.

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Race: Artist, one who depicts a world in color.

Power/s: Again, it depends on her proximity to her lover, but alone Vanessa can bring colors to life, using bright colors as aggressive brawlers or darker colors as passive guardians. But, sadly, alone her colors have a hard time finding shape. They morph and begin to fall apart as they battle, unable to hold themselves steady without a true image.

Description: Unlike her lover, Myria LOVES to be messy and enjoys nothing more than leaping across a battlefield using her beloved paintbrush Nessie as a weapon to cause mayhem among her foes. She wears anything colorful - and sometimes tacky - and against the backdrop of her husband, she makes them both look out of place. She has long hair, dyed in numerous but complimenting hues on different days, based on her mood. Due to her power, she can change the color as she sees fit, meaning that its like a mood ring but more blatantly obvious. Her eyes also seem to follow suit.

History: Unlike Nathaniel, Myria could never make her parents proud and carry on the legacy. She had no real vision - no real grasp - of the world she wanted to create. Her family disowned her and called her Blank as an insult, yet she never became downtrodden. However, though she tried and tried, her colors would never truly come to life - until she met Nate.

Using his words as guidance, Myria creates soldiers and armies using her paintbrush as both blade and staff, constructing the stories Nate had always dreamed of truly bringing to life. As such, the duo is normally paid to repair damage done to the city by building it back using their abilities.

And it suits them just fine.

Personality: Again, unlike her husband, being up close and personal is how Myria plays her game. She loves to use her colors to cast illusions as best she can, following her husband's words to portray numerous stories against her foes or for her friends alike. She talks quite often and loves to discuss ideas. She carries around a notebook which details various scribbles that she likes to show to people - especially Nate.

Sector: (For Zakku to decide.)

Other: The colors give life but have no meaning...

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Okie dokie. Everyone's introduced. Tiko's intro is so much smaller than Cadmi and Dahlia's because I made the mistake of going straight for interaction with Pudding's character instead of building up to it |D


Oh well....


EDIT: For clarification in case anyone needs it, Cadmi and Dahlia are trying to interact with Sophia while Tiko is with Noah.

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Ash is trying to aswell, or he would... but im having fun showing why he hates small doorways this happens quite offten, and his horns are light, but strong. so he often forgets he has them grown, considering he and his father sawed off theirs constintly before. (considering they are magic creatures, the horns grow farly fast, like a broken bone heals with in a few months, only these ones are on their head.

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Pardon me, Aroara, while I don't respond with Cadmi and Dahlia just yet. I want to see if Red will post soon and make a response to Ash first.


Also, Zaphyr's turning out to be more fatherly than I intended .-. I'll either let him fashion his own personality at this point or I'll try and steer him back to what I originally decided upon.

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Errr.... What time is it in Nightfall? o3o I've been under the impression that it was about the middle of the day?


And, what season?

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(( My guy was actually meant to be introduced the night before Nathan and Myria show up. Myria and Nathan are a bit earlier than everyone else. I'm sorry for the confusion. ))

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Nightfall, due to the boundaries established around its borders... has a natural dark atmosphere. So, it constantly looks like dusk during the day and when Nightfall's well... it gets quite dark.


As for the buildings, they're kind of like Victorian Era establishments, but the interior has been modernized or outfitted to fit the specific needs of the species residing within it. So, yeah, it's a mix.

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he he he.... laugh.gifi saw what you did there zakku! *claps* brilliont.. absolutly brilliont.


well that clears up my confusion, im guessing the style of clothing ranges too? juniper and Ash are more keen to the olden style of clothing.

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