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Secret Santa

Secret Santa

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I want to sign up!

Forum name: Timbre

Scroll name: Timbre


1. CB Gold or CB Almandine

2. 2G Alt Black from Golden Wyvern, 2G Silver from Speckle-Throated Dragon

3. 2G Alt Undine from Golden Wyvern, Gold, or Golden Lunar Herald; 2G Alt Dark Green from any matching mate (ex. Red Dorsal, Gaia Xenowyrm... anything with red or green in it).

4. 2G Avatar of Change from male Guardian of Nature x female Speckle-Throated Dragon, or CB Red.

5. Anything with a pretty perfect checker lineage without Holidays. I really like lineages with Coppers or commons!

6. CB Hatchling of a common breed that I don't have yet (can look at link in signature to see what I still need.)


Breeding abilities: Have one 2G Gold Shimmerscale to breed 3G's from, and three third gen prizes that I can breed 4G's from. Have several cute checkers bred out to 3G and 4G of various types, mostly of metals, spessartines, and BSAs. I don't own any CB Holidays besides Caligenes. I have a lot, but not all, CB non-Holiday breeds on my scroll from which to breed.

Catching abilities: Can reliably catch trios, Blusangs, and xenowyrms over the next few weeks - since it's winter break. Can catch chickens, cheeses, papers, and dinos alright but specific color/type can be hard to get. Fair to middlin' luck with Coppers, best luck usually with liver of sulphur coppers. Have never been able to catch a Gold, might get extremely lucky with a Silver though.

Trading abilities: Decent at trading for what is necessary.

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I want to sign up!

Forum name:zeppelin99

Scroll name:zeppelin99


1.CB Gold or Silver

2.CB Ice, Magma or Thunder

3.CB Grave

4.Nebulas (red or green)

5.Anything CB that I dont have

6.Surprise me


Breeding abilities: Check my scroll

Catching abilities: Pretty good at catching, most of dragons I have has been catched... just need to know what time are certain species released (since I've been absent from game for more than 4 years)

Trading abilities: Didnt had much luck in trading so far

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I want to sign up!

Forum name:

Scroll name:


1. 3rd Gen Prize

2. CB Copper (if possible the coastal one, but I'm not that fussy)

3. CB Xenowyrms (^^^)

4. A 3rd Gen Thuwed (if possible, from bluna x shallow water)

5. A 3-4th Gen Dorkface (Gold) or a mate to go with her

6. CB Waverunner mostly... (Will accept others however)


Breeding abilities: Can breed pure 2nd gen Alt Black/Vine; 2nd gen silver (from male waterhorse), trio's, 3rd gen Thuwed (from the 2 headed), starts of what I think of good checkers (2-3rd gen)

Catching abilities: IDK, I've only recently came back on. However before I left i did have good success with uncommons to very uncommon... Does it count that I managed to catch 3 blusangs by myself? laugh.gif I will try my best to get the giftee something from their wishlist however...

Trading abilities: ...I mostly trade. smile.gif i "pretty" good at trading for most things such as trio's and some of the rares.

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I want to sign up!

Forum name: PhantomoftheWolves

Scroll name: PhantomoftheWolves


1. CB Silver rolleyes.gif

2. CB Female Pyralspite Spessartine

3. Cheese

4. CB Blue nebula

5. 4th gen white from Radiant Angel x White base

6. 3rd gen Shallow water from magi x water checker


Breeding abilities: I can breed anything except lineages with CB retired dragons/Christmas 07 & 08/Valentines 08, 2nd gen from Female pumpkin/male Black marrow and 2nd gen silvers

Catching abilities: I can catch anything but Cb gold/silvers

Trading abilities: I'm not very good at trading for anything, but I can try to trade for anything up to uncommon rarity unsure.gif

Edited by PhantomoftheWolves

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I want to be a replacement Santa!

Forum name:Blueocean

Scroll name:Blueocean



Breeding abilities:

I have CB's of just about everything breedable, except bright pinks, frills, and some older holiday dragons. What I can't breed, I can usually trade for. I also have several 2G prizes and a 2G Thuwed that I'll gladly (try to) breed.


Catching abilities: I don't have a very speedy connection, so if I do catch something good, it's usually a fluke.


Trading abilities: I can trade for just about anything.

Edited by Blueocean

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I want to sign up!

Forum name:tjsweepers

Scroll name:tjsweepers


1. a nice lines shinny (any)

2. xeno wyrm

3. magmas

4. geods

5. rocks

6. earths


Breeding abilities: I can try for a 2nd gen shimmer, also have some nice thuweds

Catching abilities: ...I can make NDs


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I want to sign up!

Forum name: HeartJacker13

Scroll name: HeartJacker13 (Sorted by alt breed with holidays and misc. dragons at the bottom)


1. CB Gold, CB Silver, CB Almandine, Neglected, and 3rd gen Tinsels

2. CB Spessartine, 2nd gen metals, and alt Black

3. CB Trios, CB Blusang, chicken, Dinos, and CB Xenowyrms

4. 2nd gen AoCreation (Female Silver x GoN), 2nd Gen AoDestruction (Pyro Xenowyrm x GoN)

5. Anything purebred and not inbred!

6. Same as before. I love purebreds!


Breeding abilities: I don't have many Silver/Golds, but I always attempt to breed them. (They don't produce offspring often.) I also have a good number of Even Gen Purebred Coppers and a good number of 4th-5th gen Prize dragons and one 3rd gen of each Shimmer. I can PM a more detailed list, but you could just look up my scroll, too. Other than that, all other dragons are CB, and I have couples for them. (They produce purebred mostly, but I can mix and match for giftees ♥ )


Catching abilities: I'm honestly very bad at this, but I do see Golden Wyverns, Trios (if I'm on long enough), sometimes Xenowyrms, and I'm good at catching pinks and reds.


Trading abilities: I can try, but most of my offers never get through. I do get lucky every so often.

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I want to change my wishlist!

Forum name: AppleMango


1. CB Male silver or CB gold or Neglected

2. Alt black(preferably a nice lineage/male, I have two that are messy and female.)

3. Alt Vine(preferable female)

4. Red/pink/Magi Hatchlings

5. Anything you think I will like

6. CB Terrae hatchling or CB Pillow hatchlings or CB Moonstone hatchlings or CB Skywing Hatchlings

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I want to change my wishlist!

Forum name: harlequinraven

Scroll name: harlequinraven


1. 2G gold from male magma unrelated to this

2. Any 3rd gen checker from here

3. Any 4th gen checker from here (Ignore the alt)

4. 2G purple female (or influenced female) hatchling or incuhatch egg from male silver unrelated to this

5. 2G vine from male silver x frill unrelated to this or this

6. Any CB hatchie or any CB regular breed (not drake/pygmy/2-head) egg with pig/hog/sow/cow/bull/calf/bug/ant/moth/fly/bee/other insect in the code (on the off chance that my secret santa finds one tongue.gif )

Edited by harlequinraven

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This sounds fun! Count me in!

I want to sign up!

Forum name:

Scroll name:


1. 3rd gen prize - if you have a nice stair or spiral with a common, that's perfect <3

2. CB Blusang (For a shiny lineage. If you give me a Blusang egg I'll probably give you one of its babies smile.gif)

3. Paper (Love their sprites, still don't have one. I may freeze it, unless you ask me not to.)

4. If someone could get me a female Pink hatchling, I'd be very happy. Mine always seem to be male. -.-

5. I'm seeking 2G Royal Blue x Terrae dragons for an EG lineage project. If the parents have the last name 'Nighthill', that's awesome!

6. CB Royal Blues and Terraes are also good. smile.gif


Breeding abilities: I have a couple of shinies on my scroll, and I'd be more than happy to breed anything. Even if my CB Silvers finally manage to produce. xd.png I have a few nice-lineaged holidays too, but they're mostly out of season ATM

Catching abilities: I can... catch... commons? Yay?

Trading abilities: I'm not the best negotiator, but with my arsenal of shiny stairs and spirals, I have something to trade with, at least.

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I want to sign up!

Forum name: Riverwillows

Scroll name: Riverwillows


1. CB Almandine

2. 2nd gen PB Alt Black

3. 2nd gen PB Alt Vine

4. 2nd gen Silver Shimmer x Water

5. SHE needs a mate

6. 3rd gen pretty lineage from alts

Breeding abilities: I have CB pairs of all dragons except Hollys. I can breed anything needed. I have several shimmers and tinsels, all 4g and under. I have several 2nd gen spriter alts I can breed 3rd gens from. I also have several low gen even gen pairs to breed from.

Catching abilities: I can catch uncommons and commons ok, but rares tend to elude me.

Trading abilities: Not great at trading lately, but I can try with my shinys.

Edited by Riverwillows

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I want to sign up!

Forum name: IchibiGaara

Scroll name: IchibiGaara


1. Neglected

2. CB Golden Wyvern

3. 2G Avatar from Magma

4. Avatar/Magma Mirror

5. CB Ember Hatchie

6. CB Ember Hatchie


Breeding abilities: can breed 2G of any rare dragon except Almandines (I think that's all I'm missing).

Catching abilities: Blusangs and Golden Wyverns are the rarest I've been able to get multiple of.

Trading abilities: N/A

Edited by IchibiGaara

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I want to sign up!

Forum name:old_duck

Scroll name:old_duck


1.CB Green Copper

2.2g Gold from male Teimarr

3.Any gen Gold Shimmer with Water Walkers, or Silver Tinsel with Flamingos. Spiral or stair preferred as they are the easiest to continue.

4. Even gen with Old Pinks, Frills or Spriters alts in the base

5. Other pretty even gen.

6. Dragon with an interesting or unusual (but tidy and non-inbred) lineage


Breeding abilities: 4EG and up Spriters' alt lineages, mostly with Whites. Older alts only. EG with Old Pink and Frills in base. PB EG Reds, Pinks and GW.

Catching abilities: Not good at catching, but have some luck with GW and Nebulas.!

Trading abilities: Not a successful trader.

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I want to sign up!

Forum name:sinestra

Scroll name:Nikkalette




3.Any colour of lunar heralds (EDIT: besides dark blue!)

4.Gold or bronze shimmers

5.Xenowyrms - any but astrapi

6.Undine - norm or alt, doesn't matter to me


Breeding abilities: I rarely breed, and I've never tried to make a special lineage before. However, I can sure try!

Catching abilities: Good at snatching rares from the AP. I've caught a shimmer and a few tinsels within the same hour as each other. I've also caught silvers, golden wyverns and vamps. I'm also alright at catching within biomes!

Trading abilities: I've traded a few times, but I'm still new to this as well. I can trade, though, and breed some rarer dragons to get the egg I need.

Edited by sinestra

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I want to sign up!

Forum name:Greengrim

Scroll name:irismichi


1.CB Gold, CB Silver, 2G from spriter's alt

2. 2nd gen metals, 3gen prize

3. CB Blusang, Dinos, 4th gen prizes

4. pretty lineaged BSA

5. nice lineaged from spriter's alts (checker)/ 2G-4G dragon from Holly x white checker (either eggs)

6. any 2G-3gen event dragons x common checker ( event dragon as christmas/ halloween/ valentine dragons)


Breeding abilities: CB coppers/CB Trios/CB bluesangs/ CB Holidays of Wrapping Wings, Ribbon Dancers, Solstice, Winter magi, Cavern Lurker, Marrows, shadow walkers, Caligenes,rosebud, Arsani, heartseekr Radiant Angel,(may able to 3G checkers from few Holidays). Have 4G,5G,6G,9G Shimmer/tinsel spirals, 3G Silvers, a 2gen Gold.




Catching abilities: Not a Good catcher for metals but quite good at catching trios/ cheese/Gold wyvern/sometimes dino.


Trading abilities:Not a good trader


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I want to sign up!

Forum name:greycat

Scroll name:lutestring


1.cb almandine

2.cb green copper

3.cb chrono or gaia

4. 2g avatar of creation from male white and female GON

or from GON and blue or purple nebbie

5.2g xeno from different xeno parents (eg, a chrono from a gaia x astrapi, or any other random xeno combination)

6.cb red


Breeding abilities:have cb silvers, coppers, blusangs, trios, alts lineages above 4gen, 4 gen stairstep prizes, have more recent cb holidays from the last couple of years (wrapping wing, solstice, mistletoe, cavern lurker, grave, caligene, arsani, radiant angel). can breed pb red lineages to 6 gens, 6 gen pb thuwed, pretty even gen checkers with silvers, coppers, and lots of others.

Catching abilities: can catch commons and uncommons, but only rarely catch trios, blusangs, xenos. can't catch metals, spessartines or almandines.

Trading abilities: not great, but sometimes lucky with trades. have traded a lot of bsa hatchies for rares such as cb xenos, or trade interesting codes or pretty checkers. not able to trade for really valuable dragons like low gen prizes or almandines.

Edited by greycat

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I want to sign up!

Forum name: Jyantul

Scroll name: Jyantul


1. CB Gold or CB Silver or CB Almandine or Neglected or 2nd gen from alt

2. CB Copper or CB Spessartine or 2nd gen metal

3. CB Blusang or CB Ice or CB Magma or CB Thunder or a chicken or a dino or Cheese or Tan Ridgewing or Red Dorsal or CB Xenowyrm or Vine alt or Undine alt

4. CB Goldern Wyvern or CB Nebula or CB Pink or CB Red or CB Purple or CB Seasonal

5. Any dragon with a nice chequered lineage (no inbreeding though)!

6. CB or 2G or 3G chequered lineage hatchling! Don't care what breed it is; I'll take anything smile.gif


Breeding abilities: I don't have many dragons yet, so I can't do much in the way of breeding.

Catching abilities: I often sit in the caves practising to catch dragons while I'm egglocked and I quite often manage to be the first, however. Blusangs and Goldern Wyverns seem to be my limit at the moment; I haven't manage to reliably click on anything rarer yet.

Trading abilities: I don't really have anything to trade!


Thanks so much wub.gif

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I want to sign up!

Forum name: Ace1362

Scroll name: Ace1362


1. 3rd Gen Prize

2. Alt Blacks

3. Cb Blusangs

4. Reds(Cb or Pb) These are really hard to find for me....

5. Pretty Prize Lineages

6. random harchies


Breeding abilities: I have a list of pairings thats usually up to date, most of my dragons are permanent mates but a few are not. List of Pairings

Catching abilities: My connection is not very good most of the time so I normally catch commons and trade for everything else, I prefer the Ap

Trading abilities: I am not very good with trading(no one ever accepts sad.gif)


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I want to sign up!

Forum name: DialgaTheTimeLord

Scroll name: DialgaTheTimeLord


1. Just something I don't have is fine! Send me whatever!

2. Same

3. Same

4. Same

5. Same

6. Same Actually, a Magi Dragon would be really handy.


Breeding abilities: I haven't been able to breed much yet, but I have two Avatars I'm raising. I also may eventually be able to breed Hellhorses (messy, non-inbred).

Catching abilities: I mostly just adopt, but I might find some older holidays soon because of that. Otherwise I don't hunt for anything specific yet.

Trading abilities: Currently, I don't have a Magi Dragon, so I can't trade at all. If someone has one that they'd be willing to gift me, egg, hatchling, or whatever, I'd be grateful.

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I want to change my wishlist!

Forum name: Dinogummi


1. Add: CB Gold, CB Silver, CB Almandine

2. Add: Alt Blacks, CB Spessartine

3. Add: CB Blusang, Yellow Dino, Alt Undine, Alt Vine

4. Add: CB/PB Lunar, CB/PB Nebula

5. Add: Mirror mate for 6XJHR (Holiday breed doesn't matter, just needs to have a main holiday(replace Black Marrow) and a secondary (replace Desipis), needs to be same season for both) 2G Mate for xKR13 (1G needs to have a Silver and a Christmas mate, offspring breed doesn't matter)(Can influence them myself)

6. Same




If #5 doesn't qualify then just keep that slot the same, sorry for any inconvenience.

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Added everyone, however:

@DialgaTheTimeLord: please send me in a week or so a list of dragons that you do own.


Alright guys. Tomorrow is the last day of the signups being open! So, please, check over your wishlists one last time, check if we added them correctly, and those of you who haven't joined yet, do consider joining up biggrin.gif

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I want to sign up!

Forum name: Gaster

Scroll name: WDGaster


1. CB Gold!

2. CB Copper, any color is okay!

3. Any CB Trio

4. CB Red

5. I only collect CB dragons, so just any CB hatchling I guess?

6. Messy lineaged, ungendered hatchlings/low time eggs for freezing


Breeding abilities: I can't breed a whole lot due to the fact that I only recently joined, but I may be able to provide 2nd gen Silvers, Xenowyrms, Coppers, and Trios if lucky enough.

Catching abilities: Can easily catch Xenowyms, Trios, Papers, and Cheeses. Can't guarantee other rare breeds, but I can give it a shot.

Trading abilities: I can trade for common dragons in bulk, if necessary!

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I want to sign up!

Forum name: gregregreg

Scroll name: gregregreg


1. 6G Shimmerscale (any but Silver)

2. 7G or lower-gen Gold (6G<5G<7G<4G<etc...)

3. 6G Gold Tinsel

4. CB Seasonals

5. 2G Holly (pleeeease?)

6. Vines (any and all lineages)


Breeding abilities: 2G's from 2014-2015 Holidays, and 2G from 2013 Halloween.

Catching abilities: Relatively okay at getting Dinos, Xenos...with enough patience, I can for sure catch anything, since I have consistently good ping times, and a mouse (as opposed to a touchpad). Pretty excellent at getting Unbreedables, but a lot of it is based on patience and time, neither of which I have a lot of. Don't have enough patience for Coppers, maybe I can get to Blusangs.

Trading abilities: Xenos and Dinos sell well for Coppers.

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I want to change my wishlist!

Forum name: ~X~


1. 2G from ANY Spriter's Alt, except Caligene or Shadow Walker (still would love from Christmas Spriter Alts, especially from Snow Angel or Ribbon Dancer)

2. 2G Gold from Gold & Holly (no preference of parents' genders)

3. 2G Seasonal Winter from Holly (Male) X Seasonal Winter (Female)

4. 3G checker or stair from Christmas Spriter's Alt(s), of two different alts or same if Snow Angel (no inbred) would be awesome if checker (still would love from Snow Angel or Ribbon Dancer)

5. 2G Ice from Ice & Holly (no preference of parents' genders)

6. 3G Dorkface (prefer perfect checker or stair)

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I want to be a helper!

Forum name: oksnail

Scroll name:oksnail



Breeding abilities: Rare-wise I have CB xenos*, CB brown and green coppers, CB blusangs, CB silvers, CB trios*, CB pyralspites*, a few 3G/4G prizes, and a guardian of nature. Also have CB gemshards*, CB nebulas*, CB stripes*, and dragons for hybrids. I am a terrible breeder but I'll try my best!


Catching abilities: I am good at catching green coppers and dinos as I spend all of my time in the Jungle biome. Am also capable of catching papers, cheeses, xenos, spessartines, and trios. Maybe chickens if I'm on for a really long time but don't hold your breath.


Trading abilities: As I catch a lot of green coppers I can trade for pretty much anything besides golds, silvers, and NGs.


* = I have every color and or variation.

I can be a giftee/helper to multiple people!!


edit: typo

Edited by oksnail

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